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  • “Reform” Means You Pay More for Health Care

    A major new report confirms the worst fears of many: Health care reform will raise the costs for most Americans—by about 18% on average. That is on top of existing inflation of health coverage.

    Once the plan is fully phased-in (by 2019), a typical family of four would pay an extra $4,000 each year.

    When combined with existing inflation, costs would rise from today’s $12,300 annual average to $25,900. Of that 111% increase, $9,600 is due to existing factors uncorrected by the legislation, and $4,000 due to additional costs created by the legislation.

    For single persons, the differential is projected at $1,500 a year. Premiums would rise from today’s $4,600 a year to $9,600 overall.

    Prepared by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), the new analysis was requested by AHIP—America’s Health Insurance Plans. It focuses on the leading plan pending in Congress, sponsored by Sen. Max Baucus (D, MT), which is scheduled for a Senate Finance Committee vote on Tuesday. The PWC report can be read here.

    The PWC projections track what The Heritage Foundation and many others have said about the legislation: It does not save money. It simply taxes those who have health coverage and uses the money to give care to others.

    The White House is said to be livid. After all, President Obama’s claims that he makes care more affordable are exposed as a myth by the new study. Lawmakers claim the bill would “save” money, but that’s not true for those who have insurance. The only “savings” would be to those who receive government-paid health care and subsidies at the cost of higher prices for everyone else. (Even if the legislation “reduced the deficit”, it would do so by making citizens pay more, not by controlling government spending.)

    Despite the enormous costs, estimates say 25-million people would remain uninsured under the Baucus bill. The new study also criticizes the Baucus plan for not placing tougher mandates and penalties on those who do not buy health insurance, which would help spread the costs (and create new customers for insurers). PWC reports higher costs would occur due to these parts of the bill:

    • Requirements to cover pre-existing conditions with guaranteed-issue insurance
    • The new tax created on so-called “high cost” health care plans
    • The new taxes on medical devices and other segments of health care
    • Reduction in Medicare payments, which care providers would offset by raising rates on their other patients.

    The report will be denounced as a political attack by the insurance industry. But the real attack is Washington’s assault on our pocketbooks and our freedoms.

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    56 Responses to “Reform” Means You Pay More for Health Care

    1. Freedom of Speech. T says:

      Obama told "Joe the Plumber" that he wanted "to spread it around". Then, Obama acolytes proceeded to try to destroy the average Joe.

      This is how socialism/marxism works. They will let nothing AND no one stand in their way. Expect this regime and/or their supporters to go after those who dissent. It could take many forms. The most important thing is DO NOT be intimidated.

      DO NOT believe what the leftist media says without checking the facts. They ARE and HAVE BEEN in the bag with the left-wingers.

      OF COURSE, we are going to pay more. The questions is how much and for how long?

      I think if we could get to the truth it would shock even many of the liberals.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Anyone who believes healthcare would be more affordable under the democrat's public plan deserves a failing grade in elementary economics. This congress and administration are strangling the life out of American jobs, innovation and market forces with their unnecessary interventions and improper takeover of private industries. What do these socialist demagogues think they're doing? If their objective is to destroy our nation, they're on the correct path.

    3. Arrgy says:

      Blinded by racism. How pathetic you shills for the wealthy are.

    4. Reason60 says:

      A report by the insurance industries, vehemently opposed to health reform, claims that health reform is a bad idea.

      I will take this with a bit of salt, please.

    5. G-Man, Virginia says:

      Is it November 2010 yet? I can't wait to be a part of voting these Liberal-Statists out of Congress! I am as enthusiastic about voting this bunch out as I was participating in the 9/12 March on DC, and I know LOTS of folks with the same motivation! Just give us that chance, yeeeeee-hah!


    6. blanche california says:

      If people did not know what this man was up to before he was elected, then they had their heads in the sand, this has been going on since the 60's glad I was not caught up in the socialist part of this mess, I escaped being taught socialist ways, but way too many were brainwashed and cannot see past their hose, sad indeed

      God bless America…………..

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    9. Brenda from Spring says:

      Actually, they had a non partisan group do the study for them….that is Price Waterhouse Coopers job…..what they do for a living, and it was their findings. What is not believable? How can the Dems be taken seriously if they use 10 years of revenue to pay for 7 years of expenditures? Sounds like Enron to me….wish I could use the same budgeting for my household!!

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    13. JoeCollins says:

      "Reform" is codeword meaning the average American's expenses will increase mostly to pay back the political contributions which helped get our elected nobility elected.

    14. averagesue says:

      I for one fully believe this report. I work for a very large, successful company in California, who provides fully paid medical benefits to their full-time employees – at no cost to the employee. The benefits are very good, and I'm just a secretary…nobody "important." In anticipation of proposed legislation, our company is surveying its employees as to which hypothetical medical plans they would prefer (several were presented). ALL of the options will severely increase my medical coverage costs! This is not a slam on my company, they are a great firm. It is the reality of a government system imposing their will upon it's citizens who do NOT want their brand of reform (which is actually "overhaul" or "take over." True reform is correcting errors in an already existing law. They are doing a complete do-over. The fact that so much is done under cloak and dagger, behind closed doors and away from the public, cutting deals with potential vendors, despite the public outcry to stay out of our medical coverage, clearly indicates dishonesty and underhanded tactics to push through a power grab that they hope will solidfy their jobs in Washington another 40 years.

    15. Brenda, Atlanta says:

      Arrgy, you played the race card. You automatically LOSE the debate. This is the last resort of those who have no logical argument. We are not arguing anything based on race here. The article is saying that the Administration and Democratic leaders are not being honest about how this program is being paid for — and they're NOT! This is something that is going to affect middle class working people who are already being taxed to the limit and beyond. How much more are they going to try to pile on us?????

    16. Bobbie Jay says:

      Remove the racism from your view and look at what the actions of the government is perpetrating. NO CORRELATION OF policies and a persons race, or skin color are relevant. The government is stealing your ability to do for yourself. This is a devious idea from the start as there is or was access to private insurance companies to those by choice or employer. This "health care crisis" became a crisis by words of coercion ONLY. NOTHING the congress proposes WILL EVER BE FREE TO ALL. And the removal of ALL FREEDOM will trickle down.

      Instead of focusing on the problems, they created something that is dangerously worse! REFORM to TAKE-OVER THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE. They have no right being involved in the first place. But their plan is "control"… and this study BUSTED THEIR DECEPTION!

      Learn how the private insurance companies work. I will believe any hired independent study, over what the government is spewing. They show constantly, they are untrustworthy!

    17. Bobbie Jay says:

      … regardless of race.

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    19. Ross Conley, Pennsyl says:

      Let Congress know that approving the takeover of health care could mean a pink slip from the voters in 2010. Send each of them a pink slip now at SendCongressAPinkSlip.com. Almost 3 million are already on their way to the members of the Senate and House

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    21. kiee1 Saint Cloud Mi says:

      This propaganda put out by the health insurers is BS. If we can insure 94% of Americans in my state minnesota we could save millions . as the hospital I work at the ER is overflowing and we dont get paid . the Goverment has to reimbruse us or we would go under . We at one time had a good program Minnesota care insurence from the state on a sliding fee scale . Or Govenor A Conservative did away with this plan because a 3% tax on medical care to pay for it was too high .I bet he wishes he could take that back now. as the cost in a ER is 7 times higher the seeing a GP. We need reform eliminate the insurers save a instant 30%.A public option makes sense as 20% of our employees are full time paper pusher dealing with insurers.

    22. Margaret Penny in Mi says:

      We have protested to the fullest extent to let our representatives in Washington know how we feel. We have let them know that this reform will not save us money. We the people have let them know we don't want this reform. They do not listen or pay any attention to us. If they vote for this bill, all we can do is vote them out of office in the next election. I hope and pray this does not pass. There must be a few senators that will go with the people of America. They all must know this is a bad move. Either that, or I am smarter than they are. If so, we are really in big trouble.

    23. Randall Doc Fleck, F says:

      This study fails to account for any decrease in the cost of available service. MRI in Japan, for example, costs one tenth what it costs here – not $1,200 but $120 – and that kind of change is what a public option competitive payer will bring to the market place.

    24. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      kiee1 Saint Cloud Minnesota writes: "This propaganda put out by the health insurers is BS."

      There are many health care workers, such as myself, who have seen the worst and the best of America's hospitals and ERs. I for one am totally and absolutely opposed to a federal takeover of the health care industry. You're dream is pure fantasy.

    25. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Correction: "your" Happens when you're in a hurry.

    26. Don, Michigan says:

      Oh sure, financial rape along with cap and trade which they will ram thru, and that is a debacle just as is this health care reform. IT WILL NOT END UNTIL OBAMA BRINGS THE COUNTRY DOWN. Again I say, watch the Obama Deception. The FEMA camps are waiting for us all.

    27. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Obama has said a great many things, both before and after taking office, most of which have been contradictory. Certainly most of the actions he has taken and not taken have been contradictory to what he said he would or wouldn't do. The point is, most of the time you can't take the man at his word.

      The only statement Mr. Obama has made, both before and after his election, that he has lived up to is attempting to redistribute the wealth of people in this country. He is consistent in wanting to take money from people who have earned it and give it to those who haven't.

      His vision is that of a socialist utopia. At first I couldn't believe that Mr. Obama ever read George Orwell's book, Animal Farm. Now, I have come to believe that not only did he read it, but that he liked the outcome.

      He doesn't care how much his utopian vision of national health care costs, because it will cost us, not him. He will still keep his Federal Employee's Health Benefit program and he will pay nothing for it, as will all of those in the federal government (read House, Senate and White House). He wants to tell everybody "look what I did", unless of course it goes wrong, in which case he can blame George Bush.

    28. keith, NC says:


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    31. R Stevens, New York says:

      The only way to stop this abomination is to make it absolutely clear to our representatives that THEY WILL BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE IF THEY SUPPORT IT. There is a website where you can pledge to vote against politicians supporting the bill. Representatives will then be informed of how many votes they are losing. It is called http://www.PledgeOfLiberty.com

    32. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      kiee1 Saint Cloud, If a 'reform' addressed why so much paper work is being done instead of shifting the burden of that paper work to federal union employees, we would all be better off.

      There is no way the Baucus bill lives. Drs. treating MediCare patients don't have to take a 25% pay cut. They can not treat. Insurance coverage or not. The only way around this is to fine any one without insurance and fine Drs. and Hospitals for non particiation. And we will then have . . . a facist state?

      Chris Dodd claims that even if this passes without all he wants Congress can just add to it as time goes on. So many gov't programs are added to. Ever get that bloated feeling?

      There is no reason the gov't needs to be involved at such a great expense. The removal by way of taxation of monies from the private sector – the sector which creates wealth – will have dire consequences on my granchildren's 529 fund.

      AND, yes! I am being self interested as we all should be.

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    34. Reagan Reep, Jackson says:

      Is this in the constitution? Health care is not a right! Health care is a personal responsibility.

    35. Bill P says:

      My undying hope for everyone who has written, with such fervor, that you take that energy and turn it into action in 2010 and 2012 and beyond, versus bluster on these pages.

      It is time for conservative thinking to become CONSERVATIVE ACTIVISM!! Freedom, personal responsibulity, and results can not be left to others. I am not a revolutionary but I live and die on being able to effect change. Liberalism has had too long a tenure to reduce our liberties to "socialist reforms".

      It is now my goal to get out in front and participate agianst those who do not think, speak and act in a conservative fashion. I hope you all will do the same!!

      MY grandchildren are now facing a much different opportunity for life and a lower standard of living. This is not what I have worked toward during my life. Too much control has been granted to too few in Washington!!!

      Remember this day and decide!!! Party affiliation is not important, beliefs are. Whoever supports conservative words with action get conservative's support…actions speak louder than words

    36. Patricia Bliesner, S says:

      We already have about $6,000.00 in medical debt not covered by insurance not including copays for visits and medicine, we cannot afford another $4,000.00. I have had this picture of Obama in my head with a whip in his hand whipping the backs of Americans demanding more money—while he is holding USA's check book with deficits going into the red! FINALLY, there is more talk all around our community expressing concern, "Why did we vote for Obama"?

    37. ace sez--Bishop, Cal says:

      Voting out incumbents? Look for Obama's Civilian Security Agency (union thugs, black panthers acorn physical activists–inner city gangbangers to disrupt big city polling/voting places

      One clause on the early Obamacare plans gives bureaucratic hirelings (health care committee members)'electronic transfer access' to evey citizen's bank account–why is no one protesting this?

    38. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Keith in NC writes "WHAT DOES THIS PLAN REALLY DO?"

      Well Keith, none of us will really know until after it has been signed into law and the thousand or more pages of this legislation has been turned over to a joint committee of House and Senate representatives to figure out the details. Most of the provisions in the legislation will be ambiguous and equivocal. It will be up to this joint committee to figure out legislative intent and this will take years, just like it took years for such committees to come up with final rules that affecting COBRA and HIPAA legislation.

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    41. jas56, Edmonton, AB, says:

      I am glad the American people are moving in the right direction, medical care should be a right not a privilege! Up north here in Canada we do have some problems, I had to wait four hours for stitches at the hospital, but care is given to those that need it most. My father had a heart attack and was immediately given an angioplasty and within 30 minutes of arrival was given world class care at the University of Alberta hospital, and all of it was without worry about how we could afford this. Imagine that. I cannot imagine having to think about a financial burden placed upon someone's family going through worse than mine did. I have used the system myself after blowing out my knee in football and i saw a specialist the very next day. I had to wait a month for the MRI but that is basically the limit of a wait time i have ever experienced. I would never trade our universal health care for a privatized version and I believe America will eventually catch up with the rest of the developed world and discover it too. It is also cheaper than privatized systems too, in Canada we pay almost half of what the US pays and we have better care. Anyway have a fun debate on it.

      from a northern neighbour

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    43. philip says:


    44. Rafael, Richmon says:

      I have so much to say. It's hard but I'll keep it short. Medicare is in a hole of over Trillion dollars!!!!!! Wake up America this guy we call The President wants to break our country!!!School's not teaching history- reason why so many are so ignorant!!!!!!! They, Gov., lie, lie & lie!!!!!!! Call your reps. We must stop this Ignoramis!!!!!! The only thing I agree with Chaves the pig of Veneszuela!!!!!!!!!!

      AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!! Lets get our country back, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Bobbie Jay says:

      government wants all private and financial records. HELLOOOO?????

      When is it going to be stopped?

      kiee1 Saint Cloud Minnesota,

      You're comment stated the only way you get paid is through government reimbursement? So, you want more government? People should be encouraged, actually expected, to pay their own expenses. And be accountable for their responsibilities. Why are people having children they can't provide for? What is the government of this country teaching?

      NOTHING ON INDEPENDENCE! OR LIVING INDEPENDENTLY FROM GOVERNMENT. I live in the cities of Mn. the only poor people there are, are not the ones on welfare but the ones paying for it. They're the ones not getting ahead. And according to what the American government is doing, never will.

    46. Garry Clark says:

      On September 9, 2009, during a speech to a Joint Session of Congress, President Obama said, “That’s why under my plan, individuals will be required to carry basic health insurance – just as most STATES require you to carry auto insurance.” Within this statement, the president admits that health care insurance is a STATE concern under the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution. There is more for consideration.

      During the Senate efforts to pass health care reform, Senator Harry Reid gained an exemption for citizens of Nevada increasing costs for the other forty-nine states that must pay Nevada's share too. This is hardly equal protections. The 14th Amendment declares that all will receive equal protections of life, liberty, and property. Maybe we should seek the same protections that Nevada enjoys courtesy of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

      With the mandate for health insurance coverage, citizens lose property (money) with those losses underscored by the fines (seizure) government will impose for those who do not have insurance. The 4th Amendment of our nation's Constitution prevents government from unreasonable search and seizure.

      It seems the target of both the president and Congress is not Americans rather the Constitution of the United States. There exists a solution.

      With insurance companies expected to go out of business with this unconstitutional endeavor, it seems that those companies and their employees would focus on the Constitution asking United States Senators if they support our Constitution. It should be recognized that a vote for the Health Care Reform plan is a vote against our nation's Constitution.

      In closing, today Congress attacks the Fourth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendment. Tomorrow, it will attack the First and Second Amendments. When our Country first began, persons of that alignment faced tar and feathering. What happens today?

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    48. Don, Michigan says:

      jas56,, If your health care is so great, why are canadians streaming across the border to get help they need when they cannot get it under your great health care system??

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    50. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Ditto Don of Michigan on our Canadian Friend jas56.

      The reason YOU pay half of what the US pays is because you don't have an out of control immigration problem like ours.

      Secondly, if the USA would giving hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to the rest of the world for every conceivable cause, that might help us.

      Third, WE are your largest trading partner and are friend – as well it should be.

      Never forget, however, that your national defense is our national defense. In short, an attack on you is an attack on us. Don't even go down the road on military expenditures comparison.

      Lastly, I know you have your share of ideological left-wingers running your show.

      Canada could REALLY HELP US out if they would take a whole bunch of ours! Start in California and move Eastward.

    51. Mike Keziah, Rock Hi says:

      This information sounds a little like the scare tactics from the insurance industry. While my leanings are conservative, I do believe the healthcare system in the USA is not functioning well nor even adequately. I am over 65 hand have seen the graft and cheating that goes on in the medicare world. I don't think the current bill (who knows what it will become after all the other bills are "folded" in) does much to lower costs for the average person and remove the cheating by insurance companies and doctors. I would like to see a little more of an attitude of fixing the healthcare system and less partisan bickering.

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    53. Tom, Clearwater, Fl says:

      We pay more every year. Wether you like it or not, no matter what you do, what the government does, we will all pay more. There is no balance between the charge amount and the true cost. Someone, somewhere, needs that large bonus, then account for all that flood of advertising, and let's not forget all that research that drags on forever. To clean up healthcare, the country would almost have to revert to a barter system.

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    55. John, California says:

      Medicare already has guaranteed issuance for a number of situations, that has not broken the bank. Also, in my opinion, the insurance companies may not playing fair by insisting on medical information before fully determining whether there is guaranteed issue on some of their applications. For example, Medigap policies require guaranteed issue if you leave an HMO because the HMO did not follow the rules or mislead the patent. However, some companies do not ask about about this possibility on their application forms. Then the companies proceed in the application to insist on medical information that they would not be allowed to ask under the conditions of guaranteed issue. (reference 2010 Choosing a Medigap Policy:A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare: 01120.pdf page 25, guaranteed issue reason #7, posted on Medicare.gov. Compare this against many of the published applications forms of medigap policies, in particular in California)

    56. John Sellers, Califo says:

      Medicare already has guaranteed issuance for a number of situations, that has not broken the bank. Also, in my opinion, the insurance companies may not playing fair by insisting on medical information before fully determining whether there is guaranteed issue on some of their applications. For example, Medigap policies require guaranteed issue if you leave an HMO because the HMO did not follow the rules or mislead the patent. However, some companies do not ask about about this possibility on their application forms. Then the companies proceed in the application to insist on medical information that they would not be allowed to ask under the conditions of guaranteed issue. (reference 2010 Choosing a Medigap Policy:A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare: 01120.pdf page 25, guaranteed issue reason #7, posted on Medicare.gov. Compare this against many of the published applications forms of medigap policies, in particular in California)

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