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  • Morning Bell: The Baucus Bait And Switch

    Throughout the health care debate, President Barack Obama repeatedly promised the American people that his health care plan “will help bring our deficits under control in the long term.” The problem is that the White House could not get the Congressional Budget Office to cooperate. Throughout the summer the CBO issued report after report showing that the versions of Obamacare working their way through Congress all added to the deficit.

    First, CBO found that the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) bill would increase the deficit by $1 trillion. Three weeks later, the CBO released a report on a revised bill showing HELP 2.0 only raised the deficit by $597 billion. The House then got a little clever and tried to game the CBO scoring system by phasing in the major spending of their bill over time, but even that maneuver left them with $245 billion added to the deficit in the first ten years (with crippling deficits to come as the entitlement spending ramped up in the out years).

    Enter Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus (D-MT) who was determined to manipulate the CBO’s scoring system as best he could and deliver a deficit neutral version of Obamacare. After months of working directly with CBO staff, Baucus scored a victory for Obamacare yesterday when the CBO released a preliminary analysis purporting to show that the Baucus bill would reduce deficits by a total of $81 billion over the next decade. The New York Times awarded Baucus with the headline that the White House has been searching for since the debate first began: “Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis.” But this headline and the accompanying article are fundamentally dishonest. As the Politico reported yesterday: “While the media and lawmakers often shorthand a CBO letter as a “score” or “cost estimate,” today’s CBO letter is neither. Because the bill is still in “conceptual,” or layman’s terms, CBO’s letter today was a “preliminary analysis.” For it to be an official cost estimate, the bill has to be translated into legislative language.”

    Indeed, the CBO went to great pains to emphasize this fact in their letter to Congress: “CBO and JCT’s analysis is preliminary in large part because the Chairman’s mark, as amended, has not yet been embodied in legislative language.” But this isn’t even the most deceptive part of what the left in Congress is trying to pull on the American people. Not only does the Baucus bill not even really exist, just a Vapor Bill filled with conceptual language, it is about to be completely thrown out the window when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) merges it with the deficit busting HELP bill to move it to the Senate floor.

    Then the real deception begins. Majority Leader Reid will then move to proceed on a House passed TARP tax bill, completely gut it, and insert his version of Obamacare. After the Senate passes the bill it will go to the House where if it is approved without amendment, it can then proceed directly to President Obama’s desk for signing. Throughout this whole time, the White House and the left in Congress will be using headlines like the one from the New York Times this morning to claim that Obamacare will reduce the deficit. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Baucus bill is the only version of Obamacare to get anything close to a deficit neutral nod from CBO and even that is done through creative deception. When it is combined with these other bills, Obamacare is certain to become an even greater budget buster once again. But the left’s entire strategy is to move fast so that a true CBO cost estimate of what Congress is actually voting on never happens.

    Conservatives are fighting to make sure this deception is not perpetrated on the American people. Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) has introduced legislation that would change Senate rules to require a 72-hour waiting period and an official CBO cost estimate before the Senate was allowed to consider any legislation. If President Obama’s promises to the American people about ethics and transparency mean anything, then he should insist that Congress take its time and allow for a full CBO scoring of health reform.

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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: The Baucus Bait And Switch

    1. Jack Lohman says:

      Why are we being so damned stupid? For the same amount of dollars we are spending today (16.5% of GDP) we could provide first-class Cheney-care to 100% of our population. Including those in SCHIP and Medicaid, and those who are uninsured and under-insured.

      It'd be a Medicare-for-all system that would eliminate the insurance bureaucracy waste (31% of our costs) and spend it on patient care instead. We'd pay for the system through our national infrastructure (taxes) and eliminate this cost for businesses. They could spend the savings on keeping jobs in the US instead of outsourcing to countries already with universal healthcare. A bailout for 100% of our businesses, not just the banks and car manufacturers.

      But instead, we are spending more time and money trying to avoid doing it the right way, than it would cost to do it correctly up front. All because we have some people that don't want to see others get something for free.

      I say, don't give it to them for free. Require them to volunteer time for the state or somewhere that would benefit the needy. But let's quit screwing around with something that is going to happen anyway — either this year or next — and let's fix it and move on to repairing our economy and making our nation competitive once again. We are wasting valuable time.

      Jack Lohman

    2. Rayford Davenport says:

      Only allowing a seventy-two posting of a twelve hundred page bill is like reading War and Peace over the week end.

    3. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      It's not that I don't want to believe the administration and the congress about reforming health care insurance coverage. It's that I have the record of each administration and congress in my lifetime (HST to BHO) that shows me that a politician will over promise and under perform, that costs will always be higher and in the end, citizens' labor and goods and services will be taxed to pay for these promises. It is a display of willful neglect for the truth about government programs that diminishes the presidency, the congress and the beauracracies in the eyes of citizens. It is most regretful that the president said taxes will not be raised one dime to pay for this program. Each man and woman will be able to see and to judge for themselves if he is a liar.

    4. Crazy Politico, Illi says:

      When you can't win the arguement, then just back door the legislation.

    5. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      I am so sick and tired of the scoundrels in Washington. They are liars, manipulators, hypocrites, thieves and traitors!

      They need to be called to task and not allowed to wreck the Constitution and the Country in their voracious quest for power and control over all of us.

      The morons who place their trust and themselves in the hands of these sociopaths will be enslaved just as much as the rest of us who oppose them.

      I WANT Government Control OUT OF MY LIFE!

      Lord send us replacements for our Founding Fathers!

      Today's Washington DC is "Organized Crime"! We the People are its victims.

    6. Joseph C. Moore, Cpo says:

      Republican or Democrat administrations, we are fed a pablum of doublespeak however, this administration has set a new High (Low?) in bait and switch policies.

    7. Duke, Ohio says:

      I am against Obamacare more than anyone. But how do you think that the CBO is not going to rescore this bill after the left get's its hands on it? Such a suggestion seems absurd.

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      By this time, everyone should realize that any

      health care bill proposed by the Democrats is going to be a lie and an attempt to deceive the American people. Baucus is just one of Obama's

      lackeys that does his biding. Regardless of who

      or what state these congressmen are from, they are all part of this Obama effort to get bills passed that will destroy our country. These

      people cannot be trusted with any part of our furture. What makes this even more dangerous is,

      just as in the campaign, the main stream news media is supporting their efforts, thus will distort any form of the truth.

    9. Steve Jackson says:

      It's unheard of to ask for a full CBO scoring of the Finance committee bill when they have never done that. They always work with conceptual language and preliminary scoring – always.

      They did so when they passed the 2001 and 2003 stimulus bills that were over twice the cost of the proposed health care bill. No complete score – no legisaltive language.

      There was no complete score and legisaltive language to pass Medicare Part D out of committee in 2003 and how mnay trillions of unfunded liability has that bill added to the federal budget?

      The complete score should be asked for whatever final bill is brought to the chamber floor – but to ask for complete score and legislative language is nothing more than following Frank Luntz's slow walking instructions.

    10. David, St. Louis says:

      Good post. Makes it plainly obvious that Congress is no longer working for us.

    11. Nancy/Mississipppi says:

      THOUGHT: Why don't we just fill some dump trucks with all our money, and then, lie down in the road and allow the administration to run over us? That's makes about as much sense as all this foolishness. May God help us, because we are doing a poor job of helping ourselves and following His leadership.

    12. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      If Senator Reid does this, he should not be allowed to continue his term as he would have defrauded the American People. Actions such as this should not be allowed or tolerated because there is no doubt that an action such as this is being done to advance a personal agenda.

    13. R.U.WITHMEE says:



    14. jim toledo says:

      If a healthcare bill passes and it's similar to the bill introduced in late July, I just hope that when the the last vote is cast everyone remembers the lies, deceit, manipulations, and parlor tricks that were used to get it passed. I hope everybody remembers the names of those that supported it and those that lied about the details. The reality of all this is that the Baucus bill does little to revamp the healthcare system; it does give the government more control of our health care decisions. In the post Revolutionary Days of America, if the congress tried to do something like this, pass a bill in the shadow of darkness, they would all have been tared and feathered.

    15. Ron, Derry NH says:

      This is a strange debate. America has a system, it was called capitalism where free trade, choice and finances were a part of everyone's commitment to the cause of self govern, self reliance and self responsibility.

      We are now having a debate on how the government can add debt to every citizen, give health care away by bureaucratic intervention, take away choice, independence, free trade and individual responsibility so that the well intentioned socialist can assume the moral control over how money gets allotted from your earnings without your power to decide how or where it is spent.

      The philosophical implication is that we are now arguing how socialism will take shape upon our once freedom seeking liberty earning citizenship, not whether we accept it or not.

      In other words, we are being forced to design socialism upon the backs of every tax payer without constitutional consent or the consent of our national aim.

      The arrogance that it takes to destroy a countries economics with social mandates is evident and why we are in the mess we have arrived at today, and yet the administration is assuming Marxist dictatorship like imposed state doctrine with only a choice in the shape it will be levied upon us.

      This isn't a debate but a forced mandate that is being shaped to fit America's level of tolerance. What ever shape it is it will be Communism, Marxism or socialism, what ever you want to call it and it won't be based on freedom, free choice or independence no matter how they shape the sales pitch.

      I think America has been lead to a place of debt by the socialists that can't be stopped and the end of our freedoms, and independence will be shackled to the political will of the day….we are under siege from ivy League con artists that are in need of job protection and have chosen to enslave America to a system instead of balancing the budget, creating risk and competition and who have refused to accept our constitutional aims as relevant to the new world order that keeps them elite and powerful.

      One simple question; what government run program is monetary sound, running within budget, leading the industry with innovation and serving the public interest, where as it can be said to be a model of superiority over private enterprise?

      Why are we dismantling our success for the known failure and ineptitude of Marxism, socialism and communism and who ask congress to do this????

      Was it not the government's own mismanagement of financial laws, community groups, forced housing plans, financial institutes, and the failure of the SEC that got us to this point?

      How much more obvious does government failure have to be to be recognized as the problem not the solution?

      The removal of the Glass/Steagal act in 92 allowed banks to merge as a conglomerate as will the government take over of health insurance and the racketeering that ensues will be the same result. Why is any one even considering these plans to destroy our nation after seeing what government run mandated solutions already have revealed they do??

      These are frightening times to watch our greatness being stripped by money hungry socialist with an agenda to unravel our national heritage for their chosen agenda against self reliance, freedom, liberty and self motivated earned value.

    16. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      I'll check out your link. At least you seem to be prone to listening and providing positive response with a solution to a broken system. A welcome interlude here.

    17. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      It is beyond belief that anyone, I mean anyone, would expect anything honest and decent from a Democrat in Congress. As a group they are the most deceitful, dishonest and destructive bunch of individuals ever assembled in one place. The American people should be told that each and every day. Democrats are a disgrace to America. They are the real enemy of America today. Time for the people to wake-up.

    18. Dennis, Fargo, ND says:

      As Americans we should be very alarmed about what is happening in Congress in regards to moving the Health Care Reform package along. I am amazed, but not surprised, that only Harry Reid and a few hand picked Senators will actually draft the final bill in the Senate. I can read, but apparently, those we elect to the House and Senate can not. How dare they pass legislation so important as this without allowing time to read the Bill and for those of us subject to it to react! SUCH ARROGANCE! Do we live in a Democracy or a Socialist state? I wonder…….

    19. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      the CBO director, estimated the bill will cost $829 billion over 10 years and will expand insurance coverage to 94 percent of Americans.

      the measure is expected to reduce the overall federal budget deficit by $81 billion over the decade because reforms will cut the cost of health care overall.

    20. LeRoy Reed says:

      We all know this is about bigger government and Obama wanting to be the dictator of our country!! If they pass these bills in any shape, it will untimately be run by the government. What is wrong with this country??? the government must be stopped somehow?! I'm afraid Obama has just about ruined us in the eyes of other countries. He is a stupid man. He will do anything to further his adgenda, to become the almighty power!!! Who does he remind you of???????

    21. Steve, Michigan says:

      Mr. Lohman: Re: Your claim that nationalizing over 16% of the economy for a Medicare type program would eliminate "insurance bureaucracy waste (31% of our costs)." You fail to take into account the government bureaucracy waste that would have to take its place. Do you know what percentage of federal health care dollars go to pay for actual health care? Name me one federal program that has been run more efficiently than its private counterpart, ever. Besides, where exactly in the US Constitution does the federal government have any power to dictate whether and how we buy our health care? Obama's power grab is going to make the Bush era alleged sins pale in comparison.

    22. mike hutchings texas says:

      bait and switch doesnt begin to describe the criminality involved and the collusion with the goverment media that is blatant and racist and openly dishonest and shamless in its presentation of our country as an evil failed experiment with judgement passed on us by butchers and their apologists.

      they have no shame and no love of country because they havent the slightest degree of empathy for any thing beyond the narrow confines of the box the inhabit intellectually.

      so now we are racists for wanting what is good and fine to continue to exist as the rareity it is in a gaggle of nations united with their hands out and arguing for cultural equality as a means of balancing their barbarism against the freedoms of the west now under attack from within FOR THE GREATER GOOD you see.

      fish or cut bait, there will be no going back from this one. i have watched this evolve since the 1973 october war and the moves made after the wall came down and this is their chqance and they may not get another because of the broad based prosperity that every group experienced over the last thirty years.

      the stupidity of racism is that it is bad business in any ones personal and professional life and the tragedy is that it is a useful tool in the political media complex for the shadow elements that pull the strings on their frontmen to taint and admonish their opponents with.

      make no mistake the race card is being pulled from the bottom of the deck and counted as wild to reinforce what ever hand the marxist machine chooses to lay out there.

      bait and switch describes their tactics but not the depth of their hypocrisy and ruthlessness.they are as ruthless as the country club commanders of the new faux conservative republician party.

      lets face the facts of the david brooks wing of the GOP, what they intend is a defanged version of the right on the lines of the neutered opposition in western europe where when you break it down there is no different because the cage is the same for everyone caught in it except for the high priests of falsity that have to create green gods and earthly devils to justify the theft of life and resources from their thralls.

      lose this battle and we go from being free men and women of all creeds and colors into the half life of being state property.

      if a social contract exists that allows no recourse against the impositions of a master operating out side the law that forms the basis of our rights without public ammendment the nature of what we have to do and accept will change on its own as the consensous of opinion divides and seeks an answer in the resulting


      wisdom is called for and it is lacking in the leadership structure of the left and the free market right where solutions await people honest and wise enough to embrace them for THE GREATER GOOD.

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    28. Ron Thompson says:

      It would be an insult to a snake oil salesman to call them a congressperson or senator! what is about to happen is lower than low! This healthcare plan must be a complete, and total travisty! otherwise they wouldn't want to shove it through using means involving; no vote-straight to the president,attaching it to the war bill or any other sneaky,backhanded method to get the healthcare plan imposed on us reflects the degradation of the congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid with a giant dose of obama.

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    30. A. Lynn, California says:

      The problem with the US is that the American people in general have developed an apathy for the government. We have slowly allowed it to control more aspects in our lives over time because it is easier to give in. The whole point of the constitution was to make it so we controlled our own government "We the people.." notice "the people" in that phrase. Don't get angry at the government abusing it power. We should be more angry with ourselves for allowing it to happen. Look at the Declaration of Independence and think about it. " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…" The consent of the governed, do they really have our consent? It seems to me like so many people are angry about the government slowly becoming marxist. I can only say this, what can you do? The government has all of the power and we have none, even though it was intended to be the reverse by our founding fathers.

    31. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      It may be time for the American people to smoke Congress (it is getting very hard to capitalize that title) and Obama out of their hiding place. Although as a Conservative on legal matters and hence not one to often suggest policy litigation there may be no alternative. Although much additional research would be required a HIGHLY VISIBLE and well crafted action should be considered for filing in the DC District Court, or even as an original proceeding in a higher court, if possible, charging Baucus, Reid, Pelosi and as many of the usual suspects with duplicity, breach of fiduciary duties to the body politic, perhaps even fraud both for misrepresenting the truth, violation of the oaths they took to safeguard the Constitution.

      There is, it appears to me, a strong Constitutional basis to support, perhaps require, the federal courts to accept jurisdiction over such a case. The language of the 10th Amendment is quite clear in reserving to the state's the power to regulate elections. Further, under the 10th Amendment all powers not expressly granted to the federal government are reserved in the states and the people.

      The dishonesty alone could arguably form a claim for relief, up to and including removal by means of impeachment or, and this would require some thought, by recall election, of the Congressional members involved.

      Although legally complex such a lawsuit may be the only way to FORCE the truth out, protect the integrity of both the Constitution and the Congess-as-Institution, and expose, by OPEN AND PUBLIC PROCEEDING AS GUARANTEED BY THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

      I would appreciate feedback as I have seen bits and pieces on the net discussing, among other subjects, the theory of breach of fiduciary duty by various members of Congress. If there are others who ave given such an approach any thought it would be helpful to hear their opinions, ideas, and objections.

    32. Dr. Gregory Garamoni says:

      We are witnessing the liberal fascists in Congress arrogantly waging an ugly War of Choice on Choice in Health Care that threatens to violate the rights of patients, doctors, and business owners on a massive scale unprecedented in American history.

      The "Individual Mandate" is just one of several provisions that violate our individual rights. The government has no moral or constitutional authority to (a) force us to buy insurance — whether or not we need or want it, (b) force us to buy plans with specific coverage — whether or not we need or want this type of coverage, and (c) force us to buy plans with a specific deductible — whether or not we need or want this deductible.

      If we refuse, we will be thrown in jail.

      The Individual Mandate gives the government a fascist foot in the door to influence and control the doctor-patient relationship and, as such, must be resisted by all freedom-loving people.

      If the Individual Mandate were to be signed into law, it would set a powerful precedent that would threaten liberty in ALL areas of our lives.

      If the government has the right to do this to us, what can’t it do?

      Why even pretend anymore that we have individual rights or a constitution to protect them?

      Even the CBO recognized the constitutional ramifications in 1994: "A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of federal action. The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States. An individual mandate would have two features that, in combination, would make it unique. First, it would impose a duty on individuals as members of society. Second, it would require people to purchase a specific service that would be heavily regulated by the federal government."

      We must put unrelenting political pressure on Congress to make sure they protect us against these fascist assaults on our liberties.

      Urge your legislators, the Blue Dogs, friends, and family to oppose the Individual Mandate and any other poisonous provisions that would authorize the government to violate our right to make personal and independent health care choices in consultation with our doctors.

      Doctors, patients, and business owners are seeing arrogant liberal politicians turning a deaf ear to us, so we need to crank up the volume — perhaps even to the point of civil disobedience — until politicians finally get the message:

      “Health care is not a right, doctors are not your slaves, businesses are not your banks, the wealthy are not your wet nurses, and patients are not your pawns.”

      Dr. Gregory Garamoni

      Doctors on Strike for Freedom in Medicine

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    34. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      It is wishful thinking and in my view the height of idiocy to believe anything that the current administration puts forth As good intentions or to benefit society.

      If there is anyone that has spent any time in reviewing the health care matter, the financial matters, and the ethics matters, and is still of the belief that the Obama administration is doing anything but amassing control and power, they need to seek immediate psychiatric medical treatment.

      just my two cents…


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    38. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      If Obama promised me that my wife had ten toes, I would have to take off her shoes and socks and count them!

    39. LeRoy Reed says:

      Let's face it Obama is a phoney!! Why would anyone want to follow his lead?? Tell me?????

    40. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      In my opinion we have acquired the worst government this country has ever had thanks to a starry eyed majority of young voters that mistook the election for a popularity contest. If we survive, it will be something unrecognizable to us old timers and we just hate it.

    41. Carole Egler, Founta says:

      I am so outraged by the actions of Our 'congress' (small case c intended) – I am sitting here completely frustrated . . . reading all these posts and I finally read what Mike from

      Billings, Montana has to say (THANK YOU) which seems to me to make sense and presents a plan to get on the scene as quick as it can be done – with due research and advise and diligence attending- to my mind this is the best and most innovative approach I have seen . We are right to be in fear for OUR beloved country as the demons are preparing to snatch it from us. Mike I am very interested in your ideas!

    42. MotherRedDog says:

      I don't know how much more of this game I can take. These people are playing with our lives and I really am sick of it. This created crisis is about wanting power and control. There is no crisis. The crisis is in Afgan. Pay attention to that. Keep your hands off my health care. Make sure everyone in Congress has paid their taxes (Rangel) and put the effing crooks in jail. I'm truly disgusted by these over reaching Marxist clowns. Who voted these boobs into office? What are they smoking on the West coast, oh, that's right, nevermind. And they say weed doesn't do anything to your brain. Let me present CA and Nancy Pelosi. Voters, you put her in.

    43. christopher g scott says:

      I must say congratulations to Mr. Obama the nobel prize is his,and for what ? Apologizing for the United States for spreading liberty around the world? For voting present 98% of his short term in the Illinois senate ? For not giving our generals the resources and the RESPECT they deserve. For not showing leadership against Iran and letting them fool him about there nuclear intentions for saddeling our nation in debt. This man has acomplished nothing in my opinion to earn this , it diminishes every peace prize winner before him .

    44. Jean Weingartner,Fl says:

      Well Well their they go again LYING AGAIN I'll go with the CBO their first report said how high the deficit will go and now the DON'T COUNT CONGRESS and the BAMA want to lie and say now the CBO is now saying it will cut the deficit.This is how brain dead this president and congress are.Still think the American people are stupid.Well those who laugh last laugh best and that will be WE THE PEOPLE in 2010.And we know the no-nothing congress has nothing to do with the bills or legislation that is being written or proposed it is being written by SOCIALIST,MARXIST,PROGRESSIVES,COMMUNIST.Yeap you heard me.The Appolo Foundation,ACORN.Tides foundation,SEIU Union,and some unrepentent domestic terrorist who also wrote THE ONES books for him.So we aren't as stupid as they think now are we.

    45. Mike Jones, Palo Alt says:

      "We are witnessing the liberal fascists in Congress arrogantly waging an ugly War of Choice"

      Political and historically illiteracy like yours would be funny, if it hadn't responsible for bringing the US to the brink of disaster under Reagan and the Bushes.


    47. Jerry in Florida says:

      Mike in Montana has it right. Where is the constitutional authority for the federal government to force us to buy a product we may not want or need.

      We all need to remind our elected representatives that we can deliver a pink slip if we don't like their performance.

      If your senator or representative has not performed as you think they should, vote against them in the next election, regardless of party. That may be the only way to clean up this mess!

    48. don ellsworth port says:

      our freedoms have been under attack for some time.this group in office now is the most socialistic we have every seen.they know that a crist is the best time to pass bills they could never pass before.they have used this very very well.an will keep it up. the days of us knowing are children will have a better generatin than us is almost passed.they don't want things to get better fast.it would slow there agenda down. i say this wake up america or lose what the framers an our fore fathers gave an paid in blood for.may god bless us cause we are going to need it.

    49. Denice, Idaho says:

      Be certain to get out there and vote – it is our only hope for turning this debocle around. Even tho' this all may be pushed down our throats, there is a possibility – Ried, Polosi, Waxman – they all must go! Vote them out! And trust that our forefathers were brought here by the hand of the Lord, for freedom, and that He will not totally abandon His country. But it is up to us to follow through and hold tight to the principles the forefathers brought with them: liberty, justice, the right to live our own lives without encumberance! Good luck to us all.

    50. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      For this shame on our Country they voted to give themselves a raise. These thieves need to go. I don't care if they are Democrats or Republicans if they vote for this monstrosity I will support and vote for their opponents.

      The very idea that anything like this would be forced on Americans is perposterous.

      I have written to every Senator and Congressman from Florida and all I get in return is a form letter telling me that I am wrong and they are right. They don't care what we think.

      I say they all need to go and they do work for me and you, they just don't know it.

    51. Chet Pilcher,NC says:

      Obama said we have 80% agreement, where is it? It was not in that atrocity promulgated by the house, it was not in the Baucus, "A Call for Action". Barack Obama, if you cannot show us a bill containing that agreement, then that was just another lie! Perhaps the whole congress needs to shout, "You lie".I have been waiting for essential changes since the national high school debate proposition of Socialized Medicine in 1949.

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