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  • Adult Time for Adult Crime: Eric Hancock

    On November 9th, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments challenging the constitutionality of juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) sentences. In preparation for oral arguments, JLWOP: Faces & Cases will be an on-going series on The Foundry that will tell real stories about juvenile offenders who are currently serving LWOP sentences.

    Defendant: Eric Hancock (15)
    Victim: Jamal Mouzafar
    Crimes: Criminal homicide and other charges
    Crime date: August 26, 2007  in Pittsburgh, Penn.

    Eric Hancock shot and killed a clerk while robbing a local convenience store.

    Jamal Mouzafar was born and lived in Syria. After an accident, one his legs was amputated, and he came to the United States for medical treatment. He lived with his uncle, owner the A&E Deli Food Mart, where he worked as a clerk and cashier. Eric Hancock patronized the delicatessen frequently, and Mouzafar and his uncle had even offered Hancock a job.

    In the summer of 2007, Hancock and his cousin Jeremy decided to rob a store. Hancock suggested that they rob the A&E Deli because it was nearby.

    About a week later, on August 26, 2007, Hancock entered the deli alone, armed with a handgun. Mouzafar was behind the counter. Hancock jumped on the counter and ordered Mouzafar to put his hands in the air. Mouzafar complied. Hancock demanded access to the store safe, but Mouzafar could not understand what Hancock was saying. Frustrated, Hancock shot Mouzafar three times.

    As Mouzafar lay dying on the floor, Hancock ransacked the store. He managed to steal about $400.

    The entire incident was captured by a surveillance camera. After he was arrested, Hancock confessed.

    Charles D. Stimson is Senior Legal Fellow and Andrew M. Grossman is Senior Legal Policy Analyst in the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

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    15 Responses to Adult Time for Adult Crime: Eric Hancock

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      This is why civil law has to be enforced through STRICT disciplinary measures that deter this way of thinking.

      If anyone cries because this PUNK didn't have any education by his choosing or failure of his parents, they clearly do not value the living of humanity unless it is of the living that CHOOSE TO KILL. This PUNK KNEW THE OWNER AND THE CLERK WHICH SOUNDS THERE WAS TRUST AND THIS PUNK TOOK ADVANTAGE OF IT. IF A HUMAN BEING CAN WALK AND TALK, THEY CAN FOLLOW CIVIL LAW! UNEDUCATED IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE TO KILL THE LIVES OF ANYONE! THE ONLY EMPATHY IS TO THE ONES THAT OFFERED THIS PUNK A JOB! May God Bless THOSE VICTIMIZED BY this punk's actions of free choice.

    2. Joe G, New York says:

      Lock him up and throw away the key. Age be damned. If he's got the physical capability and mental capacity to commit such a crime then he should be tried as an adult. This should apply to any other ingrates and/or illegals who would commit any horrendous crime(s). It's too bad that our taxpayer dollars have to be spent "defending" him in the judicial system; and, if convicted, to feed, clothe and medicate creeps of his ilk for any length of time.

    3. Lee; Mo says:

      This is a growing problem in this country and much of it is due to the lieniency of our court system. Once these killers know beyond a doubt that if they kill some one they will die and the process should not take more than a year or two, you can be sure you'll start seeing a decline.

      The only ones that won't be effected are the narcissistic and those with a death wish.

    4. Jim Petersen says:

      It is time to bring back public executions. I would prefer that the family members of the victim be permitted to perform task. The idea that this monster is to be allowed any consideration because of his age is simply foolishness.

    5. Andy, Florida says:

      That this case is even a matter of discussion shows how the Liberal/Progressive agenda has poisoned this country over the past 30 years. According to them, this psychopath is really a victim of society, and it is our job to rehabilitate, not incarcerate him. Thirty years ago, if an adult molested and raped a child, he got 20 to life; now, as in the cases in Vermont and Oklahoma, such a case results in little or no jail time and/or probation. The problem is that we are electing/appointing judges that are closet, feel-good socialists. Together with the ACLU, the progressives are trying to destroy any religious or moral values still left; we need to take back our Country.

    6. Garry, Phoenix says:

      This is even one more event that leads to the need for arming of civilians for self defense. I would certainly conclude that this type of violence is on the rise with no signs of slowing. I do not intend for myself or my loved ones to become victims and will arm myself to prevent it. These maggot predators will always pick on the weak and defenseless. Force begats force.

    7. Bonnie says:

      this young man or should I say animal should be executed. We destroy mad dogs because they are a danger to us. So also we should destory mad animal because he is a danger to us and will do it again and again if given the chance.

    8. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I am getting sick and tired of arguing the same old tripe our well-meaning yet naive citizens espouse. When are we going to understand the plight of the VICTIMS and take swift solid judicial action against the perpetrators?

      What do these "advocates" say to a murdered victim's family and loved ones?

      What would they say if these vicious crimes happened to one of their loved ones?

      Most of these people have never even been involved in a playground fistfight and don't have a clue.

      PLEASE stop calling "kids" 17 and older juveniles.

      We have 17 year-olds serving in the armed forces.

      I guess their just kids too.

    9. dick park in Houston says:

      Child development begins at home and as our ethical standards have changed, and our schools have been stripped of disciplinary authority, kids

      like this are becoming the norm in our society.

      Liberalism in all its forms is leading us to

      libertine behaviors in crime, morals and general

      politeness. I say put the kid in jail and forget

      about him. We also should consider requiring parents to financially subsidize his upkeep in Prison. That might bring better discipline back to the home.

    10. BornInUSA&CanPro says:

      Andy in Florida, very true, and agree with the others. Dick Park Houston and anyone who wants to know what lies under the radar "educating" our teachers and students, go to http://www.facinghistory.org to find out how the liberals are "working" our country and operating all over our country. Check the bluebanner dropdowns and the "about us" circular map. Read the center locations and the programs. All over the USA and other countries. Agenda and promoters are obvious. They need to have publicity spotlight on them, on their owners (WHO are they?!) and be interviewed on news programs and forced to show what they are doing. Homepage gives rest of title – Facing History and Ourselves" so it's clear from the start they are not "educating" with facts, but with cultivating intimidation, PC, and control. Find out about them and you'll have lots of these questions answered… and you will be flabbergasted that this could be happening.

    11. Mark Florida says:

      So when does the Revolution start to take back OUR country from these people????????????? I'm ready

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The Law is without passion. The reason for this is to keep the confussion of who gets what and why, out of it. Only in this way is the Law equal.


    13. mayuso palm bay flor says:

      I have always maintained, that once a young adult is old enough to obtain a legal drivers license, he/she should be tried as an adult. If the department of motor vehicles says that they are mature enough to drive a 2 ton vehicle, and have enough inteligence to pass a written test, then there is no way I can believe that suddenly, these kids who plan to excute crimes armed or not are not are not inteligent enough to know what they are doing and the potential outcome of the crime. We must stop teaching our kids ( or allowing educators to teach our kids) that life is not without reprocussion. Our courts slap these kids on the wrist over and over again until the entire system is mocked, and unrespected. In conclusion, no teenager should suddenly turn into a child in the sights of the courts regarding murder cases, vehicular manslaughter or rape.

    14. Garrett Greensboro N says:

      Imagine if this was your Son or brother; or, are we all so superior? For Hell's sake, let He who is without sin cast the first stone.

      My sincerest apologies and deepest regret to all the families affected by this sad, sad crime of ignorance.

      God bless the Children…

    15. Precious,North Carol says:

      Everybody makes mistakes. He was a 15 year old kid. You don’t know WHAT kind of struggles he was up against. He is a good kid who was easily influenced by other. Should her really spend the rest of his life in prison for a mistake he made when he was 15? I don’t think so. What is rehabilitation for? It doesn’t mean anything if we should look children up or the rest of there lives.

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