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  • Barney Frank: "We Are Trying on Every Front to Increase the Role of Government in the Area of Regulation"

    Last night on The Ed Show, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) debated Ralph Nader. Honesty ensued. Watch:


    Read why the derivatives bill Nader and Frank are discussing is bad, here.

    Thanks to Real Clear Politics Video for the tip.

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    17 Responses to Barney Frank: "We Are Trying on Every Front to Increase the Role of Government in the Area of Regulation"

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Government is the PROBLEM. Baby Frank admitting attempts of the removal of freedom and liberties of the people in a free country.


      More government, more violation of the constitution, less freedom.

      Problems (STAGED) exposed in the private sector, set-up so government comes in to save the day…northwest airlines.

      Protocol would have been followed if the government had any concern of the people (fighter jets).

      Al Franken's already setting disciplinary actions when it isn't his or government's business and where he and GOVERNMENT actually FAILED THEIR DUE DILIGENCE to protect the people.

      The last thing the people of this free country need is the unfair expense of an overpopulated government who insists inferiority of the people they lead. Who can't even do the LIMITED job they're EXPECTED TO DO. They continue to compromise our safety with their insistent deceit and unnecessary government intervention!

    2. Andrew, New York says:

      Oh, that is precious, republicans are benefiting from their own incompetence. Mr. Frank, you don't give me much more confidence to handle that job. If you could spin a topic effectively in your direction, there might have been some hope.

      You can not handle your words.

      Get your hands off my money.

    3. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Oh! That is a frightening proposition entitled here: "increase the role of government". But then the admission Barney works on "every front," well gosh! I can't miss the audacity of one so thick to think he has the expertise to run everything everywhere. Maybe he is cracking. Barney Frank's delusions of grandeur are showing!

      Crazy, it is a clinical case. Don't we have a mechanism in our government to remove mad public servants? Listening to Barney Frank is more painful than reading his Bills. He was caught red handed creating an economic time bomb, now he wants to blame Republicans! Democrats have ruined everything for a hundred years so it is mind bending to hear the man speak.

    4. Jack Stack Rhome, T says:

      This Barny Franks has done more damage to our great nation than anyone in history, do you think that our ancesters would have let our political government get this bad of shape, i don't think so, first off a communist would never have got in President's office and those crooked clowns like Mr. Franks and anyone close like him would have been tared and featherd and ran out town on a rail and then there's religion, this is and has always been a Christian nation and not muslim or islamic and i for one will fight to keep it that way and i'm sure there are others who feel the same as i, but getting back to Franks he's one these people who will run in any direction the money is in,.. i'll bet this guy has never got his dirty. thanks for letting me comment

    5. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      I'm still waiting for Barney and friends to explain why low interest loans and qualifications were made available to people who were high risk.

      I'm still waiting to find out what role government played in the collapse of Fannie and Freddy. It DID start under the Clinton administration.

      What good is more regulation if powerful politicians were pushing an "unsustainable" agenda?

      What good is more regulation when this congress is not transparent?

      What good is more regulation when members of this congress are not being investigated for behavior that would get the average person fired or fined and thrown in jail?

      Proper regulation is one thing.

      Trust and Confidence in government officials is everything. All I see is the blame game and arrogance.

    6. yes why hasn't says:

      Can't something be done with this incompetent public nuisance! Don't re-elect anyone! Conservatives unite!

    7. Liberal Lady, Austin says:

      Economics…….Elmer Fudd style.

    8. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I think Barney Franks is more the Daffy Duck, I want to wipe his chin for him and wheel him back to the Psyche Ward. There is a Communist mind set that is impervious to reason. I'd say it is a mental illness but since 1954 the American Psychiatric Association has defined it, so naturally a fully blown maniac like Barney fell through the cracks. The good old John Birch Society nuts had it right, the Commies were taking over. Oh! Wherefore art thou Senator McCarthy! We need you.

    9. Discourged in Florid says:

      Barney Frank is another example of the crazy people in Washington. We have put the nuts in office lets take them out. If there was any doubt we now have Grayson of Florida showing his genius IQ. Lord have mercy on the American People.

    10. Judy, Mass says:

      Frank must spit on himself when he speaks. I wish these people in Mass would wake up when they go to the polls to vote. This piece of work has never worked in a real job let alone the rest of them. All they want to do is spend our money, rush through bills before they are even read. We know the drill. The American people are waking up and hopefully before this Administration takes us down a path that we can never recover from. Let's flip the house. Need to stand together. We are the people. We are a great nation. We may be pushed down but we'll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and prevail. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND RAISE THE FLAG.

    11. Davey Crockett, Hous says:

      "luxuriate in the purity of his irrelevance" is a quote for the ages. If Barney Frank were not so powerful, it would be funny.

    12. cnsrvtvlefty, Philad says:

      Barney Frank's new theme song (set to the purple PBS dinosaur's tune) regarding his role in Congress:

      I fooled you

      Can't you see

      We're as messed up as can be


      Can we just nuke Mass.? I cant tell if it is due to the ignorance of the voters or is there just a glut of marxists, limiting different types of politicians that can be sent from that state. Either way something drastic needs to be done. The list of idiots from Mass. is long and distinguished.

    14. Pingback: So, how’s that trillion-dollar stimulus working out? | And Still I Persist

    15. downtherabbithole MO says:

      @Freedom of Speech TX,

      Once again, if the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is extended to all financial institutions, those of us who can afford to pay taxes will be paying for over-their-head people who should not be home owners in the first place. Also, the current "forgiveness plans" that make paying down a foreclosure easier, make it easy for someone in the future to just stop paying. These politicians who cater to the poor and divert the risk to the private sector MUST GO.

      No offense to the poor – they have huge challenges in everyday life as I have experienced too. The poorer portion of our population should not be enticed to pay over their heads with high risk mortgages when there are other portions of their lives that need attention.

      While the politicians with their whitened teeth smile, a knife is being shoved in your spine regardless of your wealth situation. No risk for these guys. It’s definitely time to vote ‘em out.

    16. downtherabbithole MO says:

      Barney knows exactly what he is doing; Fannie and Freddie are hot topic items so throw them under the bus. Few people know what Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is, so he keeps up his push for Gov’t intrusion while appearing to back off from it. Barney is no fool, although he seems to think that the average voter is. This congressman needs a thorough public flogging for his treasonous lack of public financial stewardship, and our president and democratic Congress continues to blame a republican president for this mess?

    17. downtherabbithole MO says:

      How could it be a good idea to let this guy be in charge of anything financial?

      I thought George Bush drove the car into the ditch. News flash for Obama, George wasn't driving the car, you and your liberal friends were driving drunk again. They should all be in jail.

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