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  • Changing Its Name Won’t Fix Obamacare

    The latest ploy to promote Obamacare is to rename it after something popular. Giving it the title of “Medicare Part E” is the newest tactic.

    The package might look different, but inside is the same old stuff: Government-run health care that is so expensive that it threatens our economy today and our future tomorrow.

    Although popular, Medicare already is sinking under $38-trillion in unfunded future liabilities. Adding trillions in new spending will make Medicare sink even faster.

    Adding Obamacare to Medicare threatens the program that seniors rely upon and lessens the chances of ever fixing Medicare’s financial problems.

    Because Medicare lowballs its payments to health providers, it causes them to charge more to other patients to make up the difference. Already, according to the Milliman Group, non-Medicare families already pay an extra $1,800 a year in higher health bills. Shifting millions more people into Medicare would worsen this cost-shifting onto everyone else. It especially hurts health care in rural areas, where Medicare reimbursement rates are the lowest.

    The effort to recast their government-run “public option” as part of Medicare shows the dilemma of Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill. Whether they call it Medicare Part E, Happy Health Care, or Santa Claus, a catchy name doesn’t change what they’re doing. Their plan would expand central planning and price controls. It would add tens of thousands of pages of regulations, rules, guidelines, and administrative decisions to the sea of red tape that already jacks up the costs of health care and insurance by creating enormous hidden costs on the system.

    Giving their messy plan the name of “Medicare Part E” is only the latest tactic. Each day they try to put a fresh face on the plan, but under the mask it’s always the same old big government and big spending approach.

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    27 Responses to Changing Its Name Won’t Fix Obamacare

    1. PEGGY says:


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    3. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Big government, big fascism. I was astonished to find out that in 2007 a boy fell in his driveway in Glenwood Springs, CO and the SWAT Team came in to force his father (a Vietnam medic), and father of Ten at gunpoint to get unnecessary medical care. I blogged this horrible story in Heritage, "Obama wants to force all Americans onto Welfare!"

      Newspeak is wonderful, naming things for their opposite. The "Public Option" is not a real option, it is a mandate. It sounds crazy, but all the liberal fascism sounds crazy because it is crazy. The government wants to use medicine for population control, political oppression and racketeering.


    4. EJM, Geneva says:

      The democrats will do anything to put lipstick on this pig.

      Only if Americans educate themselves independently of the sea of misinformation coming from the White House and their drones, and stand firm against this monstrosity, will it finally be defeated.

      Keep the pressure on.

    5. Kurt, Austin says:

      You can't fix what's not broken.

    6. Cleo Willis says:

      Obamacare. well you see the start of the government hijacking of healthcare. as kathy sebilius said we just don't have enough vaccine for the PIG flu. So this is the start of what government hijacked healthcare will look like. All of you that like your doctor will now have kathy sebilius telling your doctor that you can't receive nitro glicerine for your heart, or asthma inhaler, or have a surgery, or receive the PIG flu vaccine. Kathy says, Now you can see that we have failed to deliver the PIG vaccine so many americans will now die and once we hijack all of healthcare we will fully institute doctor magala's plan for you. this is far worse than hurrican katrina that was an act of GOD pissed out a pathetic unGODly city. Like sodom and gomorra.

    7. Ben West, Laurel, MS says:

      When you take a look at progressive policies, such as those put forward by this administration & this Congress, ask yourself if you really believe the folks behind those policies are really out to help people, or does it seem much more like they're looking for power & control over the people. Then go with your gut.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      First let's look at the amount of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, the US Gov't. has paid out trillions in bogus claims with never so much as a blink. When these are uncovered I have never seen where there was any pay back. I am a nurse and I know there were several cases in Fl. paid to bogus docs, just recently uncoverd were thousands going to a store front bogus operation. The Gov't. cannot run anything, Soc. sec. is suppose to be a seperate fund, if you or I took money with promise of future payments and did what US gov't has done we would be jailed. If SS was run as intended an individual would never use what he paid in, the interest would take care of it. Does healthcare need modification, YES, these companies have gotten greedy, early on they were non profit, then others decided to get in the health Ins. bus. and rates soared and people demanded more benifits, a vicous circle. I firmly believe the US GOv't. needs to stay out of the Insurance business and get out of the Automobile and banking business, they are driving our economy into bankruptcy.

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This is NOT about "health care". It's about POWER!

      The power of a socialist government to control every aspect of our lives. This low life scum will say and do anything to get Obama's plans passed. We all had better reconize and understant

      this fact. We cannot believe anything that comes

      from the White House or the Dems. They are dedicated to the distruction of our American way of life.

    10. Tim Az says:

      These bums in DC are convinced that they can make ice cream out of horse manure and the citizenry is just dumb enough to pay for it and eat with a smile.

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    12. Bobbie J. Glisson says:

      The only way this country will wake up to what Obama is doing is having a disaster that will wipe out all services (utilities,hospitals etc) he is leaving up wide open for this, I live in La. I saw what happened here. I am a senior citizen I vote and I pray. These young people better open their eyes to what is happening and the older folks to. Don't let him suck you into his way of thinking. You better vote at every election and get the dems out now before it's to late.

    13. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Ditto EJM Geneva.

      The attempt to re-label this mess is laughable. The zealots on the left are truly worried as well they should be.

      If it looks and smells like cow patties – it is.

    14. philip says:


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    16. Lori, TX says:

      It is time we all go back to caring for our own elderly family members and stop relying on the government to provide what they need. My parents "don't want to be a burden on me or my family", but I feel it is not a burden. Caring for them is what I am supposed to and what I want to do. I want to do it because I love them and care about them. I don't feel my doing this is extraordinary or generous; it is just being responsible and doing the right thing. If we all would have this attitude, where could our country be now?

    17. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      Yesterday, a caller told Sean Hannity of her experience at the Post Office – only 1 of 6 windows open, and having to wait 40 minutes. She just thought about what waiting for healthcare will be like with National Health Care. Then she heard another customer on line say exactly what she was thinking. It must’ve been a great conversation you’d never hear from the biased mainstream media!! Fortunately, we don’t have to use the USPS often. We have competitors like UPS, DHL and FedEx. As for me, I use e-mail as much as possible, which is also faster and cheaper than snail-mail. But if we get NHC, there’ll be no competition, and no consumer protection agency to report NHC to. Of course, Congress will exempt itself from this raw deal, and the wealthier population may be able to travel abroad to nations without NHC. WAKE UP AMERICA!! You may oppose NHC by 55%. But hear all the facts!! You should oppose NHC by an 85% landslide!!

    18. Ken , Calif says:

      I keep hearing everyone complain, but no one has suggested getting rid of these people by impeachment or recall. I can't wait until Nov. 2010, to get rid of at lest some of them.

    19. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Good job Ernest. Let's keep all Vigilent and Oppose all overspendings and interested BIGs.

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    21. Cjones, Medford says:

      Let's face it, the health care system we have today does not work. Instead of the usual negative remarks it would be interesting to hear some real concrete solutions…any takers?

    22. Texas says:

      I agree with Ken from California. Getting rid of the people who are trying to destroy this great nation is first and foremost. Get out and vote in 2010.

    23. Michael Love Michig says:

      What I know we must do is start looking at everything pro-actively. Yeah, Insaine Hussien Obama and his every single democrat want to take over the entire country and completely put the ball in their court. They do want to wipe out, even from debate, any type of opposition. And they are not going to stop trying no mattter what happens,. If it's not Obama care, it's o'bama vision"news",. Our rights are getting trampled on everywhere.

      So we must organize an agency of some offensive reality. A national legal team or agents, not under the direction of the gov't but works almost like the FBI, and allow them to take to the powers that be any infractions, infringments of our rights. The buck must stop somewhere and if we don't carryout some sort of level of "participation", we will find ourselves in due time lost with out any clue as to how we can get back. Sorry to say but corruption is throughout the entire system, and the only way to rid it is to completely turn it upside down and replace everyone…. come "election".. EVERYONE


    24. Michael Love Michig says:

      How can a simpleton / common folk get to a place to bring about impeachment, or allegation on a congressman, or executive branch member. They are always kissing each others — . Which makes me even sicker than the offense…
      Example: Why didn't any other congress person talk or speak about Chris DODDE and his sweat heart real-estate deals with country wide. Or Acorn, or The stupid frog bridge that cost $18,000,000…
      The news is just bla, bla ,blaaaaa.
      My dog has better news than our leadership, and he is so old he can barely walk. My dog gets more respect than our representatives…

    25. Bobbie Jay says:

      The name has been "change"d to mislead the innocent and protect the guilty.

    26. Ken St Louis says:

      I am 70 year old. I get medicare, in all honesty, I don't see how our government can continue to pay as much as it does, for as many people as it does. I don't want to bankrupt my childred and grand children, nor do I want Ameria to get any further into debt! If we can't get congress to bite the bullet, I don't know how we can stop all this spending madness! No one is entitled to anything!!! As my old Granny said: IF YOU NEED AHELPING HAND, JUST LOOK AT THE END OF YOUR ARM!

    27. Tom F. NJ says:

      Hey, what better way to force everyone into a government run, single payer plan!

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