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  • The College Affordability Problem—Runaway College Costs

    This week, the College Board released its annual report on Trends in College Pricing which found bad news for students and taxpayers. American colleges continue to hike tuition rates to record high levels—well ahead of the consumer price index. At 4-year public institutions, tuition and fees rose by 5.9 percent. At private 4-year (not for profit) colleges, tuition and fee costs rose by 4.4 percent. This year’s increases follow a trend that has lasted for decades with post-secondary education costs skyrocketing at rates well ahead of inflation.

    Policymakers on Capitol Hill and in state capitals around the country need to recognize that the consistent rise in college costs has occurred during a period that has seen rapid growth in federal and state spending higher education, including direct subsidies to schools and funding for college scholarships and student loans.

    College affordability is a real problem for American families and taxpayers. Unfortunately, Congress and the Obama administration are currently focusing on a strategy that has failed to solve the problem for decades: expanding federal spending on student aid and consolidating federal control of the student loan market. A better approach to the college affordability problem would be to focus on strategies that encourage colleges and all higher education institutions to lower their costs and provide a better deal for students and taxpayers.

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    8 Responses to The College Affordability Problem—Runaway College Costs

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      The more government funding, the more government mandated education. Extending socialist indoctrination. Why Is college really necessary today? Obama's taking away equal opportunities and the ability to run a non-government dependent business. Yet, he wants everybody to get free college…

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      free college to some, as it's always been. Just MORE of some so tuition goes up on those obligated to pay. The cost is outrageous and should be investigated thoroughly. If tomorrow brings equal government pay, then why is it fair some students are getting college for free? and others at a cost? that's not equal application.

    3. VIctor Gonzales, Ari says:

      A better idea would be to cut down on the monopoly of Universities. These schools charge tens of thousands of dollars for a degree that is 90 percent fluff and somehow required to get jobs.

      Tax incentives and government support to recognize trade school certifications would open up a large new affordable type of schooling to millions of Americans that want to better themselves. No need to pay a fortune for classes useless to a career path. No need to sit through liberal indoctrination when all you really want is training.

      Another good tax incentive would be tax writoffs for the cost of an in business training. Large companies could go directly to the high school graduates and train them for their job costing nothing with a tax offset yet providing millions with better jobs they could not previously get without burying themselves in debt from a University. These employees would also most likely be better at their jobs as they would have specific schooling FOR the job which is another employer incentive to train.

      We need to break down the monopoly of Universities if post high school education is a goal in this country.

    4. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      My brother' daughter recently graduated from college. She is intelligent and sincere.

      She also appears to be brainwashed in many areas. She is all for government controlled health care. When her father asked her who was going to pay for it, she sincerely replied, "The wealthy who could best afford it for everyone."

      As my beloved brother's blood pressure spiked, he told his daughter that some day he hoped to fall into the "rich" category with a new business he just started last year. How would that be fair to him since he was taking great financial and emotional risks on his new venture.

      Of course, there was no answer from his daughter.

      The first point is she is not some ignorant uneducated person off the streets.

      The last point is if the parents are paying for the education, they better be involved in what college their kid is going to. There are excellent colleges that argue both sides of issues without brainwashing our children.

    5. April, Colorado says:

      We have a better country when our citizens are heathly and well-educated. The opportunity for healthcare and education should not be a luxury for just the wealthy.

      A market is not a "free market" when 1 or 2 insurance companies control 98% of the market in one region. That is called a monopoly. This is when we must rely on our elected officials to protect us. We can choose our representatives in government. We cannot choose who runs United Healthcare or what policies that any given company holds.

      Time for some healthy competition.

    6. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear April Colorado,

      Do you really believe that healthy competition will come from government control? That is the ultimate monopoly.

      Heritage has covered your points ad nauseum. There are great ideas for competition just not being accepted by the far left.

      Will you please give me your view of what "wealthy" is? And, what gives you or anyone including the pols to decide that for me?

      What you are proposing will lead to the productive economic downfall of this country.

      Of course the country is "better" with a educated and healthy citizenry. The question is how do we accomplish that goal without destroying what we have?

      Then again, our spending, borrowing, and printing is already well on the way to ensuring probable permanently high tax rates and a loss of wealth from the middle class. With less wealth how are we going to pay for this?

      We cannot afford to parrot the famous Scarlet O'hara mentality – "I'll worry about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day…."

    7. Bobbie Jay says:

      Let the free market compete. Putting government into free market competition is CORRUPT! GOVERNMENT INFRINGES TAXPAYERS MONEY, ARE TOTALLY INEFFICIENT, AS IT ISN'T THEIR MONEY. The free market uses their own.

      Quit depending on government and control your own health of your own affairs.

    8. Charles Hatcher, Tx says:

      I put four children through college finishing with the last one about 4 years ago. If I had known then what my children were being indoctrinated with, I would never have paid for a single semester. From my own personal observation of my own children they had to be re-educated after they graduated by the "real world". We are paying professors who can't function in actual society, so they became professional students and then professors. Our children deserve the best we can give them in education, not the brainwashing and narrow realm of idealism they are recieveing in our universities. My personal advice now would be, before you send your child to a college, do some research on their academics and their staff…If it's a liberal indoctrination center, take your money elsewhere and simply tell your kids, it's my money and I'll spend it where I am getting the best education for you and the most reasonable cost for me…Kids shouldn't decide where they will go, smart parents should.

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