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  • Not Evil Just Wrong: The Film Al Gore Doesn't Want You to See

    Last night Heritage hosted the world premiere of “Not Evil Just Wrong,” a feature-length documentary that reveals the true cost of global warming hysteria. The film was broadcast live on Ustream.tv.

    Following last night’s screening at Heritage, Andrew Breitbart moderated a panel featuring Richard Lindzen, a professor of meteorology at MIT; Donald Roberts, professor emeritus of tropical health in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences; and John Fund, an author and columnist at the Wall Street Journal.

    Here’s video of the panel discussion:

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    18 Responses to Not Evil Just Wrong: The Film Al Gore Doesn't Want You to See

    1. Russell Seitz, Cambr says:

      Given this event's proximity to the National Academy of Science, one wonders how many of Lindzen's several thousand colleagues he has won over to his views, and how many came to applaud his performance ?

      He has had as just many years as Gore in which to do so, but they too are susceptible to the media, and comparing the scant and frankly ludicrous scientific content of this this feeble commercial to Gore's epic of biblical proportions it seems obvious that disinformation is no match for hyperbole in the climate wars.

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    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Wrong is EVIL. Evil is WRONG. AL GORE and the like ARE BOTH!

    4. Patricia Le Tallec says:

      Who do we contact to get a copy of the film or get somebody to bring the film to our community to show the film? I really do agree with you that there is no global warming only nature.

    5. PJ, Ohio says:

      I have a teenager who has obviously viewed this movie in class. I told him I was watching this clip because it had information proving that global warming was a myth. He stated that it wasn't myth… he'd seen Al Gore's movie proving it was true. This is modern education at work. Please take our children's minds back.

    6. John Gorla says:

      Where can i see the movie?

      One of the most important things you can do is to post it on the internet, at NO COST, so it will be seen by millions!

    7. Bundo says:

      Global warming is happening. It is beneficial to the human race. There is nothing significant that we can do about it. Fossil fuels are not the problem but we can impoverish ourselves trying to eliminate them. Rest your fears and check "Environmental effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide" found on Google.

    8. Thomas Taylor says:

      Andrew Breitbart, I heard the panel talking about running out of fossil fuels and wanted you to know about this below.

      I'm reading "The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels" (1999) book by Thomas Gold (1920 – 2004) about the theory of how the earth produces hydrocarbons: natural gas; petroleum; and coal. It's complicated but worth the read to try to understand the theory.

      Global warming and cap and trade partly has to do with blaming and controlling "fossil" energy, and your video addressed that. If the deep hot biosphere produces abiogenic hydrocarbons and has been for billions of years as Gold thinks, then it is important to learn that we are not running out of hydrocarbon energy. If it is true, those of you who made the video should be aware of the theory and keep it in mind when necessary. Could one of your scientists take a look at Gold's – and the Russian's work below – and give your staff an opinion?

      The bio and work of Thomas Gold here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Gold

      The Russians ans Ukrainians have been working on abiogenic hydrocarbons for years – it's not a theory to them – but our petroleum industry is silent on the issue. Here is a 1994 paper indicating they found abiogenic hydrocarbons per the theory:

    9. Jim Tibbetts says:

      How is it possible that a debate on global warming can go on for years when the debate should last about an hour? For over a year I have asked friends, students, co-workers, acquaintances, and whoever will discuss it to show me one creditable piece of research that shows global warming (an absolute fact) is caused by human activity. I have yet to have anyone produce any evidence of such research. There is simply no correlation between human activity and global warming. This is just one more of the misrepresentations (lies) perpetuated by those who love big government as the Great American Experiment continues to circle the drain. God bless America.

    10. Mike Brownfield says:

      For those of you who asked where you can get a copy of the movie, you can order it online at http://noteviljustwrong.com/

      I'm not aware of plans for it to stream online again, but I'll check and will post on this blog if I hear anything.

    11. Kate pape says:

      as a scientist of chromotology- studying energy color/light given off and received by human, we are more likely to be facing a global COOLING…

      Nature has a cycle and we are in that cycle- the human carbon dioxide give off / plants receiving- oxygen given off and human receiving cycle is true balance.. We are nature and evolving- BUT ANGER vibrations do send out imbalance. Anger from

      unnecessary restrictions are a disturbance to nature; Thus, keep cool! Enjoy and be grateful!

    12. James FitzSimons says:

      There's a truthful book that should be required reading for everyone who wants to debunk the "facts" the globalarmists are imposing on the world: The Deniers, by Lawrence Solomon. It's a relatively brief, well-documented, well-written compilitation of the different scientists (whose excellent credentials are clearly provided) from the various disciplines (e.g., statistics, climatology, geophysics, etc) whose research at least calls into question,and in most cases completly refutes, the most cherished "truths" of the globalarmists, especially those promulgated by Al Gore. By the way, your documentary might be entitled "Covenient Lies" just to make the point apposite Gore's remarkably (deliberately?) innaccurate "documentary."

    13. James FitzSimons, At says:

      Computer Dinosaur that I am, I failed to include my location in the first e-mail I sent. Here's the corrected one with the same message. There's an important book that should be required reading for anyone from high school on up who wants to know the truth about the globalarmists' assertions: The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon. It's a brief, well-written, well-documented, wonderfully organized compilation of the scientists (e.g., statisticians, geophysicists, climatologists, etc) whose research at least calls into question, and in most cases directly refutes, the desperate claims of the globalarmists, and is a reliable resource for anyone who wants to stack up opposing claims, item by item, side by side (e.g., the statistical method used by Mann in the early studies of showing atmospheric CO2 skyrocketing–the "hockey-stick" graph–beginning with the Industrial Revolution is demonstrably wrong, and Mann has admitted as much as the result of these demonstrations: a world-reknown statistician showed, among other errors,that Mann's statistical method produces a "hockey-stick" graph out of virtually any data whatsoever; ice core research reveals that ice cores are unreliable sources for determining the kinds and amounts of gases in the atmosphere: the pressure of the ice build-up "squeezes" gases out of the ice beginning as soon as 71 meters below the surface; and so on). I applaud and encourage your action on behalf of the truth, and Solomon's book confirms your general information.

    14. Michael King , Pulas says:

      Thank God , finally an organization debunking this man-made global warming myth and hysteria purpetrated on the youth and uneducated of our country by left-wing socialist extremists. Please submit these facts to the American people through all means available to your organization before the radicals ruin our economy further and bring the United States to its knees. You are right about our schools brainwashing our children. It is obvious that the extremists have permeated throughout our educational system from kindergarten to the ranks of higher education at an alarming rate over the years. I , for one , have had enough! I urge each and every viewer of this presentaion to donate generously to the Heritage Foundation to help debunk these and other myths purpetrated on the American people. I will be increasing my donations. If we do not defeat those who would destroy our way of life now , it will be impossible to halt their advancement of the so called "Green Agenda" in the future.

    15. Dimitri Konarev, Tor says:

      I see no point in your fighting with a single tiny bit of total world conspiracy. Even if you will somehow stop global warming dezinformation and total sheep manipulation throught it, and maybe even (only) "green" brainwash in brainwash system, things won't change. After a few years something new will be made, and goals of those who are above all these "sierra clubs" will be reached by another ways, and another lies. Members of "club of rome" for example, are not so stupid to rely on single story like global warming. Of course you have no chanses of winning global warming battle, but still even if you could, it would be pointless. Planet depopulation can be made by other ways, and people can be convinced to it other ways. Excuse me for my poor english becouse of wich I can't explain everything as I wanted to… but my point is, that if you want to make a difference, fighting and knowing truth only about global warming and enviromentalists is not enough. There are conspiracies in each topic, from medicine to history of civilizations, and most of them, are very similar to global warming conspiracy. For example vaccination. Most people belive in it same as thay belive in what they've been told in schools about global warming. If your organization is really fighting against what have been made to USA and the rest of the world, try to research about other topics, and you will find there same lies as global warming. Like I have noticed from waching this conference, you have itelligent and objective people enough, to research and do something about other thing, not less devastating as enviromentalism.

    16. kathleen potterfield says:

      nearly two years ago I was given info to watch iron mountain perspective for tyranny. My immediate reaction was that it was a hoax but as thigs are unfolding I am thinking more and more about this video on youtube and I am not so sure it is a hoax. The video runs about 2 hours and one of the things that they proposed in the 60's was to use climate change as a means of controllig the population via fear. They also said that they could also use pharmacueticals and expanded welfare to this means. They talked about the need to reduce the worlds population. Maybe if this information is made public it might be very helpful. please check it out

    17. Batjak456, Albuquerq says:

      A 100% disabled U.S. Air Force vet here…

      Folks…this is an easy one.

      This issue is about credibility, not "quoted" facts and figures, as some would have you believe (or buy into).

      During the course and privilege of serving my country, I garnered fourteen ribbons, six bronze oakleaf clusters, two bronze star devices and, of course, my wings.

      Enough about all that.

      I only mention it in hopes of establishing a bit of credibility (there's that word again) with you, other concerned peoples of this planet.

      Wanna hear 'an inconvenient truth'?

      Any understanding of the stupidity of 'global warming'…er, 'climate change' or whatever the hell these schysters and con artists are callin' 'it' now, MUST begin and end with Al Gore.

      By The Content Of His Character…

      When Al Gore was sent to Vietnam, in his own words he said he went "so that some other 'Son of Tennessee' wouldn't have to go."

      After he realized that some people actually believed his line of crap, he knew he was onto something.

      That's when myself and a whooooole lot of other folks figured out just what kind of 'man' he really is.

      Listen up.

      I'm tellin' you, when you deal with this clown, you'd better keep your head on a swivel.

      By The Content Of His Character…

      By The Content Of His Character…

      By The Content Of His Character…

      Yeah, yeah, I know.

      It sounds like an ad hominem.

      But, HE SAID IT!

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