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  • Morning Bell: Rules for a Radical White House

    Politico‘s Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei report today:

    President Obama is working systematically to marginalize the most powerful forces behind the Republican Party, setting loose top White House officials to undermine conservatives in the media, business and lobbying worlds.

    With a series of private meetings and public taunts, the White House has targeted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the biggest-spending pro-business lobbying group in the country; Rush Limbaugh, the country’s most-listened-to conservative commentator; and now, with a new volley of combative rhetoric in recent days, the insurance industry, Wall Street executives and Fox News.

    Obama aides are using their powerful White House platform, combined with techniques honed in the 2008 campaign, to cast some of the most powerful adversaries as out of the mainstream and their criticism as unworthy of serious discussion.

    We are in no way the first to point this out, but this Obama administration strategy is taken directly from the pages of Chicago community organizer Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals. It identifies thirteen rules for progressive activists including, “The thirteenth rule: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Explaining just how far progressives must be willing to go to marginalize their “enemies” Alinsky explains a few pages later:

    Many liberals during our attack on the then-school superintendent, were pointing out that after all he wasn’t a 100 percent devil, he was a regular churchgoer, he was a good family man, and he was generous in his contributions to charity. Can you imagine in the arena of conflict charging that so-and-so is a racist bastard but then diluting the impact of the attack with qualifying remarks such as, “He is a good churchgoing man, generous to charity and a good husband”? This becomes political idiocy.

    And then in his final chapter, Alinsky reveals what progressives really think of the average American: “Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized, and corrupt. They are right.”

    Contempt for average Americans, and the desire to marginalize their common sense questions, is both at the core of the Progessive vision for governance and completely antithetical to the values of our Founding Fathers. Thomas G. West, author of The Progressive Revolution in Politics and Political Science, explains:

    The Founders thought that laws should be made by a body of elected officials with roots in local communities. They should not be “experts,” but they should have “most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society” (Madison). The wisdom in question was the kind on display in The Federalist, which relentlessly dissected the political errors of the previous decade in terms accessible to any person of intelligence and common sense.

    The Progressives wanted to sweep away what they regarded as this amateurism in politics. … Only those educated in the top universities, preferably in the social sciences, were thought to be capable of governing. Politics was regarded as too complex for common sense to cope with. … Only government agencies staffed by experts informed by the most advanced modern science could manage tasks previously handled within the private sphere.

    The Progressives did not intend to abolish democracy, to be sure. They wanted the people’s will to be more efficiently translated into government policy. But what democracy meant for the Progressives is that the people would take power out of the hands of locally elected officials and political parties and place it instead into the hands of the central government, which would in turn establish administrative agencies run by neutral experts, scientifically trained, to translate the people’s inchoate will into concrete policies.

    This is why you have Obama’s Energy Secretary telling auto makers how they must build cars. This is why Obama’s health care plan empowers a panel of  “experts” to reorganize one-sixth of our economy from the top down. Commonsense questions like, “Won’t our electricity bills go up if we mandate power companies use more expensive alternative energy sources?”, and “Won’t our health insurance premiums go up if everyone is charged the same price and nobody can be refused coverage?” can’t be tolerated. People voicing such criticisms must be isolated and silenced. That’s what the White House campaign the Politico identifies today is all about.

    Quick Hits:

    • Neil Barofsky, special inspector general of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), warns that the $700 billion bailout program has damaged the government’s credibility, won’t earn taxpayers all their money back and has done little to change a culture of recklessness on Wall Street.
    • President Obama raised between $2 million and $3 million for Democrats during a $15,200-per-plate dinner in new York last night.
    • According to a new Washington Post poll, 63% of Americans say the Obama administration does not have a clear strategy for Afghanistan.
    • Government Reform Chairman Ed Towns (D-NY) locked Republicans out of the committee room after the minority tried to force a subpoena vote in the committee regarding a Countrywide Financial investigation.
    • According to a new study by the University of California, Berkeley, the children of Hispanic immigrants fall behind their peers in mental development by the time they reach grade school, and the gap tends to widen as they get older.
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    79 Responses to Morning Bell: Rules for a Radical White House

    1. Rayford Davenport says:

      The government loans TARP money to banks. The bankers show up for $15,200 per-plate dinner for a Democratic fund raiser.I guess that's politics as usual.

    2. okiejim says:

      Students of history know that the Alinsky method of attack and destroy can not succeed. Unfortunately, we have dumbed down our children so much, and spouted the liberal mantra in our universities for so long, that I fear history has been reshaped. Come on Baby Boomers, now is the time to stand up and be counted. You have a chance to become the next greatest generation of Americans because you can still remember what the first Greatest Generation of Americans sacrificed to defeat the Alinsky's of their generation.

    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      If people watch Oberman and Maddow shows,

      WHAT do they come away with?


      If People Read HF

      or Watch O'Reiley, Beck and Hannity shows,

      WHAT do they come away with?

      Send YOUR answer to – LVKen7@Gmail.com

    4. Brett, Lafayette, LA says:

      So how do we combat this & win?

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Why is this news? We have been told since well before the elections of 2008, Obama and his minions have been following Alinsky's instructions from the begining. The problem is very few people know anything about Alinsky and his communist views. More and more of us now understand what a danger Obama, and his administration, is to our American way of life. Many more of us MUST wake-up if we are to survive.

    6. Wayne Hemmerich, Cry says:

      I have never seen an administration so focussed on controlling instead of governing. It seems to me that every action of this White House is centered on growing the "realm" and the reach of Obama. They are using propaganda, intimidation, distortions (lies), and marketing to achieve it's goals. Governing would require adherence to the Constitution, but controlling means putting the goals ahead of the Constitution.

    7. Mike in Haymarket says:

      When a city or state is being run irresponsibly a citizen can chose to move to another city or state….Where are we to go when the Federal Government is being run irresponsibly? I am old enough to remember socialism in the iron block countries and want nothing to do with it here in America…..I want out…

    8. jim smith says:

      As you read this, you should be aware that Nobama is now feeling the heat. The Administration's current spate of unethical behavior, secret, criminal activity and massive lying will now be accelerated to a newer, more devisive level. With the mid-term election one year away,the Republican leadership seems asleep at the wheel and reluctant to FIGHT for America. Your freedom is at stake. Do something now!

    9. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Progressives want to be seen as caring, loving, for the little man and woman and for justice for all. Their rhetoric, their candidates, their political philosophy and their legislation, all point to movement that uses patronage to galvanize their political support, to expand the role of the federal government and to eliminate dissent, especially dissent against expansion of government.

      Whatever a progressive democrat or republican says in public is contradicted by their vote in Congress, the Senate and State Legislatures. These people believe it is moral to obfuscate…to lie…because the end justifies the mean. That end is their portion of the political power pie. It is a game that will result in revolution, not like in 1774 or 1860…but a wholesale elimination of professional politicians by voters across the country.

      Progressivism's apex is this administration and this congress, with the results of the legislation and ineptitude to lead, a warning to every citizen that fundamental political change is required and required now.

    10. Lew Waddey says:

      Reads like the Good News Bible. What's the problem?

    11. JD, alabama says:

      So the question is…What are we going to about these people?

      I see no serious mention of impeachment, though they have clearly violated their oaths of office.

      I see no challenge to constitutionality of their policies, when they clearly can not stand per that document.

      Remember the New Black Panthers intimidation voters, caught on tape? The one the DoJ forced investigators to drop? Whatever happened with that….nothing.

      Remember ACORN defunding…did this happen? No, not at any high level in the gov't.

      We who oppose this administration seem to nothing more than blog. What we need is a strong, well funded intiative lead by a team of aggressive leaders. Maybe Rush, Hannity, Steele?

      Who can be drafted for this purpose?

    12. Jeff, Scottsdale, AZ says:

      These are not "progressives" pressing this hit campaign. They are Marxists.


    13. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I would say that obama and the dems are well on their way to producing a socialist style government. The Constitution has been thrown out with the dish water, and does not matter. This mess is totally about power and controll. The dems, pelosi, reid and obama will do what ever it takes to get power and controll. We the people have been lead to beluieve that the government is everything that is needed, and are willing to be lead around by our nose and fed the junk they want us to have. I do not know about others, but I am fed up with the dems and their lies. I know this statement will get me on the list of those that are classified as terroist, thugs,un-American,are what ever pelosi wants me to be called. Well that shoe fits both feet, I know she can wear the shoe. WE MUST VOTE IN 2010 TO STOP THIS MESS, AND MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON CONGRESS IN THE MEAN TIME.

    14. Rita, Augusta, GA says:

      Thank you for printing the truth. This administration is well educated in the Saul Alinski method. It is very destructive to our freedoms. It is so important that this method of operation is exposed for what it is.

    15. Suzy, Lakeside, CA says:

      I keep hearing about what Obama is doing, which is totally wrong, but what can we as citizens of the greatest nation of the world do about it? We can vote the bums out, that is if they don't get Acorn in and change the election results, we could be on every corner getting the message out that Socialism is right around the corner, but I would really like some constructive ideas. PLEASE!

    16. jim toledo says:

      So, at what point in time do these people realize that they are making things worse and that they can't change the ideology of the country? Hard to say I'm sure, simply, because they have no sense of country or understanding of real America. The only time they, the democrats, need the 'average citizen, is at election time, the money flows and people think the spicket will never turn off. Too bad, it always does and those that depend on the government continue to put their hands out waiting for the next bribe.

    17. William H. Hefner, W says:

      We no longer have a Presidency. We have an Emperor who is attempting to destroy dissidents within his empire. This must not stand in America.What are we allowing ourselves to become?

    18. Leslie Severance, Pa says:

      I've known all this for some time; now please tell me what to do about it.

    19. Bud Teed, Fullerton, says:

      It seems that most conservatives are giving Obama way too much credit for the mess in the White House. I seriously doubt he is capable of being strong enough or capable enough to "organize" this radical staff of czars and advisors that he has surrounding him. Certainly, Obama shares the same values, however, I beieve the decision making is done by this radical group of people and Obama is their mouthpiece.

    20. Elizabeth Edwards, ( says:

      I have been reading the news on all my favorite sites this morning and I must say that as I have moved from story to story, more than once I found myself whispering a prayer to God to bless our country. I can't help but get the feeling that we are headed in such a disastrous direction. However, that said, a friend recently reminded me that God is ultimately in control and he knows the situation at hand. When (not if) He decides to show His hand, I want to be found with faith in my heart that there is a greater end to this story than what appears on the horizon right now.

      I am not the brightest star in the sky, and so I am grateful for people like Rush Limbaugh and the Heritage Foundation and the Patriot Post where I can get “fair and balanced opinions” without sensationalism or sarcasm, just plain and honest reporting. I am working in my small circle to spread the word.

    21. Pat-San Antonio says:

      We must fight back at the local level, state level and most importantly at the federal level. We fight with our words, our actions and our votes. We must counter everything they say with the truth. These scum-bags must not be allowed to win away our country! They were frightened at the Tea Parties and the wonderful,historic, enormous gathering of citizens in Washington. We need to show them that we will not quit. We will fight to the end for our country no matter what they try and do. This marxist president and his creepy allies need to be voted out in 2010 and 2012. Lets get rid of the bums and take our country back.

    22. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      The final two paragraphs here are about as good a description of Technocracy and Mussolini (Corporate) fascism as i have seen.

      For an outstanding current look at Alinsky, White House driven polarization and Rules for Radicals the following Kyle-Anne Shiver AT column is well worth the read:


      PC is Thought Control


    23. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      you ever wonder why they have so many riots and terrorist acts in other countries?

      because they have no freedom of speech, no safe way to vent their concern about the government.

      Little by little they are tying off all the loose ends and if we do not get together and act soon, we will find ourselves bound hand and foot, on our way to the gulag.

      How long do you think you will keep your guns after the healthcare reform act is passed and they deem firearms are a "public health risk"?

      How long will it take to pass if people are afraid to speak out?

      People; are you stupid? The politician is not your friend.

      If they really wanted to help others they would have joined the peace corp or the red cross.

      All they care about is power and control, so they are eliminating every conceivable threat now.

      WAKE UP!

    24. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      A further note: If I had not seen the Little Red Book (in 1963-5) on the campus at my alma mater being read by journalism students (SDS members) I would not be believing the Maoist bent showing up in the Czar population.

      Even the "western" communists stay away from this particularly viral (read "blood soaked") form of communism.

      PC is Thought Control


    25. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      To all Obama supporters,

      You have devoted yourselves to believing, defending, and serving "the him". (The rest of us prefer to believe, serve and defend our Country).

      You, Obama supporters have become cultists, who worship the "man" without any true knowledge or understanding of the "real man" hiding behind behind the image.

      Obama is nothing more than a creation and puppet of the Marxist Left. They created him and have succeeded in fooling you fools with their Manchurian Candidate.

      You have accepted their lies and have allowed yourselves to be manipulated into believing that their lies are truths.

      Open your eyes and ears and THINK! If you do, you will be able to renounce Marxist-Obama and his Gang of anti-Americans!

      Judge them by their credo and deeds, and not by their bogus words. You may then free yourselves from the slavish cultism you have bought into.

      Support the free America bequeathed to us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

    26. Ken, Melbourne, Flor says:

      We are senior citizens and the present administration and congress is by far the most corrupt we have encountered during our lifetime.

      Doing whats right for the American people and Country is definitely not part of their agenda. Their obvious goal is to bring this great country to its knees and turn us into a socialist state and retain power forever. We are very concerned for our childrens, grand and great grandchildrens future. obama is also reducing our defenses, and to quote him it will increase our moral authority. Moral authority will not protect our people and country. The time is fast approaching when we must all stand tall to preserve our country and put these radical thugs out of business. We need to start with replacing every radical representative in congress during next years election, and every radical senator thats up for re-election. Enough is enough.

    27. Tim - NJ says:

      I hear conservatives talking about Alinsky and the rules for radicals all the time – but every "rule" they highlight seems no different from how all politicians play the game of politics – how Bush, Reagan, Nixon, CLinton etc played it too. Actually, it sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black, for lack of a better metaphor.

    28. Tucano Fulano, Big B says:

      Regarding Obama's fight with Fox News:

      Obama's suffocating flow of words like a boa constrictor covering his prey with saliva before devouring it just isn't going to be enough this time. The Aussie "Saltie" has bite.

    29. Matl, Georgia says:

      WITW is Michael Steele?

      Where is the media plan (i.e. get our message out)?

      Over half the country is against this admin—-where is the leadership?

    30. Mike_K says:

      Tim, you might read some history about Reagan. Clinton was pulled right by Perot in 1992 and by the 1994 election losses. I don't think anything can pull Obama right. I do agree that Nixon was similar in his reaction to criticism. On the other hand, he was quite competent, which sets him as distinct from Obama who has never run any enterprise successfully.

    31. Paul, Boston, MA says:

      The problem stems from the fact that most Americans do not truly understand how our government is supposed to work. By placing more and more responsibility in Federal hands, we have given up larger pieces of our freedom.

      Obama might be overreaching. People might be seeing that we're moving in the wrong direction. The question is, do we have so many paper cuts already that it is too late?

    32. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      I will not support any canidate unless they pledge to eliminate all the perks they now receive, that there insurance be the same as all of ours who vote for them, and that they can not vote themselves raises. I am sick to death of 95% of these jokers who think they are above the people who pay them. It is time to clean them out.

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    34. Ali, CT says:

      Yes, where is Michael Steele?

      Will Obama go after the WSJ and the NY Post next? C'mon Rupert, fight back with all you've got.

    35. Greg Blankenship, Sp says:

      I think placing this in terms of ideological battle along the lines of Saul Alinsky misses an important part of the story.

      Axelrod and Emmanuel aren't necessarily the ideologically driven pols that Obama is widely considered to be. The tactics being used are the same tactics used in Illinois in general and Chicago in particular and I'm sorry Mayor Daley isn't the next VI Lenin.

      Moderate Republican Gov. Jim Thompson used the same kind of tactics to marginalize and eventually destroy the Reaganite wing of the Republican party in Illinois. Former Rep. Gov. Jim Edgar is still engaging in attempts to marginalize conservatives and conservative leaders today in Illinois.

      If we look at these attempts as ideological only, then conservatives run the risk of being blindsided by politically opportunistic Republicans jumping on the Obama Administration bandwagon for their own personal political gain.

    36. Teddi Howell-Nashvil says:


    37. Darrell says:

      All that has to happen is for conservatives to organize. That's happening. When they learn Alinsky's rules there will no longer be a left in the United States. This will be a bad thing, as is any unopposed ideology.

    38. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I would agree with Mati, in GA — Where is the Republican leadership? Are the Republicans so afraid of being called "the party of nope" by liberals that they are frozen in fear to do anything? If so, then the liberal strategy is working.

      When presented with recommendations to make this country into a government controlled, socialist society I believe the appropriate answer should be "nope". When a political administration wants to silence its critics and tax syndicated talk show radio programs, radio stations and TV networks out of existence because they criticize a particular president, or his policies, I believe the appropriate answer should be "nope".

      When a president or a political party wants to take what one person has earned and give it to someone that hasn't earned it, without the approval of the people, I believe the appropriate answer should be "nope".

      You know the Dems are pretty good at saying "nope" themselves. Consider their responses to enforcing current immigration laws, or sending more troops into Afghanistan, or keeping terrorists locked up at Guantanamo, or cutting the tax rates for American businesses, the American people and the Capital Gains tax. Seems to me on these issues the Dems are the party of "nope".

      So, Mr. Steele, let's have you and the power boys and girls in the GOP, get off your butts, develop and platform around the above issues and find a strong leader who is not afraid to stand up for conservative values, who doesn't have personal skeletons in his closet, who can keep his/her marriage vows (at least while in office) and who can seriously debate liberals, but with the substance and statesmanship of a Ronald Reagan.

      Michael Steele, you must do more than send me letters continually asking for more money. You must tell me what effect it is going to have. Spending that money on TV and radio ads is useless if all you are going to do with it is say "Obama and the Democrats are bad and we aren't them". We didn't like it when Obama and the Democrats did the same thing, saying "We aren't George Bush, vote for us".

      Most people believe that the Republicans allowed Wall Street and the banks in this country to run wild, lifting regulations and restrictions on these businesses to the detriment of the American people. Republicans need to address this issue, imposing more controls on Wall Street brokerage firms and banking lending practices, vowing to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

      Most people in this country want to work. Republicans need to come up with plans to restore full employment, or come as close to it as possible.

      Most people believe that the U.S. has no real energy policy. Republicans need to develop a realistic energy policy that includes building of several new nuclear power plants around the country, more oil exploration, drilling offshore and in Alaska, building more refineries, using anthracite coal as fuel for power generaters, greater usage of natural gas as an automotive fuel, research and development of hydrogen as a practical fuel. These steps will generate tens and possibly even hundreds of thousands of new and lasting jobs.

      Most Americans believe that health insurance is too costly and is impossible for some people to get, either due to cost, or a person's age, or health condition, but most don't want the government to take over health care. Republicans need to come up with a plan(s) to deal with these issues.

      Last time the Republicans were able to take advantage of the mistakes made by the Clinton administration and seize control of Congress for the first time in 40 years, they didn't know what to do with it. Mr. Steele, it's up to you to and the party to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    39. Maurice, US of A says:

      I agree with all the "what can we do?" remarks. We need clearer direction. There are literally millions who still have no idea that 2 million people marched in DC, and who have not even HEARD of the Tea Parties.

      Most people still have a kind of "deer-in-the-headlights" reaction to what is going on. They know something doesn't feel right, but they are just frozen. Part of it is ignorance of what is happening, part of it is not knowing what to do even if they do understand where things are headed.

      I don't know the answers myself. It's apparent that our politicians do not give a damn about us "little folks", and on both sides of the political aisle, are willing to continue playing the game of "Destroy America via Irresponsible Legislation".

      We need to focus more, not wait until the elections. We need to coalesce now, because this administration is in the process of destroying the dollar, destroying free speech (or trying their best), putting radicals in positions of power and abandoning liberty, property rights, Constitutional rights and the rights of free men.

      Britain and Europe is already there, and Britain in particular, where real classic liberalism (as opposed to the falsity of modern "liberalism"; modern liberalism comes closer in origin to the French Revolution and we know how well THAT turned out, versus the American Revolution, which was based on a more conservative and yes, libertarian view of freedom, one that did not need to lop off heads to bring about the new order!) came from, has abandoned the rights of free men, and is giving in to a world of Orwellian control and Sharia. We need to wake up and do something now, before we end up with the same lack of real freedom and liberty. Winter will come, and it will be harder to do tea parties, but I don't know that they are the answer anyway…but we need massive resistance to the Obama/Alinsky plan and the legislative coup that Congress is trying to achieve (with Cap-and-trade, the Copenhagen treaty that will be signed giving up our sovereignty in the name of fraudulent global warming science, and Obamacare; just those things alone, plus the massive deficit and plummeting of the dollar; these could all cause the economic and political collapse of America).

      If we CAN turn this around, there is enough "wealth" in the people, that we can unleash our greatness again. But we need to first get these traitors to stand down and take back the country from the Marxists. We have incredible resources, and incredible people…

    40. Ron Derry NH says:

      I know it would break the hearts of many a voting liberal to believe that Obama has no clue, The FED chairman is dangerous and that fixing the mess is the mess, but you have to wake up…..soon

      Please for the sake of argument, you liberals have got to read more books on economics and history than to just keep on worshiping the economic fallacy that is being set in motion here and not by REPUBLICANS. Please stop wasting page space declaring that exposing truths by oppositional point of view is some sort of lesser way of learning and that obedience to political rhetoric is some sort of holy grail of truth and knowledge.

      Americans used to be a proud nation of debate and conjecture and never has been, until recent years, a country of willful sheep defending obedience to ignorance over debate and fruitful discussion.

      We as Americans used to defy servitude to a state masters, a king, or a system designed around taking liberty from one man and giving it to another by political coercion…we are now embrace that injustice like it is a cure for our reckless undisciplined governmental spending programs.

      Sorry to constantly hear the empty rhetorical declarations coming from liberals that speaking, writing and declaring knowledge outside of the governments approved message, apposing it with different ideas and challenging it with facts that prove the governments fallacy is so evil, but knowledge comes from opposition and wisdom comes from the freedom to engage in that opposition point of view.

      It should frighten every voting liberal that the United States President has declared war on FOX, RUSH, TALK RADIO and conservatives as if the CONSTITUTION was a rag for his bowels. His declaration to stifle oppositional views proves that he and the liberals that find this tolerable have forgotten what being an AMERICAN is.

      You don't get to be part of the greatest nation in the world because you can take from her riches and line up at social security or welfare and take from another what is given in charity; you get to be part of the greatest nation in the world by giving of yourself to make a success of yourself and to provide, without burden to others, for your family….IT IS WHAT WE WERE that made us this great, not what we are becoming by feeding of the citizenship to give a free ride to another at political convenience and demand.

      It is truly unfortunate that our heritage is being not only forgotten by transgressed in favor of ignorance of history, capitalism, economics, governments and people. I will miss America when she is gone…I won't miss the ignorant sheep that allowed her to be thrown into oblivion by blind obedience to fascism.

      We want our children to be free we had better start acting like we care and fight for their lives as ignorance is no salvation, and a republic is not a republic when it dictates the destruction of oppositional points of view.

      May I remind liberals here that it is not being liberal that is being discussed here it is the very constitutional freedoms and liberties that built this country that are being ignored, stomped and spit on by our very own White House….it should wake people on the left, out of their slumber and start realizing an attack upon any American for his free expression of religion, political view or speech of any kind can not and should not be tolerated.

      We the people must prepare to defend ourselves because they the government have declared war on free speech…our very foundation.

    41. robert sargent sr.we says:

      when we fear the government you know the rest.they cant beat the people, because we vote.my god and country will win.

    42. Al Reasin says:

      "Government Reform Chairman Ed Towns (D-NY) locked Republicans out of the committee room after the minority tried to force a subpoena vote in the committee regarding a Countrywide Financial investigation." This is why I dislike the Republicans. Lock me out of where I am allowed and should be, and with the immunity of the Constitution behind me, I would have kicked the damned door down. And let them try to admonish ME on the floor of OUR House.

      As I say, these are OUR employees in OUR two Houses in OUR Capitol building. Emulating the Tennessee Tax Revolt of 1999, We, the People ought to go en mass to DC and inform them that they are fired effective November 2010.

    43. Darla Kenton, Chicag says:

      I'd like to know why Michael Savage is not mentioned in this article. He is one of the biggest media names, known in the US and other countries. He has been attacked by CAIR and England (through high-level US involvement). They have been trying to shut him up and he has been fighting these censorship battles on his own (along with the help of his listeners). Why, why, why is he not mentioned, because if he falls, so will the rest of the media conservatives.

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    45. Prevailer76AZ says:

      The Obama Mobster Machine is well in place. Rules for Radicals is the manual for their organization. Obama has surrounded himself with people who fit the profile of anarchists who admire the worst of dictators. These are the people he consults. How do we stop the roller coaster ride to destruction?

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    47. Ellen K. King New says:

      They will be gone!!

    48. Mike CAL says:

      you guys are all whacked in the head…stop with the paranoia

    49. Cantwell in Indianap says:

      Most of you have missed the point. Hussein Obama hates this Country. He is well on his way to utterly destroying it – by plan. He is doing so by methodically collapsing it financially. He has only been in office 10 months and already we are trillions of dollars in debt while all the time he is talking of saving us money and creating jobs. His means for doing so: government run healthcare – he can really sink the economy with that (this is his primary citizen control means – he can even get into your bank account – have you noticed that they are now requiring that everyone has a bank account), TARP spending, bank & GMC bailouts, Cap & Trade, bonuses for Seniors, new taxes on everything – all the while jobs and businesses are disappearing daily which, of course, means more unemployment spending and control. He expects riots, he has said so. That is why he is planning a national police force which means that ACORN and/or the JIHADISTS among us will probably be armed with the guns he takes away from lawful citizens. His plan is working beautifully. When our economy, the premier Free Enterprise System of this world, collapses, the Chinese will own us, but they will have to fight the Muslims for political control. Sad isn't it! We saved Europe in 2 Wars, but will the Chinese save us?

      The only thing that can save us now are the voters. If Republicans can show up exceptionally well in NJ and VA next month, the Democratic Congress will have to take note and hopefully help the Republicans to stop some of these Hussein schemes immediately in the House & Senate. Then we will all have to work in each of our Congressional Districts in 2010 to see that we vote the Dems out! We must, also, see that ACORN and others do not stuff the ballot boxes. These guys are Chicago trained – are tough

      and play rough. Roll up your sleeves, we have work to do!

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    52. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Well, I hear encouraging news sometimes Americans are picking their own candidates, and eliminating career politicians, We are awake, now we know all career politicians are poison, no matter the letter they chose But now we have electronic voting machines in the hands of crooks We will have fraud if we are not careful

    53. Ella QUINN N.C. says:


    54. Sweet Sue, KY says:

      Please, Republicans….quit asking for money and DO something brave. When Wilson stood up and said "you lie" my heart jumped…and said Hallellujah, a brave man. But then he immediately apologized and went back into his cave. Get some backbone Washington or we are all in for a long siege.

    55. Randy, New Orleans says:

      Rules for Radicals should read Rules for Communists,and that is what we have in the White House now. Every day I wake up saying "How could we have allowed this to happen". The problem is in the "We". I feel that there is, and will always be a Communist Faction in our Country. They think that this is their time to "change the Constitution", re shape America into their own image. I've studied Communism and know about all of it's destructiveness on Humanity. We can and must stop this evil. I am a proud supportor of The Heritage Foundation. Thank you for what you are doing to preserve our Constitution, fighting against the evils that want to destroy our Country!

    56. Bobbie Jay says:

      Shame on the weak minded who have to lie about the good of their fellowman. Shame on your jealousy and weakness to hurt the innocent. Shame on you for taking issue to destroy freedoms, liberties, the free mind… misleading all that fall.

      you could've made this country and the people strong, Mr. President. You could've cleaned up the mess in your first week in office. You know the backbone of the American people would've done it. But you had other plans. rather not have faith in the people. You'd rather insist the people weak (to hide their strength) and divided (by addressing us by race, religion, etc. instead of American people) by your coercive manipulation. You take away opportunities and choices for people to live free. You have no respect for freedom of the people. Clean up the mess? You think to add to it. Honesty is the answer, Mr. President. We'd be 100% better off with honesty and capitalism. Rush Limbaugh is a great inspiration for people of will and with freedom to do so. p.s. Mr. President, please excuse the "p's," sometimes they don't "capitalize." Thank you

    57. Normca says:

      As these crooked you know what accelerate their open disdain for anyone who disagrees with them they lose independents. And it strengthens my strong dislike for any of them. What really gets me is the so called Commander in Chief is the Coward of 2009. They make it clear that they want a Chavez style government. Where is the big Michael Steele to capitalize on these zealots. There are many in our society that do not watch Rush, Fox News or know who the chamber is. These socialists, who admire dictators; past and present need to be exposed to all who are patriotic Americans, who love this country and do not want to see this drastic change. Obama's policies are failing and with it many have lost their jobs and homes. I cannot understand those people who have lost jobs and homes and do not attribute any part of those awful events to Obama. If Steele won't do his job, replace him with someone who will shout it out – We are Americans – free and loving it.

    58. W Leslie Auburn says:

      When you elect a communist for your President…..don't be surprised when communisem breaks out!! WW

    59. Jannie W, Loudon, TN says:

      Obama knows exactly what he is doing and even though he is a puppet, he believes America is wrong and he is deliberatly destroying it. The entire congress should be voted out. The Dems in congress go along with everything Obama wants to do. They are a cabal of criminals. If we don't act fast, we will be a banana republic. God help us.

    60. Bill, Derry , NH says:

      Hey Ron, here's a thought. try reading a history book. Marxists are the antithesis of Fascists. Obama's government cannot be both. The Marxists warred against the German Fascists during WWII. Obama may well be close to Communist in his economic policy. However, the Bush adminstration was far closer to Hitler's fascists. The fascists wanted to do everything themselves … they believe in ultra-nationalism … my country right or wrong. And they never met a war they didn't like.

      Marxism, in its purist form, is about redistribution of wealth and the rich being taxed into oblivion to uplift the poor.

      If you want to critique this administration that's fine .. but get your facts straight. Also, understand this Ron, FOX News was started for one reason and one reason only, conservatives had decided that mainstream news media was waaaaaay too liberal and they wanted the conservative position put out there.

      FOX is just as biased toward the right as CNN is biased toward the left. Neither side has the moral high ground.

      Now, pleeeeeeeease Ron, don't confuse Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck with real journalists. They are, for the right , exactly what Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow and even James Carville are for the left … talking heads that loudly spout ideology without facts to back it up.

      But if enough people parrot what they say, maybe people will start to accept it as fact.

      Is Obama trying to hand the USA over to terrorists? No. In fact, the truth is that our allies, including England, France, Germany, Japan and Russia all feel better the USA now than when Bush was in office. We have STRONGER defense alliances because we are treating allies with respect, not bullying them.

      Now, is Obama's economic strategy flawed .. you bet. He fails to accept that corporations need to make a healthy profit in order to have any incentive to create jobs. They will NOT EVER do anything out of the goodness of their hearts.

      And hush critique? Maybe. But isnt that exact same thing Bush did to those who dared criticize the war in Iraq?

      Yup exactly the same thing … and if Republicans controlled the White House and Congress they wouldnt celebrate dissent … they would try to squash it like a bug. .. again, no moral high ground.

    61. Marshall, Mapleton U says:

      @Ken Jarvis

      It sounds like you've unfortunately been duped by the wonderful world of platitudinous euphemism employed by Obama and his think tank MSNBC. "WORKING TO FIX THIS MESS?" It sounds nice and maybe helps you sleep better at night, but history shows that wielding the governments of man to fix his ills ultimately fails and results in the furtherance of corruption.

      Convince me otherwise, if you can. And please, leave pathos out of the argument and try good, sound logic and facts for a change.

    62. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      It seems that the Obama government, in trying to solve our problems by radical methods, has become the problem, a very large one.


      Im readin all these comments about how obama and his administration are communists and he is against everything we hold dear as Americans. I want to say we already knew this. We knew the dems were moving farther to the left with every election. Yes we can vote them out of office, just like what is gonna happen in 2010. But that isnt enough. When conservative politicians shoot themselves in the foot, when in the majority, the naive and the weakminded run back to the socialsts on the left. because after years of social entitlement programs people have become dependent on them. They are oblivious to the fact that these programs are made to keep people under the control of communists like Obama and his czars. Too those who doubt who Obama is, just look at who he keeps aroungd him. I for one am sick and tired of liberal lies,stupidity and the arrogance that comes with it. Taake obamas followers. They are like robots when you debate them. When you beat them on solid facts, you get labeled or insulted. They are brainwashed to the point where you cant reason with them. We could vote them out or march on WashingtonD,c, but the liberal fascist media wont acknowledge it. I say its time for us to separate. Let the liberals run their govt. somewhere else. The time for talk is over. Its time to confront liberals with a fist. Let them know that we (conservatives) are the true keepers of the constitution and its values handed down from the founding fathers (not chairman Mao). We need to act now, before us conservatives are persecuted like the jews in nazi germany. We need to organize to defend our rights from the obama govt. I wont sit hear and watch everything I cherish and faught for in the service, be taken away. Come on my brothers and sisters. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC


      tO bILL, your right marxism is the left of the political spectrum, but facism is not right wing. the definition of facism is when the govt uses the middle class to prey on the minority or lower class. the nazi's were national SOCIALST. I just hate when people through a word like that out without knowing what it means. Dems have been thowing that word around for years and they were really describing themselves

    65. James Dunn says:

      Mr. Derry:

      You've made a few erroneous claims. First was your claim that we can't describe Obama as both a Marxist and a Fascist. Although the view that fascists and Marxists are antithetical to each other is common, it is nonetheless incorrect. (The idea that fascism is far-right comes from the decades-old propaganda of big-government types who failed to define their terms; please watch this video to see what I mean.) And, most importantly, the two ideologies share the common threads relevant to our discussion: the take-over of every industry by the central government, and rule by an elitist oligarchy. Compared to their similarities, the differences are trivial.

      Also, you claimed that President Bush wouldn't tolerate dissent and tried to shut his critics up. A good description of Nixon, I'll admit; but this is an inaccurate description of President Bush. He was too much of a gentleman, and allowed his political opponents too trample him into the mud (it was ugly!).

      I do commend you, however, for noting that corporations need to make a healthy profit, and that Obama is wrong for not acknowledging this.

    66. Dawg NY says:

      Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and we'll all be free.

    67. Dawg NY. says:

      The term cold dead hands comes to mind.

    68. Rowley A. says:

      The Republicans have marginalized themselves moving to the middle of the road along with "road kill" and a yellow stripe. While the Demos are hanging off the left margin by their venomous fangs. The Independent Individual (the largest majority in the US) aren"t swayed by polls or personalities or demagogues.

      We turn to media that tend to agree with us for valid info. We don't turn to media to set our agenda. Pay attention to the media with the highest and growing ratings.

      Believe your own propaganda at your own risk of marginalization.

    69. Bernard from Michiga says:

      Obama aides are using their powerful White House platform, combined with techniques honed in the 2008 campaign, to cast some of the most powerful adversaries as out of the mainstream and their criticism as unworthy of serious discussion.

      This is an article that misses the most powerful force behind the Republicans and that is the voice of the people. The heart of the people is one of wait and see but if we are pushed, WE WILL FIGHT BACK and the numbers will be like nothing the democrats have ever seen. I would suggest they think on this before trying anymore take aways of freedoms of this once openly proud nation. Never ever forget that our hearts were molded by war. If that is what you want…….well so be it.

    70. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      You can not compare obama to george bush.George bush is more of a man and loves our country.

    71. John, Colorado says:

      We have Republicans to blame for this mess. It was fake Republicans who made John McCain the candidate, and who are along with him, in cahoots with Obama and the Democrats.

      Conservatives are going to have to take over the Republican Party at all levels ASAP, or we will become a destroyed and totalitarian country.

      Former Senator Jim Talent could have won his re-election bid, but he did not use the issues that mattered to Missourians, like homosexuals trying to redefine marriage and Democrats defending partial birth abortion. The two holy grails of liberalism.

      Missourians had voted 79% in favor of protecting marriage, and has passed a partial birth abortion ban in the Legislature. Talent gave the Senatorship away by not fighting. Just like McCain did the Presidency, though he was not fit for it ideologically to begin with.

    72. Louise from Texas says:

      I believe that President Obama and his people are out to totally take over this country and the American citizens. Organizing is the only answer to combate his plan, as that is what he and his people did for years in order to accomplish what they have done so far. The Democrat left have been planning this for many years and just needed the right oportunity. All the conservatives and Independents need to come together as a group. I pray this will happen.

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    76. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      We need to fire this phoney, incompetent "so called" president.

      Time to start impeachment of this clown!

    77. John says:

      So this is where the reactionaries come for their indoctrination. The funniest thing is that most people have no illusions about Obama, including this liberal who didn't vote for him, but there's nothing he's done that wasn't done worse by the same guy these people were cheerleading for a decade. And for all your bluster of returning to "conservative" roots, you've thrown the only conservatives out of the party and coddled fascists, neo-anarchists, and downright whacko loonies instead (quite the odd combination, BTW). Cue the cliche-ridden attack rants in 3…..2…..

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