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  • Stimulus Fail: New Hampshire Edition

    Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) on WMUR last night: “I know that it has created some jobs but clearly but clearly not what we were anticipating.”

    You don’t say:


    See also: The Obama Jobs Gap Grows to 7.6 Million

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    15 Responses to Stimulus Fail: New Hampshire Edition

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    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      And how much per hour of tax payers dollars are given away?

      The answer is the free market. It is much more efficient and works without government dependency, stealing from the taxpayers, get rid of irrational government mandates that interfere with freedom to conduct business in a civil society.

    3. Boyce Robbins Easley says:

      I wonder if many in our country have taken leave of their senses. In the midst of an ongoing financial crisis while our military is under attack from terrorists this administration is focusing on more and more radical changes. The time to alter the health care system is when the economy has healed itself and after our troops are home from Iraq. Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons are also a cause of concern but those are problems which demand solutions outside the areas of concern for this administration. Disaster is loooming closer and closer, I fear.

    4. Rayford Davenport says:

      The stimulus to States,Counties and Cities has posponed their making hard choices.This lets them keep spending on pet projects.

    5. Wes, Litchfield, MN says:

      The charts tell it all. Can we expect anything better from health care or anything else this administration attempts?

    6. Tim Az says:

      Government can't create anything without first taking something from someone else. Knowing this of course leads one to conclude that they intend on owning everything and everyone. How's that hope and change working out for you?

    7. philip says:


    8. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Of course the Stimulus bill didn't work. It had 9,000 earmarked, pork barrel expenditures in it, which had nothing to do with putting people to work.

      It was 1,100 pages long, it wasn't posted on the internet prior to passage, no line item vetos of earmarks were exercised and nobody bothered to read it, including the President, who signed it as soon as it was given to him (all in contradiction to the President's campaign promises).

    9. Bo says:

      Personally, I'm outraged that only 14% of the stimulus monies have been spent so far, with the balance to be spent in the 2010 election year. So millions of people have to remain out of work due to lack of jobs just so the Dems can be re-elected in 2010 when they can show that things have miraculously gotten better next year.

    10. Diane Winkler, Papil says:

      No body seem to get it. The stimulus package will not stiumlate! It is only a hugh pork payment. It won't generate jobs; unemployment is only going to get worse and when the benefits stop we will see inflation big time. NO one will have money to buy even needs! (How's that hope and change working for ya?) Here is what the stimulus package is all about: This administration has purposed this method only to ruin our country and its economy! IT'S THEIR PLAN!

      If people don't open their eyes soon, tyraney will sneek in as it is now on the step.

    11. Ron, Oregon says:

      To Bo:

      Bo, you live in a fool's paradise. While their intent is that they are "hoping" to create more jobs in 2010 with their so called stimulus so they can be re elected. The truth is, it is way too late and the stimulus did nothing to create jobs. See the above charts for proof. I am glad that only 14% has been spent. Can you imagine when 100% is spent and we still haven't created jobs? Maybe Congress will regain their senses very quickly. let's pray for this great nation so it won't be a "once" great nation.

    12. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Diane winkle above says it all. The only subtle underlying truth is that it's all about the ENEMY's suggestions and manigances. To fight and win against him we need more awakening and vigilence plus ferm motivation to get back our country asap.

    13. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      Bo, Look at the jobs earmarked for stimulous and you see tey are payback to unions and a few big patron of the "Obamanomics" miracle. It is no miracle since it can not work.

      The effort to stimulate is insane. Personnally, I am waiting for the new $15K for home buyers. I sold my house in Jul 2007. What an opportunity for me. I am/was going to purchase anyway. Why should I not wait? Some report shows that it may cost taxpayers between $130K and $270 per hoe purchase. Idiocy, yes, but, I will line up to take the handout.

      Not proud or stupid. Just P.Oed.

    14. helen sabin says:

      Hooray and thank goodness for you all!! I thought most Americans have been asleep at the switch as no one (except tea baggers and FOX news) seems to be objecting to the corruption, waste of money and etc that this administration is doing! To all who posted on this site except for BO who clerly isn't either reading, seeing, or thinking about what is going on congratulations!

      To Duelles – Watch out on waiting for 15K on a home purchase. It is supposed to be for NEW homeowners – i.e. property virgins or those who have NEVER owned a home before. AND…like the cash for clunkers, you get to pay STATE TAX on the money if your state requires it – most do! By the time Obama gets done you will be paying FEDERAL TAX also.

      This government only gives FREE money earned by taxpayers to their cronies or fat cat contributors such as the unions and the most corrupt ACORN!!

      Please – stay awake, write your congress persons and demand they do things like put legislation on the net to read 72 hours before it is voted on, that they stop giving PORK, and that they not pass a bill unless they READ IT!!

    15. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      A friend of mine once said when you send your kid to college they suck the brains out of their heads, I laughed until I started talking to my grandson, Colleges and Universities are brain washing our kids, most are liberal, and it's not liberal arts, most of my kids did not go to college, they entered the work force like their father and worked their way up the ladder, I went to college to be a nurse but that was 60 years ago and all we were taught was medicine, thanks Georgetown U. Our high schools are now starting to teach liberal ways as these teachers are now the product of liberal schools. I beleve in free enterprise and also Voting for those who uphold the values of our founders.

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