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  • Iran Fails to Respond to Nuclear Deal

    Despite the Obama Administration’s optimistic rhetoric about sealing a nuclear deal with Iran, Tehran again has thrown a monkey wrench into the nuclear negotiations by failing to meet today’s deadline to accept a United Nations-backed proposal for enriching uranium outside Iran. Instead of giving a yes/no answer, Iranian officials instead offered a counterproposal. The details of the counterproposal have not been released, but they are sure to further muddy the diplomatic waters and obscure the prime focus of the negotiations: to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment activities.

    Iran’s diplomatic charade is slap in the face of the Obama Administration which continues to cling to its flawed engagement strategy. As noted on this blog yesterday, Tehran is willing to engage only to the extent that it can defuse international pressure for more sanctions. But it clearly remains determined to continue its uranium enrichment program and gain a nuclear weapon.

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    2 Responses to Iran Fails to Respond to Nuclear Deal

    1. marjbailey, DC says:

      Iran seeks to become more insolent and unintelligible in dealing with areas of global concern. In terms of revolution, they have not provided for a nation's needs. In fact the deals they wish to make for arms in their region are so obvious that they are not even published in media. While they revere the OLD WAY of life, they protend to high-tech of the WEST. Why, are they now evading their partners like the Tamil with roots in culture like Khomeini's idiotic outlook on Islamic studies. Can Iran feed their own, find sufficient resources for discovery of viable sources of trade, provide for medical needs, and ensure education for serious students. Tehran University has many unfriendly types in the US and all look to how this proliferation from Iran of wasted propoganda in education has really set back the cause to bring a new Iranian revolution to the West. We have a bunch of old mullahs who dare say, cling to each other and hope for a new outbreak of those wishing to receive the halo of Allah. If this is an Allah of the unwise Guard, which somehow belives they are protected by holiness, lest us not forget the attempt on the Pope John Paul II by their LOT. Our way, Thou Way, and Khoemini's way with a superstructure that includes, abuse of women, abuse of human rights, and lack of a historic lineage to which to pass on a heritage. We have Khoemini and his henchmen to thank for leaving a region that once had the potential for rebirth of spirit and freedom. With the successor Bin Laden and intrusion into other regions which have been left more at peace without invasion, one can only imagine that their every move be blocked. The United States is not a boot licker like the puppets in government that these weary wonders of wisdom support. Because we have UN approval, this frightens them and they will continue to hold out the almsgiving with the wrong hand and turn to continue to just end all there is to offer future generations. Have they a culture? NO, they want to live in the WEST and take over and destroy a way of life they condemn. They have no guts to dig in and do what needs to be done in their own country. Perhaps the region needs to be re-partitioned and placed under the 4 corners deal with the country of Iran ending and a regional area established, something akin to the end of WWII when Israel entered the fertile crescent region. If they have no choice, this then would be the best of all possibilities. After all, they have left their own "wives" and a way to procreate and as such really deserve to leave this planet, the sooner the better. The small survivors of Iranian culture who can attest to continuing fascist policies of mass extinction have come full circle, they are now officially dead, without legitimate offspring who will be able to continue into another millenium. They want to end anyone else's opportunities because they are so disgusted with self aggrandizement, even Allah would not support such nonsense of enlightened genocide of self. If Allah is talking to holy and annointed messengers, surely it is not with the clergy we find currently in the front passing terrorism and currency to terrorists. Iran made a big mistake attacking US interests, when the hoi polloi as they are considered in freedom circles wake up and see that they are sacrificing life as a biomass that should be extinguished by the mullahs, saying they are perfect, that the intelligentsia elite who do NOT SACRIFICE themselves, but use others who cannot fathom or cannot provide for other means of life, perhaps using disabled for their own means of recovery of what they would have been privy to if they had been a part of the Iranian New Republic. What could have be further from the TRUTH is that citizens would have been kept from harm under the New Republic, now have lived at war for the past 45+ years. If citizens knew this, would they really support these camel dung warriors who have a really old, outdated, and violent way of behavior?

    2. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Kudos for keeping this in the public eye.

      However, it appears lying is an art form that is, and always has been, global.

      I remember reading a quote, "Politics is the art of lying." So, what else is new?

      I'm already waiting to see WHO is going to blame WHO. I guess another apology will be in order since no one else will.

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