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  • Moscow Tells Clinton to Forget Sanctions

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received bad news today in Moscow regarding her quest to secure greater Russian cooperation in holding Iran’s feet to the fire on the nuclear issue. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking after the meeting, said that “all efforts” should be made to maintain dialogue with Iran:

    We are convinced that threats, sanctions, and threats of pressure in the present situation are counter-productive.

    Never mind that Iran already has stonewalled previous efforts to resolve the nuclear issue through diplomatic negotiations and is likely to run out the clock on the current talks, if left to its own devices. Today’s disappointing Russian statement undermines speculation that the Obama Administration may have secured a Russian quid pro quo on Iran for its earlier decision to retreat from the Bush Administration’s missile defense plan in Europe.

    It also serves notice that Washington can expect little help from the U.N. Security Council in pressuring Iran to abide by its nuclear safeguard commitments as long as Russia continues to block meaningful sanctions there.

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    9 Responses to Moscow Tells Clinton to Forget Sanctions

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      America should be prepared to get used and abused – for the forseeable future.

      We set the table by our naive, apologizing, self-deprecating, blame America first, actions.

      You can count on the world using our words against us at every turn.

      Who knows, maybe the Mayan Dec. 2012 prophecy is upon us?

    2. David Beaird, Keokuk says:

      The only allies we have with us against the Iran nuclear escalation are France, England and Israel. President Obama will not stand up to Iran and do what it takes to end the nuclear problem. He keeps thinking that diplomacy is the answer. It is not. Sometimes you have to slam dunk a bully to get his attention and make hime quit trying harm you. Obama is too busy trying to force healthcare down the American people's throats to do what is needed abroad. What is it about the healthcare plan that it takes precidence over every thing else?

    3. W. D. Welch says:

      It seems to me that this is just more of Russia's obstructionist tacicts. Did someone announce that Russia had changed for the better, if so I missed that change. Just because they have a different name does not change the evil empire. "By their fruits you shall know them."

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      Obviously, she used her charm…

    5. samuel says:




    6. Gertrude Houchens says:

      To all who voted Obama into the presidency because they wanted "change", I'd like to say man, you're getting change!! And what you've seen so far is just for starters. Many of the freedoms that American men and women have always fought and died for is at risk. Anyone who has something to say about how our leaders are running things in Washington better speak up now!

    7. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      I know Obama Backers as well as the mass media monitor this web site. It's kind of like FOX, if you want truth, you've got to go there.

      Will some of the Obama backers PLEASE start blogging here? Maybe you can explain to us what his plan is. I'm not kidding.

      How do you feel about him now? Don't be embarrassed.

    8. will always be Mr. L says:

      Speak the honest truth and be ridiculed. I dropped out of highschool after finishing the 10th grade and went staight to work on a drilling rig and have been steadily employed for 30 years.You don,t have to go to college to see what,s happening to America with the left in control. My job will be the next to disappear. I fear we all won,t survive to see 2012……….I hate to say this but Im getting what I deserve. ( Working, paying taxes , paying bill,s , Never registering to vote & not even paying enough attention to even know what the difference was between a liberal and a consevative until this year ) Now I can vote and have a voice I only fear that I may be to late. I want to offer all you that have been paying attention my sincere apology. IM SORRY

    9. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Vic, TX,

      Great comments. MOST people do not keep up on political and national events their entire life – let alone, a few years of it.

      You have nothing to be "sorry for". You are involved now and that's all the counts.

      Countless millions of Americans have been asleep at the wheel for decades, while Socialism kept growing like bacteria in a petrie dish.

      It will take a lot of antibiotics and recovery time but Americans will succeed.

      The marxists THOUGHT the time was right. There is NO LAW against being a marxist.

      But the founding fathers made this country a "Republic" based on democratic principles – freedom.

      There is NO WAY the vast majority of Americans are going to allow this country to be Marxist, Socialist. If nothing else, would it not violate the Constitution?

      These left-wing ideologues have awoken a sleeping giant and it is called Freedom.

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