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  • What Next? Feds Want To Take Your Remote

    Earlier this week the Federal Trade Commission yet again proved their uselessness, this time by issuing guidelines requiring bloggers to disclose any payments they receive from the subjects of their reviews or face a $11,000 fine. Because who knows what death and destruction would occur if Timmy failed to let his readers know that Activision gave him a new controller before he wrote a review about how awesome Guitar Hero 5 is.

    Now House Democrats in Congress want to pass a bill forcing the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the volume of television commercials.

    Is this really something the federal government needs to be doing? Are we paying taxes so that federal bureaucrats can act as our communal mute button?

    Americans don’t need nanny state regulations from the FTC and FCC. We need a return to limited government principles and a rejection of the Obama Czar State.

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    9 Responses to What Next? Feds Want To Take Your Remote

    1. David Beaird, Keokuk says:

      Knowing that main stream media (TV, magazines, newspapers) are being manipulated and controlled by the government, it only stands to reason that they would go after the internet. Internet is the "Radio Free Europe" of the 21st century.

    2. John Rosky Andover, says:

      Will this GOVERNMENT ever stop. What is next, they want to control how many times you flush the toilet. Stay out of my house and start doing their job. They can't even read a bill. I know why, they can't READ and we pay them $175,000 per year to have better things than we do including the new airplanes.

    3. wm mercer, strasburg says:

      Tv commercials are notoriously louder than adjacent programming.

      But this should be up to the broadcasters and cable companies to regulate themselves.

    4. Col. Matt, Amherst, says:

      We MUST get back to our founding principles – this government is completely out of control.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      What the heck? Words are your own. If someone wants to buy them what business is that of the FTC? Especially when written and not spoken. The writers should get an automatic tax refund for not contributing to global warming!

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    7. James Ellison, Iowa says:

      stay out of my house and maybe go to the schools….not to order mandates to what we learn or how often we flush the toilets but learn to read so you know what bills are needed and deserve recognition…..the simple idea that they want to control commercial volume…..this country is going nuts over whether bounty is the QUICKER PICKER-UPPER! or the faster remover? nuts man…just plain nuts

    8. D.R., Orlando, FL says:

      Except for Fox the government is already controlling our broadcasting media. So now they are working at getting rid of FOX and radio talk shows. Once that is done, all that is left is the internet. Then they will have total control over everything the American people can learn, excpt for the neighborhood astroturf radicals. I suppose they'll just lock us up or turn us over to the death panels of medicare.

      Does anyone know of a free country in this world that will take an American astroturf granny in under political asylum. This country is no longer free and it's so called representative government seems he** bent on rapidly turning it into a communist dictatorship.

    9. Bobbie Jay says:

      government already provides FREE Internet for their tracking and tattling conveniences.

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