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  • Iran: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    The Washington Post reports:

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held lengthy talks with [Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov]Tuesday as part of an intense American effort to improve relations, but she made few gains on a top U.S. priority — increasing pressure on Iran.

    Emerging from four hours of talks with Clinton, Lavrov told reporters that “threats, sanctions and threats of pressure” against Iran would be “counterproductive.”

    We wish we were surprised by this news. Unfortunately it fits into a very well established pattern in U.S. policy on Iran:

    1. We discover an undisclosed Iranian nuclear site
    2. Russian and Chinese issue “statements” of concern that American pundits and administration officials take seriously as indication of their future support for tougher sanctions
    3. Then US offers direct talks and make some proposals which deflate pressure on Iran
    4. Iranians promise IAEA access to secondary site and promise to continue talking about US proposals
    5. Press signals “progress” and “possible breakthrough”
    6. Russians use this “progress” to revert to previous opposition against tougher sanctions, with a US official excusing them by saying they are trying to “exhaust” all possibilities before sanctions are applied
    7. Meanwhile, the Iranians continue to move forward with their programs

    Washington must take stronger actions now to prevent a future disaster from unfolding. Otherwise we will be dealing not just with a nuclear Iran, but with a potential cascade of nuclear powers in the Middle East.

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    12 Responses to Iran: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    1. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      And, where is the UN in all this?

      Why aren't THEY pressing the Russians and Chinese?

      Because, we apparently have everything under control.

    2. Ham Lake MN says:

      We need to take care of our own Domestic Enemies first. Reid, Waxman, Dodd, Clinton, Pelosi, and Obama, need to be put on trial for crimes against our Constitution.

      Otherwise, with our present Leadership, our dealing with Iran will fail and our troops will die.

      Don't count on our political parties to do this, it was common Farmers and Shop Keepers who stood at Lexington.

      The America peoples' mission is clear. We need a 2nd. American Revolution.

    3. Tom L., NJ says:

      We are so close to destruction with far right liberals who don't see the errors of thier ways. It is sad that my children will see an inpoverished AMERICA if these liberals keep winning and the GOP stays on the sidelines.

    4. Steve, Traverse City says:

      The Russkies and Chicoms will never agree to tough sanctions or military action against Iran, EVER!! Russia wants a nuclear Iran to counter the growing threat from Muslim radicals within it's southern areas. China wants unfettered access to oil from Iran. So if anything is to get done it will be up to us and the Israelis. A boatload of unforseen consequences will arise from such action which is why it may never be undertaken in the first place. Risk reward ratio could be too high. After all, we did nothing to stop India and Pakistan from going nuclear.

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Again, this is Obama's plan to destroy our America working to perfection. On top of rolling over for Russia and China, Clinton agreed to allow

      the Russians to tour our missal and defense sites.

      We all had better understand these people must be stopped now. We won't survive until the next elections.

    6. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Unfortunately, it's going to take Hillary a while to figure out what the term "stringing us along" means.

      This has been a tactic that Iran has successfully employed over the years when dealing with the U.S. and U.N. It worked very well with Iraq and the U.N., but didn't work so well with George H.W.Bush (41).

      Current wisdom of course renders anything anyone named Bush did to be wrong. So we are now back to pre-Bush strategies of wait and see.

      Perhaps we can persuade our new friends in the U.N. to issue some tough sounding "Resolutions" that worked so well with Iraq.

    7. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      It is crystal clear for about what should be done. As Ham put it, with the slight difference that our leaders are under the powerful not that hidden, Enemy's SPELL. They exactly do all they can to destroy; they, Russian, Chinos,ie Gog and Magog and much more. Was not Iran a taken over country by MHD and his cousin 'Ali? But let the Iranian know that there will not be a mahdi and the Radical Ayatollah's Oligarchy and their consecrated servant, ie Ahmedinajad would rather flaw. Let them know and you will have a powerful tool, however psychological (isn't the Enemy's weapon against them?) and you will cut their enthousiasm by half.

      They can be influenced in many ways…

    8. Ham Lake MN says:

      Lloyd in New Orleans is 100% spot on. If we wait too long it will be too late to stop the Marxist coup taking place.

      If your freedom is not worth fighting for, what is?.

    9. Buzn-Cuzn, Kansas says:

      for all the POGO fans out there, he once said "I have seen the enemy, he is us" How true. Ham said it, deal with Reid, Pelosi, Clinton,Emanuel, Waxman, Boxer,Dodd et.al,and then get the U.S. out of the UN, and the UN out of the U.S. Then get back in russia's face with our missile defense in Poland & the Chezch Republic.

      Only then can we begin to be our old selves.

      Respect our selves so others can respect us too.

    10. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      Ham is correct,

      First we need to get rid of our own internal problems, the major Democratic thorns in our side, and then institute a blockade which would cut off oil supplies to Iran.

    11. Ham Lake MN says:

      First we take a town, then a city, then a state, then a region, then multi-regions, then our country back.

      Check out "Oath Keepers", check out "The Appleseed Project". Learn first aid, band together with your neighbors and Police Departments. There is a fight coming, Live Free or Die…..God Bless

    12. Brian Ross, Magnolia says:

      The rebublicans would not be on the sidelines if more people voted for them and for better candidates. Plenty of good Republicans in Congress, just not enough of them. Maybe in 2010.

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