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  • New York Times: Baucus Bill Breaks Obama Promise

    On August 12th, President Barack Obama promised the American people: “Under the reform we’re proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

    But if you read the New York Times closely today you learn that the Baucus bill set for a vote today in the Senate Finance Committee breaks that promise. The NYT reports:

    Under the Finance Committee bill, the tax would be imposed beginning in 2013 on employer- sponsored health plans with total premiums exceeding $8,000 for individuals and $21,000 for families, regardless of whether the coverage was paid for by the employer, the individual or both. The tax would be paid by insurers, who would be expected to pass along the cost to customers.

    Critics say that would mean an increase in premiums or in out-of-pocket expenses for employees, raising medical costs for individuals and families.

    Supporters say the more likely prospect is that employers would bargain-hunt or take other steps to avoid the tax, putting pressure on insurers to offer cheaper coverage and slowing the rise in medical costs for everyone.

    In other words, instead of Americans keeping the health insurance they have now, Obamacare would force employers to cut costs and “bargain-hunt” for less generous plans.

    Yet another broken Obama health care promise.

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    17 Responses to New York Times: Baucus Bill Breaks Obama Promise

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      There are less than 1.5 million people in the entire State of Maine; according to the 2000 Cenus there are approximately 96% white, 1% black, 1% Hispanic, less than 1% Asian, not exactly a diverse cross-section.

      The State of Maine ranks high in federal expenditures.

      And, the State of Maine has two of the most "distinguished" Senators in the U.S. Senate.

      I feel comforted to know that the Great State of Maine is helping to lead the way on comprehensive health care reform.

      I'm sure the White House feels the same way.

    2. Judy says:

      This health care reform bill is nothing more than an attention grabber to keep Americans unaware of the other horrendous things going on while we are in tune to this debacle. It is a waste of time, not going to accomplish anything except really anger everybody, because no one is going to be happy. Please check out the UN, CRC: taking over our children. Are the country's representatives and senators aware of this? It will be ratified if we don't fight it. Can Heritage help us with this???

    3. Catherine in Utica, says:

      Spend, spend, spend. Tax, tax, tax. Spend, spend, spend. That is all the disastrous Obama administration wants to do. This great nation does not need to be "fundamentally changed" or "remade" as Obama has said he wants to do. Health care does need some reform – starting with tort reform. Allow the free enterprise/capitalist market to work! Allow more competition across state lines. Allow portability of insurance if people change jobs. We don't need to be "transformed" into a European-style socialist nation with universal health care that is a disaster.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      I'm sure Obama forgives Baucus for breaking Obama's promise. This way you can't blame the unaccountable president…out of his hands, above his pay scale…

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      can't do nothing about it.

    6. Paul Rinderle says:

      Excerpt from your article: "The tax would be paid by insurers, who would be expected to pass along the cost to customers."

      What Tax??

    7. Jack Oakes, Panama C says:

      I know that the administration and the congress, I have a hard time calling them my congress, doesn't seem to mind saddling the next nth generation with huge deficits, federal mandates or what it will do to employment.

      I think it must be difficult to say no, even when common sense dictates that negative.

    8. Marshall,Michigan says:

      JUST WORDS! There are no promises!

    9. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      They want to spend all of this money, and both the Senate and House bills, according to the CBO, still do not cover everyone. The Senate bill leaves 25 millions uninsured, while the House bill leaves 17 million unimsured, not including the illegals.

    10. john tsakalis nj says:

      i'm not suprised,but nothing i can do.i think we have one plitical party with two names(GOP and DEMOCRATS)no matter who is in power the tax payer get f…..it is about control of the (freeman and good slaves US) god bless,and save the OLD GOOD U.S.A

    11. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      Who cares about taxes. Obama has said that the Constitution is too restrictive. The Bill og rights is a series of negatives, preventing the Government from doing what it needs to do.

      With the complicity of our beloved, inibriated-by-their-own-power, Congress, this low life socialist is trying to subvert it, openly and with thorough disregard for "We the people" The 10th ammendment must mean somthing. Mustn't it?? Help me out here!

      I'm not sure that Obama realizes the anger the he is generating. If he expects anyone to grateful it will only be those to whom he pays off with legislative tid bits.

    12. meat nevada says:

      those who voted the mother of narccists into office won't be exempt from the higher taxes, loss of freedom,liberty etc etc.. also who could have believed that a lot of the politicians would become his pawns and not real patriots.they have sold us out!!!!!! i do my share by joining grassfire,resist net and american thinker in sending faxes daily…have u????

    13. Dave Chelsea, MI says:

      Paul – a "tax" would be levied against Insurance Companies that sell "Cadillac Plans"….the premiums on those plans the Government deems, Cadillac, are higher so the Government would tax the delta of premium costs between what the Government establishes as an adequate healthcare plan and what they (also would) determine constitutes a Cadillac Plan premium.

      While words have meaning, actions speak louder. Hold on to your pocket book as you witness your healthcare quality diminish.

    14. LW, Newport News VA says:

      What tax? The proposed penalty for anyone or any business not having a "government-approved" health plan. It's in all versions of the bill. Read it and weep. Our family cannot afford any of this and two of us are uninsured. None of us in our family (includes grown children) want this disaster of a government plan.

      We are all going to be forced to buy something some of us don't want, don't need and cannot pay for. Another liberty gone, but then that's the idea.

    15. Jerry from Chicago says:

      It has been said many times that Obama's policies are not really to "spread the wealth" but rather to spread the misery.

      Sure, "you can keep your own health plan", but if it doesn't meet the standards the government sets, then you can't. If your health plan costs over $8,000 a year, the government is going to tax the hell out of it. How long do you think employers that provide such plans will be willing to eat such a tax.

      People need to understand one thing. There is no law in this country that mandates employers to provide employees with health insurance. Workers Compensation is a requirement that employers meet. But Workers Comp provides coverage for job related injuries and/or illnesses.

      It will come to the point where employers will throw up their hands and say "we are no longer providing health insurance to employees. We will pay the government tax and wash our hands of all the rest. Good luck, little buckeroos." And this is exactly what Mr. Obama hopes will happen.

      At that point, the government plan will be the only plan. People will have no freedom of choice. And regardless of what Obama or any of his liberal friends say, health care will be rationed, except for government employees of course who will be exempt from the national health care plan and the taxes on benefits in excess of the $8,000 limit.

    16. DAN MOFFATT says:


    17. joanna ohio says:

      This issue (Health Care) is just another area of destruction in the Obama (or his leader) campaign to disconnect the United States from the people. If you look at the whole picture, you can see it happening in areas of defense and foreignrelations as well. Threatening our solid bond with England as well as the other European Nations. We are being raped on all fronts. Lets do something about it.

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