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  • In the Green Room: Bill Kristol On the Big Story of Obamacare


    A poll released today by the Washington Post appears to indicate support for a public option is rising. They claim a 2% bump in the last month means the public option has therefore “rebounded from its summertime lows and wins clear majority support from the public.” Inventive headlines aside, this poll actually indicates that disapproval for Obamacare has solidified.

    Two months ago Obama began this huge blitz. He spoke to congress, [held] a primetime press conference, [he did] all five Sunday shows and he has not moved public opinion one bit. That’s the big story. The big story is that public opinion has settled in.

    A veteran of the Hillarycare debate, Bill Kristol has heard this music before and knows how it ends. Despite a major address to Congress by a newly elected Democratic President with big majorities in both Houses, Hillarycare ”didn’t go anywhere,” he said.

    President Obama has the same ingredients today as the Clinton’s did in 1993 and Kristol believes Obamacare will also fail. “It’s unpopular and that’s the bottom line. The President has had months to pass it and he hasn’t.”

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    20 Responses to In the Green Room: Bill Kristol On the Big Story of Obamacare

    1. Bob Russell, TX says:

      Obama is doing what he does best, and is good at it. He keeps people arguing over what he says while his henchmen shovel cash out the side door. His handlers have prepared him well, but he is a naive sacrificial goat. This strategy will work so long as the useful idiots continue to give him complete latitude to bring in big unions, ACORN, and illegal immigrants to overrun the numbers of thinking people. He uses derision as a weapon, aided and abetted by the MSM and facilitated by his handlers' grasp of technology.

      I read the comments in conservative e-letters, and everyone seems to believe that there will be an election in 2010 and 2012. If he gets what he wants, there will be no more meaningful elections.

    2. Marilyn Montgomery says:

      All this is about is getting more money from the american people that actually have an income and give to those that don't. Robbery

    3. Lon Peterson, Rivers says:

      If Obama honors his promise, the health reform bill will not be signed by him because it will raise taxes by more than the "one red cent" he spoke of in his speech to the joint session of Congress. Let's just see if he'll apologize to Joe Wilson when he's caught in THAT lie.

    4. rf22 says:

      Lon, you've just used the work Honor and Obama in the same sentence……

    5. Benjamin, Washington says:

      I should point out that the Washington Post poll numbers are deceptive. The 2% rise in support for a public option is still within the 3% margin of error of the poll. I suggest that that indicates that public opinion has not shift that much, if at all.

    6. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Does anyone read the Washington Compost ? That paper is devoid of any facts or logic. It is a collection of Op-Ed pieces. A couple of weeks ago they "reported" the story of the abject failure of the Stim-useless package, but titled the article "Stimulus successes are helping the economy" or some other such drivel. Why should we believe any poll numbers that they come up with ?

    7. James A. Glasscock, says:

      The White House and Obama likely will cause so much chaos so that Barry S will call off the national elections in November, 2010, for the sake of public safety. The Communist coup will be complete. The Democrats, a range of communists, socialists and progressives, will applaud because their seats are safe and reelection is sure so long as they support the Messiah and his agenda.

      Hitler never had it better. Obama will rejoice as Chavez rejoices. The Band of Looters in the Socialist-Communist world will rejoice; and their Nations sink to the bottom. Finished. Representative democracy is a great concept but the "brilliant ones" from the Ivy-League schools will rule until . . The Revolt will begin.

    8. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The back door is open, he will slip this in and we will pay. I will give obama credit for one thing, he believes his own lies, and is good at making people believe waht he says.The USA will change to the SRA, SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF AMERICA, THEN WE CAN LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE, OR SPANISH, WHICH EVER OBAMA DEMS TO BE THE CHOSEN LANGUAGE AT THE TIME. HIS RULE BEGAN ON 1/20/09, AND HE IS DETERMINED TO HAVE HIS WAY WITH US.

    9. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      The Washington Post is a very Liberal paper, it toted Obama and vilified McLain, it's doing the same with Virginia's Gov. race. I don;t trust their numbers anymore than I find a first grader able to do fractions. I used to watch NBC three times a day, I now switch to Fox as I was hollering at the TV on the eroneous news on NBC, What happened to Our reporters that told the truth not their opinions, Thank God for the likes of SEan Hannity, Mark Levis, Mike Church and Rush Limbaugh, but most of all thank You God for giving me a free will and a brain to decipher all this mess.

    10. Hamilton Lake, MN says:

      Mr. Glasscock, Preach It! Maybe if more of us keep screaming, more people will wise up.

      It doesn't have to be the way you described, if we act now!

      Look at the Hungarian revolt of 1956-57, they waited too long to react and failed.

      God bless,


    11. Hamilton Lake, MN says:

      Why is the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights?

    12. Cheri, California says:

      James you are right on. The cool calm collected Obama is right on schedule. Even if you are not conservative, support Freedom of speech even for the droll left. As long as we can speak we can fight for FREEDOM! If "Healthcare Reform" passes, it will be the nail in the coffin of the ENTIRE US ecoonomy multipling the number of sick and untreated. We will all be the same (except the ELITE!) Broke and unable to provide for our own security. Protest, write, donate, do whatever you can to change the government players.

      We need Legislative Reform, US Senate and Congressional reform. We need laws that protect us from BAD gaovernment. No immunity.

    13. Bill Hermanson, MO says:

      We need to work diligently to retrieve our country from socialism and to regain our freedoms. One start is to value truth and those who tell the truth and to discourage and effectively criticize those who lie. One of the biggest problems we have today is that the public simply accepts that politicians lie to us, and elects them anyway. They are lying to us about the healthcare reform details and we cannot let them get away with it.

    14. Frank R. Giardino, says:

      Must have been behind the door…when total control and freedom was alloted to President Obama and his merry band of "Organizers". They do and say anything they please. Where are the warriors on the right? Has the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights been declared null and void? The whole world is watching this non-comic opera, while over two hundred years of American history is shoveled out the back door.

    15. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Obama pledges that his health care reform bill "will absolutely not cover illegal aliens". He knows that the Supreme Court has already ruled that federally mandated benefits applying to American citizens apply equally to those living in the U.S. whether citizens or not. So the bill passes excluding illegal aliens and 30 minutes later the first lawsuit is filed by the ACLU challanging the Constitutionality of excluding illegals. Zingo-bingo, they are covered; we pay for it; and Obama says "I didn't do it".

    16. Hamilton Lake, MN says:

      Commrade Obama is using the same tactic perfected by old Joe Stalin, by making it look as if it's the people working under him who are doing all the dirty work. i.e the Czars, ACLU, ACORN, ect.

      In the old Soviet Union people who got halled off to the Gulag would say, "If only Stalin knew what was going on, he would not allow this injustice".

      It was never Stalin's fault, It's never Obama's fault.


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    19. William OBrien, Fall says:

      A Freedom Revolution to peacefully preserve the America we were given faces two main impediments: a) the timid, serial losers in the moderate-liberal McCain-Graham-Snowe wing of the GOP establishment who so wrongly assert the need to move further Left and, thus, even further away from the Conservative Center of American voters (Republicans, Independents and Reagan-Democrats); and b) the left-wing media which is now in serious decline but which will be saved by bailout money and regulatory excesses by the Obamanistas coupled with concentrated, vicious attacks and unprecedented abuse of federal governmental power against dissenting conservative print, broadcast (FOX and radio) and internet media-and our freedom of speech.

      The remedies in both cases rest with a need for new, bold leadership in our existing political organization and in a massive "information campaign" as to our outrage directed to the advertising sponsors which provide the vital financial support to the media outlets which are facilitating the destruction of our free market capitalist system and our individual liberties.

    20. Linda says:

      The reason Hillary couln't get health care passed is because she did not bribe Congfressmen and Senators. Bribing is proof Obamacare is NO GOOD.

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