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  • Our NFL Picks For Rush!


    After a guest called into the Rush Limbaugh show this afternoon, asking for Rush’s pick in the Minnesota-Pittsburgh NFL game, Rush said: “I went to the Heritage Foundation to see if they had written anything about it. And, unfortunately, the Heritage Foundation has not written about the Steelers and Vikings this weekend. But the Heritage Foundation is writing about everything else.”

    So we owed it to Rush to give him our picks this week in the National Football League:

    Pittsburgh over Minnesota (on grass!)
    Indy over St. Louis
    San Diego over Kansas City
    New England over Tampa Bay
    Detroit over Bye Week
    Green Bay over Cleveland
    San Francisco over Houston
    Oakland over New York Jets
    Buffalo over Carolina
    Cincinnati over Chicago
    New Orleans over Miami
    Dallas over Atlanta
    Arizona over New York Giants
    Philly over Washington

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    9 Responses to Our NFL Picks For Rush!

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      In the midst of things it is hard to believe these strong built men would take the immature lies of whoever started the accusations of Rush. Did these accusations really hurt these physically strong men? If so, they are as weak minded as the accusers. Thank you, Rush, for your honesty and independence. Something truly lacking in this country, you are a role model.

      We don't watch the eagles, as they hire a man who made his weakness known by a choice in torturing and killing animals FOR MONEY. The actions of this pathetic Michael Vick is far more cruel then any words are able to say. Yet, because Rush made his way through life on his own (no stealing from hardworking taxpayers), NFL GOVERNMENT COHORTS LIE CHEAT AND STEAL TO RUIN. We love your American Patriotism, Rush! The weak minded (majority in this country) HAVE NONE! God Bless! Oh, nice picks, Heritage!

    2. Trey, Texas says:

      Dallas better beat Atlanta.

    3. Robert Bell, Rio Ran says:

      It would appear that Black History Month has been a failure.

      If it had been a success, African Americans would be aware that their benefactors though the years have been largely the Republican Party, and that conservative values have been very large in their cultural background.

      It is very depressing to me to watch the liberals exploit them by calling everything conservative, racist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Rush is not a racist and those who paint him as such, are liars.

    4. Alex, Windsor ON says:

      We are celebrating the bye week here in the Detroit area. Perhaps next year we can organize a bye week parade!!!! I am wondering what Rush's "environmentalist whacko" pick might be between the pollution spewing Steelers and the raping and pillaging Vikings.

    5. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I think it is perfect irony that them Big Dumb Dems would attack RUSH's freedom of economy, to prove so well how very Unamerican they are. Somehow it is right in their pea brains to throw the Race Card on our Great American Guy, like 'duh! i em verry impressed by how you chuck the race card, but can you throw the ball?'

      How 'bout them crazy BRONCOS! They have a Quarterback (unlike our Nation's Quarterback) who doesn't like to give up the ball.

    6. Rickey E. Wright - G says:

      We are seeing the end of the free and open press as we know it because the liberal media is both too lazy to check anything out and they want to push a liberal socialist agenda. Just repeat lies about a conservative like Rush Limbaugh and the press has lived up to their liberal ethics of journalism.

      President Obama and the White House have been basking in the glow of the liberal press and they are applauding the rough treatment Russ Limbaugh received over his possible NFL ownership. But President Obama and the Whitehouse are making a miscalculation about the press. You can not shut the American free press down. They can have a majority of the press in their pocket but somewhere in America freedom will speak out. Now President Obama and the White House have put together a enemies list which now includes news organizations that disagree with them. The last time a President and his White house staff put together a enemies list of news organizations was in President Richard Nixon's Whitehouse. Now as I remember that did not turn out well did it. Can we all say President Joe Biden because history tells us going down this road of making an enemies list leads only two choices, will President Obama resign or will President Obama be impeached. The liberal press may start to rethink their treatment of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh when they all find themselves on President
      Obama's enemies list about the time we he resigns or is impeached.

    7. Caleb, Dallas says:

      Dallas over Atlanta

      I knew I came to heritage for a reason!! Clear, reational thinking!

    8. christopher g scott says:

      PLEASE someone at heritage read this and raise the issue of government run healthcare that we are overlooking, that we already have a model of how gov't runs healthcare. The V A system. Nobody has mentioned this once! The V A system has many many flaws . I know they do good work at most V A hospitals like Walter Reed, but as we all know they to had their problems too. The V A system is under funded under staffed and grossely inefficient and this is how they take care of our veterans!Veterans Day is quickly approaching and this issue needs to be raised and raised now . I encourage everyone who reads this to visit or volunteer at a V A hospital soon our Vets need you and they also deserve better care so let's bring the V A healthcare to the debate and once the American people see how are gov't takes care of our Vets, Obamacare will will be dead in it's tracks.

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