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  • CBO To Join Heritage Answering Committee's Questions

    Several weeks ago we received a letter from Chairman Henry Waxman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee requesting information concerning our economic modeling of H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act. We quickly responded (our answers are available here). Several other organizations and government agencies also received the same request including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Information Administration (EIA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CRA International, the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF), and the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC). Notably missing from this list were other prominently used studies from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), and the Brookings Institution.

    In our response to Chairman Waxman we noted this omission and mentioned that we had sent letters to those organizations encouraging them to answer the questions. Apparently Chairman Waxman took this under advisement because on Friday morning we received a phone call from CBO Director Dr. Doug Elmendorf in response to our letter that he had received the questions from Mr. Waxman and they would be answering them shortly. We commend Chairman Waxman for his follow up with CBO and we continue to hold out hope that he will do the same with Brookings and PERI so both he and the public have a complete record.

    You can sign up for Heritage’s Energy & Environment Weekly Update HERE and get the latest news and research on energy issues and the environment. As an added bonus, twice per week we’ll send you our special series, Cap and Trade Calamities, documenting the consequences of global warming legislation currently being considered by Congress.

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    11 Responses to CBO To Join Heritage Answering Committee's Questions

    1. Jean Mackessy Vista says:

      I am not sure I fully understand the "global story how ever I CAN THE REASONS SOME PEOPLE MIGHT WANT IT .I think that the earth will survive whatever it has to regardless of the people that want to change it

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    3. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      The Heritage projections are a nightmare of unemployment, but funny 'change in employment' as a statistic is difficult to appreciate. If two percent of the population is working then you put two percent of us to work flipping hamburgers, that is a 100% gain? Common sense says "Don't celebrate!" this is false hope (Obama hope).

      Those of us who are capable of employing others may not be willing to employ others because they took all the fun out of it. My grandfather was destroyed as a businessman for no good reason by FDR. A whole mining town went out of existence overnight. The man never employed anyone ever again. You don't count these kinds of human costs, and the ramifications go down generations.

      I cannot open up the old family coal mine because Obama doesn't believe in CLEAN COAL. But see, even if I wanted to, all possible capital has been stolen, will be stolen and can never be created by me. Cap And Trade means Suicide for the American Energy Industry and just when coal has been made clean enough. Junk Science is everywhere in these crazy Obama policies. It makes me sick just to discuss "climate change" when there is none.

    4. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This entire "crap and tax", Waxman/Markey bill is not about climate change, It's about POWER! Just as with the Obama Health Plans, it's about taking over every aspect of our lives by driving us into a European style, high tax, socialist society. This bogus letter sent by Waxman is nothing but CYA move so he can claim he sought advice from

      the conservative Right. Again, these people will

      do or say "anything" to accomplish their agenda.

    5. Ross writes from Bra says:

      Another socialist Democrat(and'centrist' Republican) move to destroy the United States of America Constitution, to break the American spirit, and to economically enslave us, making us subjects, not citizens that we are.

      Whatever the government wants to do, my first 'gut-reaction' and response is NO! Usually followed by HELL NO!

      My Grandfather taught me that "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    6. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Cap & Trade will do nothing to end pollution. Polluters will buy "carbon credits" and pass along the cost in the form of higher prices for their goods and services. This is just another hidden tax.

      Energy prices will skyrocket and affect the price of everything else.

      All so Al Gore and his ilk can get richer.

    7. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      Leon and Lloyd? Can I move to where you live and vote for you? Are you running for office?

      The power grab will go on forever. As soon as the Obamanamics kicks in and then . . . Out as it will since it is predicated o failed mechanisms. . . . I will still be here to secure for myself the power tht our Constitution has grnted me. I will never stop reaching for that power. I am sometimes overshadowed by the emensity of community organizers.

      If this sounds disdainful of our POTUS, that is because I am disdainful of him.

      When/if C + T goes through buy shares in Goldman Sachs.My belief is they may have the inside track on carbon credit trading.

    8. S Clark, Colorado Sp says:

      Global warming hoax: take a glass of water, add ice cubes. Does it overflow when the ice melts? Just a thought from a scientist who has not bought into the Al Gore insanity. When will the world wake up?

    9. philip says:


    10. Donna Shepherd, Ohio says:

      Cap and trade is a joke- look at Al Gore. He ges on like a madman that the science is settled but that's because scientists who don't agree are shut up and noone is allowed to question anything he says . Then he hops on his private jet{how much of a carbon footprint does each trip leave} and rants at the next event. Waxman/Markey should do some checking with Spain to see how much of a dismal failure that was.

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