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  • Public Option Puts Obamacare In Critical Condition

    According to CBS and other media reports, “Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) said Tuesday that he would support a Republican filibuster of a health care bill that includes a public option.” This is a serious blow to the passage of any Obamacare bill including a public option, yet the blow may not be fatal.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) yesterday announced a deal and it is notable that he was not accompanied by any member of the secret team negotiating a deal on Obamacare including Senators Max Baucus (D-Mont.), Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.

    The fact that none of the other negotiators were there for the big rollout of Obamacare is evidence that there was not strong agreement on the details of the bill Reid allegedly sent to the Congressional Budget Office for a cost estimate. This deal is on life support and does not yet have broad based support. If Senator Reid insists on retaining the public option in the Obamacare bill to placate the far left, he may doom passage of the bill.

    The procedure being used to pass Obamacare does provide Senator Reid with some wiggle room to pass the bill, even with a public option. First of all, because the details of the deal are still secret, Reid retains the discretion to remove any provision from the bill before he decides to roll it out on the Senate Floor as early as next week. Reid’s announced deal is a version of the public option with states being allowed to “opt out.” As discussed on The Foundry today, “whether it is first implemented through a co-op, or a trigger, or an opt out, the end goal is the same: government-run health care for all Americans.” It will be very hard to opt out for states and this may become de facto public plan for most states and this permutation of the public option seems to be objectionable to Senator Lieberman.

    Next, it is important to remember that once Senator Reid rolls an Obamacare bill on the Senate floor, there will be amendments offered to tweak the bill to get support at 60 votes for a package. Reid needs 60 votes to shut off debate or opponents of Obamacare could use a filibuster to defeat and debate the bill to failure. If Senator Lieberman or another moderate is pledging opposition to the bill, Senator Reid could try to use the amendment process to buy votes for a final plan. Also, Reid could use the amendment process to remove objectionable aspects of a public plan, or the public plan as a whole, to garner the support of just enough Senators to shut off debate.

    CBS quotes Lieberman with some wiggle room for support for the bill with a public option even thought he clearly stated that “if the bill remains what it is now, I will not be able to support a cloture motion before final passage.” Lieberman said, “I haven’t decided and can’t decide [on cloture] until I’ve actually seen the physical bill, and I’m not going to be able to see that until it comes back from CBO having been scored. I’m looking for what the costing is on certain areas, and I’ll make up my mind on the basis of that, I’m not establishing a line in the sand or a number.” It seems that if Senator Reid either removes the public option from the bill or modifies it so as to remove the costly aspects of the plan, he may secure enough votes to pass Obamacare with out a full blown public option.

    The cost aspect of other aspects of an Obamacare bill might be objectionable to Lieberman or one of the other 12 Senators that caucus with the Democrats who opposed debating the $247 billion Doc Fix bill including Democrat Senators Evan Bayh of Indiana, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Bill Nelson of Florida, Jon Tester of Montana, Mark Warner and Jim Webb of Virgina and Ron Wyden of Oregon. That bill failed on a filibuster and Obamacare may be doomed to die on a filibuster if Senator Ried submits a bill with a public option. Senator Harry Reid will attempt over the next week to find a cure for Obamacare and the removal of the public option may be the only medicine that will work.

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    28 Responses to Public Option Puts Obamacare In Critical Condition

    1. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I fear we are swallowing something horrible to avoid something worse. The bald ruination of our Health Insurance Markets will be done with super 'uber' regulation. The public option is a red herring. Look how horrible the Bill is, all those fines, Doctors revealing everything of their personal finances so as to avoid in appearance of wrong doing owning medical centers. The Bill wrecks everything it touches. Then it touches everything.

      These Democrats think nothing of taking out good people, the sacrifice for getting their ideal world (notice they are always sacrificing other people, not actually sacrificing anything themselves). Oh, you think they won't go State to State wiping out all our good doctors? The Obamacommies have a whole line up of Pseudo Science, they need our medical doctors all cowed and under control to sell so much baloney, look how crazy Global Warming is. Good Medicine is going to be supplanted by a lot of baloney. The CBO cannot put a dollar figure loss on the coming Doctor Shortage, the public will suffer uncountable trillions.

    2. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Let's take this bill off "life-support" and bury it with the trash.

      We need to start over and "reform" not destroy the current system. First, we need to address immigration as it is an integral part of future costs no matter what the left says.

      The left will not allow anything from Repubs out of committee while simultaneously attacking them as the party of "no". This is the only transparency I have seen.

      Since 1/6th of the ecomony is at stake, 1/2 of the American public should be involved, regardless of the election results.

      Members must work in a bi-partisian manner and come up with reasonable reform we can afford. This has been their problem all along. We cannot afford what they want to do. They will bankrupt and tax this country to death to further this mad experiment.

      We have had enough irresponsability. Sadly, I see no end in sight…

    3. Carrie, Olathe KS says:

      Kansas State lawmakers push to preserve Kansans' right to decide on health care


    4. JohnR, Michigan says:

      We really need health care reform, but we need it because spending is out of control. Unfunded liabilities for Medicare alone are $100T (that's trillion) in the out-years; we spend three times per capita what europeans spend. I cannot support Obamacare, because I simply do not trust ANY of the politicians to control spending. Regardless of initial CBO estimates, I'm convinced we'll end up with a gargantuan new entitlement program that will spin out of control in 5-10 years.

    5. hoads says:

      With or without the public option, HB3200 and the Baucus Bill result in massive increases in government regulation over our healthcare system. I believe this whole public option thing is a sham. Reid is putting it out there to distract the public from understanding the depths of government intrusion the Dems are trying to push through with these bills. So when the public option "fails", Dems are banking on public opponents' collective sigh of relief to whisk them into passage of their government takeover before people have a chance to blink.

    6. Grace, Florida says:

      I really hope the entire thing fails. Hopefully people will continue to cry out (although I'm not sure how much crying we have to do before someone listens to us) and these politicians will understand most people do not want healthcare reform. We want reform, but true reform not a power grab. Start with fixing what isn't working – eg. Medicare and Medicade then I think they would have a better chance passing a new bill. I think the American people would embrace a plan like that. We only hear about Medicare fraud but believe me there is plenty of Medicade fraud too. I am personally tired of sending faxes, making calls and writing letters. If they haven't heard us by now the will when they come up for re-election, that is where our power will be seen.

    7. Ken St Louis says:

      the one thing that needs to left out of government run healthcare is the GOVERNMENT! Is there anything that the government runs that is: cost efficient, timely, sensible, quality, etc… NO! none of the above. Everything they get involved in turns into a dunghole!

    8. Pat-San Antonio says:

      What the Dems are doing is so underhanded and corrupt as to be criminal. They are pushing for this massive healthcare revolution that will bankrupt our country, make insiders rich, doctors poor, and ruin whatever faith anyone has in the government to govern.

    9. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      To find out the position of each legislator only one question needs to be asked:

      "Do you believe health care is a right?"

      For one, Debbie Stabenow (D MI) has said yes.

      The follow up question:

      Where in the Constitution does it declare health care to be a "right?"

      For those that say "yes" it is an entitlement and government controls entitlements. But is this constitutional? People smarter than I need to answer this question.

      For those that say "no" it is a private enterprise matter but with some goverment oversight.

      For me it is NOT a right.

    10. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      To follow up on Ben's comment, the litmus test on whether something is a right. It's really quite simple. A right is something that does not infringe on another's rights.

      So, test question #1 – "Is health care a right ?"


      Why ?

      Because everyone is entitled to have good health and consequentially – health care.


      The doctor has a right to get paid for their services. The nurse has a right to get paid for their services. The administrative staff has a right to get paid for the duties they perform.

      Test question #2 – Is housing a right ? NO. I don't think the carpenter, electrician and plumber are about to provide their services without compensation, so why should we expect those in the medical profession to do the same.

      The whole concept of health care being a right is ridiculous.

      The problem with health care in general is the third payer issue. When someone else (Government with Medicare & Medicaid and insurance companies -private coverage) pays the bill, people DON'T CARE what it costs. Kind of like when you go to dinner and someone else picks up the tab . . . Suddenly, the surf and turf looks pretty darn good. Put the control of health care expenses back into the hands of the end-user – the patient. Problem solved.

    11. Karen Randles says:

      I don't even know what country I am living in anymore!

    12. Dave Toledo says:

      I agree with Ben, the Constitution does not state that health care is a right. Therefor it is not and should never be a right. In my opinion this administration is trying to destroy both our economy

      and our constitution all at the same time so they can declare a national emergency, and takeover total

      control of the government. they should all be declared enemies of the state, to include the House

      and Senate leadership

    13. Bob Sturman, Carefre says:

      With regard to a govt option: What if we don't like gas prices, do we then open a govt option gas station, or grocery store or car co. oops, we already have a gov run car co. It's ridiculous, The way this country functions is with a free market. I can see some sort of oversight, but not an outright participation in any consumer driven product or service. Wake up America, we are losing this country, support conservatives and donate generously to stop this slide toward socialism.

    14. Kenneth Comstock, Sa says:

      Not only do I have to deal with incoheriant NY legislators,but I also have to deal with the incompetance of our federal government. We the people have stood on the mountain top and screamed down that we do NOT want this! Still our elected officials push this issue. NO ONE IS LISTENING! Lets stop the debate and take our fight to the voting booths. This will be political suicide for our incumbents.

    15. Alex NY says:

      I live in NY folks,please don't take the pill,we've run out of antidotes.Anything that has to be discussed behind closed doors by an inept "group" and not put up to public scrutiny ie City MTA Tax paid for by all residents of the state has got to be bad.

      It's plain and simple "Government Back Off" fix what's broken.Open competition works in all industries until Government gets involved, artificial pricing comes into play and the rest is history.The examples are all out there.Look at the disgrace of what they're doing to the military restricting our boys in the name of politics give them the means or bring them home.This is not a Game>Love the U.S. or move on.

      Preserve..Liberty,The Constitution and God Bless this great Country America.

    16. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      THIS IS THE GOOD QUESTION? WHY NO ONE IS LISTENING? because those are conditionned to act in that way without realizing it. What we need is to wake up and see reality in front: our country is being destroyed under our eyes if we don't REACT the Right way.

    17. Jean Mackessy Vista says:

      Iam not in favor of this health care reform,I am 74 and have my own insurance and part D for my perscriptions for Medicare so I dont need the price of Obamacare I am also cn SSIfor how long I dont know with the dov.taking care of our Social Security Show me a better way

    18. Tracy, San Marcos, T says:

      Daily, I am in complete shock at how the Obama steamrolling machine is crushing everything good about America at a mind-blowing pace. This administration is corrupt to the core. Those on the left declare "the opposition offers no plans, Obama has reached out, asking for their input." Excuse me?! He won't even dignify those not in "the club" with a response. Honorable Senators and Congressmen have written letters, made calls to no avail. They are snubbed and ignored, just as the majority of Americans are when we speak out against this insanity. Transparency? Bringing the country together? Lies! Joe Wilson had it right and plenty of us know it. This administration is bent on taking us down to our knees. They will not stop until we are broken and under Government control. Those who want Government to function as a parent state, since they believe we must all be too stupid to manage our own lives, should buy a one-way ticket to China or Cuba, they don't belong in America! Nothing will change unless we do the changing. We must all send a message to the "Great Communicator" and his cronies by voting these self-serving, arrogant thugs out of office at our first opportunity and take back America before it's too late!

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    20. Bailey, IL says:

      Several of you fail to realize the constitution needs to be stretched. Slavery was in the constitution, but that doesn't make it right. Buying land wasn't in the constitution, but the Louisiana purchase was still a great deal for the United States. I am NOT trying to compare the two, but it seems elementary that the constitution needs to be stretched sometimes. The real question is how much.

      Furthermore these comparisions of cars/gas to healthcare is nonsense. People don't NEED cars; there are other ways of transportation. I would agree it is the most useful and accepted way, but in no sense is it necessary. Life, on the other hand, is needed. Without it, why does anything matter? It may be easy for me to say as a teenager- and more importantly as someone who doesn't pay the bills- but even at a young age I have even realized the US constantly uses the term "United We Stand." Should it be changed too "United We Stand…as long as you can afford to stand"? Some people honestly need help, and the people of America need to rise to the challenge to find a way to best help them without hurting our own country. The question should not be whether we help these people, it is more along the lines of how do we weed the people who are abusing the system out.

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    22. ProAmerica, LA. says:

      I want to go back to horse and buggy days for travel myself. With the new technology and solar panels, heat and air could be installed for the not so nice weather.

    23. Jeane, CA says:

      Does anyone realize that this healthcare bill includes a section where FOREIGN INSURANCE COMPANIES can issue insurance policies in the U.S., how many more jobs must we lose? Why can't be just buy insurance across state lines? It also includes opening, and operating health clinics all along the U.S./Mexico border, that is in the bill. So if this plan does not include illegal aliens, why would we set up clinics all along the S.W border? Does anyone know why thier is going to be a 44 million dollar tax on medical devices? Because Senator Max Baucus,& Congressman Charlie Rangel both have bills currently in the Fianance committee? Because they want to EXPORT MEDICAL DEVICES TO CUBA! So we will pay the tax, and Cuba will get the FREE medical devices! Max Baucus wrote the S. 1796 healthcare bill, and is trying to merge it with the H.R. 3200 Healthcare bill. And, by the way their are TWO versions of H.R.3200, the Dem's healthcare bill. Check out the H.R.3200 version #1 & #2. Version #2 is 2,454 pages, and version #1 is 1,017 pages long. Their is so much potential for fraud and mismanagement in this bill it is scary! One last thing, their is also a $25 fee to have a denied medical claim resubmitted, and reviewed. Gee, how many claims will be denied, and how on earth will our Senior Citizens be able to afford this? That is just a very small fraction of some of the bad things in these bills!

    24. Thomas, Northern NY says:

      All health insurance needs to be banned. Let's go back on the "gold standard" and pay for what we get, and get what we pay for. Insurance accomplishes nothing, it's the care, the service, that matters. Make it illegal for employers and unions to provide health insurance.

      Here is what I do not understand – If you are 20 years old, and you expect to live until the age of say 75, at today's price (use $6000 per year for today's price for individual coverage)you will spend $330,000 on health insurance. This is based on today's dollars, with no inflation. So, this is a fraction of what it will be in reality. But use the number for now. What are the chances that you will require $330,000 of actual health care services in your lifetime? For 95% of the folks, there is no chance that this will happen. So, you say "but what if I need a $100,000 surgery". So what? Pay for it, and you are still $200,000 to the good. Can't afford it? Keep reading.

      Where we need the reform is to have a guaranteed financing system where, if we have good intentions, are responsible, and actually continue to make payments, we can finance this debt over a period of years. There could be a regulation of the health care industry simply to bar anyone from bankrupting you as you pay for these services. Over time, and it may take 15 years to pay off, this would get paid for, everyone would be happy, and you still would be hundreds of thousand dollars ahead of the game.

      The medical businesses are profitable enough to wait to get paid over time, as long as the debt is taken as seriously as, let's say, your mortgage.

      So the government prevents the bankrupting of the individual, and in return, on the doctor's behalf, the government can enforce the collection of the debt through the IRS mechanisms. You don't pay? The government takes your money and pays. Both sides are protected by the full faith and confidence of the US government. The government (taxpayers) should incur no cost, the doctors get paid, and the individual gets what he pays for.

      I believe that health insurance accomplishes nothing, it only spends our money as we insure the rest of the actuarial pool.

      This is an example of what I would consider to be health reform. I'm not the sharpest tack in the board. Tell me why I'm wrong.

    25. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Dear Bailey IL,

      If we "weeded out" the current fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid, there would not be such a big problem.

      We cannot weed the people out who are abusing the system? You want to know why? Because our leftist leaders will not do it. They are the same people who got FM/FM to give loans to people who could not afford it – housing crash?

      If they WANTED to get rid of the fraud, waste, and abuse there would be a 100% agreement and effort from all legislators BEFORE NOW to go after the criminals.

      I wonder how much money can get "lost" in a multi-trillion dollar permanent government controlled health care system? If Katrina is any exmaple of waste, we are in BIG trouble as taxpayers.

    26. Tim Az says:

      The only thing that needs to be stretched is the people that see the constitution as an impediment to their hunger for power and wealth. Throw them on the rack in 2010.

    27. Karol Scottsdale, A says:

      Bob S. of Carefree: Don't be surprised if gas stations are next – then the grocery stores. We will be told what we can eat and how far we can drive. Hold on. Just three more years!!

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