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  • What Next? They Are Not Felons, They Are 'Impacted Persons'

    If you are up to date on your PC lingo, you already know that Columbus Day is imperialist and racist and that we should all be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead. Now the left has come up with a new PC name for felons too.

    Next Tuesday, the Justice Roundtable is hosting Legislative Breakfast and Luncheon Briefings for House and Senate staff. Among the featured speakers at both events is Lawrence Garrison who was convicted of convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine and sentenced to 188 months in prison in 1998. Lawrence has since been released, but the Justice Roundtable does not identify him as a felon. Instead he is referenced as a “impacted person.”

    So when you are in polite company and find the need to refer to a convicted criminal, remember, they are not called convicts are felons anymore. They are “impacted persons.” You’ve been warned.

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    23 Responses to What Next? They Are Not Felons, They Are 'Impacted Persons'

    1. Freedomof Speech, Te says:

      Soon, all of us will be "impacted persons" when we cannot or will not pay mandated medical premiums as a sign of protest.

      If only a few million of us were willing to go to prison for awhile? Right out of Rules for Radicals. Look at the press coverage and strain on the legal and penal institutions.

      But, I am a law-abiding citizen.

    2. MarkP, California says:

      Wait, I know what an "impacted bowel" is. I'm terrified to ask what an impacted person is.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      MarkP, i was thinking the same thing, reading this. I'm still laughing…for now!

      It sounds 100x worse than "felon!" It feels good to laugh. Thank you and especially to the AMERICAN JUSTICE ROUNDTABLE…

      I wonder if we'll be able to tell they're "impacted" by looking at them?

    4. Keith R. says:

      If a million or so of us did go to prison for not participating in obama care, they would immediantly turn loose murderers, rapist, child molesters, and all manner of other thugs to make room for us. The left views conservitives as the real threat to their soiety.

    5. Ken St Louis says:

      All of this would be funny if it wasn't so serious! ObUma, hates America! He wantw to break it down to becoming a third rate nation! What better way than to spend it into bankruptcy? He said he was going to "SHARE THE WEALTH" and thats exactly what he's doing, except there is no wealth, america is bankrupt! Our paper money is no longer backed by gold, its what is referred to as fiat money, or worth less paper! Yes some of us may have to go to jail to break this vicious cycle of taking from productive people and giving it to unproductive people who refuse to prepare themselves for the workforce!

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Well, Obama's plan to destroy this country is working just fine. He just renames people and things, thus we all feel better about the demise

      of our freedom.

    7. KevinM, Michigan says:

      Wow! Utter morons. Hard to believe that these are our best and brightest lawyers.




      Or should I say, Not hard to believe…

    8. Ross writes from Bra says:

      Then a skunk is a impacted pungent cat with a perceived image problem. But a reasonable person will still avoid the skunk. A skunk is a skunk is a skunk no matter what.

      A convicted felon is a felon no matter what. PC has been trying muddle our language for a long time. (I love MarkP of California's comment, that was great!)

    9. Perry OK says:

      Just another misguided attempt to degrade those of us that TRY to do the right thing and stay out of prison. I

      still will not hire them. The real idea is to increase the base of voters for those that are blind and do not have to live with there chouces. Somone.needs to check the water in chicago!

    10. Tim Az says:

      The House, Senate, and white House will soon be freed of the impacted people that now infest them. We will cast them out like a colonic of the highest order.

    11. John Roane Sarasota says:

      I can see Congress supporting this very much. With everything they do "impacted person" sounds much better on the campaign trail.

    12. mike says:

      wait you have to learn liberal speak.homosexuals are now called gays,felons are called impacted persons,terrorist attacks are now called man made disaters,now doesn't every one feel better about the world and the people in it.

    13. Conservative United says:

      They (our politicians and media) have been impacted for so long, and now it is all gushing out!!!! Don't get in the path of these impacted persons.

    14. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Okay, the criminals are impacted people, and I am a domestic terriost! Boy, is this world upside down! We the American People need to recall every single one of the people in Congress before they and their judges put us all in prison!

    15. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I hate to say this, but one Hell of a lot of us impacted persons were false prosecuted in the first place. I estimate 90% of prosecutions are false prosecutions, so we are impacted by government and not actually felons. Thought Crime is a reality in this day and age, just look at Traffic Law (That is where it began in the '60's.) So a crime (or damage) never occurred, just the statistical likelihood of crime, or the statistical likelihood of damage. Habias Corpus is dead.

    16. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The real "impacted" person is the guy who decided to use this euphemism instead of the term convicted felon. You are all free to guess what he is impacted with.

      You have got to smile at these yo-yos who come up with these PC terms for real words. If illegal aliens are "undocumented workers", I guess that makes drug dealers "undocumented pharmacists"; gang members become "poor, disenfranchised youth"; the war on terror becomes an "unplanned foreign contingency"; and child "rape-rapists" become "impacted persons". This is all unmitigated horse puckey.

      To the liberal left, the only thing that can't be tolerated is intolerance. Everything is relative. NO one should judge anyone else, no matter what they do. Everybody should be free to do anything they want, unless of course you are someone who wants to keep the money you have earned, wants the laws of the land enforced, wants to establish standards of decent behavior and wants to punish those who violate those laws and standards. Then, according to the liberal left, you should not be free to do these things.

      I can't understand how people can defend Roman Polanski, after he admitted to drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old child. I was disgusted at the reactions of celebrities like Debra Winger, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorcese and others among the Hollywood elite. I was also disgusted at the audience's reaction to David Letterman's confessions of marital infidelity and having sex with women who worked for him, in his place of employment; they thought it was funny.

      We hear time and time again of judges who give probation to men who have preyed upon young children molesting and raping them over a period of years. You heare of civil libertarians who excuse this kind of behavior, ignoring the damage done to the victims of these animals, and turning the perpetrator into a victim, who needs our help and understanding. Drug dealers, child rapists, gang members who murder should be dealt with in the same ruthless manor as these individuals dealt with their victims. And the ever-present defense that these monsters were "abused as children" should not even be admissable in a court of law as mitigating factors. It doesn't matter how bad anyone's childhood is/was, no one has a right to destroy the lives of others by murder, rape or drug dealing. Society needs to defend itself from, and rid itself of, these "impacted" people.

    17. Jo,Mich says:

      To Linda Carlsbad:

      I looked into recall of members of Congress. It seems we cannot

      do it. The two houses must police themselves and remove a member

      by a process called "expulsion." Fat chance they will do that!!

      Hope you feel as helpless as I do.

    18. Bill, Little Rock says:

      If everything that is bad has to have a euphemism, and if a euphemism is a nice word for a bad thing or person, what do you call a congressman or senator?


    19. Helmetfoot Boston, says:

      Freedom of speech Texas.

      you only think you are an honewst person. If you had the time you could scan the federal laws and find a few that you have violated. There is very little that we can do that isn't against some law. The worst part is that under most federal laws you don't even have to have an intention of doing something wrong. Just the fact that you did something, unknowingly is a crime. Take that banana from the fruit counter in Frankfurt Germany, put it in you coat pocket to eat on the plane, forget it and get caught at customs. You too could be an "impacted person." and you didn't even intend to be a smuggler.

      At the rate Congress passes criminal laws, by the year 2050 half the population of the US will have served some time in prison and be an impacted person.

      Give me the days of the "Do nothing Congress."

    20. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Helmetfoot Boston MA,

      My quip about "A law-abiding citizen" was a rhetorical flourish" meant as sarcasim.

      Additionally, you are correct. No one can "know" every law, especially our politicians who do not read them. Yet, if they want to go after someone, there are alot of statutes available – we agree.

      The reason we have "so many" laws is because government always grows.

      When we have a Czar who wants to allow animals to have lawyers we are in trouble.

      When a state legislature changes a law virtually "overnight" so a governor can make a political appointment on behalf of a powerful family, we are in even more trouble.

      Yes, I am an honest person. Only an idiot would bring produce from a foriegn country and not read the customs card which explains what items are prohibited.

    21. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      To Jo & Linda,

      This is why I point out in numerous blogs that politicians "can be" more dangerous than organized crime. They write and re-write the bills which affect all of us.

      Now, that the cream of the crop of radicals have all gained power, they will not conduct themselves with integrity. They refuse to investigate their own or table any motion to do so, or don't even take an amendment up.

      Unless moderate clear-thinking democrats stop their own lunatic left there is nothing we can really do – until the elections.

    22. Dick Wolbert, Santa says:

      Too many of the Congress are "impacted". Impacted teeth are pulled out to cure the problem. We should do the same for Congress.

      By the way, the cure for unemployment is this: Let all the impacted criminals go to work for Obama. I am sure he could find a job for them just like the bunch of "impacts" he has surrounded himself with.

      Webster's dictionary defines Acorns as nuts How true!

    23. Dennis, Ohio says:

      Impacted persons indeed. What we need is an "Impacted Taxpayers'" Day or, for that matter, week. Everyone who is paying taxes should just stop working for one solid week. No production, no revenue, no nothing!! And no taxes to collect. How's that working for ya Congress!!

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