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  • Secret Obamacare Senate Negotiations End on Day 13 – Reid Announces Deal

    The secret Obamacare negotiations have come to an end in Day 13th and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced today that the insiders have a deal. Senators Reid, Max Baucus (D-Mont.), Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius have all been meeting in secret since Wednesday, October 14th. Below is a video of the announcement and we, the American people, do not have much information about what is in the secret deal to pass Obamacare other than what Senator Reid told us today:
    “I feel good about the consensus that was reached within our Caucus and with The White House,” Reid said.  This “consensus” did not include members who are against the idea of government controlled health care nor the American people. More Reid:

     “We spent countless hours over the past few days in consultation with Senators who have shown a genuine desire to reform the health care system.”

    According to Glenn Thrush at Politico, Senator Reid “spoke with virtually every member of his 60-member caucus this weekend, currently has between 56 and 57 votes for a proposal to create a national insurance plan but allow states to opt out of it, according to Democratic aides.” This indicates that there is a long way to go before this bill gets the requisite 60 votes for final passage of a bill in the Senate.

    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said today of the proposal:

    “While final details of this bill are still unknown, here’s what we do know: It will be a thousand-page, trillion-dollar bill that raises premiums, raises taxes and slashes Medicare for our seniors to create new government spending programs. That’s not reform. So, wholly aside from the debate over whether the government gets into the insurance business, the core of the proposal is a bill that the American public clearly does not like, and doesn’t support.”

    The bottom line is that conservative members of Congress and the American people have yet to be provided any information about the content of the secret deal that Senator Reid wants to get passed and signed into law “this year.”

    The WSJ reported two details of the plan. One source told the Journal that “employers with more than 50 workers wouldn’t be required to provide health insurance, but they would face fines of up to $750 per employee if even part of their work force received a government subsidy to buy health insurance.” Also, “the bill is expected to expand health coverage to tens of millions of Americans by giving low- and middle-income Americans subsidies to offset the cost of insurance, and expanding the Medicaid federal-state insurance program to cover a broader swath of the poor. Most people would be required to buy insurance or pay a fine, though exceptions would be made for those deemed unable to afford it.” We are getting this information from leaks and controlled media vetting of the bill. Sources tell The Heritage Foundation that this bill may be on the Senate floor as early as next week.

    These negotiations are not transparent and the President promised the American people, “I’m going to have all the negotiations around a big table” with everybody involved and those that can’t make it would be able to see “the negotiations televised on C-SPAN.” Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) has submitted bipartisan legislation to force open the secret health care negotiations going on in the Senate and the House. “Democracy thrives best when the people are fully involved and engaged,” said Buchanan on the floor of the House. “I have introduced a resolution demanding that the critical decisions made on the sweeping health care reform bill now before Congress be conducted under the watchful eye of the American people.”

    Yet again, the American people have been cut out of the process of democracy. Liberal elites would have you believe that the American people are not worthy of participating in the secret negotiations on comprehensive health care reform. Hopefully, tomorrow the American people and opposition Members of Congress will be provided the legislation in preparation for a potential debate on Obamacare in the Senate as early as next week.

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    35 Responses to Secret Obamacare Senate Negotiations End on Day 13 – Reid Announces Deal

    1. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Gee! What now? Is this thing designed to destroy small business? Actually designed to wreck as many jobs as possible? Give small business a time bomb, that we don't know when, but someday inevitably the Government will come down on you with hob nail boots? The fines will be used to dig your own grave, essentially funding the litigation that is sure to come your way.

      Can you imagine all the litigation that the Trial Lawyers have written into all these pork bills? Be assured these asses of the upper classes will be paid. The Judiciary will be tied up for years (even worse than now) by poorly written, ill conceived and mostly illegal or Unconstitutional laws. I hope the 111th Congress is rubbed out fifty percent by the voters and the new Congressmen won't be dumb as rocks.

    2. Nelle, WA state says:

      They are making decisions about our healthcare in secret, closed door meetings, that will not affect them at all. Where is the transparency!!

    3. Sue Jarvis Beld says:

      Who are the liberal elities to say the american people are not worthy of participating in the negotiations of health care reform. We are the people who keeps the wheels of our great nations turning . It really is an insult to hear leaders in Washington speak of us in that manner.

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Hello taxes, goodbye healthcare! So this is how elite socialists corrupt societies and ruin economies. Can't wait for the bread lines. The old Soviet guard would be damned envious. Congress and the administration are akin to irresponsible households borrowing against credit and piling on increasing amounts of debt. It's a fiscally abusive relationship with the individual states and their residents. Either the U.S. Supreme Court stops this madness of private sector takeovers, conveniently called reform, or they get ready to handle a divorce.

    5. Booth V says:

      Not sure how I got to this fear-fueled site but I'm glad I did. Always good to see how the breathless, doomsayer's think.

      To Nelle. "Secret, closed door meetings?" That's called a meeting that's not done under the watchful eye of CSPAN.

      Sue? Has something changed and we are now being locked out of votes that take place on the Senate Floor? Must have missed that. I thought we voted for representatives who cast those votes. Let me know when we actually get to vote. I'd like to cast mine.

      The reality is that time and time again this Administration has reached out to Republicans only to be publicly rebuffed. Look what happened to Olympia Snowe when she showed even a modicum of support for Health Care Reform. The bottom line is that the Democrats don't need the Republicans and most of us thinking Dems have been disgusted with the attempt to include those whose SOLE purpose is to bring down this Administration.

      WE the people voted, in no uncertain terms, for Democrats to hold the office of the President and retain a majority in the House and Senate. Now if you have a problem with the way America runs its political system then perhaps its time for you to enjoy the benefits provided by another country. But to base a position on a falsehood well…

      Wait a minute. That's called being a modern day Republican. Never mind. Keep up the good work Your desperation and impotence is always engaging and fun to watch.

      Now I just wonder if the moderator will post a dissenting point of view. I doubt it. That would be the American way but we know it's not about "America First." It's about "Your" America First.

    6. Jim Gromer says:

      The bad news? B.O. has no interest in accomplishing what is "best" for this country.

      This is a government power grab plain and simple. The president has surrounded himself with socialists and this is at the top their agenda. Too bad it is not supporting our brave troops around the globe or improving a struggling economy.

      The good news? This has light a fire under conservatives like nothing I've seen since the Carter administration. We will get our chance in 2010. Please be ready.

    7. Bill, Wis. says:

      About the only comment I can make on this entire governing body, based on their elite attitude toward what they consider to be peons, is that the entire bunch needs to be unemployed starting next November. They have failed us in protecting the economy, the life blood of America. They have failed us on Social Security and turned what was designed to be a trust fund into a government bailout program. They broke to postal system. They are breaking medicare and Medicaid, to which they point and tell us they are wonderful systems disregarding the monetary fact that both the systems plus social security are destined to go broke. They can't run Amtrack. About the only thing the government runs with any kind of efficiency is the military and then only the part where Officers of honor are in charge. The politicians all sell out to the military industrial complex. Those clowns have actually given the very word "politician" a dirty meaning. They need to be fired.

    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      If it's so good, they'd have nothing to hide. Everything has been and continues to be hidden. They know the people have legitimate concerns yet they refuse to address or eliminate. Obviously, government is NOT working in the best interest of America as a whole…

      Another clear and definite sign, they are untrustworthy in this area and money more. This isn't fun and games, this is about the health of human life. Let us take care of our own. The government should have the dignity keep their duties to protect us from corruption not be the leaders of corruption causing extreme, unnecessary costs, trouble and concern. This isn't reform. It's take-over!

    9. Pamela Riser says:

      So much for transparency. So much change, scary unecessary change. I wish I could sit at a table with Mr Obama, Mr's Dodd, Reid, Baucus and Ms. Pelosi so I could explain to them what this hard working American mother thinks about their plans for her nation. I don't expect they would care or listen, but they would have to look me in the eye and explain themselves.

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    12. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      So far we have seen a very secrative administration, lobbiest up the ying-ying, a president who bows to foriegn rulers and apolagizes for Americans, flies somewhere everyday in AF1, while we worry about how we are going to feed our families and keep our homes, now these same people are trying to take another right, the right to decide first if we want health Ins, second what kind we want and not only that they will decide if you are worthy enough to get the care your doctor wants you to have. I still see no mention of all the nuisance malpractice suits, and limited pain and suffering benifits. They admit to Medicaid and Medicare fraud but not how they are going to prevent it. Ins. companies need to be reigned in, fraud needs to be stopped and laws suits reigned in with reasonable caps on P&S. If you chose no INs. then you should not be able to make the rest of us pay, but Ins. Co's need to have reasonable rates and benefits. Pharma needs to also have reasonable charges for drugs, and it needs to stop fighting generics.I have Medicare A&B and pay for a suppl. policy as well, I am happy with it and DO NOT want the gov't. handling my health desisions.

    13. Greg Vail, AZ says:

      Booth V. Just like a good little communist, you bow to the dictates of the government. NO meetings by ANY public entity should be closed. Just try that at a school or city committee meeting! The press would howl loud enough to wake the dead. A large company board meeting is open to any stock holder. Secret meetings are not allowed under the by laws of most legal business entities. Republicans have not shut out anything. Such hipocracy. Dems ask for Gop input and when it is given they vote down the amendments 98% of the time. Watch and read media other than ABC, CBS, NBC, MSMBC, and CNN. Read a newspaper other than the New York Times, The Los Angles Times or any main stream weekly news magazine. You are getting only half the story. I feel so sorry for people like you. Too uninformed to make your own conclusions.

    14. MPrince says:

      If they are secretly going to ram this monster down our throat then, we should quite openly, put them out of office. I am sick of these people who live off our hard earned dollars then turn a deaf ear to what we want.

    15. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      To The good people in Nevada.

      This health care along with cap and trade will take away all of our spendible income.

      Yes, that extra income we use to visit your state twice a year.

      If Harry is reelected, say good buy to tourism in your state.

      He has to go for the good of your state and the country.

      It is your hands.

    16. Susan, MN says:

      I talked with a physician who lived through the Croatian war. He came here to escape it. He said he worked under socialist medicine and it's simple. You need something and can't afford it, you don't get it or it's on a several year wait. A friend's relative needed several teeth cared for, discovered at 9 years old. It was done at age 18 with ONLY a local anesthetic and involved most of his teeth being pulled out. Yet if you have the money the chief of medicine can do your surgery the next day. He said THAT is socialized medicine. He also said he has been fighting communists all his life and laughed when he saw Obama campaigning as he knew that rhetoric. He also said the grade point average of physicians before socialism was 4.7, after it was 2.3. Smart people go into other fields. Wake up! Our nation needs everyone to say NO!

    17. RM, GA says:

      Obama is focused on the economy…spend, spend, spend…etc.

      This is the worst administration I have seen. Even up to two generations ago the United States citizens would never have tolerated such abuse of government.

    18. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Booth V: The Republicans have been consistantly

      "shut out" of the negotiation and debate process in the Democrat run committees. Any of their proposals have not been allowed to be brought to the Senate floor for a vote. Since none other than

      the left-wing socialist Democrats are allowed to attend the closed door meetings, that called "a secret meeting", not CSpan. The millions of us American that have Republican repersenatives are

      being "shut-out" of our constitutional right. That's called "Communism". But thats exactly what your Dems want.

      Democrats now hold the majorty of the government offices in Washington shows how a liberal,

      bought and paid for media can effect national politics. Tell me Booth V, if the elections were held today, how many Dems (including Obama) would win any election? Distortions, dishonesty, hidden facts, and lies are the reasons Dems are in office today, not the will of the American people.

      , although they are not

      to much better, have been consistantly "shut-out"

      of any negotation processs. At last count, around 40 proposals have been brough by the Repbs, but were not even allowed to the House or Senate floor for debate. Booth V is confused between

      debate and final vote.

    19. vinny, queens new yo says:

      i am a independent my wife a democrat. we will not longer vote democrat but republican. we are against all government options. we will do everything we can to kick the democrats out of office. they have lied and deceived the american people and can never be trusted again. this will be better for your state and the country. if this option is passed i will be moving to a state that doesn't have it.

    20. Normca says:

      Most of the dems have to go next year. That election will be the most important ahead of the 2012 pres election. They need to hear the voice of the people for the next year. These elite used car salesmen are not going to be a part of what they are assigning us to – how ludicrous. Once they are no longer in Washington, do they then have to live with the Public Option ? And we need to tell their sidekicks, in the media where to go to. It sounds like my $760 monthly premium will increase to pay for others who do not now buy insurance. That's fair. Is that the change you democrats voted for ? You complained that Bush was intruding on your lives. I guess if its Obama, he can intrude on your lives. Obama is doing everything that was made up about Bush.

    21. Sandy Logsdon Dallas says:

      This message really is directed to the above "Booth". Yes, you are right – Americans did vote in this administration but it was because they made promises that gave Americans hope. What did America get in return – a Government that wants to rule the United States not guide and lead it.

      There is a difference. This country is the land of the free but if this administration gets what it wants, we will no longer be free. No Administration – not Democrat or Republican has the right to "leave them American people" out of any decisions that affect our lives. You as an individual – do you want your next door neighbor or your boss to decide how you spend your hard earned money? I don't think so. It is the same thing if we, as Americans, let this Administration decide how we will spend our hard earned money. Every American that pays taxes pays their fair share in my opinion. It should be enough to run this country. It may not be enough to run every other country along with America; it may not be enough to provide two planes every time the President wants to go on Good Morning America or Jay Leno or whatever. It may not be enough to fly everywhere in the world to attempt to bring the Olympics here, etc. I am not the smartest person in the world and I know that if I sat down and tried to disect the budget and how our tax money is being spent, I would probably end up tossing up my hands and leave the room but I would like to know where all this money goes. I would like to know how the money that I am already paying in taxes is spent and what it is being spent on and why with millions of individuals paying tax, why is it never enough. The Administration needs to focus on how to fix the issues we already have with our budget and our "programs" (Medicare and Social Security) and fix them – not create more problems. Obviously, these programs are not being run properly or they would not be in trouble financially. So what makes us think this Healthcare plan will be any better run?? And in speaking of the Republicans publicly rebuffing, what about all those times the previous Administration was rebuffed. It is called freedom of speech. Everyone should have their own opinion – good, bad or indifferent. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I try to take a look at each individual that is running for office and make a decision based on their beliefs and their platforms. I have never "talked down" about any President whether I voted for him/her or not because he/she is our President. However, I will say that I think President Obama is not capable of guiding, leading or defending our USA – he is proving that daily. I want nothing more than for any President we have to succeed but I am REALLY worried about where we are going with this Administration.

    22. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      If the dems come together on a bill with a public option as Reid claims, it will mean that thinking (moderate) dems have been hoodwinked by the pressures of intense negotiation. Compromise under the conditions present in this healthcare fiasco usually result in a solution that has lost it's original goal. Of course, the goal for the dem leadership has never been health care but a road to socialized medicine. Does soc med work? no but that doesn't deter these idiot dems.

    23. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Hey Booth V,

      This site isn't driven by fear or crisis. It is driven by real concern for our future and what our Government "thinks" is in the best interest of us. It's true. A slim majority (54%) of the population elected this President and they believed in his message of Hope and Change. Admittedly, the Republican candidate looked like yesterday, and the Democratic candidate looked like tomorrow. But, in reality, all they voted for was a bumper sticker. Aside from his promise to shut-down Gitmo, BHO has not upheld ONE of his many pledges to the American people.

      All we are asking for is a chance to see this legislation and have honest and open discussion on the merits of it. Mitch McConnel summed it up very succinnctly. This bill adds costs to EVERYONE. And it causes medical care as a % of GDP to rise higher over time than if NOTHING was done (CBO estimate). Wasn't the whole point of the bill to cause more choice and competition ? Drive down costs ? Just keep watching MSNBC and reading the New York Times. Don't ever let your opinions get in the way of some facts.

    24. Jack Stack Rhome, T says:

      What kind of political party hides from it's people and talks secretly as if they own this great country of ours, it is in my own opinion that every room in the White House and Capital building except rest rooms and bedrooms should be fitted with close circuit camera's with sound for anyone with internet connection to view at any time they wish, after all these people do work for the tax payers. I think that this would solve any future problems that might arise. thank you

    25. Miguelina Lewandowsk says:

      Can wait till Nov 2010 to get rid of the Washington Socialist
      The sooner the better We will not derail. Let them have their way now let them bashes us the American people now, they will find out next year who will be dictating us what to do and how to run our life.

    26. Jerry from Chicago says:

      "My administration will be the most transparent in the history of American politics." I seem to remember Mr. Obama making that claim when when initiating his push for government controlled national health care.

      I remember Mr. Obama saying that the National Health Care Reform legislation would be a collaborative process that would include legislators, doctors, nurses, representatives of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies sitting around a table debating the issues, all of which would be televised on C-SPAN.

      Am I the only one who remembers these claims of Mr. Obama?

      Now what have we got? The Democrat power structure, holed up in some back room, secretly cutting deals which lo and behold, once again include the previously discarded "public" option, otherwise being referred to as the "consumers" option and/or the "competitive" option. I guess the architects of this mess have gotten over the

      displeasure that town hall participants had with such a plan.

      Now of course the Democrats are saying that states can opt out of their plan. What they didn't say is what will happen to states that do opt out of the Democrat's plan. What types of federal funding will such states lose if and when they decide to opt out? There will be a price for opting out, there always is.

    27. Jill, California says:

      A person … or government … with nothing to hide hides nothing.

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    29. R. Matthews says:

      These people must really think that we are stupid and are living in the dark ages…. It is past time for a real change… in Wshington… The Dems. Are out of touch

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    31. Paul Terry Stone says:

      It seems that the only way to vote on anything like this is to assume the worst until there is proof of anything better. With government involvement, I don't see how anything could be better than the present system.

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    35. Carol Iossa, Jonespo says:

      The Gov. is engaging in polocies that are unConstitional. For a long time they have overstepped their bounds. It clearly states in the Declaration of Independence that when the Gov. ceases to serve the people it shall be their duty to overthrow said Gov. and establish a new one.

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