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  • Video: Congress Dismisses Public’s Transparency Demands


    This past summer, hundreds of thousands of Americans attended townhall meetings and demanded their representatives be more upfront about the health reform legislation being crafted to overhaul one-sixth of the U.S. economy. But Congress continues to operate in a shroud of ambiguity. Members of the Senate Finance Committee even recently defeated an amendment that would have required Congress to post the actual committee bill (the committee currently is working on conceptual framework of a bill) online for at least 72 hours before voting on it.

    Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) went as far to say the actual bills use arcane language that ordinary Americans wouldn’t understand. Regardless, the public has a right to have time (at least five days) to read the bills before they’re voted on. That’s what President Barack Obama campaigned on and he should hold Congress to keep that promise.

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    18 Responses to Video: Congress Dismisses Public’s Transparency Demands

    1. swissturn says:

      These people don't care what the public has to say.. They have their own agenda.. Their own rules.. and they're going to ram a bunch of crap down our throats and while we are standing up and pointing it out… They're going to ram some other things through with the other hand.. Vote ALL out while you still have a vote!

    2. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      WE do not want a single Senator or Congressmen or the POTUS acting to the cameras again when they are called LIARS.

      If they want respect they need to EARN it.

      Moreover, if they LIE, that terms SHOULD be used.

      When Obama said 5 days that is it. Don't let your reps get off the hook with phony excuses like "WE DID NOT SAY IT, THE POTUS DID." BS!

    3. Heidi Munson, Bothel says:

      You guys do such great work! Thank you! Just one thing, though: We are a Republic, not a Democracy. That is important.

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    5. Minuteman, GA says:

      Riddle me this…. All the legislation being proposed right now would not take effect until 2013. I would think the libs would understand that if they are not re-elected, which right now looks like a very good possiblity, and the conservatives take control of Congress that the bills can be revoked. So why vote on a bill that would most likely end your career only to have it done away with? The only sane reason I can think of that they would do this is because they know there is no way they will be voted out. And how could one guarantee their continued membership in Congress?….. Ever hear of Martial Law?…… Then there would be no elections next November. Be vigilant and watch for it!!!!

    6. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      My "representatives" and I are diametrically opposed on every issue. I know that because I check on "The People Decide", a website that highlights major legislation. Also, I write to them about major issues, and receive polite rebuttals. My views don't matter to them, but are to be airily dismissed.

      I simply voted for the wrong party, we lost, and I should get over it.

      They don't work for us, we work for them.

      5% of the population pays 95% of the bills while casting 5% of the votes. DeToqueville and others correctly predicted that a democratic republic would work just fine until the electorate decided to just vote themselves a share of the treasury.

    7. Janis, Duluth,GA says:

      The Congress has forgotten who has to pay for all of this. I do not buy anything without thoroughly researching the product. I think Sen. Kerry may not know how smart and educated some of the people in the US are. There are thousands of educated citizens who could not only read the arcane language but question the logic behind the language. Maybe he has been exposed to the dumb people that he works with and realizes they can't read the language or even attempt to read the Bills. The real intelligence of a person is to present things in a language that most could understand. They should be REQUIRED to add all the language that would be needed to fill in the blanks by not only calling out a reference to another law but also to add that to the bill to make it clear and complete. Obama should also post legislation online like he said he would do or be fired!!! Replacing a corrupt Government with a more corrupt Government is not what voters wanted. The Congress should make sure the voters get time to read the Bill or they should be fired!

      The unread TARP bill cost us millions(maybe billions) in unnecessary junk that should have been removed before passing the bill. Remember Obama "no earmarks" Administration, maybe someone needs to educate him on earmarks. Let's not make this misstake again. FIRING all the congressman that signed that bill would be a good start. We now have the MOST secretive White House we have ever had and it is costing us billions. How do we get rid of this corruption before the US is overtaken with debt?

    8. Pat Droney, Enfield, says:

      Typical lying b*stards.

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    13. Mike, Kennesaw says:

      Living in Kennesaw, Georgia, I am at a disadvantage because my House and Senate representation favor a more conservative government. I can only contact them and provide my support of their current positions.

      The people of Massachusetts need to demand of their Senators what they had demanded of President Bush, open and honest government.

    14. Mike, Kennesaw says:

      Maybe if every person that is truly committed to the conservative movement would do a couple of things:

      1. eliminate all your debt, except possibly your home mortgage, build your personal savings

      2. only buy American products, which could be rather difficult due to the flight of our manufacturing base

      3. write your Congress men or women and demand that they start reducing the size and scope of our Federal government, offer to support someone next election (even another person of the same party) if they don't do this

      4. demand that our government comply with the constitution

    15. Darrell Morrow - Sew says:

      Isn't it time to start a grass-roots effort – meaning at the tiwns/counties/states levels to initiate a recall vote for as many supporters of the current administrations policies – Democrats & Republicans, alike – rather than having to wait for the 2010 election & resultant Congress to convene?

      How about The Heritage Foundation taking immediate legal action to require the President & congress to abide by the 5-day "rule", or at least obtain a federal injunction requiring a delay in the healthcare legislation until hearings are held on the constitutionality of the proposed bill and Reid's backdoor approach to bringing the bill to a vote without any amendments and/or debate. I'm convinced a request for contributions from concerned citizens (count me in) to cover the costs of such litigation would be highly successful.

      The same approach should be applied to the Energy Bill ("Cap & Tax").

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    17. Holly, Houghton, MI says:

      How can I find out who voted on this and how?

    18. Bobbie Jay says:

      Nice one, Freedom of Speech! Everyone in government should be on the same page, but as we witness and live with, if it isn't acceptable to the people, or they're FOUND OUT, it was somebody else who said it. How childish. How incompetent. How disgraceful!

      There is no communication. One congressperson says this, another that, etc on and on. The government seems to be failures to communicate.

      The government of this country is outrageous to force any PURCHASE (insurance, cars, etc) on the people. IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!

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