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  • Morning Bell: The Nobel Intentions Prize

    As fellow Americans we always take pride in the achievements and awards of our compatriots. Although we congratulate President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize today, he should accept the award on behalf of the American people for all our many sacrifices to make the world a better place.

    Everyone recognizes, however, that the Nobel Committee awarded the prize to President Obama on the basis of hope for the future rather than achievements of the past. The politicization of this award saddens us when dissident leaders in China, Zimbabwe, Cuba and other dictatorships are passed over despite substantial achievements and not just hope for things to come.

    More recently, former President Jimmy Carter won the award in 2002, and former Vice President Al Gore won it in 2007 for his environmental activism. It is clear to everyone that in recent years, the Nobel Prize has taken on a form of a political football that Europeans are able to lob into U.S. domestic politics when they desire to.

    President Obama has built high expectations for himself since he began his campaign in 2007. He was going to turn around Afghanistan, the “good war.” He was going to restore America’s leadership role internationally, and deliver global consensus on issues as weighty as nuclear arms or universal emissions standards. So far, Obama  has been given little time to show results to match this “promise.”

    While some nations  have embraced him,  former allies like Poland, the Czech Republic and others have condemned his policies. While he has spoken of a nuclear free world, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called this vision “naïve.” While he has delivered speeches looking to bridge the Muslim and western worlds, he has also failed to recognize that Muslim women and men are fighting against a Taliban intent on oppression, poverty and terrorism.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is not the Nobel Intentions Prize. Past winners have risked life, freedom and their families to deliver world change. Former Polish President Lech Walesa led the Solidarity movement to free Poland from brutal Russian oppression. Mother Teresa was given the award after decades spent saving children from famine. Begin and Sadat in 1978  had made a giant leap forward in Middle East security, bridging the gap between Israel and Egypt.

    The Nobel committee should have given President Obama the opportunity to meet these weighty expectations rather than diminish past achievements with a public relations award. However, the Nobel organization is a private one. And it has every right to give this award to whomever it  chooses. The real measure of success for President Obama will be how well he serves the American people, safeguards our sovereignty and keeps the nation secure, free and prosperous.

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    84 Responses to Morning Bell: The Nobel Intentions Prize

    1. Worldbfree4me says:

      Leave it to the GOP / NEOCONS to try and diminsh the Presidents latest achievement. As an American, I am proud to see change making its way through the Country. Some argue that POTUS is destroying their Country as they know it, but I like the America POTUS has in mind, one with a diminished southern voice..

    2. Diane, Washington, D says:

      I could not agree more. I think it is offensive for those who have risked their lives and poured blood sweat and tears to deserve the award in the past, and this diminishes the importance of the prize.

      I now have "HOPE" that I can win a Nobel Prize without actually accomplishing anything.

    3. Barb in New York says:

      The Nobel Peace prize has become a joke. It is purely political but of course it won't be spun that way. No one has a conscience anymore. Given the absolute slap in the face Obama's ego had to endure with the Olympics shut down…this will probably make him feel better…eh? After all it's how people feel about themselves that's most important right, not if they are truly deserving. The example starts at the top. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.

    4. Steve, Michigan says:

      The Nobel Prize for Obama is an embarrasment and should be rejected by him and offered by him to someone more deserving. Moreover, it is clearly a political act having nothing to do with the actual accomplishment of peace. Many, many well intentioned people in the thrall of wishful thinking have actually torpedoed peace and, in the area of peace and war, results matter. Perhaps we should rename the award the Neville Chamberlain Award as a tribute to articulate wishful thinking and give up the pretense of actual accomplishments.

    5. Dave D Washington says:

      What a joke. This guy gets a cookie every time he turns a corner. And has done pretty much nothing so far. This is the hope and change we have been promised. What has happened to the intelligence of the worlds people.

    6. R.U.WITHMEE says:


    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Is this some sort of joke? Has the Nobel Committee gone completely socialist. Or is this "pay-back" for the decision of the Olympic committee? Or is it because Obama is the first half-black president. The only award Obama should be awarded is "best lier" that ever disgraced the Oval office. It was bad enough Al Gore was given this, but at lease there was some sort of basis the Nobel committee could point to, although it was misguided. But what has Obama ever done to deserve any award? This joke totally diminishes the value of this award.

    8. Tricia, Arizona says:

      I am just FLABBERGASTED!

    9. george virginia says:

      Why doesn't the great one donate the cash prize

      to people that are starving in the world. I hope

      he would not give it to Acorn.

    10. James Campbell, Rich says:

      The Nobel committee took a swipe at President Bush by awarding their trinket to Al Gore. The "kick Bush while he's gone" endeavor continues. Mr. Obama has been in office 8 1/2 months, or so! Maybe he got it because of his Euro Left, Left wing tilt.

    11. Skullsplitter, Maryl says:

      "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." Isaiah 5:20

      The Three "Nobel" Stooges: Gore, Carter, Obama

    12. Christopher Popham S says:

      Excellent, though somewhat tongue-in-cheek analysis

      of the Nobel Prize Award to President Obama.

      To give such laudatory international 'recognition'

      to someone, based on what they 'might' be able to

      accomplish in the future seems beyond absurd and

      suggests a loss of reality in judgement by the Oslo

      oligarchs. Without sounding conspiratorial, this

      whole scenario smacks of the socialistic one-world

      government theory that has been bandied about for a

      couple of years. In jest, I'm sure, some are suggesting that Obama be nominated as head of the

      E.U. as well, securing an even more consummate role

      as the leader of the 'free' world.

      As the headline in the Drudge Report said this a.m.:

      Nobel Peace Prize? For what?

    13. Ron, Derry NH says:

      You are spot on.

      Giving an award for; Hope he makes some change in the world, is childish and demeaning to those dying to make a difference.

      This is just more of the delinquency toward reality that elitists add to the game of life where their pomposity outweighs their relevance by actions done like this, to promote intentions of some one they have pre chosen for grandiosity with no proof.

      This award has been cheapened into a political accommodation to promote intellectual hijacking over actual deeds and principles.

      It has shown that the reason peace is so hard to achieve is that even the well intentioned, supposed intellectual will lie, abuse their position and fraud the public to maintain and promote their chosen type of people, even while others more worthy rot in prisons or are beaten and murdered defending true peace.

      A callous disregard for actions committed in a life with the transference of accreditation to another without a deed of merit, for blatant self promotion is the reasons people distrust others and peace becomes such a struggle.

      The Nobel Prize committee has chosen to exemplify why trust is so easily lost and how hard it is to keep.

    14. Normca says:

      Obama has done more than nothing. His words do not mean anything. What he has said is that he wants a world without nukes and plans to remove a defensive weapon in Europe. He wants to unilaterally disarm America and weaken America so that it is equal to the rest of world – eliminate the super power. That is why he received this award which has become worthless from the days of its beginning. He speaks words the rest of world has said and feels. He has apologized for our country, apologized for freeing the world's people. Liberals who call us Neocons are all about intentions and not about deeds. This award, like its present recipient is a sham. Now he has something else like Algore, a meaningless statute, for meaningless men.

    15. Steve, Michigan says:

      William Manchester, in The Last Lion, reports that when Chamberlain returned to England from selling out the Czechs with his "peace in our time" promise, that the press were adulatory: "No conqueror returning from a victory on the battlefield," The Times trumpeted, "has been adorned with nobler laurels."

      Peace is a worthy goal, but it is only the achievement, not the wishing for, that counts. We had better hope that Obama fares better than Mr. Chamberlain did. The Nobel Prize laurels are prematurely worn, as they have been before. did!

    16. Suzanne, San Diego says:

      It is blatantly obvious by the announcement this morning that Barack Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize that the Nobel Peace Prize committee has moved into the political realm of the oblivious left. It confounds me to the degree in which we as a nation and world have lost true values and strength of righteousness. This is ludicrous!

    17. Phil, NC says:

      Just another example of corruption and manipulation of US and Global politics.

    18. Zoltanne in Virginia says:

      The Nobel prizes have become a politically arranged Pageant. The significance of a Nobel prize has been minimized before this, but now, with Obama getting the Peace Prize, we see a farce. He has done nothing to earn this and should not accept it in light of all of those who actually HAVE worked for peace.

      But his ego won't let him.

      Wondering if the next Olympic medals might not follow suit. Why bother with achievements or competition. Let's just judge them on a bit of hope and promise. Why not give out the Olympic gold, silver, and bronze to those competitors who show good promise for tomorrow?

    19. April, Colorado says:

      Congratulations to President Barack Obama for being selected by an international delegation to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

      "Skullsplitter"…if you are going to quote scripture from the Bible, you may want to choose a different blog name.

    20. Pete Kleff, Cypress, says:

      Frankly awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize should come as no surprise. The "Peace Prize" has been an obscene joke for at least a decade.

    21. Bruce Hubbert says:

      Heritage Foundation, "he should accept the award on behalf of the American people for all our many sacrifices to make the world a better place"

      He just did.

    22. Gisele, Ohio says:

      Because of the "fall" of mankind in the Garden of Eden, we are born with a sin nature and therefore live in a sinfilled world.

      Due to this, we need military might to dissuade and discourage our enemies from attacking us and our allies. First we need God's help and divine intervention, but God also uses armies to do His will and fighting also.

      I disagree with Obama's nuclear disarmament for America anywhere in the world. How can we trust our enemies to disarm? This will only give them more of an advantage.

      This nobel prize awarded to Obama is a joke. The worldly (not Godly) "powers that be" obviously are consoling him for his blantant childish act of wasting taxpayer money and taking two jets to Copenhagen to try to persuade them to give Chicago and the people "he owes" the Olympics.

      In my estimation, Obama is the poster child and vehicle to help usher in a One World Government/System. They needed to make him look good after another of his blunders in the Copenhagen fiasco.

      What better way to do it and make it a global recognition, than awarding him the nobel peace prize…again I say, what a joke.

      This is another disappointment for me and shows where we are headed…and it isn't good or beneficial for America.

    23. A. Heuston, Morgan H says:

      Well said. I find this news very disturbing, and, unfortunately, not surprising.

    24. Mike, Texas says:

      The current President has been referred to in past articles as "the Messiah, the Great one, etc".

      I wonder if this devisive talk and labels were used for past leaders or if this dialogue is reserved for leaders who do not heed or further the speaker's beliefs.

      This attitute follows the saying that "The brightest ray of sunshine can not penetrate a closed mind." Author unknown.

      This is not saying the current President is a "Ray of sunshine" though some will think so and there the lies the problem.

    25. escondido california says:

      Regarding the article about FHA needing a bailout from the New York Times. David Strettfeld gets it completely wrong about FHA starting in 1934 to help lower income and first time buyers purchase homes. FHA was established in 1934 to guarantee loans to lenders who made home improvement loans. During the great depression lenders feared making loans with no collateral and people were in desperate need for basic necessary improvements(roofs etc.) It was over twenty years latter that FHA became available for home purchase. Makes you wonder what other major mistakes were made in the NY times article….

    26. Andy; Florida says:

      The award is really for Obama's redistribution of America's wealth to the rest of the world; Soros is part of this somehow.

    27. k anne NY says:

      …"Past winners have risked life, freedom, families, etc.??? "…. Do those 'risk takers' include Jimmy Carter and Al Gore??

      The road to hell is paved with "good intentions" and that is where our President is leading this nation! So, in that respect, Congratulations, Mr. O! Do keep up your good work!


    28. Martin/Georgia says:

      I was up at 04:30 this morning when this news broke. My first impression was to hurl then it occured to me that Oslo really couldn't help it. It was that tingling feeling running up their collective legs.

    29. Jill - Minnesota says:

      The Nobel Peace Prize is now meaningless. Don't see how it can ever regain any sense of honor.

    30. Richard Van Pelt, Sa says:

      I think we all ought to congradulate Obama on his Nobel Appease Prize.

    31. Virginia, San Diego says:

      Nobel Peace Prize should be renamed Nobel Prize for Created Crisis.

    32. Roger S., Ma. says:

      "…the Nobel organization is a private one. And it has every right to give this award to whomever it chooses…"

      Unfortunately the Nobel Committee is private only in terms of funding and legal structure, so here are some rhetorical questions regarding the past, present, and future choices impacting its and the recipients' quite public reputations:

      Wasn't Yassir Arafat endowed with the same prize, just a few years ago ?!

      May we expect the same prize for Mr. Ahmadinedjad, next year, now that he has "come clean" on the "secret" 2cnd Iranian nuclear concentration plant?

      Why has Fidel Castro been so far denied this "honor"? Did he not facilitate for over 40 years the "peaceful coexistence" in close Caribbean quarters of the Soviet Bloc and the USA, while facilitating "peace and prosperity" in Cuba?

      Last, not least, doesn't this constitute a special mandate to BHO to receive forthwith the Dalai Lama at the White House?

      Oh, I forgot: "modern man" needs no reasons, feel-good "vibes" suffice!


      Seems that there are just as many moronic commies over there as here.

    34. JP WA says:

      Giving the Nobel Prize to person who has accomplished nothing in the world. His greatest claim to frame is he organized a group of people to lazy work or to stupid to know that education is the only way to achieve a goal. Organizations like ACORN are what Obama is about. Obama has no idea what peace is. It is not flying around the stating that the United States is responible for all that is wrong in the world.

    35. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      I first saw this story on msn.com. That server was apparently having some technical problems in reporting comments made about Obama's novel prize by Bishop Desmond Tutu. Within Bishop Tutu's msn.com quote was the following:

      "acticipittesgnevn gratr anriutantoars akngsou wrl akngou asaerplace fo all."

      This made more sense to me than the gobbledygook that escaped the evident foul up in msn.com's system. Therefore, relying on Tutu's quote as set out above, I better understand the award going to Obama.

      Oh, it is possible Tutu was speaking in some foreign language unfamiliar to me, but even so his quoted remarks best explain, to me anyway, the noble decision.

    36. Jim Brokenbek, Amari says:

      I cannot and will not join you in congratulating Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize… the man and his cronies are evil. The award has been a sham since it was awarded to Yasser Arafat. The committee is nuts and/or has a terribly warped sense of humor.

    37. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      To Worldbfreeforme:

      There are undoubtedly millions who feel the same way you do.

      As for a …diminished southern voice, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      Before you leftists are done, every one's voice will be diminished – including yours.

      It will be too late for you to say "worldbefreeforme".

    38. Richard, Ma, Oh, Mi, says:

      I am to scared to realy view my opinion. But, thanks for the forum. And I very much enjoy educating and informing myself through your articles. Love the West Pointer Carrafano.

      I will say that I have friends fighting in the middle east and a friend who has a son going to boot camp Monday. I can not be wasting my prayer time on a once respected award.

    39. Tom. Florida says:

      Today another false award was given to Barry. What did he do to warrant this award. I have asked friends and even a Doctor he did not know. Did discover a cure for AIDS? We all don't know.

    40. okiejim says:

      So that's the secret. Just say you are going to do something and you will be rewarded. Why-o-why did I work so hard for years? I could have just said I was going to work hard and would have been rewarded.

      Why was not President Reagan awarded the Peace Prize? He ended the cold war.

      I would ask Worldbfree4me what positive changes Obama has made for America and Americans? I see none, and none in the future. He is selling your country out and you think that is good?

      This is not a southern voice speaking, it is an American voice who fought for the freedoms you are so ready to give up without question.

    41. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      I give up! The world is insane!

    42. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      One can only reach a single conclusion regarding who gets the Nobel Peace Prize: It goes to the number one "Flim-Flam" man of the last 365 days.

      A prize obviously easily won by charlatans. First Al Gore of the "Greatest Hoax on Earth", Global Warming aka Climate Change. Then comes number two (not necessarily that left on Air Force One but definitely made of the similar material) "The Second Greatest Scam on Earth" The Obama Administration and Lapdog Congress.

      Two comments come immediately to mind:

      First, the Peace Prize Committee really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel as it relates to accomplishment. SNL has it right. What is the level of Foreign Policy Peace related accomplishments, Zero, zero and Nada.

      Second, P.T. Barnum has to be laughing so hard his gravesite's a quiverin.

      PC is Thought Control


    43. Bud, Fullerton, Ca. says:

      I do not understand. If the health care reform bill is so "necessary for this nation" and "so despararely needed", then why won't the writers of the bill be honest and up front and present the bill openly and to the public? Could it be they know that the American people will not accept their hidden agendas if they are made known prior to passing the bill?

    44. Leland, Illinois says:

      screen that truth, kool-aid drinkers. pathetic.

    45. Skullsplitter, Maryl says:

      April is a better name? Naaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! :)

      April here is one for you:

      Proverbs 31:6 (New International Version)

      Give beer to those who are perishing, wine to those who are in anguish.

      (Skullsplitter is the name of a good beer!)

    46. Chris, Edmond OK says:

      Heritage is oh so nice to congratulate Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize when he's nothing to deserve it. You guys are just plain nice.



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    49. Barak in Washington says:

      This should be renamed the Politicaly Correct Peace Prize as I'm sure old Alfred is rolling over in his grave by now.

    50. Susie says:

      This should not be a surprise to him; the nomination was decided in Feb. of this year! What achievements could he have possible made in one (1) month's period?

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    53. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      When my husband woke me this morning, having returned from the village news store, he said I would not believe what he'd just heard and might want to go back to sleep for quite awhile. The Morning Bell has it right. "1984" and " Alice In Wonderland". We live in the north and the south and will keep working to keep America free and honest with high standards for all.

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    55. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      Since this award is based on what has happened before February 1st and everything that has happened before February 1st has been blamed on George Bush, I wonder if the liberals will give George Bush credit for Obama winning the Noble Peace Prize?

      Just a thought.

    56. R.U.WITHMEE says:


    57. Frank L. White, Gulf says:

      I think he got the award for flying around the world so many times thus far in his presidency. We will have to replace the planes before he leaves office…………..

    58. Frank L. White, Gulf says:

      Wow! Maybe I should get one also for GOOD Intentions.

    59. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      Obama needs to make peace with the american people.No prize should be given to a person who is destroying our great country america.Peace their will be no peace for him in heaven cause he wont make it the way he is doing us.

    60. J&T, GA says:


      Anybody want to fly to Sweden with us to pick up your Nobel Peace Prize?

      We hear they're selling them in the airport shops there.

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    62. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      The Europeans have "lobbed a football into American politics"?

      Au contraire! It's more like the Europeans have lobbed another thinly disguised multiple warhead missile into our American value systems/"politics" by giving their Comrade Obama their "Nobel (so-called) Peace Prize", not for any real accomplishments for real world peace (and the freedom and security which real peace requires), but instead to promote the ultimate dream and goal which those such as Obama share with them.

      And what ultimate dream and goal is that they share with such as Obama?

      It is a so-called "New World Order", ruled by a "One World (Leftist) Government" oligarchy, the only thing yet to be seen being who will be its' "President" or "General Secretary" or "Chairman" or "Dear Leader".

      Of course, as history repeatedly shows and proves to this day, there's nothing "new" about the so-called "Progressive" Left's ideas and ways which make individuals and whole populations subservient to government and/or its' ruler.

      Instead, our Republic (not democracy), the United States of America, is the new idea and way, the exception among all of history, based on our Constitutional principles of limited government and individual rights, freedoms, and prosperity, which, like a rising tide, tends to "raise all boats", and has produced the freest, strongest, most prosperous and generous individuals and nation ever on the face of the earth.

      But of course both "We the People of the United States" and freedom-loving people throughout the world can yet lose the freedoms, prosperity, and security which are this "last best hope of mankind, the USA.

      In fact, evidently, we are in the process of losing it all, and all we have to do to keep doing so is keep falling for Leftist government elitists and statists such Obama and such as the similarly elitist political tool which is being made of the Nobel Peace Prize.


      Here's another two cents. A meaningless award given by meaningless people to a meaningless politictian. Pretty pathetic.

    64. Don, Lima, Peru says:

      Bill Krystal said, "Now they should give Sarah Palin the Nobel Prize for Literature; nobody's read her book yet, but at least a lot of people want to."

      I want one liberal here to tell us exactly what Obama has done to deserve this award. Has he liberated a single person? (Bush liberated 50 million of them from tyranical regimes.) Is a single Muslim woman less oppresseed beecause of Obama? (About 14 million females in Afganistan are better off today, and generations to come can have actual "hope" because of George Bush.) How about millions of Eastern Euros free from the yoke of the Soviets? (Oh, Reagan and Thatcher couldn't be conisdered for their hard work on that since they were conservatives.)

    65. mackp says:

      The President is on a roll. First he disgrace the office of the President.

      Then America by apologizing for being the most given country in the world, with the lives,blood and tears of our servicemen and women and familys.

      Now the Noble Peace Prize for doing what. Kissing up to Socialist dictators. Tearing done our National security. Liberals wake up before this man distroys this country.

      3 out of 3 oh I'm sorry 3 out of 4 the olympic committe told him to kiss off. At least someone has some sense in this world.

      Semper Fi

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    68. phyllis, texas says:

      mmmm mmmm mmm

      Obama gets the Nobel Prize!

      even tho it was not in his eyes!

      mmm mmm mmm

      he's humble as can be ,

      but I can't refuse because IT"S FOR ME!!

      {wave hands up high]

      mmm mmm mmm

      just wait and see; what Health Care will

      finally be!

      mmm mmm mmm

      No mo' people dying in the street;

      and Gawd forbid you break your hip,

      and a pain killer will be granny's treat!

      mmm mmm mmm

      mmm mmm mmm

    69. Dale, Oklahoma says:

      The Noble Prize is no longer nobEL.

      It has quickly become a joke whose

      worth is more from the monetary amount

      received than the notion of the actual

      prize itself. One may just as easily

      get something out of a Cracker Jack

      box that is equally valuable. At least

      if you're an American conservative or

      member of the G.O.P.. For this…"prize"

      continues to elude the greatest of

      those political stripes.

      It would seem that Hugh Hefner or Larry

      Flynt have a better chance of having

      Sainthood bestowed upon them by the Pope,

      than Ronald Reagan would've had in

      winning the IGNOBLE Nobel Peace Prize.

      Even the inventor of dynamite ( were he

      still alive today ) would be BLOWN AWAY

      by the political, affirmative action

      direction of his growingly meaningless

      "prize" today.

    70. Chris, Ohio says:

      Are you kidding me???? I can't imagine this guy's ego getting any bigger than it already is. Some have said we, as Americans, should be proud that our president was awarded this prize. I am embarrassed and saddened that they would choose this do-nothing liar and deceiver over the many, many more deserving nominees. Politics as usual. I see another first family tax-payer funded "vacation" to Oslo. I wonder if they will take the dog?

    71. timothy f.crowley says:

      It is most comfortable knowing he's being recognized for trying.

      I voted twice for GWB and many of my family members and friends are of the Conservative"tribe".

      The Heritage Founbdation has value as well.

      I say we must ALL work at Co-existing as Americans and stay open minded with those who aren't blessed with the fruits and vegetables planted from our fathers and mothers.


    72. April, Colorado says:

      Skullsplitter. Congratulations on your ability to use a concordance.

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    74. James Ellison, Iowa says:


      seriously let's all hope that he dosen't get into that mind set and actually deliveres on his promises that he gave all of us during his campaign…i think we can all agree that will go along way towards our belief in the organization and their abilty to award the right people and that he will not get the "you love me, you realy love me" philosophy. then again…we can always tune in next week to THE NOBEL PRIZE GAME.

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    76. jay pister says:

      Sending 750 billion dollars a year to parts of the world that want to destroy us ranks as the most stupid thing the country has ever done…outside, perhaps , of electing a committed socialst to the nation's leadership….

      jay pister

    77. Steve Skeete, Barbad says:

      President Obama, being the well-liked person that he is, it will almost obviously seem mean-spirited to criticize anyone wanting to give him an award, for any reason. However, I must criticize the 2009 Nobel award.

      Taking into account the January 2009 cut off point for nominations, and the short time the President has been in office, it is clear that both his "nomination" and "choice" were foregone conclusions. This, in my view, demeans not the President but the nomination. Popularity and politics ruled out every other consideration.

      However, take the nomination of Morgan Tsangarai. Now here is a man worthy of a peace prize. "Bloodied but unbowed", he has chosen for the sake of his equally battered country, to refuse the call to arms, and instead serve as Prime Minister next to a monster who is intent on gobbling up Zimbabwe.

      The Nobel committee was not looking for hope, because had it been, it would have found it in Tsangaria who with swollen lips from his hospital bed called on his supporters not to sink to the violent levels of their oppressor, Tsangarai who travelled far and wide seeking international intervention and financial aid for his country.

      If that attitude of self-sacrifice, and love of country and the democratic ideal is not worthy of a Nobel acknowledgement then we might as well give up "hope".

    78. Hank Richards, Manag says:

      Let's see — "NEDA" the Iranian girl who was a household word a few weeks ago gets killed for protesting what may have been "BOGUS" election results — OBAMA says "WE SHOULDN'T MEDDLE" and get a Nobel Peace Prize — Simply rearkable and "NUTZ"

      Hank Richards, Managing Partner


    79. Hank Richards, Manag says:

      Let’s see — “NEDA” the Iranian girl who was a household word a few weeks ago gets killed for protesting what may have been “BOGUS” election results — OBAMA says “WE SHOULDN’T MEDDLE” and gets a Nobel Peace Prize — Simply remarkable and “NUTZ”

      Hank Richards, Managing Partner


    80. jim toledo says:

      Who really cares? I mean anyone with any sense knows this award is political at best, Obama hasn't done anything to fix anything, and he isn't going to fix anything because everyone looks at him as a weak leader who will give into whoever yells the loudest. We should be spending all of our time getting the economy moving north and for the unemployment rate to go south. The only person in my recent memory who actually did some very stuff was Mother Theresa, those are the types of people that we should proclaim as the real heros.

    81. John Watt Anaheim, C says:

      There is hope for me— If Obama did what? This world is turly upside down.

    82. LR Crane, Downsville says:

      I find it very hard to understand how and why President Obama received this award. I always respected the individual who received it previously. As far as I can tell, President Obama has not done ANYTHING to qualify for this, heretofore, prestigious award. He is and has been "all talk and no action". He has embarrased the American Citizens, he has projected an image that this Great Nation has been going down the wrong path, and has done so many things unhandedly and illegal. Mr Wilson in Congress told the truth when he said President Obama has lied. He has and continues to do so. It is very evident by the Tarp Bill that was unnecessarily and unethically pushed through Congress,as well as, the Health Care Bill that will most likely be done the same way. Something needs and must be done about this man – I respect the Office of the Presidency but not the man who was placed in that Office, most likely, illegally with voter fraud.

    83. mary, ohio says:

      I think that obama geting the nobel peace prize was a insult to AMERICA, & the WORLD!

    84. Frank, New Zealand. says:

      I find myself having to agree with the comments of many of those above! I still, however, believe that any Noble Prize is deserved even if we cannot immediately see that! This commitee works hard to try to be fair to eveyone and, as humans often do, mistakes are made. No doubt they will take to heart the comments made and ensure they are not repeated – if at all possible.

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