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  • The Left's Health Care Crony Capitalism

    The Washington Post reports today:

    The nation’s preeminent seniors group, AARP, has put the weight of its 40 million members behind health-care reform, saying many of the proposals will lower costs and increase the quality of care for older Americans.

    But not advertised in this lobbying campaign have been the group’s substantial earnings from insurance royalties and the potential benefits that could come its way from many of the reform proposals.

    The group and its subsidiaries collected more than $650 million in royalties and other fees last year from the sale of insurance policies, credit cards and other products that carry the AARP name, accounting for the majority of its $1.14 billion in revenue, according to federal tax records.

    The AARP is not the only special interest group shelling out money to support Obamacare in hopes of future returns. Politico reported earlier this month:

    At a meeting last April with corporate lobbyists, aides to President Barack Obama and Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) helped set in motion a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign, primarily financed by industry groups, that has played a key role in bolstering public support for health care reform.

    The result has been a somewhat unlikely alliance between an administration that came into power criticizing George W. Bush for his closeness to Big Business and groups such as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and the American Medical Association.

    And let’s not forget the health insurance companies. The Los Angeles Times reported Monday:

    As President Obama’s push for a health care overhaul moves toward its final act, the oft-vilified health insurance industry is on the verge of seeing a plan enacted that largely protects its financial interests.

    The specifics of the health care legislation are still being hashed out on Capitol Hill, and key details will evolve in the days ahead. Even so, there is broad agreement that the final plan will, for the first time, require Americans to buy health coverage, with taxpayer subsidies for millions who cannot afford it.

    For the health insurance industry, that means millions of new paying customers. What’s more, there are likely to be no limits on what insurers can charge, while at the same time the plan is expected to limit competition from any new national government insurance plan that lawmakers create.

    Obama’s advisers are also getting rich from the legislation. FOX News reports:

    A media consulting firm with ties to White House senior strategist David Axelrod has been hired to produce a multi-million dollar ad campaign touting the Obama administration’s health care overhaul.

    AKPD Message and Media, founded by Axelrod, along with firm GMMB, were paid $12 million by Health Economy Now and Americans for Stable Quality Care, a coalition that includes Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, to produce ads promoting President Obama’s health care reform.

    Obama announced an agreement with PhRMA on June 22 to achieve $80 billion in savings as part of his reform agenda. On August 8, a coalition of interest groups including PhRMA pledged to spend $150 million to help Obama’s overhaul health care this fall.

    With all these special ineterest groups being bought off, it is no wonder that the big losers under Obamacare will be the poor and the hospitals that serve them.

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    12 Responses to The Left's Health Care Crony Capitalism

    1. Tater Salad says:

      My wife and I are both AARP members. We just frankly do not agree with the AARP on this issue and will be dropping our membership …..shortly!

    2. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I wouldn't doubt if AARP is one of the recent conquests of the Plutocrats/Demiplutocrats. AARP will be run into the ground, shedding members like crazy and nobody at AARP will be able to stop the madness there. They go in, purge the best people and razzle dazzle the rest. You can't believe your little office is being taken over. It happened to the AMA a long time ago. If AMA will support this horrific legislation? They are mad.

      There is so much make work, so much waste, punishments, terrifying workplace dangers that are entirely invented. Litigation opportunities galore. How to make American Medicine into a racket! I wish I were exaggerating. RICO.gov is your new official policy: Money for everybody except for the doctor and patient.

      The guts of crony capitalism are written into these crazy "We control everything" laws. They are sure to waste half of all American Health Care Dollars. A vote in Congress for these poison Bills should be proof absolute they are incompetent, indeed too stupid to serve.

    3. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      I will never join the AARP.

      I will not support an organization who cannot or will not accept the proposed government health care takeover for what it really is.

      Like the "Non-Stimulus" Bill already passed, this "reform" is just another unsustainable increase of debt, which we can never pay off.

      The unwillingness to enforce immigration laws dovetails nicely will future democrat voters. The public option will explode with millions of additional enrollees.

      If the AARP is too ignorant to see the impact on the very people they are supposed to represent that is one thing.

      I believe this is really all about the AARP elite. The question is, are the rank and file AARP members sheep?

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      Totally agree. I thought AARP were one of the honest ones. I thought they were patriotic. I thought they had the strength to stand on their own! I thought wrong. Seems the government bribe is worth more then the people they serve. Disclaimers to identify those who choose government over the people. I don't want to give business to business that isn't standing on their own! Or that cave into government thievery of the people. It's all clear. THIS IS A GOVERNMENT TAKE-OVER!!!

    5. Discourged in Florid says:

      There's only one thing any company that throws in with the Government is interested in, and thats how much money can we get out of it. Our government is so currupt that it looks like the Sopranos.

    6. Terry G. NebraskaPat says:

      As usual, members of an AARP are assumed to be on board with all of its stands(as if all doctors agree with the AMA). Never true; never will be!! Even the intelligent members of the DemLibFasc party can't agree with the DNC. Don't tar all of us with that brush. We're older, but we can still think rationally!!!; and get good deals on vacations!!!

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    8. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Dear TerryG NebraskaPatriot,

      It's not about "tarring all of you with the same brush". If you want to be a member of an organization that is actively supporting an unsustainable health care program go ahead.

      Once it passes into law, millions more people are added to the program, the federal revenue base diminshes because of a shrinking tax base, and you experience rationing – then don't complain.

      The time to question AARP's leaders is now; later will be too late… vacations will be the least of your worries.

      My point was that AARP members need to see what the members are REALLY going to gain and not just the upper echelon.

      This is an attempt to keep our seniors voting for the dems agenda – no matter the cost to the country – period.

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