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  • In the Green Room: Prof. James Tooley on Education Reform for the World's Poor and the US


    “Be bold,” says James Tooley when you want education reform. He’d know. For the last decade the Newcastle University Professor has been traveling throughout the world’s poorest regions studying systems of education. What he’s discovered may be surprising.

    In the poorest countries on earth, parents are choosing private schools because they don’t want to acquiesce to the mediocrity of public schools…Our research has shown that these schools are outperforming the government schools at a fraction of the cost.

    The founder of the Beautiful Tree Foundation, a group dedicated to researching and developing high quality, low cost education to the poor, James Tooley has discovered some strange truths about the nature of fee-based education that has far-reaching implications for other issues.

    A lot of these poor people tell us they don’t want free education. They want to pay fees. Why do they to pay fees? Because that means the schools are accountable to them and that means they are, in some ways, empowered and in charge.

    A more succinct answer as to why the freedom to choose enables great things in education in any society would be hard to come by.

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    4 Responses to In the Green Room: Prof. James Tooley on Education Reform for the World's Poor and the US

    1. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Since, the left-wingers want to hold up our decrepit, uncaring, expensive, selfish health care system to the vastly superior government-run healthcare systems (pick any country but here) – then,

      This article explains why our public school systems are inferior to private schools both within and outside the U.S.

      I wonder if these other poor countries have a Teacher's Union? Just a thought on cost.

    2. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      These people know nothing about education. We used to make students look up misunderstood words to eliminate confusion. That's common sense but you can't find it in Education "Reform". It never was reform in the common parlance, it means reform in the Newspeak tradition, meaning education as socialist conditioning. So the kids are all Green these days, so Green in fact they will trade their future for little froggies, Bambi and slime worms, but nothing for humanity. It isn't education, it is socialization.

      The perfect example of modern "education" is how Obama got elected. We all got behind teaching the kids (and college students) 'critical thinking' but in fact they could not see behind all that baloney Obama offered in the campaign. "Change" and "Hope" but with no substance behind it. Our kids were taught how to swallow propaganda whole and they called it critical thinking.

    3. Dr. Pauline Dixon says:

      Just for the second comment, yes the state sector in developing countries does have strong teacher unions, but in the private sector no one belongs to a union, hence the inflated price of government teacher pay. Otherwise in the private sector (where typically the salaries are much lower) the wages are set at market rate.

    4. John Hazeltine, San says:

      The solution to the under performance of K-12 public education is to incrementally privatize it.

      Sound ridiculous? Not so, when you consider the direction we are now headed. No proficient laid off teacher need be left without a pension or a job. Private schools will hire competent teachers shed from failing public schools. Pensions and health can be moved across to the private sector. Good teachers and administrators will be handsomely compensated. The free market takes care of that.

      Besides seeking cost savings, there are more serious problems to address. The competitiveness and security of the nation is being impaired by the continuation of the status quo. Teacher union tenure, work rules, misguided priorities in curriculum and wastefulness from the public education bureaucracy are undermining our Republic. Poorly educated and misguided children are leading to enlargement of the welfare state. America will not last as a capitalist nation and meritocracy without drastic change. As it now stands, the future of our state and country is trending towards becoming a poorer state and nation.

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