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  • Video: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Health Reform

    This summer, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal outlining a pro-consumer, pro-market vision for health care reform that would take our country in the opposite direction of Obamacare. This September, he sat down with Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch to talk health care and capitalism:


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    11 Responses to Video: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Health Reform

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Mr. MacKey sure is an awesome American. Who's American thinking used to be the majority in the private sector business. I wish the like minded were as strong as Mr. Mackey and come back to the private sector.

      I vote for those that speak and live by the American principles and values that make this country and her people, both immigrant and not, strong and free from government intervention! Who have faith in the people, both immigrant and not, to do for themselves. Which severely lacks with insult from this American government.Thank you, Mr. Mackey!

      Are you running for office, Mr. Mackey?

    2. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Here it is, CEO John Mackey stood up against this administration and they tried to destroy him.

      I believe in what he was saying, let the free market control more of the health insurance industry. More government control is going to lead to more waste and fraud.

      Government control is going to cost more, and give us less health care!

    3. TJS, Leesburg, FL says:

      Socialism is in the driver's seat, and doing a terrible job as always. Most capitalists are silent, getting abused, fleeced, and vilified. I wonder if they will ever wake up and fight for their rights, freedom. and our prosperity.

    4. Barbara Dowling Dale says:

      I admire Mr Mackey and cheer him on. I believe more government is less freedom for the American people.

      I also believe this administration is out to gain as much control as possible and that is why you, Mr. Mackey, were attacked and will continue to be. This administration does not want any criticism of its policies. It only wants to forge ahead regardless of the negative outcome to U.S. citizens. Actions speak louder than words. This administration has demonstrated by their actions and words that they consider U.S. citizend who don't agree with them to be their enemy.

      thank you for listening.

    5. Tim Az says:

      Maybe everone's waiting for the first blow to be struck before they will act?

    6. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Tim, AZ — Not only has the first blow been struck (TARP), but the second (Stimulus), the third (GM & Chrysler), the forth (the banks), the fifth (Cap & Trade) and the sixth (National Health Care Reform).

      The only action we can take now is to muster our forces and prepare for the Congressional elections of 2010. At which time we can effect the CHANGE we really HOPE for.

    7. dennis , oceanside,c says:

      John Mackey is one of the outstanding Capitalists of the free world,(still)health care needs to stay in that same realm.

    8. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      I never shopped at Whole Foods until I heard about John Mackey and his ideals. I now shop and support Whole Foods and will continue to do so.

      This is a leader that needs to be in Government!

      I have e-mailed written and called Congress and the Senate and all I get are form letters that tell me they know better that I do about what is right for me.


    9. Karen, Texas says:

      Mr Mackey is a shining example of free enterprise/capitalism I hope and pray other big businesses muster up the courage to stand up for the country that has afforded them the access to the tools of individual and corporate prosperity.

      This is not a bad thing, prosperity is what most Americans work for–if they will be truthful, not "politically" transparent with themselves. It is in our advancement, hard work that we are able to help others, give to charities who help others. The people of this nation are those who makes it great, the governments not intervening is what allows the people to show their greatness.

      The ego of this administration cannot allow the citizens to take part in this country except as taxpayers to foot the bills the government chooses to lay on us.

      Systematically it is going after the strongest of the nation to suck the financial strength from them. The large prosperous businesses are being thrown to those organizations that will rip them apart and eat them alive, leaving only bare bones to struggle as a sign to others that would oppose this administration.

      There has to be a place, a time to say, "No more".

      No more ignoring the constitution, no more telling businesses what they can pay their CEO's, no more taking pay from salaried employees, no more Presidential regulation of companies, and individuals, no presidential attacks on individuals on TV and Radio broadcasts…this is not what he was "hired" to do.

      This administration has trampled the constitution daily, with no remorse, and no repercussions from the voters.

      They are hopping mad at every word we say about the destruction of our way of life…but we, I fear are like the frog in the warm water, being lulled to sleep until it is too late.

      I know this is not the case…Obamu: the new word for those who intentionally destroy their own country, will not prevail.

      Patriots Arise! Our founding is too precious to loose. This country is like no other, is worth fighting for.

    10. Terris Linenbach, Bu says:

      If only the government would let the insurance market be free. Have you ever heard of Blue Cross of Idaho? Think you can compete against them in Idaho? If so, you're an idiot. You free marketeers have no idea how much graft is legalized into the system.

    11. Tim Az says:

      The first blow I was refering to was from the American citizenry. Be it in 2010 or sometime after. How's that hope and change working out for you?

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