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  • Iran's Nuclear Poker

    Yesterday Iran, France, the US, and Russia held the first day of nuclear talks. The issue concerns what to with Iran’s stockpile enriched uranium, material that can reprocessed to fuel nuclear power plants or refined into nuclear weapons. The US wants Iran to ship the material abroad. The chief UN representative at the talks said they got off to a “good start.” According most reports, however, nothing substantive got done. In fact, the New York Times reported Iran negotiators started out threatening they first wanted new supplies of nuclear fuel.

    The shaky start to the talks adds fuel to the speculation that Iran might be using the talks to play for time. Reuters reported last week that Iranian officials admitted as much.

    Bottom line is White House has little to show for its negotiating efforts so far other than winning a trip to Copenhagen.

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    7 Responses to Iran's Nuclear Poker

    1. Rod Adams says:

      I think it should be emphasized that a given quantity of enriched uranium can be used for either power plant fuel OR refined into nuclear weapons.

      For me, that is a key thought – we should be doing all we can to encourage the insertion of the refined material into fuel rods and then into operational reactor power plants. Once it has been used for just a brief time, it is much harder to handle. Besides, once people start depending on the electricity produced by the plant, they will want to keep it coming. That will limit the appetite for diverting the material; remember, any given quantity can be used for power OR for threatening weapons, not both.

    2. MrShorty, Arizona says:

      It seems to be a very difficult negotiation process for us if we take the Muslums at their word. The more death and destruction they can inflict on the "infidels" the greater will be their status and stature to thir Allah.

      It's time for the "religion of peace" to step forth and show what they really believe. With big brother, Russia, standing by their side, there is no reason for them to fear any attack by the West, so they should be more than willing to commit all their uranium for peaceful purposes.

    3. DONNELL says:

      France, Germany,England , United States, Russia, Israel all have nuclear weapns and capability. They are sovereign states. This allows them to chose their own method of defense. Given the history of the afroe-mentioned peoples should any of them have nuclear technology, historucally speaking. Is Iran a sovereign state?

    4. Laurence Odhner, aka says:

      The cleanest, quickest way to bring down the Iranian nregime is to enforce an airline boycott. Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, etc, must be told they must make a choiuce. They may serve us, or the may serve the illigitimate state sponsor of terrorism, but not both. Nor will we tollerate 3rd countries, i.e. Syria, or Venezuala, picking up the slack, or any nation that allows them to land and be re-fueled will also be boycotted. No nation of 70 million could withstand such a boycott for more than two weeks. Their regime would fall.

      • Elie says:

        Mr. Odhner,
        I read your recent article as published on Jpost.com. I would like to start a grassroots boycott of any airline that flies to Tehran. I looked on Facebook and I see that there is no such initiative. Would you be willing to help facilitate such a boycott?

    5. Hamilton Lake, MN says:


      Are you compairing my beloved USA to Russia, Iran, or France?

      True we are not perfect, but I'll stack up the good Americans have done in this world to ANYBODY, EVER!

      In case you missed the memo, the reason Iran should not get nukes is because they have openly stated that they plan to wipe another country off the face of the earth!

      Does the fact that their President denies the crimes of Nazi Socalist Germany in the 1930-40's ever taking place mean anything to you?


    6. Louis L Cesar F Levy DAYTON OH says:

      Iran is not the kind to relinquish what he thinks he owned; don’t forget that it’s a hard won pawn in Mahomet chess board.
      Sleepy leftists cannot bear really what it takes to bring them in more amenable dispositions.
      Russia might in some way want that but will try to trick US or bargain something. The clever Sarkosy will not suffice.
      So what?
      We, might have other ways…

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