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  • EPA’s Lisa Jackson: It’s Time the Rest of the U.S. Caught Up with California

    The road to Hell was paved with good intentions and so too are California’s green energy initiatives. Environmental activists point to California as the petri dish for the burgeoning of a green economy. Last week, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Lisa Jackson, gave a speech at the Governor’s Global Climate Summit change held in Los Angeles, which highlighted the important role that California has played in climate change legislation:

    California has been out front on energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, transportation innovation, and so much more. In many ways, the country is once again catching up with what’s happening here. That is literally true with one of President Obama’s signature initiatives – a groundbreaking agreement on national fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for vehicles.

    15 days ago, the Secretary of Transportation and I signed a formal proposal setting standards of 35.5 MPG by 2016, and containing the first ever national action to significantly control greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. That breakthrough had its roots in the California waiver, which President Obama directed EPA to reconsider almost as soon as we stepped into office. To stay ahead of the game – rather than just play catch up – discussions are already underway between California, EPA, and DOT on what happens in 2017 and beyond.”

    According to Jackson, climate change regulations have their “roots” in California, and much of what the President is trying to accomplish is guided by what California has already achieved. She touts that the United States is finally “catching up with what’s happening [in California]”

    But what do we want to catch up to? A report by the American Lung Association from May 17, 2009 shows that Los Angeles, Fresno, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Visalia, and Hanford all rank in the top ten of one or all three categories of pollution: short-term particle pollution, ozone pollution and year-round particle pollution. Maybe the results will come in the future but it’s highly unlikely the economic pain will be worth the negligible environmental benefits.

    California’s unemployment rate for August 2009 was 12.2 percent, nearly 5 percentage points higher than a year ago and tied for fourth highest in the country. While supporters argue that thousands of green jobs will be created, David Kreutzer of the Heritage Foundation warns that green job growth is “grossly overstated because they don’t take into account the jobs lost elsewhere.”

    The irony of mainstream environmentalists praising one of the most polluted states as a model to follow in one of the most polluted cities in America has not been lost on critics. It has become very clear that the concern is not so much for the pollution itself: mainstream environmentalists offer effulgent praise to California, calling it a “green state” not because it is clean but because it has installed stringent greenhouse gas regulations. The California energy plan should be used as a lessons learned model rather than hailed as a success.

    Katie Brown contributed to this post.

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    36 Responses to EPA’s Lisa Jackson: It’s Time the Rest of the U.S. Caught Up with California

    1. Freedomof Speech, TX says:

      There are many things I would like also.

      I have to wait until I can afford them or cut costs somewhere.

      "In many ways the U.S. has to catch up with California." How, by going bankrupt?

      Only fools would prioritize a "minnow" over some of the formerly richest farmland in the world. I know. The minnow is on the endangered species list. Well, so is our country and our money or the ability to make any money.

      California is the example we do not want for the country. If it were otherwise then how come so many people and businesses are moving out?

    2. Michelle says:

      This is a step in the right direction. Become a fan of Global Citizens Against Atrazine on Facebook.

    3. Charles, The Republi says:

      A bankrupt state, 40% unemployment in the central valley, early release for violent criminals, life for minnows & death for farmers, adoring Roman Polanski fans, more smog days than Houston, wildfires & earthquakes. Man, that's California Dreamin'. No Thanks! My heart does go out to the decent folks there that are lost in a sea of liberal lunacy.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      According to Lisa Jackson, what the President is trying to accomplish is guided by what California has already achieved? Double digit unemployment and collapse! The people oppressed and desperate?

      Good Job, California! Keep doing what's instructed of you, no matter the devastation to the people you serve, all for the lead in government puppetry.

    5. Rayford Davenport says:

      What happens when we catch up with California? You gotta love that logic.

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    7. Greg Vail, AZ says:

      Lisa Jackson is an over educated flaming liberal, and like all over educated people, bereft of common sense. Here in Vail, 25% of the population are refugees from California. They couldn't get out of San Diego fast enough. California will look like a third world nation in a few more years. The exodus of business is like a mini river. California will truly be a welfare state soon, the rest of the nation will have to support it as everyone will be broke. And Lisa Jackson wants us to all be like this? She is crazy!!

    8. Da Dog says:

      Pointing to California as an example is certainly a sign of mental illness. Sadly, there are not enough straight jackets to fulfill the needs in Washington, let alone in a large number of states. Lunatics abound among liberal thinkers, eco-nuts and elected officials. I really don't know if it's not too late already seeing how this virus of insanity has spread so widely.

    9. Bobbie - Colorado says:

      California isn't exactly a shining example to follow. Their policies have contributed to the fact that they are hemoraging businesses, have high unemployment, have bloated entitlement policies, and are generally in bad shape as to their economy and their political leadership. Anyone who wants to follow them are like the people who followed the Pied Piper!

    10. Slick, Nebraska says:

      You got it, Ms. Jackson! We ALL envy California and its green status . . . right after you figure out a way not to go bankrupt without getting billions of dollars of OUR tax money!!!!!

      You can be a green as you want, but the bottom line you have to have people who want to live there, work there and pay their taxes there. Without these things you won't need to worry about how "green" you are!!!!! You might start worrying about accumulating some "green" . . . money, that is!!!!!!

    11. Richard, TX says:

      Yes, we should all live in a bankrupt state with high unemployment that won't give water to their farmers because of a small fish. For what? Some phony environmental issue that will further depress the economy of this country. My hope is that all the nuts stay in California and not dilute the thinking people in the rest of the country.

    12. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      We all better understand and realize, Lisa Jackson

      is just one more of Obama lackey that is doing his biding. Every person in the Obama adminstration was hand picked for their radicalism that will "transform"

      this country into a socialist state. Every day

      we learn of something or someone that is in the

      White House for the express purpose of implementing Obama's grand scheme for his take over of our lives.

    13. Yolanda, Visalia Cal says:

      Two of my children have an inhaler because of the pollution. In thier school, they put up a red flag when the air is bad so no outdoor activity. Their sports games are cancelled because the air is bad. We can't light up our fireplace in the winter because the air is bad. Farmers can't get water because of envionmentalist. And Obama wants the rest of the U.S. to model after California!

    14. KevinM, Michigan says:

      Hmm…looking at the following data from NASA:


      It appears that global temperatures peaked around 2006 and are beginning to fall. Also, comparing the spike between 1991-96 and 2001-2006, it appears the highs are beginning to come down.

      Guess the libs woudln't want this reported in the main stream press. Can't get people to give there money to you if there isn't the appearance of a problem.

    15. Ken St Louis says:

      Well, to sum it up. Lisa Jackson is the shining example Of what a fool in the white house would pick for the head of anything other than Latrine duty! It almost looks like he went out of his way to find every moron on the planet to be a part of his disinformation administration!

    16. Ross writes from Bra says:

      I emigrated from California in 1989 for a reason.

      California has been on the economical, moral, and social road to hell for a long time when I left. I saw no future there for me or my children…still don't.

      The only real endangered species in California is commonsense. The entire state leaders and their congressional don't seem to have the commonsense that God gave Banana Slug.

      I like California…relative to where I am; far away from it. We lived in the Bay Area, LA area, even the SD area. I love it's topographics, it's weather, even its rich history. There are even a few good commonsense people living there…very few! We've a few kin folks there…however…

      Years ago, I came to the conclusion that too many Californian were dangerous, dillusional, extremely ignorant, idiots, ebiciles, self-centered, selfish, or just plain stupid…or any combination thereof. With their social "progressives" and ever encroaching taxes and government, I saw this train wreck coming.

      The only place progressive California is leading the nation through its progressive programs is to hell! And I don't want to go!

    17. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Need a website that specializes in "American Citizens Against Idiots both Within and Without the United States".

      The main talking point will always be "common sense".

    18. nick, los angeles says:

      So Lisa Jackson wants the rest of the country to catch up with Commiefornia. Does that include a mass exodus of business and jobs due to draconian environmental, tax and regulatory laws which make it virtually impossible to operate a business? Killing off our farmers for a fish? (wait until your cost for vegetables rises) This state is in the toilet because of a socialist legislature and a complacent, not to mention stupid, governor. (never vote for someone who has ties to the Kennedys) So take note America. She wants you to look like us. Bad idea. I will soon be leaving this rathole myself and I would like somewhere to go thats decent so don't follow Commiefornia's example.

    19. Tim Az says:

      The road to hell is lined in watermelon green and ends in California. This Cancer known as California may require radiation therapy followed by radical surgery to save the rest of America.

    20. John Roane Sarasota says:

      If we catch-up with California; do we go bankrupt also?

    21. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I live in California. The EPA has cut the water off to our farmers. They have made a man made water shortage to us citizens. They have prevented my new high school from being built. They are taxing us to death. Please don't follow California!The liberals own California, now they want to own our farm land!Have they not heard the planet is cooling! But, that isn't their agenda is it?

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    23. Bobbie Jay says:

      Obviously saving the planet is more important then saving human life! kind of an oxy moron isn't it?

    24. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      The new fascist Greenies are not environmentalists any more. They have been usurped by the Plutocrats and are merely being used to destroy the American economy. The loss of the San Joaquin Valley could be tatamount to murder when people start starving, exactly as Joe Stalin starved the Russian peasants. It was considered murder. So then, you stupid and addled Green Party people, you may actually be accessories to murder.

    25. Jerry from Chicago says:

      California, once upon a time, was a prosperous state, a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. What happened?

    26. Pmac says:

      Insanity abounds and unless the "we the people" that we so fondly refer to speak loudly and intelligently this nation is lost to our children and grandchildren. I am not willing to cede the demise of freedom for those I love, I will speak loudly and to every unhearing politician with little sense that I can find.

    27. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      If the rest of America were to catch up to California, it would have to go backwards!

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    29. CryforUS says:

      I believe that high unemployment in private business, high poverty rates and high numbers dependent upon government is exactly what the Democrats want us to have. Then they have control of your life. If they literally hand you your food, your medicene and your welfare money for heating, housing and clothing, then you will do exactly what they tell you. They do not want you moving about…they want you in your little local community where you can't fight back, so they put you on local transit and bicycles and take away your car and your guns. They don't want you to be educated, so they send you to broken and inefficient schools and teach you to worship their plan. They don't want you to hear the truth so they shut down the airwaves and regulate the news. They don't want you to work unless it's for them, so they destroy private business and hire you working for them. The highest job availability in the US right now is in government jobs. Look around…do you think I am kidding? How else can that woman justify saying what she is saying? Is everyone asleep out there? There is a systematic plan and it is working perfectly. Thats what she is saying… and it has nothing to do with the environment.

    30. Dick Wolbert, Santa says:

      Remember, California is called the Left Coast. Yes, more and more people have left the state.

      What do we have left? Insanity, big and little "green" people, minnows and an administration that cannot plan beyond stuffing their wallet, first, last and always.

      Good Grief!

    31. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Michelle from Oct. 7,

      Thanks for your insightful comments.

      Will you please help educate the rest of us.

      Why do you believe we are "moving in the right direction"?

      I know you are NOT just a blind follower, are you?

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    33. Ken St Louis says:

      Lets see now, barbara boxer, nancy polsi, diane feinstein, how many other elected morons are there out there? And someone thinks we should follow their lead? How stupid can these folks be?

    34. Bobby C. in Pearland says:

      Everyone should see:


      31,000+ scientists (9000 are PHD's) that tell the real story about this scheme.

      Check out the peer-reviewed report, it's a bit scientific but most people that want to try can understand it.

    35. JK, Arizona says:

      To Ken St Louis

      Add Henry Waxman and Maxine Waters.

      To CryForUs – Bingo! The transformation has been happening for 40+ years. It just got a boost of radioactive steroids to finish the job. Many of us see it, but feel absolutely helpless in stopping it. 2010 may be too late to reverse the engine of destruction.

    36. Dave B; Stillwater, says:

      In a way, we asked for it. In the sixties and seventies, we invited so-called environmentalists, TV weather people, and tons of pre-packaged environmental teaching programs into our grade schools to expose our youngsters to fun and popular (time-wasting) teaching tools! Truth was set aside for fun!

      The last paragraph of the article by Katie Brown updates us with the truth! California is a state we should not emulate. Rather we should use their example of state government and economy as one that is misguided! Nationally, we have allowed politicians (who are mostly lawyers)and ill-informed environmentalists to politicize the scientific research of our climate. Politicians look for consensus, and through our governmental agencies, and our supposedly independent foundations have tried to force their opinion upon the public. In the contest of climatic concerns, Scientists search for the truth not the winning of a popularity contest!

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