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  • Pony Up, Working Families

    Under the Baucus plan, just about everyone who is not covered by a government health program will be required to purchase insurance by 2013. To help pay for the mandated minimum coverage, individuals and families with incomes below four times the poverty line will receive a subsidy calculated on a sliding scale worth a percentage of their income, while those with incomes up to three times the poverty line will also qualify for a cost-sharing subsidy.

    However, even with help from the government subsidies, families will be required to pay substantial out-of-pocket costs for health insurance. As analysis from The Heritage Foundation has shown that on average a family of four with an income at two times the poverty line will be forced to shell out 16 percent of their income to buy insurance – and this is even after all the subsidies.

    Likewise, a family of four with an income at three  times the poverty line will be required to pay just less than 20 percent of their income for insurance. This escalating cost should be especially alarming in a time of economic downturn.  When work becomes more expensive as a family’s income increases, some may face a disincentive to work more.

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    21 Responses to Pony Up, Working Families

    1. jay says:

      "…. just fewer than 20 percent?"

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Health care "Reform"? The Beltway's elitist club throws meaningless warm fuzzy words around like they do tax payer dollars. Let's not forget their front man's "Change" and "Hope". Well allow me to throw a few meaningful words out there. "Accountability", "Integrity", "Respect", "Honesty" and "Stewardship" Where did these self-serving fools go wrong? With their "Vast" left turn. My message to the Congressional majorities' leadership, TAKE YOUR GRUBBY PAWS OFF MY COUNTRY'S NECK! Stop your unnecessary and improper takeover of America's corporations and healthcare industry.

    3. Marlton NJ says:

      From the Lessons of Forrest Gump. "Stupid is as Stupid does". Votes do have consequences!

    4. Rayford Davenport says:

      The Baucus plan for equaliy taxes the sick and the well.

    5. JFK says:

      Senator Baucus's Health Care Plan discourages an individual worker from achieving a greater salary or a better position, if the result is an increase in his or her health care costs negating the salary increase.

      In a same manner an increase in an employer’s health costs discourages a small business in the hiring of new full-time workers, and encourages the use of part-time or self-employed contract workers to satisfy transitional work.

      The cumulative effect is a constriction of new jobs that become available over time, with a long term chilling impact on the economic recovery.

      In summary the legislation seems to be proposing that if you work hard and secure advancement in your job or business the government will force you the owner and the worker to pay more taxes to support individuals who choose not to work for a living.

      Not a good plan for workers who must subsidize the program by forced purchase of health care, not a good plan for businesses who must fund the program by paying additional taxes, and most assuredly not a good idea for the United States to limit the number of new jobs in this time of economic depression.

      The individual incomes may be better enhanced by working the "gray" market employment than advance in the and encourages the use of existing staff overtime and/or part time independent contract workers to satisfy short term requirements and transitory business objectives.

      This is a expedient cost cutting strategy that is easily implemented, and one which will constrict economic recovery by minimizing the number of new jobs available in favor of avoiding penalizing health care and constricting the desire or necessity to add to employess to the workforce.

    6. philip says:


    7. Jame Bach says:

      The American people see what is coming they are begining to realize that the United States is turning to a socalistic state. The majority of people do not want these changes, they do not want larger govenment, higher government debt and a loss of freedoms. But that is what we have received with this administration. The "change" promised is not what they expected but they voted and now we all have to live with the result. We have a couple of years to put up with this dismal direction. 2010 will not be here to soon.

    8. G. Dietz, Pagosa Spr says:

      If you thought the Tea-Parties were well attended…

    9. Sanford Trado, OH says:

      This is not health reform this is the fulfillment of a promise at the expense of the taxpayer, business and financial stability of our country.

    10. Buzn-Cuzn, Kansas says:

      Once they kill all the seniors off, run all the busines' out of business, who will be left to pay for all that the dems under the tutelege of the magnificent one have wrought? We'll all be dead or dead broke. but, does this surprise any one?

    11. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      In Colorado we have mandatory auto insurance, but here is how it works: the product I want is not being sold, that is low per mile coverage (I do not drive very much any more). So, this month I paid $2.00 per mile to drive my car in insurance cost alone. With mandatory health insurance, the same thing will happen. I am not likely to use doctors and hospitals. I like vitamins, exercise and common sense (none of which are supported by the AMA). The health insurance product I want will never be sold and I cannot afford Obamacare. So then my sniffles will cost me $1,000 even though I don't get (or want) treatment.

    12. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      The consumer should have a choice on whether to purchase health insurance. The idiots who point to mandated car insurance to justify mandated health insurance forget that car insurance is insurance to protect the OTHER guy in case you run into HIM. You can carry zero liability on your own vehicle. The other aspect of car insurance is "uninsured motorist" insurance to protect you from the actions of another who skirts the law. If a person chooses to live a healthier lifestyle and take a chance that he won't require expensive medical care and pocket his hard-earned cash for other purposes, then he should be able to do it. This goes straight to individual responsiblity and living with the consequences of such. So your employer of choice doesn't offer affordable insurance? Maybe you should have chosen to pay more attention in school when receiving your free education so you could get a better job (with better benefits). Too often we cast the downtrodden as victims when they, in fact, made decisions that landed them in their situation (see "Buy house on coastline susceptible to hurricanes"). Life is full of risks & rewards but no guarantees. The taxpayer should not be forced to pay for poor choices.

    13. John Roane Sarasota says:

      This is the change you all voted for now live with it. Your only other option at this point is not to re-elect anyone to the US Congress. You have no friends in Congress just a bunch of guys looking out for thier own interest. Now do you believe me?

      On second thought this isn't the worst, yes there is more bad news. To enforce the healthcare plan they will take more of you Constitutional Rights. Once you are in the public plan your medical records will be open to the government, if you have PTSD or similar aliment say good bye to the second amendment and so on.

      We live in the best country in the world and we can change it. Who said that?

    14. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Anyone who believes that Health Care Reform legislation, regardless of its final form, will not substantially increase the financial burden on those of us who already have insurance is deluding themselves.

      Anyone who believes that such legislation will reduce the national debt is a fool.

      Anyone who believes anything said by Barack Obama is criminally stupid and ought to be locked up for their own safety and for the safety of the rest of us.

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    16. Lew from Phoenix says:

      You'd think the new health care rules would lead to more efficiency without the negative burden of large tax increases that drag down the economy would be an easy decision wouldn't you? Not for a certain group of politicians because making health care more efficient is not their goal. The real prupose of government run health care is to gain control.

    17. Bobbie Jay says:

      these people have no conscience. it won't stop until it's stopped…peacefully…

    18. Rick from Rutherford says:

      Where are all of these numbers coming from? Both sides are tossing out figures in favor of their argument yet I have yet to see any thing in writting. No doubt those of us who work and succeed in life will end up paying for those who desire nothing more than enough money for booze and smokes. I think the pressure should be on Democrats and Obama to produce a completed bill before anything is voted on. Anything less should be criminal, in my opinion.

    19. Joe from Texas says:

      The Democrat leadership is trying to lead our country down the path to a “Second World“situation.

      Remember, at one time, England ruled most of the world. The same with Spain,France, and Germany. Look at what they have become.

      If you can`t lead, then you are condemned to follow. Is that what we want for our coutry?

      We Americans have fought for our freedom too often to just let them get away with that.

    20. Jules, Missouri says:

      I am reading "Atlas Shrugged", again. I recommend it to everyone if they want to see what could happen to this country with this administration. The "health care reform" issue is just the tip of the political/citizen control iceberg. That policy, along with "cap and trade" and all the rest of the Obama/socialist policies, will pretty much do what Ayn Rand has drawn out in this book. Want a picture of what our country will look like once all the socialist policies are made law? Pick up this book, read it, discount the "love story" angle, and you pretty much have the future of our country drawn out for you.

      All of the policies which this administration is proposing are nothing more than an attempt to control the lives, completely, of every citizen in the United States of America.

      If just one of these policies is voted into law, it paves the way for the rest. All of the policies proposed by this administration discourage ambition, hard work, personal responsibility, thoughtful and informed planning for the future, etc. Everything which made this country the greatest nation on the planet is being challenged by this administration. Those who want to work hard and get ahead in life will be punished and those who want to live on the backs of others will be rewarded. Pure and simple. With all the "czars" in this administration making executive policies at every turn, there will be a web of laws which no one will be able to keep up with nor observe. Thus, the citizens of this nation will be setup to be labeled, and prosecuted, as criminals without their knowledge for pursuing the American dream.

      Read the book. Take heed. It is the future of our nation as described in "Atlas Shrugged" which could be our future if the citizens of this country do not take action to stop this administration.

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