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  • Afghanistan--Strategy Gone Wild

    The White House turned strategy-making on its head. What they are doing will fail and fail in spectacular style.

    Here is how strategy making is supposed to work. The president makes the hardest decisions up front. He defines the mission…the goals and makes a commitment on the resources that will be dedicated to reach the goals.

    Witness FDR on the eve of World War II or Ike during the Cold War, each started by leading…they knew the goal, non-negotiable surrender for WW II, containment for the Cold War, before they started. They also knew how much national treasure they’d commit, everything for FDR, 50 percent of the federal budget for Ike. They also had confidence in their leadership. They led the American people, that’s what war leaders do, they didn’t let the polls lead them.

    Then they set the strategists to working drafting the strategies to win. We have plenty of evidence Obama has turned this process on its head.He sent a general off to right a strategy without a mission. He was not clear on his goals. He didn’t know to what lengths he’d go to fight his “war of necessity.” When the general came back with a politically incorrect strategy, one that didn’t fit the domestic agenda, the president just started shopping for a new strategy. That meant rooting around for new goals and ways that were more politically acceptable.

    The admission that the president is unsure of the mission in Afghanistan and unsure of how far he’ll go to win is a colossal demonstration of a crisis in presidential leadership.

    Why do we care if the president learns the painful lessons of poor strategy making on the job? Because we’ll feel the pain.

    In adjusting the strategy to what is desirable rather than what is necessary to win a necessary war the president starts down the road to defeat.

    The president probably won’t chose to do less in Afghanistan, at least right away, because he can’t afford to look too soft on national security, but he is not likely to do much more. This incremental strategy is bound to fail, because the enemy will just incrementally adjust, and for them not losing is winning, for us not winning is losing.

    A strategy driven by political accommodation rather than the reality of warfare is folly.

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    28 Responses to Afghanistan--Strategy Gone Wild

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Liberals do not want America to be the aggressor.

      Liberals do not like war and will bail out at any price whenever possible.

      Liberals refer to wars as Police Actions.

      Liberals say that they support the troops but then do not support what the troops are fighting for.

      Liberals would rather lay on their backs like the submissive pack wolf rather than assert to the position of leader of Right.

      Liberals are weak children that never grew up.

      President Obama and his Administration are Liberals!

    2. Greg Felliccinni, C says:

      Eric B.

      You are 100 % right! The only thing I would say on your statement, Pelosi would also have to go!!!!!!!!!!!! She would have to be veto out of office!!!!!!!!! She would be 100 time worst than Mr. O.

    3. Sgt. Bowles - Iraq says:

      It will cost us our lives and those of our brothers…

    4. Charles, The Republi says:

      There was a news item on the radio today reporting that obama is looking to include the Taliban in the Afghani government. That the Taliban is different than Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda not the Taliban is the real threat. Being friends with America is not the objective of either. Killing Americans is. Obama's arrogance & short-sightedness represents "a clear & present danger".

    5. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Congratulations on winning your 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in record time, Mr. President.

      I guess this is sort of like an advance on a book that has not been published yet.

      Of course, if the UN was really concerned about World Peace, the vast majority of nations would have banded together to stamp out terrorism – long ago.

      It is always a "few" who fight tyranny while the rest complain, criticize, and become obstructionists.

      We took bold action against an unrelenting enemy who calls for the destruction of Western Civilization. The rest of the world, except for a very "few" had their little temper tantrum. It is now we who are to blame for "going into the arena", it is the rest of the world for being the cowards they are.

      Left unchecked the rest of the world will rue the day they did not act militarily, with us, to stamp out terrorism. No matter what happens with Iran and N. Korea, the rest of the world will blame us – when they did nothing.

    6. A. Scott, El Paso, T says:

      In the meantime, our wonderful troops sacrafice and die. Shameful.

    7. Ham Lake MN says:

      It was the common man who stood his ground at Lexington and Concord, not elected Leadership, Lawyers, or even the Military.

      Obama, Pelosi and alike need to be arrested. If Freedom is not worth fighting for what is?

      We have our mission, retake our Republic.

    8. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      President Obama already said a few weeks ago that the war in Afganistan was not about victory … whatever he said after that was irrelevant, his stated goal is not about victory …

    9. Ed Perrault, North P says:

      Indecision on the part of our leadership only strengthens the taliban and al quaida's will to fight. Wahington needs to stop playing politics and think about our troops who are carrying out the mission. American blood is being shed every day and for what?

    10. Greg Albuquerque, NM says:

      Bill Forney of Texas has it EXACTLY RIGHT. Once you decide that victory is not the goal – you have set the end-game to losing.

      What we are seeing here is yet another example of retreat without fighting. The body count resulting from this and other such decisions as the one to "threaten" Iran with a sanction in the face of nuclear build-up will result in war in the region with tens of thousands of deaths (military and civilian) – and this from our Nobel Peace Price winning President.

      As the father of a sailor – I can only hope that our magnificent military can recapture all the ground we are losing without too high a cost in blood.

      Wake up people.

    11. Bill Tofte says:

      Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam…all examples of what happens because Congress refuses to adhere to the Constitution which they vowed to obey and preserve. Wars without declaration are doomed to become political footballs. Obama should tell Congress to declare war on the Taliban in Afghanistan, or he will begin pulling troops out. Our best men and women deserve to fight a legal war. This is not.

    12. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      President Obama is unable to understand that America should be secure in all places. Our troops are Americans too and they should be given what is needed to keep them secure. I am very concerned about the troops and pray that they do not feel abandoned by the American people or their leaders.

      The comment about losing brothers because of the lack of strategy is something that could happen.That thought makes me so ill. I pray that it doesn't and I shall continue to press Congress to not support the President. That is, if he continues to be weak and unable to work with the generals who know the true state of the war.

    13. Brian, LA says:

      This entire post is a straw man argument. Ike and FDR are ridiculous comparisons. Obama started in the MIDDLE of this war, an under-resourced, under-prioritized strategy that he inherited from the previous administration. He's working to fix what's broken. It's a different kind of strategy than what a president would do at the outset of a war. A different kind of leadership. Defining the mission is a part of what needs to be accomplished. Poor logic here.

    14. Tim Az says:

      This is payback from the left for winning the Iraq war. The left did everything possible to break the spirit of our men and women in the military so they would lose that war. And now that they are in power they abandon them to die in disgrace. It is up to the American people to put an end to this discusting display of endless evil.

    15. SFC Damon S. McClure says:

      This is a crying shame. The last 8yrs. all in vain. I've lost several brothers and a cousin for Obamee, to just throw it all away. It's discraceful.

    16. philip says:

      Present Obama is not aleader he is a divider,and degrades america. he dosen't support our allies or our miltary . the liberals and the demicratic parties agenda is to let our enemy think our miltary is weak and put polical road blocks to prevent our troops from victory,telling our enemy just wait their polical interfearance will give the enemy their victory. the current liberal members of congress, and the house do not support our military or our allies as soon as they need support they walk out they carry the white flag of surender. as a country we have walked out on our allies when they need our aid.

    17. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      In a true war school and Life the General might not fallow the sovereign when this latter unknowingly or not drives him to an end-game loss strategy.

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    19. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Brian in LA — from the tenor of your comments, I can't tell if the "LA" stands for Louisiana or Los Angeles.

      You say Mr. Obama is "working hard to fix what's broken". Mr. Obama finally met with General McChrystal for a few minutes on his way back from Copenhagen only because of the furor erupting after the General's response to questions he was asked in an interview. Those comments being that he had spoken only once to Mr. Obama in the prior 70 days. I guess that sounds like working hard to you.

      Mr. Obama has been a long standing critic of the prior administration for not having an exit strategy in Iraq. He has been president for nine months now, what is his exit strategy for Iraq? What is his strategy in Afghanistan? Is it to win? If so, why is he hesitating about sending the additional 40,000 troops requested by Gen. McChrystal? U.S. troops are being killed in Afghanistan every day. Obama fiddles while U.S. troops burn. If Mr. Obama's strategy is not to win, then he is being successful. With his successful strategy of not winning in place, it would seem that maybe he ought to give some thought to an exit strategy in Afghanistan.

      Poor Obama. His mouth has written a check that his ego can't cash.

    20. william says:

      Harry Truman inherited a far larger and more difficult war than did Obama, but he didn't go to the people to whine about it publically. Obama wanted the job. He insisted that he knew just how to handle all the problems we face. Now that he realizes how difficult they are, he wants the rest of us to sympathize with him. Forget it.

    21. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Amazing to me how Obama seems willing to "play war" with live troops, to not win. After the Surge was proved workable, how can he question the same strategy in Afganistan? It proves Ann Coulter's point how Democrats don't want to win. The whole point of the War is lost on them, and our Nobel Prize winner will be the cause of Armageddon if the Iranians get the bomb. Peace Prize? I am nausiated.

    22. Gin, Orlando, Fl says:

      Obama, during his campaign, said that he would aggressively go into the Afganistan/Pakistan area, clean it out, and capture Osama. What happened to that idea? Our federal government is the essence of corruption. We need a brand new party called the "CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY." Obama is destroying our country at a record rate. We need term limits for the House of Representatives and the Senate. They are all playing politics while our courageous troops are dying and our country is sinking into a mire of debt. Isn't it time for every true patriotic citizen of the United States to come together and clean house.

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    25. wm mercer, strasburg says:

      The last I heard/read, Obama is not targeting the Taliban, but Al Queda in Afghanistan.

      Wonderful. What's the big difference? If the Taliban are allowed to re-take Afghanistan, doesn't this idiot think that Al Queda would be far behind?

      As far as Gen. Biden is concerned, his advice is worthless. It would be treated as such if it were not for the lap-dog Government Media, which keeps promoting his weird views on warfare.

    26. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      If we can't play the game correctly, we should take our ball and go home! If I were the General I would pack all our men and women into planes and bring them back home. What is the General supposed to do? Wait till Obama goes to commercial in his 24/7 TV stint to make another dumb decision?

    27. D.R., Orlando, FL says:

      Obama is moree interested in having our military begin training to deal with the so called "radicals" causing all this civil unrest in our country than he is in defending our country from those who want to destroy us. Heck, he's trying to help our enemies destroy our country. Why would he want to defend it. He's ashamed of our "arrogant ways" and continuously apologizes for American being proud of their country, but he had no bones about telling the world how proud he is to be from "Chicago." Wish he would go back there and stay. Our country will be a lot safer when he does in 2012, if he doesn't get us wiped off the map before then.

    28. Shay Jones, Pennsylv says:

      I grew up in the greatest country on earth, blessed by God our creator and will not "go quietly into the night!" Unfortunately, my son is serving in Iraq for the most corrupt government we have seen since we were dominated by the King of England.

      I AM ashamed – ashamed to be living in a country which abandons its true allies, its own military and all of its law-abiding, hard working, legal citizens. My parents fled Europe to find a new life in America – the 'America' of promise in the 20th century – and they did it 'legally.'

      Why don't we just throw away the Constitution and rule of law – those in government don't want to follow it anyway! What is the purpose of having so many laws on the books (for the 'commoners')that any sane, intelligent human being CANNOT possibly keep from being a criminal by accident! Yet, the truly important laws formulated by God-fearing, intelligent men who understood the purpose of the Ten Commandments – well those laws are trampled under the feet of deceitful, power-hungry, arrogant, robbers. And all for what?!

      I pray every day that God will turn for good what men and women in high places have meant for the destruction of the United States.

      Wake up sleeping Americans! Or you will wake up in your cozy FEMA Camps guarded by a new fascist military who should be winning wars against our terrorist enemies. But then maybe globalism and Big Brother won't be so bad – maybe we can be paid in toilet paper and Vodka like the hapless Russians were. Think it can't happen here? Think again!

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