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  • In the Green Room: Gov. Jeb Bush on Obama's Worst Decision


    Yesterday, Governor Jeb Bush praised President Obama for ‘being on the right track’ regarding education reform. We think there’s room for improvement when it comes to President Obama’s education stance, although he has promised to ‘use what works’ when considering reforms. However, if the President was true to his word he would have intervened when Congress voted to phase out the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program in April, which ultimately resulted in 216 low-income D.C. families being told the federal government was rescinding the scholarships that they had already been awarded earlier in the year:

    I thought it was a sad decision, a horrific decision. In fact, the decision was unfortunately done without being in the light of day…If you disagree you ought to have the courage to say why, and we haven’t heard a reason…Of all the decisions [President Obama] has made…this is probably the worst.

    Governor Bush is certainly on the right track. Bush put action behind words and since reforming Florida’s broken education system there have been dramatic and undeniable results. ‘What works’ in education is choice and freedom. What’s needed is the courage to stand up for what works.

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    20 Responses to In the Green Room: Gov. Jeb Bush on Obama's Worst Decision

    1. MotherRedDog says:

      I wish this was all that was wrong with Obama.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      Totally agree! A man without reason is 100% coward!

      His plan is to have ALL schools educate HIS indoctrination from mandated preschool through mandated college! This is why the government put controversy to eliminate home schooling.

      Hang on to your children and teach them right…

    3. SirJason says:

      Obama's education programs will be 'indoctrination' of our children from kindergarten through college.

      These children will move through every level of 'indoctrination' under the control of socialists and automatically receive their HS "Dumbed Down Diplomas" that will bump them into college.

      After 4 years in college these same children will receive their "Dumbed Down Degrees" that will qualify them for only a government job.

    4. D.R., Orlando, FL says:

      With all the government is doing to our children in their brainwashing tactics, I'd say it's time to take all our kids out and home school them. Dumbing down our children is how Obama, Princess Nancy, Prince Harry and their like got elected in the first place. Our children no longer have an attention span longer than 30 seconds and the schools are not teaching them how to investigate anything and search for the truth themselves. They are being taught to follow along like sheep from Kindergarten. "Take all your supplies and put them in a box at the front of the room." The supplies now belong to the collective. Working to have a better life for yourself is wrong. You must work twice as hard so the person next to you can have as good a life as you, without working for it.

    5. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Um Um Um.

      That says it all.

    6. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      It may seem smart to have something good to say about the president (there's not much to celebrate) but I don't trust him on education either. The type of people the president has put in place are right in step with the anti-American, anti-capitalist secularists that will not educate the next generation of "Americans" but educate the next generation of "socialists and non-constructive rebels". May God have mercy on this nation.

    7. Patricia Brittell A says:

      All I have seen, read, and heard are

      not a good thing for our schools under the Obama thinking. It appears he wants to indoctrinate all grades from K-through college and if the people don't immediately take action to stop him you will suffer many consequences.

    8. Patty's girl says:

      Parents areresponsible to set the standards for and to lead their children in the way they should grow, not the government.

    9. MaryAnn, USA says:

      Obama's worst decision has been to facilitate the decline of American exceptionalism in all respects. His most reprehensible has been his decision to abandon our soldiers in Afganistan.

    10. Steve,rhode island says:

      the corage to say why…

      the arrogance not to.

    11. Li Yabin, Shanghai, says:

      What is that? Never heard,`opportunity scholarship`,sounds, the goverment simply holds a pure heart to help the poor just because …,but well,…to be honestly, good students should take the bill of tuition fee for the best schooling education, there is no room to make an arguement,

    12. Pat, Vancouver WA says:

      Considering the nut cases BHO has surrounded himself with I fear what his idea of education is.

      If BHO was HONESTLY concerned about the quality of education today, he would not have killed this bill that gave many children a chance to follow their dreams.

    13. Kiki, Tucson says:

      I knew that I liked Jeb for some reason!

      It's good that he will speak out!

      Go Jeb!

      Still LOVE you!

    14. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Mary Ann, USA — I couldn't agree more.

    15. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Is Jeb Bush a Republican at all? Why does the Federal Government have anything to do with education? This is just the kind of thing the Feds can be depended upon to do, force the States to rescind their laws so as to get Federal dollars. DOWN WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION! The Federal Government should not be involved in education at all. That is a States Right.

    16. Voice of Reason says:

      Hmm, that no child left behind worked so well. Still,Mr. Good Old boy Jeb forgot to mention that this was a trial and evaluation situation. Here is the findings from the studies from the Nation Center for Education and Evaluation and Regional Assistance (US Department of Education Institute of Education and Sciences):

      *No evidence of a statistically significant difference in test scores between students who were offered an OSP scholarship and students who were not offered a scholarship.

      *The program had a consistently positive impact on parent satisfaction and their perceptions of school safety.

      *Students who were offered OSP scholarships did not report being more satisfied with school or feeling safer in school than those without access to scholarships.

      *This same pattern of findings holds when the analysis is conducted to determine the impact of using a scholarship rather than being offered a scholarship, taking into account the approximately 20 percent of students who were offered but chose not to use their scholarships the first year.

      I thought conservatives were fiscally responsible? I know it was really all about bashing Obama and the Dems. Same old boring story from the party of just say no and no ideas.

    17. Joyce, Georgia says:

      Parents, grandparents, guardians, lets take back our schools.

      Lets stand together and say no to liberal indoctrination.

      I believe we can be a mighty force at PTA'S AND PTO'S.


      How can we as a nation of great people stand back and let these

      mindless, gutless, human waste idiots ruin this GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS!

      Go to Yorktown and Williamsburg in Virginia and read what our country men in the past fought so hard to give us…and we are just going to let these impotent twits take it away..

      God help us

      God Bless us

      God look after our men and women serving our Country

      in this time of war…because our president sure has his back turned.

      Please America wake up

      Mrs. Joyce Staecker


    18. gon4beer, VA says:

      In reply to Voice of Reason's comment on 10/12, I would suggest that VOR should google DC charter schools and read some of the postings. Most telling is the recent Post write up on Michelle Rhee, the DC public school chancellor. The public schools are rapidly losing students to Charter schools, and the reason is that parents want higher quality education and more input as to how their children are taught. As for the study you referenced-hmmm-done by the Dept. of Education-gee, they probably don't have ANY bias towards charter schools-do you think the NEA might have anything to do with this. You sir, are wearing blinders.

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    20. Chris says:

      One of the things troubling me is the fact that Jeb Bush stepped aside for Mitt Romney in this presidential election. We have President George H.W. Bush. We have George W. Bush. We won't have President Jeb Bush. Bush is the governor of one of the largest states in the Union, Florida. He is well positioned, and the apparatus given to Romney for this election belongs to the Bush family. http://www.internettruth.org/

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