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  • Obama is Turning Social Security into Welfare

    Last week President Barack Obama announced he wants to give every Social Security recipient a $250 payment to make up for the fact that they will not get a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The Washington Post describes this as a one-time payment. They are wrong. George Will explains: “This is the second continent-wide shower of $250 checks. The first came from the $787 billion stimulus package enacted in February. There will not be another such shower, until the next one.”

    Heritage fellow David John explains why these payments are undermining the legitimacy of the entire Social Security program:

    Proponents of this increase tacitly acknowledge this fact when they base arguments in favor of the $250 payment on decline in 401(k) assets or housing values. While no one disputes that many retirees have a tough time getting by on Social Security, Social Security’s COLA is strictly intended to make up for the effect of inflation on those benefit payments, not for any other changes to a retiree’s income or net worth. Any attempt to use Social Security or its COLA to make up for a reduction in other assets or income starts to change Social Security into a welfare program.

    Since Social Security started in 1935, its benefits have been earned and paid for by its own payroll taxes. A bipartisan consensus has preserved the fact that recipients are not receiving a gift from the government but rather a benefit based on explicit taxes paid by the worker. However, both the Obama proposal and that agreed to by Republican leaders breaks that connection.

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    52 Responses to Obama is Turning Social Security into Welfare

    1. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      There are a lot of "connections" that will be broken in the coming years.

      The redistribution (borrowed money) of America's wealth will continue to be used as a political pawn and we will have to pay for it.

      It is not the seniors fault. Next week billions more will be allocated to some other group or some other country. The unlimited credit card continues.

      Isn't it ironic that self-employed entrepreneurs risks everything and if they fail – there is nothing?

    2. Bill Palmer, Morriso says:

      Social security has ALWAYS been a well fare program. Three U.S. Supreme Court decisions has held that it is welfare. The last court decision was Flemming vs Nestor that held that it is welfare and congress can change it any time they want.

    3. Kevin Crosby, Seattl says:

      It was brought up today at a meeting of those of us that depend on social services that the COLA won't be added for the next two years in lieu of this one time $250 check?

      Whatever the case, I hate to think what our nation's elderly and disabled are going to do who depend on such stipends after a lifetime of hard work without other retirement benefits.

      I know most everyone has it tough right now, but if I hear another sob story from some middle-classed American who can't afford the payments on their European sports car, I'm going to scream. Not to mention the fact they're probably tens of thousands of dollars in debt from credit cards alone.

      The Bush administration left an out of control snowball rolling full steam down a slippery slope that 99.99% of America is forced to suffer with. The remaining sliver of a percent that are enjoying their investments in foreign oil, privatized American prisons, and other sources of money that demand compliance from the rest of us willing to work 39 and a half hour part time work weeks have their own reserved space in Hell awaiting them.

      Until then: I'm at a loss of words.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      Of course!

      Why is social security being taken out of income checks today, if it's not going to benefit the person paying?

    5. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Kevin Crosby Seattle,

      You're just another Bush-Baiter.

      The majority of seniors voted for President Obama, especially on the Left Coast. Why is that? Are you happy now?

      Unfortuantely for you and the rest of us spoiled "middle class", things will get much worse before they get better – if ever.

      Enjoy your new government controlled health care. As more and more "wealth" get sucked from the "middle class" more and more of your benefits will erode.

      Help yourself and America and vote left-wingers out of office. In Seattle, it will take decades…

    6. Michael W. says:

      If the collectors of SS taxes had invested our money, SS would be be just fine. That is money that our employers and ourselves were mandated to be taken from our back pockets. Now, legislators over the years have spent that money in which it was not meant for and spent it on people who do not deserve it. THE WORLD IN CONGRESS IS UPSIDE DOWN. Throw every last one of the bums out. New rule: all elected officials must not have had a law degree AND all bills must pass "is it constitutional?" first.

    7. Ginger Saunders Stua says:

      2010 lets clean house. Then we can really have some change.

    8. Steve,rhode island says:

      another bribe from Democratic politians buying votes

    9. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      Social Security has always been a form of welfare. The belief that you are somehow paying into a system that you will draw out of like savings acocunt is a myth perpetuated to make people who would rather die than take welfare think its OK to take Social Security because "I paid in."

      Social Security is a direct payment system. Money is taken from people who are working and given directly to people who are not. That is welfare defined. If you don't believe it, ask youself where the money came from the very first year it existed. The only way you could say with credibility that it's a nationalized pension system is if they had kicked it off in 1935, or whatever, but didn't start paying out until 20 years later when those people paying in were eligible to "draw out what they had paid."

      Bobbie Jay asks: Why is social security being taken out of income checks today, if it’s not going to benefit the person paying?

      The answer is: it was never meant to benefit the person paying. It was sold that way, but it was never true.

      Some say: it sure is popular, especially for Seniors. Sure it is. It's always popular to take money from one person and give it to another, especially to the one getting it.

      How anyone can think that 14% of your salary paid into a system so that Seniors can 'get by' is a good idea is beyond sane comprehension.

    10. Bo says:

      Wasn't social security set up to be a safety net, so that no one would starve to death after they retired from the work force? It wasn't meant to be a retirement plan, and it was meant to be for the individual, regardless of how much they made in their lifetime. This shows the importance of properly planning for your individual retirement funds.

    11. Marktlv, Las Vegas says:

      To Kevin Crosby:

      You, dear sir, couldn't be more wrong or ill informed. I would correct you on the following point. Mr. Obama did indeed inherit a deficit from the Bush Administration and Democratically controlled Congress (last two years on Mr. Bush's service) of +/- 400 Billion dollars, of which, +/- 312 Billion is directly attributed to spending measures ignited by the Democrats the last two years of Mr. Bush's administration. The addition of over 1 Trillion in debt by Mr. Obama is HIS debt, not the former presidents. The Fed, over the last 6 years, has artificially held interests rates down, resulting in negative inflation (for a time), while in the last year, greatly expanding the money supply. This is why there is no COLA increase for Seniors SS–there is no inflation right now on which to base a COLA increase. However, the likely impact of inflation in the next year–to a high level, will change that, but then the COLA increases given to seniors will not offset sharp increases in food, basic transportation, meds and clothing–all due to Mr. Obama's current economic stupidity. Dear sir, you are in for a wild ride–please strap on your seat belt!

    12. Norma, Mo. says:

      Freedom. The U.S. Military, the CIA, FBI,( I may have left out someone, sorry) the middle class of this country has given all of us that freedom. Obama and all of his left-wingers are intent on destroying all of those who do this. Anytime a society eliminates it's middle class, that only leaves the few at the top with all of the money, and the rest are peasants. So, take away our guns, our Constitution, and control us with government run "health care"……just the beginning.

      Get up off the couch, turn off the football game (it really is just a game) and work to vote all of these idiots out of office.

    13. Jaydee H. Wichita, K says:

      Reality check…I am one of those who lives on the Social Security Disability check each month and my total income is $697.

      Each day, I tell myself how fortunate I am with a small apartment that has a garage, a storm shelter, I am warm and I have food to eat. Anything I own in the way of furniture came from a used store or a garage sale. My clothes came from thrift shops or yard sales. Unless I told you, you can't tell.

      I am below poverty level, income wise and have to think about whether a trip across town is a necessary one. Going out to eat needs to be figured into the budget after my utilities are paid and groceries are bought. I don't have cable but I do have internet and am thinking of canceling as I could go to the library. I am able to tithe at church but not as much as I would like to give.

      Those stimulus checks didn't allow me money to go spend on a new television or some other gift to myself. It did allow me to put more gas in my car than normal for the two or three months I made it last. The COLA won't make me or break me.

      I am accustomed to living on less and can be totally aware of those who don't have as much as I do.

      I am a Senior and DID NOT vote for Obama. He can't hurt me but I worry about my children and their children.

      I have friends on the left coast and a few of them did vote for him. I keep asking how that hopey/changey thing is working out for them. Funny…they never give me an answer!

    14. JD, alabama says:

      "Social security has ALWAYS been a well fare program." ??

      Hang on a minute. We pay, wether we like it or not, into the SS fund our entire working lives. Our contribution is matched by our employers.

      There is not ONE DIME of gov't money in the fund. It's totally privately funded. How could it possibly be considered welfare?

      Only be accepting the concept that ALL money belongs to the gov't and we're simply allowed use of it when they see fit.

      Of course the gov't has stolen every penny from the SS trust fund. It's something they do each year and that amount doesn't even show up on annual deficit figures.

      Welfare, my wrinkled butt !

    15. JD, alabama says:

      Kevin Crosby, Seattle, WA did you not save anything during your working life? SS was never intended to be a livable income. That's why it's "Supplemental Security Insurance"

      If you were so foolish as to save nothing, there can't be too much sympathy beyond seeing to it that you don't starve.

    16. Larry Huffman, Ohio says:

      Despite all the talk, it IS a fact that many of us, myself included, paid into Social Security for 40 years or more, and now they act like it is "welfare."

      It is also a fact that the CPI is of little use to seniors, since it doesn't give weight to those items that make up so much of seniors' costs. On top of that, it doesn't account for the loss of value caused by Obama and the Fed paving the world with bogus money.

    17. Pauline, Kingman, AZ says:

      Not everyone on SS had the ability to save during a lifetime of working…SS is a blessing for those people, and mostly with help from their children, they survive…SS was to be a "supplemental" income, but the economic anomalies that have occurred since it was enacted could not be foreseen…does anyone know what his/her life will be like in 50 years? I think not. Since we have the program, let's work with it; otherwise lets get rid of food stamps, welfare checks, medicaid, and other government programs…don't paint with a broad brush.

    18. mackp says:

      Being that I paid into Social Security for the 40+ years. And now that I'm disabled and on Social Security I would like to have my money that I gave every month for those 40+ years. I do not want anyone else money. Not from the rich middle class or poor, I just want the money put in. But thats not going to happen because as soon as I paid the Government they used it for some pork barrel project or pocket protecters are $800 dollar toilet seats. As if my money and yours was in their own private piggy bank and just maybe if they were to pay it back and just maybe if they were smart enough to have put the money into a 2-4 % with guarantee interest account, we would not being setting here waiting for it to go bankrupt. And Oh yes everything is Bushs falt, both partys share the blame.When are people going to wake up. So now you want the same fools that stole our Social Security money, now to screw up the greatist health care system in the world. Our Government should not have control of any program. What they need to is unscrew all the other programs they screwed. That goes for the Democrates and Republicans.So keep holding that Party line untill the ship sinks, thats a smart idea, that will work just great. Semper Fi

    19. Rob D. ID says:

      Yeah, this are "We The people" owns our Social Security Incomes for our retirements etc. Obama, you just better keep "HANDS OFF


    20. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Wait until the dollar crashes and your 600 bucks will buy you a loaf of bread. Like Hell, Obama can't hurt you!

    21. Jill, California says:

      Maybe it's time for some common sense solutions … like raising the limit on IRA contributions so that there's more incentive to save for the future rather than depend on Social Security.

      But silly me. Such common sense solutions wouldn't fit with Obama's scheme to redistribute wealth or to stimulate the economy by spending money we should be saving instead.

    22. Tom, New Jersey says:

      And the national ponzi scheme goes on. Just look at the basic process of social security. You continue to pay into "your account" (what a joke) for someone else to collect a check now. Most believe their "account" is solvent. Wrong. Big Government Madoff is ready to close this shell game because all the money is gone. Social security under (SSI) is welfare for those who are disabled. Most never paid into the fund but collect every month. With that said, people who do pay into social security for a future retirement check are really investing into the largest ponzi scheme ever developed over time thanks to the Progressives. Care for society through control of society and that means needing all of the nations wealth to achieve this utopia. The whole progressive philosophy in America has been pursued and led by narcistic charlatans. Obama is a perfect example.

    23. John Roane Sarasota says:

      We should just drop the entire SSN system and get back to running this country by the US Constitution. The same goes tor Medicare and Medicaid.

      Just incase it might make a difference I have paid into SSN all my life and many years the max. I am 60 years plus and still believe we should drop it and let the States pick it up if their citizens thinks it’s worth while. If it belongs at all it belongs to the States.

    24. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear JD Alabama,

      EASY big fella! I for one would never even think of cutting your SS.

      There is no way; however, that I am going to let those who express their flawed opinion like Kevin in Seattle – without rebutting it.

      He made an attack on the same middle class (the majority of the population)who is funding SS!

      Lastly, no one mentions the entrepreneur who creates jobs. WHO is paying his or her share of SS? HE or SHE PAYS FOR ALL OF IT. If they become umemployed tough luck. These people do not even qualify for unemployment benefits…

      We're all in this together. The Kevin(s) on the LEFT Coast better realize it and stop supporting the left-wingers who will only – ultimately – hurt them.

    25. Kay Sanders Fl. says:

      What amendment says the Federal Gov't can not tax us? I know there is one and I should do what GLENN BECK says on his program. We all should get a copy and read it before there is no more

    26. dick park in Houston says:

      The COLA for Social Security recipients was designed to give the seniors modest protection againce inflationary pressures in the economy.

      There should be no COLA for us in 2010 as there

      has been no inflation trigger.

      What disconcerts is the fact that all Federal employees, the Congress and the Military will receive a COLA increase in their salaries becoz

      they codified the increase by statute a couple of years ago. It's all semantics with the Democrats.

    27. Bill, Illinois says:

      It is another welfare 'shackle'. Nothing was ever 'earmarked', but given to others who did not earn it.

      There isn't any money today and it will only get a lot worse very quickly.

      Even the letter you receive when you signup is a 'Notice of Award'. Award my foot. I paid in for 40+ years, so live up to the 'myth'.

      The only hope we have is to work very hard to throw out everyone in congress, because they, starting 40 years ago, acceleratiing in 1991 with Frank, Dodd and Clinto, et. al. created the entire fiasco, which very likly has killed America.

      Will we take charge, or leave our grandchildren a broke, Marxist nation?

    28. Nina J. Memphis, tn. says:

      I resent the fact that certin people think those on SSI hav never worked. Our son worked 15 years un loading a truck for the local newspaper and the WALKING 4 PAPER ROUTES with myself and my husband!

      And, by the way my husband and I both worked other full time jobs! It didn't take him but 35 years to make $12.00 an hour, his boss got in trouble with the law and lost the business, and all employees lost as well. He eventually went to work for our son-in-law, but '9-11' took care of that. He finally found another job. He worked there for almost 5 years, but a $67,000 overnight hospital eventually got him fired. He founf another job @$8.00 an hour, waiting for eligiblity for ins. and was let go 1 week before he was eligible. He is on SS and unemployment, I get SS and work part-time when they have something to do. And our Advantage plan just informed us we will not be covered after Dec. 31st. So if you want to say we ar on welfare, go right ahead; I'm worried about being able to put food on the table and pay for all the medicines that all 3 of us take, he and my son are diabetics, I have asthma ND c.o.p.d.

    29. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dick Park Houston & Bill IL,

      Good points.

    30. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Read the cover letter from the Social Security Administration when you get your account status. The letter states that by 2017 more will be going out than coming in. And this is from the SS administration! Of course it is one huge ponzi scheme. Congress assumed the population would continue to grow with more paying than receiving each year. Opps, the baby boomers are now becoming of age with the susequent generations not being as prolific and people are living longer. Hmmm, government managed health care with a little rationing. Problem solved.

    31. Lew Richards , Palm says:

      Please, Lets be honest, Our Federal Government Broke it Promise concerning Social Security years ago. The original S.S. legislation promised that NO FEDERAL INCOME tax would be applied to Social Security earnings . Our Government lied, again . As for the $250 bribe by the Obama government, I say , Keep it! Your just stealing it from our Children and grandchildren . Seniors today are not going to buy into your Healh care Control package Obama , so please do not send us blood money.Give it to our troops awaiting YOUR decision on LIFE and Death matters for them. Stay off the Basketball Court until you decide- Please!

    32. Dave, Arkansas says:

      When I get the $250 from Obama I think I'll spend it all on candidates running against the dangerous and unresponsive fools in Washington. If you need the money to live, by all means use it for expenses. If however, you can do without, using it against them will give so much satisfaction.

    33. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      So goes the tale that the "guvernmnet" will provide for my needs and wants. Social Security is funded by the money we all have worked for and paid in, the Congress has raided the fund and spent the money on needless projects over the years. Congress must be made to stop this, as well as givings millions to those that have not paid into the system. It is just plain wrong.

    34. Billy Ford, Coweta says:

      If you wanted to destroy a country without having a war, how would you do that?

      By printing money until it becomes worthless and the country

      is broke.

      I'm amazed how one man can destroy our country. I've always

      believed that we had checks and balance's to prevent this

      from happening, but that's not true. Congress and the Senate

      are letting this happen. I still can't believe they would sell out there country.

      God, Country and Honor.

      Billy, Oklahoma

    35. Bobbie Jay says:

      Totally agree, Dennis. The government needs to be held publically responsible…NOW!

    36. Jaydee H. Wichita, K says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Lew Richards! I think any one of us that are scheduled to receive the $250 would be glad to give it up if we knew it was going to help the troops that are protecting us!

      I also agree with Nina….I paid in for many years and worked more than one job at a time as I had kids to feed. I Never planned on getting a crippling disease that would keep me from working and thus have to apply for SSD.

      Tom in NJ…I would venture to say that 'most' of us on disability would much rather be able to work and make a living wage. I don't think 'most' on SSD have 'never' worked…

      our disability wasn't a choice.

    37. Sarah, Oklahoma says:

      To JD, Alabama

      There is Social Security and Supplemental Security Insurance. And please do not forget the people who are disabled and are unable to work or the people who were severely injured from accidents who cannot continue to work or build their retirements.

    38. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Not quite, Welfare went up, but Social Security did not get a Cost of Living Raise, and the Medicare cost went up, so S.S. actually went down!

    39. Jeanie Dotson, Flor says:

      It is interesting….reading all these comments! Many good points! Why don't we All do something to get All our Congressmen and Senators on Social Security??? They certainly Do Not deserve to continue drawing regular salaries for the rest of their lives from our tax dollars! Talk about WELFARE! Think how much money would be saved and put to better use elsewhere.

      The American people do deserve to draw out of Social Security what they have paid into it.

    40. John Meacham, Califo says:

      Oh, What a fool I have been all my life. After working until I was 65 and now living on savings and S.S. plus what other pensions I paid into I find OHB is going to send me another two hundred and fifty dollar check. If I knew the new and glorious president was going to keep on sending me checks I could have spent all my earnings rather than put part into savings. Gee, could have had a new car every year, bought nicer clothes and purchased a much larger home.

    41. Dave B; Stillwater, says:

      Sometime back in the 60's and 70's, one of the Congress changed the accounting practice and removed the Social Security Trust Fund and put it in the General Fund. Primarily because the Trust Fund was becoming a nest egg which ALL Congressmen wanted to use for Welfare and Pork programs. Hey, the money was not being used (it should have been re-invested in Treasury Bonds). So, the members of Congress used that money instead of having to publicly pass a bill that could be identified as giving welfare pork to selected citizens. Both parties are to blame! Now, we have SSI, aid to the drunks, aid to the druggies, and frankly, I don't even know all the other programs! This is why the Social Security program failed! Congress mis-handled the money!! Law Schools apparently do not offer any business economic courses?

    42. Pam S, Missouri says:

      As long as the government "hands out" to people, the government CONTROLS our lives. Let's get the government OUT of our lives-as much as possible. No more social security. We have to have the mind set to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. This has to be instilled from the cradle. Right now most people look to the government as their "answer". This is what the progressive movement has been working toward for generations. It is just that now they are doing it at warp speed.

      The truly needy can (are) be taken care of through the private sector, the churches and their families (responsibility). One example would be to focus private foundation dollars toward this end. Keep control at the state or community level.

      We have to work for a constitutional amendment for term limits, reform the mindset and the educational system with a "can-do" attitude of individual responsibility, reform and restrict welfare with the intention of phasing most of it out and keeping it at the state and community level of administration for greater control.

      There is no time now for complacency. We, ALL, must get involved.

    43. philip says:

      Obama will have the u.s. awelfare country not just social security but don't look for a check there will be no monry to cover the checks

    44. samuel says:

      When this administration lies about inflation . Try to buy a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, utilities. There is inflation! When we have worked a life time and saved, just to see it evaporate by wall street and government. The government pushed people into 401's. All i heard was how much money you could earn. Thanks to wall street and government our 401's lost 3/4 of value.

      Government is printing money and spending like its in candy land. Government does not have a clue.

      They can give money to countries like pakistan and africa year after year. We have been sending money to foreign countries since 1950, the countries have not changed.

      We have grown men and women on ssi , disability that is able to work. The social security administration needs to spend money and time to get these people off the rolls. They have not worked and payed into ss. When i look our my window and can name and see at least 50 able bodied men and women sitting on their butts. They can play golf, ride horses, cut wood, build log cabins, ( have kids to add to ss.). They are pulling in more than have do after working 60 years.

      Stop all the disability checks! Make people work for a living.

      Yes the seniors deserve an increase in their small check.

      That it away from wall street and banks, and schools, and government, foreign countried, wars.

    45. Clarence, Northern C says:

      If the original intent of the Social Security program had been adhered to there would be no problem today, but by allowing our elected representatives to raid the fund for other projects and including those who had never paid in to the system to benefit by it we allowed it to self destruct. Now they want to "manage" health care? How much evidence do we need to see that government, as Reagan said, IS the problem. CLEAN HOUSE – vote them all out. Your representatives diverted the Social Security funds and they continue on unchecked because WE – THE VOTERS BUY THEIR RHETORIC AND KEEP THEM IN POWER. Wake up and vote them out of office!

    46. Ron, New Orleans, La says:

      The bigger picture in all of this is Globalism. The end mark for this group is to break down America (especially the middle class which will never fit into a global format) and the borders that make us strong within ourself and push us into this mad love affair with globalism. There will then be a ruling class and a working class. I cann't wait until Nov. 2010!!!!!

    47. antonette benjamin says:

      this is not fair that everyone is being put down for something that they are not doing

    48. frances r. campbell says:

      As glenn beck would say– blood will shoot out of your eyes. Social security also covers afdc. Aid for women and dependent children.. The welfare queens with huge passels of kids, each with different daddies. This has gone on for many generations at least since the social security trust fund was established. This ponzi scheme also covers wic–the womens, infants, children program for the welfare queens and children of illegals and provides a monthly amount of 75.00 bucks each child for nutritious food. If all of the entitlements the welfare queens receive were added up–it is a much better deal than working. It is a huge amount of money and represents far more than they would earn from honest labor. When fdr established social security– i believe he never intended it to become the scam that it has become. So many young people drawing benefits–congress passed the americans with disabilities act which gives ssa to alcoholics and mental cases. They are considered disabled by that law. Do you realize how many bartenders get the checks at their address and when the client comes in–the barkeep cashes the check and takes what is owed the bar. Just remember that when 50% of the populace pays no income taxes but can vote for goodies ,paid for by the taxpayers, they will never be satisfied until the country becomes insolvent. Don't you understand–that obama with seiu and acorn is positioning himself and the democrats(marxists) to be the only political party in the usa.what happens when the marxists run out of other peoples money? That is the marxist way–break the current system so that obama can relace it with his marxist paradise.

    49. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:



    50. Linda Forest -Oregon says:

      You just can't stand to see or hear in this case, elderly people getting help. Welfare my *()&^%*(%$#*! Social Security recipients will never get all of the money they put into the program before they die. So where does the remainder of the money go? You're so smart, you figure it out. I'm sure you think it comes out of your personal pocket.

      I am so very tired of hearing the Republicans whining when they can't have their way. Please do yourself a favor and grow up. You try to live on the money Social Security recipients receive. Before you jump into judgement, walk a mile in the elderly moccasins.

    51. Linda Forest -Oregon says:

      I can't believe what I am reading here! Why is it that so many want to believe that Obama is the cause of ALL our troubles, when we had 8 years of negligence that created this economic crash. Obama happens to be the one who is in the hot seat trying to get us out of the mess Bush put us into by not being responsible and making wall street and the insurance companies accountable! Take your blinders off!

    52. Stella says:

      They need to have some one check on these people who apply for at least two years before they recieve Social Security. These people are ripping off my money I pay in. I work a jail and I do not know how many times I have been told by someone they have filed for SSI due to the fact they have a drug problem. These people most of them have not worked a day in their life. I worked at a training service for the mentally hanicapped and they worked got a paycheck and got their SSI based on the hours at their job. I you have two hands & 2 Feet can comprehend and have athought process you can work. The government is suppling them with the money to be LAZY and Buy their DRUGS.. I want a check in full for medicaid and social security I paid when I re-tire. Yes I have worked since I was thirteen and I am sixty now. NO EXCUSES>

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