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  • Morning Bell: Obamacare Puts You on Welfare

    This Morning Bell is the final installment of a five-part week-long series on how Obamacare will affect you.

    Lost in all of last weeks headlines on how the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) finally delivered a health care product that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) was willing to say would reduce the deficit, was how exactly they achieved it. At a price tag of $829 billion, the SFC ’framework’ will reduce the number of uninsured Americans by 29 million, moving the overall percentage of nonelderly Americans with health insurance from 83% in 2010 to 94% in 2019. But of those 29 million with new insurance coverage, almost half (14 million), will get their coverage through the welfare programs Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).  That is equivalent to adding every resident of Ohio and Nevada to the welfare rolls.

    In other words, for half of those Americans who are being promised health reform, they are going to be stunned to find themselves in a welfare office applying for Medicaid. Under the current baselines for Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), there will be 76 million individuals served by these programs for at least some part of the year in 2019. If the SFC proposal becomes law, the number on Medicaid/SCHIP will top 90 million. So why do Obamacare supporters want to put 90 million Americans on the welfare rolls? It is cheaper than providing them with real quality health care.

    Medicaid was originally created to provide access to health care for families on welfare. Medicaid pays providers 20-25 percent less than does the private sector, forcing doctors and hospitals to subsidize Medicaid through lower rates. This deters doctors and hospitals from participating in the program, creating a lack of access that itself is a form of rationing. As Time magazine reported this July: “But there are real questions as to whether the program could handle the strain of that many new clients. Already, it is difficult in some areas to find health-care providers who are willing to accept Medicaid patients.”

    Even those who are not pushed into welfare will feel the strain on the health care system. The majority of individuals moved into Medicaid will be young and healthy. Keeping them on welfare rolls will shift even more costs to individuals and families buying private health insurance, as doctors and hospitals recoup their losses from Medicare/SCHIP by charging more to the privately insured. In effect, the congressional policy seems to be to expand dependency by discriminating against individuals based on their income.

    And then there is the effect on states. The CBO estimates that the Finance Committee plan will cost states $33 billion over 10 years. But even that may be a low estimate. Governor Phil Bredesen (D-TN) has warned that the costs for his state alone could be as high as $3 billion. Thanks to strings attached to Obama’s failed stimulus, states already are facing an erosion of their authority to manage their Medicaid programs. The true cost to taxpayers in the states will only become apparent as spending for education, child welfare, public health, and investment in transportation systems and infrastructure are crowded out over time.

    As Heritage Senior Fellow Dennis Smith reminds us:

    In June, President Obama told Senate Democrats, “As we move forward on health care reform, it is not sufficient for us simply to add more people to Medicare or Medicaid.” Unfortunately, that is precisely what Congress is going to do with the Baucus proposal.

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    49 Responses to Morning Bell: Obamacare Puts You on Welfare

    1. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Once Again We must Eliminate the Career politician as an industry in this country. The way to do this is for the concerned Voters to Band together and Elect their own Candidates, whom they Know And Trust. Ignore party lies, use the name of the party in control in your voting precinct.Concentrate on your area, get your man/woman to replace the career politician who is currently dictating to you.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Obamacare Puts You on Welfare"

      GREAT!!!! THANK YOU!!!


      Thank you, Mr. Prez.

      WHEN does that START?

    3. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Harry Reid, in refusing to put forth tort reform (which would only save $59,000,000,000!), let slip that was "nothing" compared to the cost of Gov't health care viz. $2,000,000,000,000!

      Those power-grabbing Marxist devils in Washington must be replaced with true Conservatives, not the likes of McCain and other RINO's.

    4. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      The point of putting Americans on the welfare roles was to overburden the System and bring our economy down. There is no reasonable reason to be found except for Sol Old-lynch-key's purpose, to bring about his Communist change (that's change you can believe in). I too have inventions that will never come to be. The two nickles I had to rub together once were confiscated by the government. I actually would rather die than take Health (unhealthy) Care (from folks who don't care). Patients can quit too.

    5. Mary N. Lodi, WI says:

      Is there no end to the destruction of this country by the Obama administration and the democratic party?

    6. Irmgard Knorr ,Bart says:

      It is unbelievable what PRES.. Obama and his Gang are doing with our Country. I can not understand why the Republicans are so silent I know they don't have any vote in this, but they can at least be verbal and let everyone know that this is not American.

      They are turning our country into a Socialistic republic. They European(Germans) are getting away from it ( check last election results) and we are on the way to it.

      GOD HELP US!!!

    7. John Plainfield IL says:

      I had insurance

      i paid for it myself

      i am self employed and own a technical company

      at age 41 i snapped my achilles tendon

      my surgery costs were over $32,000.00

      oh yeah $9,000.00 for a horse tendon(uh horses are $900.00 for the whole horse).

      my insurance only paid half which i still don't understand. My doctor only got %10 of his $3200.00 bill(due to contract with insurance company) that's right $328.00 for 2.5 hr surgery.

      That's pathetic and i still have to pay $16,000.00

      for a surgery that could have been scaled down to about $6000.00

      This is exactly what is wrong with the system

      if you take every halfway viable adult and taxed

      them $50.00-$75.00 a month

      well you do the math but it's close to 1.2 trillion a year

      to pay for medical care

      which without $9,000.00 horse tendons would work

      i can't beleive citizens of this great country

      would rather pay up to $800.00 – $1200.00/ month

      for basically the same care instead of a flat fee

      of $75.00 a month

      oh yeah i still had to go through the screening of the insurance company for approal on the surgery and still no one got a great deal.

      The system is broken trust me

      it does not seem to be regulated on behalf of the

      users but rather the administrators

      just a normal Hard R that's sick of it

    8. harleyj says:


      Texas' unemployment is 8% for the first time since Feb, 1986–as if that's a sign THE END TIME is here! Who was US President in Feb, 1986? It was the Second Coming of the Savior in form of Ronald Reagan who was inaugurated in Jan, 1981? If that is the result of five years into Reaganomics, I hope Obama steadfastly deviates from anything RWR ever did as president!

    9. John Plainfield IL says:



    10. mike hutchings texas says:

      Idont think the groping for control of the private sector heath care market could be summed up in more correct term than the one stated at the heading of THE MORNING BELL.

      This is a welfare program to domesticate the wild and feral population that runs beyond the feed lots of STATE handouts and bring them to heel FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF THE STATE.

      Liberalism coined the term masses as a way to measure the herd in their ideologically slanted study of the animals it contains and to make them behave.

      The public school systems mission statement was to educate the masses to be useful and identify troublemakers and turn or eliminate them in some fashion. the documents are there if you chose to look for them and were written in the 1890s in response to the success of the GERMAN SYSTEM that threatened BRITISH dominance and AMERICAN needs to prevent the weak colonies of the declining powers from becoming bridgeheads against us.

      The goal was always a docile population, though it wandered from the real world of enemy states into the false religion of socialism posited from universites that grew in influence as A RECRUITMENT CENTER as the complexity of the POLITICAL ORGANISM that attached its self to our founding documents began in great and small steps to supplant its revalance.

      the program is nothing but a welfare program. we have a hardshell snapping turtle in the rivers and creek i grew up on with a tongue that has what looks like a small fish or bug that it trolls into the water while it lies in concealment waiting for something to snap up what looks like an easy meal, and then it strikes and there is no going back for the creature that was fool enough to think that something that tasty would hang in the current with no strings attached (metaphorically speaking).

      When you have wide pastures you train your cattle to answer a call to be fed, usually in the same spot, because they are domestic cattle after all and they come for a meal until its time to kill them.

      With people what would be killed is the free part of their soul. It would be tied up in neat packages and doled out to various agencies for processing. The founders understood this because they understood what they fought and why and the SCOTS-IRISH that built their log cabins on the other ide of the mountains and cleared the path to settlement had it born into them.

      its the people on the bottom that make the top possible. this is a fact that ELITES ignore in the god like towers of their own pretensions but is well remembered as a sword that can cut oth ways.

      The way of welfare is playing the bottom and the top against the middle with those at the top holding the dog whip of handouts to the least productive to raid the most productive who have not yet sent their feeble children to the the ranks of the masters.

      America is about mobility with out pedigree, or it was; witness the witch hunts aimed against RUSH LIMBAUGH and MICHAEL SAVAGE. The crossroads has been reached the new face of totaliatarian oppression has tipped its hand and moves in the open having vilified those opposed to it.

      the next stage will be amnesty for all that will bury what and who we are that the politico-academic combine may rule like the kings and bishops they strive to be. the price for them will be that they will have to live behind the big iron gates will their water carrirs in the media cover the generosity of the WELFARE STATE as it throws bread from an increasingly distant population that can only be thinned so much by the good intensions of even more social engineering until like the soviet union it crumbles in on its self and accomadates a new generation of thugs to try to make it work again.

      Freedom works every time its tried and in order for us not to be crushed and what we are to continue these people have to be turned back and shown for the parisitic excruesence they are.

      Evil doesnt have a degree and cant be dealt with piecemeal because it has little teeth that dont bite much and big teeth that do, and it offers them to you, but they are all in the same mouth feeding the same soul eating gut.


      They have to be defeated and isolated from the power to redesign what need not be to achieve the great things they call out across the feed lot at usfor us to survive as an AMERICAN nation.


    11. V.T.Turk says:

      I recently asked a number of people if they write or email their Senators and Congressmen and if they had done so in the past. Only one man said he does and had done so every year over the past twenty years. Those who did not write their rep's stated it does not help, matter, or they do what they want no matter what we voters want anyway so why bother. According to information I found only 43 percent of voters voted in last years presidential election. Voters "must" vote and as Thomas Jefferson said," keep an eye on your represenatives" lest they represent themselves in Washington! We can win but only if we "vote". We have a President with only 14 months Senate experience as President now. Write and vote!

    12. Ron Derry NH says:

      I feel sorry for those that need to blame Bush, for congresses Democrat rule for nearly 40 years of socialized destruction of America with a small respite for humor of Republican rule for a few years hear and there.

      The extraordinary naivete that it takes for Republicans to be blamed year in and year out for the progressive destruction of the work ethic, earned value and responsibility, is such a blatant farce that only self serving individuals who has been sheltered by government, their employers or civil service jobs would conclude that republicans alone caused the mess we are now embroiled in.

      America was about personally earned merit and value that the government respected because it was the people. What we are getting a taste of is Government imposed mandated value by political favor and a fascist directive.

      Although GW did not foresee the impotence of his ignoring the threat of Communism's forces in the Democrat party, we are all suffering from it now. Not because GW was a fool but because Communism is deeply entrenched in the Democrat agenda and many seem to think it is innocent and just another intellectual point of debate.

      Now that we have a full blown Marxist/Communist at the helm, his desire to enslave the masses under totalitarian rule predominates the political movement in Washington with little resistance. Obama has been president for long enough to have noticed the collapse of our economy is based on government over spending and the printing of money by the fed to flood the market with cheap money.

      It can be referenced in history. France during Antoinette, Germany during 30's and many modern nations that played roulette to no avail with monetary liquidity by money printing. You can not print wealth or invent stability with reckless devaluation of worth.

      Obama is playing into the hands of some very powerful people who have set us on a course of economic ruin by "playing" with human value.

      Once you chose to accept money as a trade for human value you allow governments and others to use that value in exchange for creating value by falsifying that value through monetary games.

      The more you are forced to give up holding the leverage point of your own value the cheaper your existence can be made.

      Forced government intervention into your choice of where you spend your worth is giving up that control.

      Obama is more guilty of allowing those games to be played out by the fed than Bush ever allowed and is so engrossed in forcing his "wishful thinking Marxist/socializing agenda" upon America that he has set in motion a debt that generations will be affected by.

      He has in fact COST THE FUTURE on the arrogant promise of his human fallibility along with congresses. All the figures they can play with are based on your human value that you have earned or ever will earn.

      For them, Obama, Bush, Congress and the fed to reduce the dollar by 60% because they won't cut back on government spending, proves that the governments interests have abandoned the people in deeds. That makes their word pretty much equal to the proportion in which they back it with their conviction to your worth.

      Obama and congress are doing everything they can to protect the top of a very top heavy pyramid scheme that only some one benefiting from the top shelf monetary worth can be proud of.

      Bush is not the fault of the present condition, the man that chose to BORROW 787 billion dollars as political leverage and then is adding his touch by enslaving Americans to that debt with socialized mandated decisions like a true Communist would do, in hopes he can pay off that debt is more guilty of monetary blundering than BUSH every dreamed of being.

      Bush is guilty of lack of vigilance, Congress and the agenda driven Marxist is guilty of Hubris. They have all risked Americans value to use it as a political pawn in their game of fame and fortune….not ours.

    13. Asperegus Alvin Tex says:

      We need to start to impeach obuma

      and peloosie,read—–

    14. Jim says:


    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Ken Jarvis – you crack me up! Clearly you are at the stage for your life when consequences are not important to you. This seems to be a theme with people who like to spend other peoples money. I for one fear for my daughter and worry that she will not be able to achieve her goals in life because she has been burdened by the agendas of the "Ken Jarvis's" in our country. For this reason I continue to be completely opposed to the "welfare state" Ken so enthusiastically supports.

    16. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      Whicket Williams….I enjoy your posts. At least to see that you see a common sense solution, working with your community and voting for your own change. I suspect that you will have to give some ground but you will benefit from that experience. I could see working out any differences we may or may not have in order to get the career politicians out and get back to the basics of living and working together. They have become what Eisenhower warned us about and the country is dangerously divided. None of us need or want that.

      "We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial 'congressional' complex." -D.D.Eisenhower

      The balance of the flock here will continue to think because they don't have opposition on this site to contend with their conflicted view that America belongs to them and not all of us. They whine about impeachment, Marxism, socialism,and secession like there is an ounce of wisdom in such balderdash. Self absorbed politicians trying to bring down their own country/economy and themselves with it.

      If you take the attitude you want to fight to get what you want instead of negotiate what we might together work towards ….you should expect and deserve the fight. – ken in SB

      "Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion." -D.D.Eisenhower

    17. John, Colorado says:

      Perhaps Chechnya would like to have some nuclear weapons, er, I mean, some plants for processing bomb grade, er, I mean, nuclear feul, for peaceful nuclear feul processes.

      It's not right that only two Islamic countries have nuclear weapons. That's not fair. Chechnya has a right to self-defense, and that means nuclear weapons, too. Er, I mean a right to have atomic power.

    18. Al Reasin says:

      According to an insurance broker I met, premiums for private insurance include a tax that goes to the states. When people move to government insurance, that tax is not paid. Another unintended consequence that I'm sure the states will like.

    19. Ellen King New Alexa says:

      All this discussion of this crisis [the communists in the White House] justs riles people up. Action is needed to remove them NOW!

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    22. Glory Houston Tx says:

      I would just like to know, how long we will talk, and not get the crap out of office.

      What is going on?


    23. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      No wonder this country is in the shape it's in when people can't even do simple math.

      John from Plainfield IL says that every adult pays $75 per month adds up to 1.2 trillion per year is dead wrong. $75 per month per every person in the USA would only come to 270 Billion per year. this faulty math is why the public is confused. Keep throwing around big enough numbers and pretty soon no one know what is going on.

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    25. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Yet again the fact of the matter is that in the coming government take-over of our lives, businesses, and jobs through so-called "healthcare", it has nothing to do with so-called "Progressive" government elitist and statist politicians and bureaucrats "helping" anybody except themselves and their Comrade trial lawyers, unions, and other select big corporations and special interest groups "in bed" with them, as the coming government take-over will reveal as it is used like a cold hard government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing mathematical equation, which is as follows:

      The more dependence upon so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" politicians in government,

      plus (+) the more people dependent upon such politicians in government,

      equals (=) the more votes, power, and money for such politicians and government to get and stay in ever more power, and so "just happen" to assure themselves of an occupation at the expense of the people.

    26. Barbara, Danville, P says:

      I now know why I do not align my thinking with the conservative point of view…your convoluted logic does more to pull this country apart than to unite it.

      You negativism is demoralizing.

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    28. David Black, Sr. says:

      In his speech to the joint houses of Congress on September 9, 2009, to stump for National Health Care Reform, the President compared our health care to that of other nations saying, “We are the only advanced democracy on Earth – the only wealthy nation – that allows such hardships for millions of its people.”

      What President Obama failed to point out is, while other countries may provide medical coverage to all their citizens, many of their citizens come to the United States seeking the medical treatment they cannot obtain at home. What good is medical coverage, if you cannot obtain the necessary medical treatment?

      Conservatives, Moderates, and Liberals are unifying against “Nation Health Care Reform” for the aforementioned reason and others, a few of which I will identify here.

      Read more of this article at http://conservativepatriot.wordpress.com/

      You will find two articles there. (The Health Care Act of 2009 – Crisis or Coercion, and National Health Care & the Constitution) These are two of a three part series. Click the title and feel free to comment at the end of each article.

    29. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Ben C, Ann Arbor- My Email address is


      and I am ON FaceBook = Ken Jarvis

      Hate seems to have erased your sense of Humor.

      I NEVER see a C or a GOP Smile.

      GOP Cs Motto – HATE HATE HATE.

    30. Tricia, Arizona says:

      Barbara in Danville,PA, you need to pull your head out of the sand. Do you even have a point of view? I, as a conservative, don't want to see my country and my grandchildren enslaved. This is what is happening right before our eyes. If we want to preserve our liberty, we have a responsibility to speak up and fight back. If you think that what is happening is fine, then go to Venezuela. You'll like it there.

    31. Jake Strom, Virginia says:

      It is crazy that people are all for starting wars and rebuilding countries. Imperialism and allowing corporations to "govern" themselves has bankrupted America. When the government wants to actually do something to help the AMERICAN people, it is decried by crazy conservatives who can't stand a black socialist coming in to do some good for America. Under Bush and the republicans, America was the laughing stock of the world. Let's actually help Americans by giving them access to the greatest health care system in the world and stop trying to tear Obama down. He was elected by the true majority of this nation, it wasn't a forceful takeover.

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    33. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Yet again the fact of the matter is that in the coming government take-over of our lives, businesses, and jobs through so-called "healthcare", it has nothing to do with so-called "Progressive" government elitist and statist politicians and bureaucrats "helping" anybody except themselves and their Comrade trial lawyers, unions, and other select big corporations and special interest groups "in bed" with them, as the coming government take-over will reveal as it is used like a cold hard government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing mathematical equation, which is as follows:

      The more dependence upon so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" politicians in government,

      plus (+) the more people dependent upon such politicians in government,

      equals (=) the more votes, power, and money for such politicians and government to get and stay in ever more power, and so "just happen" to assure themselves of those things at the expense of the people.

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    35. Dave, Coatesville, I says:

      K. Jarvis, His comments are irrelivent, because I know he does'nt even believe what he writes. harleyj, blames Reagan, but forgets who was in control of the house and the senate in 1986. People forget that the demon's, I mean Democrats have had control of the house and senate since FDR. Except for a couple of years, did you people ever go to school and study government, or did you skip those classes. Barbara, stay on your medication, and don't drink the kool-aid. obama is not the messiah.

    36. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I'll bet Obama is tickled to death about putting more Americans on Welfare. If you take Federal money then it gives them a license to investigate you, and that is what fascism is all about. "You gave food the members of your household not authorized by regulation!" Bad American, bad! Bad! This is every bit as good as the Drug Laws for going after innocent people. Good cop, bad cop doesn't work if there are no good cops.

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    44. Norm, Prestonsburg K says:

      It is so sad that we have become shadow instead of substance. Example: If CHOICE = having the FREEDOM to make a decision for yourself then DECISION must = Being RESPONSIBILITY for the CONSEQUENCES of our choices. Question; then how can anyone advocate taking away other's choices without endangering their own right to choose?. In the area of abortion, the "choice" to kill an unborn child is NOT the mother's. She made the "choice" to reproduce and make the child…should not the choice to live be the child's? Anything else is hypocracy. You reap what you sow…good or bad. Choose to sow good things if you want to make a difference in the world. Choose LIFE…

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    47. Matt, US of A says:

      PelosiCare passed

      PelosiCare Passed, a sad day for Patriots.

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