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  • There They Go Again: Media Matters

    Yesterday, on his Fox News program, Glenn Beck aired a video of White House Communications Director Anita Dunn referring to Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite political philosophers.”  Rather than defend Ms. Dunn or ask further questions of what she meant when she said that, the left wing has decided to Google the words “Lenin” and “Mao” with the name of any prominent conservative.  Any loose mention of these historical figures was seen as them also “approvingly” citing the philosophy of these murderous despots. 

    This is a typical scorched earth strategy and the Heritage Foundation was erroneously included in it. Citing a 1983 paper in the CATO Journal, co-written by Heritage Vice President Stuart Butler and CATO analyst Peter Germanis, entitled “Achieving a Leninist Strategy,” Media Matters makes the grand leap the two were approving of Lenin’s philosophy.  Of course, anyone that took the time to read this paper would have seen how false this demonization is.

    In the paper, Butler and Germanis briefly argue that Lenin believed that if you patiently point out the inherent flaws with a policy, the people will eventually rise up and demand reform, and that Social Security reform demand similar conditions. Much like General Patton studied Rommel, or conservative activists study Saul Alinsky’s tactics (a favorite of President Obama), this was merely meant to demonstrate how adversaries have achieved success despite what radical changes they were trying to achieve.  Or in other words, the tactics of our adversaries can be studied, quoted and even replicated without endorsing the underlying philosophy. But to draw a connection between Lenin’s philosophy and that of the authors is a leap Evil Knievel could not navigate.

    What Anita Dunn said cannot be so easily refuted.  She did not simply reference a historical tactic in an academic exercise, but went out of her way to explain in an unqualified way how Mao Zedong is a philosopher she turns to often, and how his chosen way is only that, a chosen way. Mao Zedong was responsible for the murder of nearly 70 million people.  While we appreciate Media Matters using a Napoleonic tactic to defend Anita Dunn, we will give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t count Napoleon Bonaparte as a “favorite philosopher.”

    *Note: We contacted Media Matters and offered to have them post our statement on their website, and they refused.

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    18 Responses to There They Go Again: Media Matters

    1. Michael, Eureka, CA says:

      Republicans, masters of false outrage.

      "War is politics with blood; politics is war without blood," Gingrich said, citing Mao."

      "Karl Rove, another Fox News contributor, wrote in a December 2008 Wall Street Journal op-ed that President Bush "encouraged me to read a Mao biography."

      I am sure the right-wing nuts will be demanding their heads, right?

    2. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Michael Eureka,

      What is the point you are trying to make?

      Gingich cited a truism, probably to explain how vicious we all know politics to be. Mao did not invent this thought. Comparing this to Anita Dunn's obvious marxist sentiments to a high school gathering is silly.

      Bush recommended to Rove that he read a bio on Mao. So? The best way to understand your enemy is to know him. Are you suggesting that Rove is a "communist-sympathizer"? I am an amateur historian. I read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, Mein Kampf by Adolph, Stalin and Lenin Bios, Story of Pol Pot in Cambodia and many others. I can assure you that I am not a left wing radical socialist marxist. So, again, to compare Anita Dunn's admitted admiration of a socialist/communist/marxist/dictator in Mao to Carl Rove or Pres. Bush is truly naive.

      You are attempting to defend someone who admires the worst mass murderer in history and thinks of him – often.

      "Judge me on who I surround myself with."

      Spot on.

      This has nothing to do with "right wing nuts" but everything to do with logic and common sense. If those criteria apply to me than call me what you will.

    3. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Let us point out that Saul Alinsky was the author of the current Obama Doctrine: Overload the System with so many entitlements that the System will collapse. Then Socialists can come along and "save" us all with Socialism. Well, clearly it is worse, Obama wants Communism (distinction, Communism is where the State owns the means of production). The nationalization of AIG, General Motors and God knows what else (it is happening so fast that nobody can keep up,) it is clear evidence of change that Karl Marx could believe in. Media Matters is the very seat of TREASON. They belong in prison.

    4. ConservativeWanderer says:

      "Know your enemy" has long been good advice. I'm not sure, but I think it started with that evil right-winger, Sun Tzu in The Art Of War.

    5. Mary, Diamond Spring says:

      Know your enemy but to thyself be true – perhaps a paraphrase of the actual quote but relevant to the discussion of Anita Dunn's political leanings.

      I, as a conservative, need to know my political enemies. For this reason I have just finished reading: 1)Understanding Power; The Indispensable Chomsky 2)Rules for Radicals (Alinsky)and 3)Steal This Book (Abbie Hoffman). While I may use quotes from these authors to illustrate a point, I would never take the giant leap, as did Anita Dunn in her speech which aired on Fox News, to say "…they are my favorite philosophers" or that they are the "…people I turn to most."

    6. Juana, Stockton, CA says:

      Media Matters and the rest of the Media is trying to make excuses for Obama's Communications Director Anita Dunn by writing that others quoted Mao Zedong. They are blocking for Dunn.

      There is a big difference from quoting someone to openly saying that one of your "favorite philosophers" was a man who murdered millions of his own fellow citizens, which Anita Dunn, white house Communications Director under Obama, said on video.

      I see that the lap dog for the kooks on the Left, Media Matters, is working overtime to try to block any criticism of Barack Obama and his staff.

    7. Brett, Idaho says:

      How idiotic can you be? Knowing the tactics of one's enemies is a strategic way to be able to counter their moves, not embrace and or emulate them. If enough people would have studied seriously "Mein Kampf", then maybe Hitler could have been stopped before he caused so much death and destuction. I mean he pretty much spelled out in there his entire agenda for world domination.

      No, what Anita Dunn did was beyond the pale. She didn't reference Mao in a way to dissuade her listeners from rejecting him, rather to embrace his ideology. Appalling, absolutely appalling.

    8. Breck, Toronto says:

      Michael: Reading a biography of Mao is certainly not on the level of claiming Mao as one of your favorite political philosophers. Folks *should* read biographies of all the great monsters, heck, they should read the books *written* by the monsters, to learn as much as possible about them. It doesn't make you a supporter, to read about them. But, if you do become a supporter, like Anita Dunn, then you become the enemy. Obama should take his own advice, pick up a mop, sweep the Whitehouse clean of people like Dunn.

    9. mary, ohio says:

      anita dunn, possibly you have never heard this statement, but MAO ZEDUNG once said that DIPLOSCIAY comes from the barrel of a gun! I cannot believe that you compared this man to MOTHER TERESA Are you BRAIN DEAD, OR JUST PLAIN INGORANT? FYI leave FOX NETWORK alone, or call them! I just want hear what you really have to say! Maybe YOU do not have anything to say, guess that is not why you are CALLING.

    10. John, Kansas says:

      She got the quote from that well-known liberal, Lee Atwater. McCain and Gingrich have cited Mao's wisdom as well. Moreover, Dunn was citing Mao ironically. Ho-hum. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

    11. Mexican Jim, Utah says:

      I follow Glenn Beck regularly and follow his logic when he forms social networks and association of the Obama regime. Thus, the Anita Dunn and speech to HS students fit the thesis that markism and socialism are operative ideologies in the Democratic Party and the White House. Significantly, Glenn has repeatedly invited the White House to contact him to correct any errors the find in his presentation. The red phone is waiting???

      Anita Dunn is guilty as charged until she defends herself!

    12. Publius says:

      Michael of Eureka wrote this:

      “Karl Rove, another Fox News contributor, wrote in a December 2008 Wall Street Journal op-ed that President Bush “encouraged me to read a Mao biography.”''

      You've got to be kidding. Maybe Bush encouraged him to read the Biography to learn how many tens of millions of people Mao murdered. There is absolutely nothing in this quote that implies either Bush or Rove admire Mao.

      Yet Anita Dunn goes out of her way, repeating several times and in different ways, how she admires, respects, and turns to Mao for guidance. Have you SEEN the video? If not, shut up and go watch it. Then compare to the quote from Rove.

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    14. Albert campbellsvill says:

      Looks like they are trying to build their next generation of leftists.they are not even trying to hide the fact that they are God and America hating communists.Remember hussein said fundamentally change America.

    15. Stefan, Celebration, says:

      Protest last weekend against media bias, this is the video from Orlando


    16. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      To John Kansas,

      Many countries, at various times in history, have had leaders and politicans, who behaved so outrageously, they ALSO "were not concerned" with the real intent and ultimate goal.

      You can blow this off if you want. That is the same kind of mentality the enables takeovers or devastating social consequences.

      Dunn represent the opposite of what the founding fathers saw for this country. They did not make it a socialist or communist state. They made it a Republic with personal freedoms not to be infringed.

      How many other closet communist admirers is in this administration? How are these people even able to get a secret let alone a top secret clearance?

      Your Ho-Hum approach is just as bad as Dunn's.

    17. Factreal, Florida says:

      CENSORSHIP IN THE OBAMA ERA (diary of facts)

    18. Dennis says:

      You'll notice that Media Matters did not provide any sourcing of Lee Atwater referring to Mao Zedong with regard to that specific quote, like she said she was referring to.

      If we were supposed to get the irony, and her high school audience was supposed to get the irony that Lee Atwater referred to that quote of Mao, why doesn't Media Matters provide Atwater quoting Mao for the 'choose your own path' anecdote, instead of their strategy of using other politicians using various Mao quotes that are meaningless to the argument?

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