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  • Taliban Kills, Obama Appeases

    Yesterday morning in Kabul, a sports utility vehicle traveling on a busy commercial street detonated explosives hidden in the car as it approached the Indian Embassy. The suicide bomber killed 17 people and three Indian paramilitary guards were wounded by shrapnel. Hours later, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and specified that the Indians were the target.

    The Taliban’s suicide attack on India, who was also attacked by the Pakistan-based, al Qaeda-sympathizing Lashkar-e-Tayyiba in Mumbai this past November, comes at the same time that President Barack Obama is trying to convince the American people that the Taliban is not a threat that merits the resources necessary to defeat it.

    This was not always the Obama administration’s view. Just this past March, when announcing his New Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Obama explained: “Multiple intelligence estimates have warned that al Qaeda is actively planning attacks on the United States homeland from its safe haven in Pakistan. And if the Afghan government falls to the Taliban — or allows al Qaeda to go unchallenged — that country will again be a base for terrorists who want to kill as many of our people as they possibly can.”

    The White Paper produced by the White House at the time also concluded that preventing al-Qaeda’s return to Afghanistan would require “executing and resourcing an integrated civilian-military counterinsurgency strategy.” As the Washington Post reported yesterday senior military commanders understood that this sentence meant U.S. and NATO forces would have to change focus from killing insurgents to a full out counterinsurgency effort. The military knew that this would almost certainly need more boots on the ground. But, according to the Post, the civilians in the Obama administration thought they could get away with protecting America on the cheap:

    “It was easy to say, ‘Hey, I support COIN,’ because nobody had done the assessment of what it would really take, and nobody had thought through whether we want to do what it takes,” said one senior civilian administration official who participated in the review, using the shorthand for counterinsurgency.

    But when Gen. Stanley McChrystal returned with a tactical battle plan that requires an additional 40,000 U.S. troops on top of the 68,000 who are already there, the Obama administration began furiously backtracking. Now that the cost of defeating the Taliban is higher than the civilians in the Obama administration originally thought, all of a sudden President Obama sees “a role for Taliban in Afghanistan’s future.”

    Heritage Senior Research fellows Lisa Curtis and Jim Phillips conclude:

    If the Obama Administration chooses to deny its field commander’s request for more troops and instead seeks to engage Taliban leaders in negotiations with the vain hope that these militants will break from their al-Qaeda allies, the results would likely be disastrous. … President Obama must take the long view and avoid shortsighted policies that undermine U.S. friends in Afghanistan and Pakistan while encouraging America’s enemies.

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    40 Responses to Taliban Kills, Obama Appeases

    1. MotherRedDog says:

      IMO, those WhiteHouse staffers and the CIC should put on their fatigues and get on over there. Things can't get much more insane. I would not ever want to be in the position the General nows finds himself. Staying there undermanned trying to make nice with the Taliban will bring nothing but a whole lot of American deaths. I'm sure the Nobrain Appease Prize committee didn't think out the whole scenario. Now that JJ Obama (Jim Jones) has his handy little prize, I'm afraid he will try to get the military to drink his kool aid. I would want to just leave. How could anyone stay and watch the deaths that are going to occur, including the good chance of getting killed yourself, or worse yet being captured by the most heinious mad men in the world. God help us all. I believe this decision is now etched in an award.

    2. Paul Rinderle says:

      I have heard this more than once but no one has dwelled on it

      1. If our troops capture someone they must release them in 36 hours to the Afghans or Pakastani's. No time to interrogate= consequence

      2. The troops are not allowed to capture forward observers of the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

      3. Air cover has been removed for our under attack troops in certain areas to avoid civilian deaths presumably.

      What else is being done like stationing our troops in "remote posts susceptable to the large Taliban/Al Qaeda forces.

      I've got a Marine step-son in training at Camp Lejeune. It will not be long and he will have to go over. I see a tremendously weak/incompetent President as his leader. How can our boys fight if under the conditions I delineated above.

      Obama already tried to make our boys pay for their own battle injuries. How could any man let alone the President suggest such a thing unless it was purposeful and done to destroy our Services?

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      We know who Obama doesn't love.

    4. Pingback: Caffeinated Thoughts

    5. Lt_Scrounge, Phoenix says:

      President Pantywaist (You have got to love the Brits for their blunt assessment of the situation. I guess they must have learned from their experience with Chamberlain.) will delay and procrastinate until McChrystal pulls out a miracle of a victory and Obama will say "I told you so." or until Afghanistan is completely and hopelessly lost with many more service members dying unnecessarily as a result. Either way, he will claim credit for the victory or assign blame to McChrystal for the loss. I believe McChrystal's predecessor was removed because he refused to implement President Pantywaist's new rules of engagement that puts US Servicemembers' lives at risk by preventing them from annihilating any enemy that uses civilians for human shields. I believe that McChrystal now sees his long military career being shredded by an incompetent if not openly anti military CinC. That is the reason why the troop requests and other comments have been made public, McChrystal sees the bus coming and has decided he doesn't want to be the Obama administration's next speed bump.

    6. James Ellison, Iowa says:

      toatally agree with caffeinated thoughts… what is going on over there?

    7. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      The POTUS is surrounded by civilian advisors who know nothing of military tactics let alone grand strategy, which is the purview (as well it should be) of our civilian leadership. To be fair, there are political consequences to using armed forces. In fact, armed force is just an extension of politics.

      The problem is we can never get a majority of countries to "sacrifice" in treasure and blood, in order to stop a common scourge.

      The Taliban and other terrorists cannot function without safe haven. Pakistan is now finding this out the hard way, when they are seriously threatened.

      This is not and should not be an American problem. The entire world should know the extreme danger they all will face. They do.

      Politically, why should they get involved?

      They have us to criticize while we keep apologizing instead of "demanding" joint action. This is why we have psychotic regimes in N. Korea and Iran.

      History repeatedly shows that the world never learns until it is too late. Then EVERYBODY pays more.

      All of this being said, perception is everything and mixed messages is dangerous – so what can we do?

    8. Tom, Belton, Texas says:

      For the good of the Service and the USA, McChrystal should tender his resignation followed by all the other Generals.

    9. MaryAnn, USA says:

      Obama's dithering should be a surprise to no one. My Goodness, he's a democrat. Democrats have not wanted to fight a war, much less actually win one, since the second world war.He has already stated that he is uncomfortable with "victory" because it reminds him of our victory in WW11, and "this is not a ball game. I'm not interested in victory." He has the time to fight for the olympics and gay rights, but lacks the moral courage to fight for our country. He has made his decision; he will dither until our soldiers are killed in such numbers that the public demands they all come home. Obama is reprehensible.

    10. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is one the stangest things that a so called president could do, but then that is his way, talk and appease. He will nevr take a stand unless it is for a socialist style government. We must get the dems out of controll, it is plain they do not care what the people want or how they feel. If we are aganist what obama SAYS OR WHAT PELOSI, REID OR THE OTHER DEMS SAY WE ARE CALLED TERROIST, OR WORSE. SO BE IT, I DO NOT LIKE WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A DEM FOR DOG CATCHER.

    11. Tim Az says:

      Anyone who bothered to look since the 9/11 atack has seen exactly what I have seen. The left has extreme contempt for our sons and daughters in the military. They demonstrated this during the Bush years doing everything humanly possible to see to it that America did not win the war in Iraq. Our sons and daughters won that war much to the liberals displeasure. Now the liberals have total control of our government. And are now extracting the many pounds of flesh from our sons and daughters who scorned them by winning the war in Iraq. The flesh may continue to pile up for three years before the American citizenry can rescue our sons and daughters from the cruelty of the liberals. What a high price to pay for those who just couldn't be bothered to exercise the civic duty and make an informed vote one day out of the year. How's that hope and change working out for you?

    12. dave, dayton says:

      Somebody said it during the civil war. "Politicians make poor generals", generals make poor politicians". The Tai-ban understand one rule-"kill all the infidels" Too bad we don't adopt the same reverse policy. I spent two tours in RVN, I know what Rules of Engagement can do to morale. Either return heavier fire and destroy where it came from or get the hell out!

    13. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      If we all realize who and what Obama is, his intention are very clear. HE DOES NOT WANT US TO WIN! He lied during his campaign. He lied in March. He continues to lie today. He wants this

      country to fail to make it easier for his socialist, Marxist system to control us.

      He will allow young American lives to be sacrificed in Afghanistan (or any other area) to achieve his goals.

    14. Millie says:

      America is not the first love of this administration. Nor is America the first love of many liberals in this nation. You can no longer count on the concept that at least we are all Americans and love our country. Many don't.

    15. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Obama is by far the weakest president in recent memory(Carter aside). At one time, the actions of this president would be considered treason or at least giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Please, please, can we begin impeachment proceedings now. After all, the libs tried it with Bush on arguably weaker grounds. Let Obama have to worry and be distracted by such an action at least as much as the Bush Administration was. Obama is making mistakes that will take decades to correct. I would rather thave the world hate and fear us than hold us in contempt.

    16. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I have three grandsons of age to join the armed service and even as an Army Brat I am telling them not to inlist, If I was in the sevice I would sure be tempted to go AWOL with this president, we need someone in the White House who UNDERSTANDS military actions, if not they sure should have someone of that character close by AND LISTEN TO THEM. FDR had no experiance but he listened to his commanders, these were 5 star generals and admirals, OBAMA wake up you are killing our young men and maining them.

    17. Paul Agostino Wilmi says:

      Obama is a disgrace , in the oath of offce I beleive his primary job is too protect the UNITED STATES FROM FOREIGN INVASION , HIS ACTIONS SO FAR APPEAR TOO APPEASE EVERYONE INTERESTED IN DESTROYING US AS AN OLD SOLDIER I AM OF THE OPINION Obama is committhg treason and should be impeached .I have always been proud tobe an American its a shame our reigning leader is not. Paul J Agostino Wilmington Ma

    18. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Former Secretary of State, Eagleburger has suggested that since the Obama Administration doesn't want to win the war in Afganistan that it is more like Vietnam. We should get out of Afganistan if Obama won't put the 40,000 more troops in there. If you won't win it then it is just a waste of American blood and treasure.

    19. Jerry from Chicago says:

      His Nobel prise award should have read,

      "To U.S. President Barach Obama, for achieving peace in our time."

      Too many of our readers here are not old enough to know who Neville Chamberlain was, or the significance of these words. They will fall into the category of those people who do not learn from history and, I fear, will suffer the fate of those who do not learn from history.

    20. art. CT says:

      One of the best comments I heard was on Beck this morning with a sub-host. The caller said that The American Military should use what ever tactics neccessary to become barbaric. This would senda clear message that The USA was not to be messed with. But we have had 2 presidents who would prefer to fight with one hand tied behind our backs and blindfolds on.

    21. ChuckL says:

      do we still live in The United States of America, or has this country already been transformed by Obama and the Socialist Democrats into the Eastern Province of Islamic Indonesia?

      I think that is a question that all of us should be asking ourselves. It should be followed closely be, "What are we going to do about it?"

    22. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      This president is an idiot! I must agree with Savage…pull our troops out, send 3 bombers over and level the place. Those are the rules of war, we are not there to play stupid games.

    23. A. Scott, El Paso, T says:

      I hope that if Obama truly thinks the Taliban is in any way "a participant" in the solution that he authorizes the removal of all widows and their children in that country, otherwise it will mean the return of the burka and cruelity to women and their children. This is truly shameful.

    24. Jeff, Cincinnati says:

      Never go to war without the intent to win. When our strategy changed from winning the war in Vietnam to not losing soliders, we lost both. Additionally, our enemies know to use the media against us. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda know that to win the war here against the US, all you have to do is win the Media war. They have won it. Fully commit to win or come home with our tails between our legs…. just like the Russians.

    25. Norma, Missouri says:

      I like ChuckL's question and think we are well on our way to becoming the "Eastern Province of Islamic Indonesia"…..that is if the Islamic's are able to defeat the Chinese in taking over America. What are we going to do about it? Talk and "reasonable debate" has and will not get us anywhere. Look at what is happening this morning in our illustrious Congress….the senate is getting set to vote to cram obamacare down our throats. The title of Glenn Beck's new book "Arguing with Idiots" says it all. Think of having a reasonable debate with Hitler. Hopefully, enough people will vote all of the idiots out of congress next year. We will see then if there is any time left.

    26. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I have not seen one thing that this administration has done to help America or Americans. He is anti-america, and now more of our troops are going to die.

      The President said, he looks to Vice President Biden to advise him on war. Well, that makes me feel better. What a joke, I could advise him better, listen to your commander!

    27. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      Obama needs to take off the dress and put on some pants. Our service men and women are under attack and he does nothing? What is wrong here folks?


    28. Don, Michigan says:


    29. charlie mississippi says:

      The democrats have always undercut the military. Lyndon Johnson was picking out targets each day .let missles on the warf be off-limits while allowing them to be set up and fired. This "community organizer" is destroying this country and the military in so many ways. One change is that he has promised to give homosexuals in the military their rights.. oh that will help.

    30. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      No Mr. Obama, this is not a game in Afganistan, but yes we do want to win. That is the point. To minimize terrorism in the world is to forget 9/11 and all the bombings and deaths before now. You are wedded to appearances; smoke and mirrors. Your inaction makes America appear weak, demoralizes our troops and our country. I want my free country back and you and your gameplaying, Chicago mob gone.

    31. Tom, New Jersey says:

      As a former soldier, I am still ready to fight for the America that I fought for and preceded OBAMAnation. This creature of hollow words that now occupies the highest office is killing the military mission to defeat terrorism, bankrupting the government, destroying free enterprise, and creating a division this country has not seen since the American civil war. One side is trying to preserve the constitution and freedom while the president's side is doing everything in their elected power to destroy it. His actions seem to be facilitating the provacation of division and potential armed conflict. How do you destroy a nation? Cause it to become bankrupt, eliminate freedom, and provoke a civil war. OBAMA's gameplan is evident.

    32. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Strategy in Afghanistan? Mr. Obama thinks we need to recruit the Taliban to help us beat al- Qaeda. How all of them must be laughing at us.

      We don't have a Commander-in-Chief running the war in Afghanistan, we have Mr. Rodgers.

    33. paul collins.the vil says:

      Well we knew obama was another chamberlain and with his praise from norway we can add Quisling to the list.For those of you not old enough to remember he was the traitor who turned norway over to the nazis.Believe me obama is no idiot.He knows exactly what he is doing,he wants to destroy our country and then become a dictator.we must elect people in 2010 who will stop him.

    34. Ham Lake MN says:

      Stop your whimpering. Our boys will get the job done. We here at home, our mission is clear.

      1. Support out troops

      2. Retake our own country from the Marxists which now hold power.

      3. Let "It" start with YOU. It was common Farmers and Shop Keepers that stood their ground at Lexington and Concord.

      Lloyd from New Orleans is 100%. These people don't fight fair. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, ect. are Domestic Enemies and I swore an oath to oppose them…..did you? Then do it!

    35. Rayford Davenport says:

      If the Taliban takes Afghanistan and Pakistan will it be long before they look to India?

    36. LR Crane, Downsville says:

      I can't believe what President Obama is doing to this nation, especially our soldiers who are fighting so hard and know they have a Commander in Chief who does not treasure their lives. The President's Office deserves respect, but Obama deserves none. He is not President of the USA. He deserves to be impeached.

    37. Ham Lake MN says:

      The Heritage Group are a bunch of cowards. The time for talk is long passed. It's limp spined Americans that have let the Marxists get this far. I know you mean well, but not printing comments like mine will not stop what is coming.

      It's better that Americans get tough and move on to what needs to be done. Hide under your beds if you have to, the rest of us are going to clean out this nest of snakes.

    38. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Ham Lake MN — I don't think the Heritage group are a bunch of cowards. It may surprise you that many (but not all) here agree with you.

      However, if you are really in a mood to start changing things for the better, I suggest you organize a few of your friends in Minnesota to rid your state of that so-called 'senator' Al Franken. Send him back to late night comedy shows, where he belongs.

    39. R. Fred, Midlothian, says:

      We are in a World Conflict of ideologies. One faction supports liberty, freedom, and democracy for all people while the other is suppressive and domineering bent on control and force (Terrorist). This conflict between Good and Evil, Freedom and Bondage has gone on for over 1400 years now and may never end. Will Freedom win out over Bondage? Not unless we can change the "programmed" mind set of the latter. If you've never know Freedom and have been trained and programmed to hate it enough to die for your cause, what will precipitate change? Maybe we, "The Free", need to move close to the source of those in "Bondage" to liberate their mind and sole.

    40. Nedra , Utah says:

      When is the Senate and House of Representatives going to censure Obama???

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