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  • Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - CONFIRMED

    Leaders in the House and Senate have a plan to pass President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care plan by Thanksgiving without any significant participation by the American public. CNS News has confirmed the details in our September 22nd titled “Passing a Shell of A Bill: Congress’ Secret Plan to Ram Through Health Care Reform.” Nicholas Ballasy reports “a senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told CNSNews.com that it is ‘likely’ that Reid will use H.R. 1586—a bill passed by the House in March to impose a 90-percent tax on bonuses paid to employees of certain bailed-out financial institutions—as a ‘shell’ for enacting the final version of the Senate’s health care bill, which Reid is responsible for crafting.”

    This story confirms the four part scenario that would railroad the bill through the Senate using a very unusual closed door procedure to craft the bill with no input from the American people.

    The four stage plan to pass Obamacare has been publicly confirmed and is ready to be implemented. The following is a comprehensive update:

    Step One: “The Senate Finance Committee will finish work on the marking up of Senator Max Baucus’ (D-MT) conceptual framework for legislation by this Friday.” Progress on this had been stalled and the bill was not passed by the end of last week. Foxnews.com is reporting that the Congressional Budget Office score of the bill will be released later today and a high score may further stall progress on the Committee’s Vapor Bill.  Senate Finance Committee’s progress on passing something out of committee – INCOMPLETE.

    Step Two: Next, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will take the final product of the Senate Finance Committee and merge it with the product of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee. CNSnews.com has confirmed that “the actual final text of the legislation will be determined by Reid himself, who will consolidate the legislation approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and the still-unapproved legislation from the Senate Finance Committee. Reid will be able to draft and insert textual language that was not expressly approved by either committee.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will write the final version of Obamacare to be considered in the Senate with no input from the American people. This is an extremely complex procedure that will not be done in public, or in the form of a hearing, or a public conference committee, and only Senator Harry Reid, some other Senators chosen by Reid and Obama Administration officials will be allowed to read the bill before the Senate debate starts. Merger of the bills – IN PROGRESS.

    Step Three: Senator Reid will then move to proceed to H.R. 1586, a bill to impose a tax on bonuses received by certain TARP recipients. A senior aid to Senate Majority Leader Ried has confirmed that he will move to proceed to Senate Calendar Number 36, H.R. 1586, or another House passed tax measure, so the Senate can avoid the Constitutional mandate that tax bills originate in the House. Proceed to tax shell of a bill – CONFIRMED.

    Step Four: This scenario would most likely be implemented after the Massachusetts state legislature gives Governor Deval Patrick the power to appoint a new Senator and that Senator is seated by the Senate. The Senate swore in new Massachusetts Senator Paul Kirk on September 25th. Change Law of Massachusetts to allow for interim Senator – COMPLETE.

    The final step in this plan is for the House to take up Obama care, without amending the legislation, and then sending that bill directly to the President for his signature. Matt Cover at CNSnews.com reports “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) won’t rule out having the House vote on the Senate health-care bill without making any changes in it, which would allow the bill to go directly to President Barack Obama without having to pass through a House-Senate conference committee and another round of votes in the House and Senate–and a longer period of public scrutiny of what the text of the proposed law actually says.” This scenario is in the process of being implemented and, if successful, it will result in Obamacare being on the President’s desk in time for Thansgiving with minimal participation of the American public.

    The San Francisco Examiner published an editorial today that exposed the fact that the American people can’t see the bill. “When then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised not to sign major legislation until it had been posted on the Internet for public reading at least five days, trusting voters took him at his word. Now they know better. Not only is the actual language of what is likely to become the main legislative vehicle for Obama’s signature health care reform not available on the Internet, it hasn’t been given to members of the key Senate committees or the Congressional Budget Office.” The procedure being used, in addition to the exclusion of the American people from the process, should be of grave concern to all who want to participate in democracy and have a say in Congress’ health care reforms that will touch 1/6th of the American economy.

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    288 Responses to Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - CONFIRMED

    1. Shirley Sclafani says:

      I can only pray that your information to the people of the United States will help them wake up to what is happening in Congress. The betrayal is so incredible and it just keeps getting worse.

      I want my country and my freedom back!

    2. Mia says:

      They can pass whatever they want, but there will be consequences when it comes to re-elections…unless they're planning a coup or something…and I wouldn't be surprised.

    3. Freedomof Speech, Te says:

      These people are more dangerous than organized crime because they write and

      re-write the laws that affect all of us.

      When they have to resort to disgusting tactics like this, with no transparency, with no hearings, with no one reading and understanding the complete legislation,and tricking the American people – what would you call it?

      Then they have the audacity, after they legislatively emasculate us, of saying trite things like,

      "We were within the law. We did not "break" the law. We'll fine you and put you in jail for breaking the law." They have a lot of nerve writing ANY law if this is how it is done.

      In fact, this is nothing but a mockery of the legislative process and the eventual abuse of the Taxpayers Money.

      Most Americans are sick of this continual high-stakes game-playing at our expense.

    4. John Meacham, Califo says:

      Again I say make congress operate by Robert's Rules of Order. I have chaired many a meeting under Roberts and been called out about admendments not pertaining to the motion on the floor at this time. This would stop the practice of inserting important laws into a motion in favor of Motherhood and Apple Pie.

    5. Les, Rock Hill, SC says:

      How is this democracy? Not letting the public have a chance to read the bill and let their senators and congressmen know what they think of it is not what I call the "American Way" it sounds more like the "Soviet Way".

      I cannot wait untill my so called representative comes up for reelection.

    6. Jen, Raleigh, NC says:

      And thus will commence serious backlash from the American public. We will see actions and efforts never before seen or heard of in our great land.

      When they can vote themselves the wealth of their people they cease to become a democracy.

    7. NG, Denver CO says:

      This article is very misleading.

      The health care bills have been debated openly and publicly for months now. Make your criticism on policy, not straw-man intentionally vague procedural claims.

    8. JM, OREGON says:

      They are merely hoping that the majority of us will be comfortable being misled as long as we are led. They think we are ignorant. Americans have pride and there will be consequences. This is a democracy people!

    9. Terry, South Carolin says:

      I for one am not surprised that they are going to try that, after all they did the same with TARP, and the Stimulous package. As for what NG in Denver said, the seante version is not out for the public to read, so there has been no debate yet. It all boils down to " WE THE PEOPLE" need to get off our back sides and call, write, visit your politicians and voice your disapproval of this crap. Something of this magantude must go before the people of this great country before those idiots in DC vote on it. Otherwise I think it is time to take them out of office THIS YEAR !!!

    10. Phil, NC says:

      The people who represent us are bought and paid for. They are all just puppets. The only way to turn this around, it to cut the strings of the puppet masters by replacing all the puppets with those that have no strings!

    11. Eric, Florida says:

      Your headline is wrong. It should say “Congress’ Bold Plan to Shred the Constitution.”

      This is about circumventing Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution. The Senate can’t originate this legislation. The Constitution says that revenue measures must originate in the House. The Senate is only allowed to make amendments.

      So, the Senate has to start with a bill that has already passed the house, and that had revenue provisions. H.R.1586 is a good fit.

      They did this last year with the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. This strategy usurps the authority of the House. The Senate is doing things that the Constitution forbids them to do.

      The question is, will Queen Nancy Pelosi completely roll over and cede all of the House’s power to the Senate? Or will Pelosi and the House stand up and defend their Constitutional powers and enforce Constitutional limits on the Senate? I’m holding my breath.

    12. Mike, Easley, SC. says:

      Step #6

      The American public takes to the streets of Washington after being betrayed and removes the very people that betrayed them. The removal will either be very orderly or very messy. They just thought that the Town Halls and the Tea Parties seemed ugly try a stunt like this and I will actually get off my fat butt and help out!!

    13. Ben Israel, Florida says:

      " That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

      Wake up people…….we're there…..

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    15. Lisa, Clearwater Flo says:

      I say we storm the congress and sit in to shut it down.

    16. Nobama, Michigan says:

      'We The People' MUST end this insanity!!

      'We The People' MUST join together and kick these conniving morons out of office!

      We MUST NEVER give up!

      Our Congress is nothing more than a glorified ACORN office.

      Have we sat on our butts too long?

      Wake UP!!

      We must also take down the media that is in Nobama's back pocket.

      Did any one see the video on CNN where the kids sang about health care?

      Our government is nothing but the beginnings of fascism.

      Control the kids. Control the schools. Control the media. Control our business. Control what we say and do. Control every coton-picken aspect of our lives.

      OH NO, I must be a racist for saying that.

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    18. Lisa, SC says:

      It's about time, I'm an america who wants the public option.

    19. Sheri says:

      Congress is trying to use an underhanded trick to pass this bill because they know that We the People don't want it. People should be outraged! If they do this, there will be serious consequences.

      We need to vote all Democrats out next year.

    20. Michelle, NC says:

      Yup, this is the same way they passed the TARP. Get ready to bend over AGAIN.

    21. Stephanie, Troy, MI says:

      This procedure is the same unconstitutional procedure they used to pass the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) back in November to give Hank Paulson his ‘$700 Billion Bazooka.’ The American people said ‘NO’ at the top of their lungs to that at the time, yet it passed anyway because they used this ‘backdoor’ procedure. It has now set a devastating precedent and Congress is about to use it again.

      The millions of people who called, wrote and faxed, the millions of people who screamed at Tea Parties across the nation that they did not want government-run health care, are about to be thrown under the bus. The Constitution is now dead – until or unless every single American rises up, pulls all their money out of the bank gets their ass to Washington DC and shuts that city down. We have all of our money and that of our children and many generations into the future having been pledged to the insolvent banks that are the very institutions who have paid for more than half of Congress to be in their seats. We have fraud in every level of government from local municipalities right on up to Washington DC. Now you will be forced to have government run healthcare, and they will run it the way THEY want to.

      Our troops in the Middle East are giving their lives to protect a document that WE HERE AT HOME ARE ABOUT TO LET BE DESTROYED! How many more rights and freedoms will YOU allow them to strip away? Washington DC must be shut down now. We are about to lose our country entirely.

    22. Hicks, LV-426 says:

      So what are we gonna do with that Marxist-Democrat stink-hole called Washington DC?

      "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." -Ripley (Aliens)


    23. karen nc says:

      So much for transparency.These people are willing to do any underhanded thing they can to get their way. It was a sad day when we voted this lot in and lost our freedoms. We will have to look back at our children one day and appoligize for the lost minded soles that made all this unwanted change and hope happen. We did not vote him in . but we will be the ones to feel the brunt of his America hating, appologizing, not wanting to follow the constitution Presidency.

    24. Chuck, South Carolin says:

      We got the government they voted for!

      If this happens the only thing left to do is make sure everyone that votes for this bill is NOT RE=ELECTED!!!!

      It's the only message you can send. The trouble with this is everyone seems to forget at election time and puts them back in office.

    25. Scott says:

      NG in Denver is one of the many mislead. Nothing in this entire administration has been debated openly. Obama the canidate promised many things, transparancy was one of his big sells. One more unkept promise. How in the world did this clown get elected?

    26. Bob, West Virginia says:

      If they manage to pass this bastardized legislation, I hope the American people finally rise up in righteous indignation and throw them out on their butts next year.

    27. Freedomof Speech, TX says:

      Ng of Denver CO,

      Isn,that where the Greek Columns were staged for His Highness Obama?

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

      With all due respect to your opinion, do you even understand the points brought out in this article? Maybe you think these political tactics are ok but most people do not. Check out the polls.

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    29. gayle, Ca says:

      I urge people to not sit back and wait for "someone to do something." These people are just evil and are taking our freedoms away one bill at a time, one supreme court addition at a time. Get up, raise your voices to every politician, to every citizen. This is scary stuff people!! If nothing is done, our citizenry will be in bondage before we know what hit us. They are training our troops on how to handle our country in the event of Marshall Law!! Cmon!! Are we all idiots??

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    31. CAVOK, Framingham, M says:

      Our senators and congressmen need another vaccine in addition to the swine flu. They need to eliminate some very dangerous mental/processes and restore the proper levels of integrity, openness, honesty, morality, doing the right thing and public service. If left untreated this could result in a catastrophe for the USA and hopefully in some reelection failures. Save the country, reform. CAVOK

    32. Detective Krum, Flor says:

      World Net Daily came up with a great idea – Mail everyone in Congress a pink slip. Cap & Trade, Healthcare, Bank Bailouts, Auto Buy-ups, AIG, all opposed ny Americans and Congress didn't listen to their employer, the American people. It's time for a pink slip.

      Worldnet pink slip is here http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pag
      1.7 million pink slips went out so far.


      Detective Krum

    33. Jeff, Ohio says:

      I think NG from Denver is confusing this with HR3200, which is in itself the scariest pierce of legislation I've ever read (not that I make it a habit to read bills.. at least I didn't until this Administration..

    34. michael Berry, Steub says:

      PRO-LIFE VERSUS HEALTH BILL — please go to this FB site for all the info to help stop this dangerous and vile bill!

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    36. Donnie Wilson, Ralei says:

      Blood has been spilled in this country over a hell of lot less than what is taking place right before our very eyes. I think it is high time to start some "cleansing" in Washington. Maybe we should start with the House of Represenatives and work our way up to Senators. Every single congressman that votes for this Obamacare bill should be voted out or shot, whichever is easiest.Give me liberty or give me death is upon us once again.

    37. JH, California says:

      Our government is not ours if they can get away with this. How do we force them to respect the 60 plus percent of the public who are against their various health care plans? Can we vote to cancel their plan and force them to be on the same plan with us?

      How do we undue it if they pass the bill? We need to organize to throw the bums out…and that includes the President and his czars!

      Their arrogance is unbelievable.

    38. Bobbie Jay says:

      I "hope" those with eyes, see that Obama ignores the concerns of the people, covers-up the truth of ideas, deceives all he can and lied his way to his presidency. All to fulfill his devious, socialist, communist agenda.

    39. Bobbie Jay says:



    40. Grandma, Texas says:

      They are all crooked and do not give a dang about what the majority of people in this democracy want! Everything our Government touches turns into a mess… Look at social security…medicare..and then look at Canada's and Englands health care that has failed…It takes 3 yrs in England to see a dentist….I want the same medical plan and retirement that Nancy Pelosie, and all of our politicians have….I also want their retirement benefits. We need to stop all of this taxation without representation. We had a tea party over that…..I think it is time for all Americans to yell at the top of their voices and say NO MORE!!! STOP THE INSANITY!!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALL THEIR SENATORS AND THE WHITE HOUSE…May God be with us all….

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    42. Andy, Illinois says:

      It is amazing to watch the intentional destruction of our country all under the false premise that this "plan" is compassionate because it covers the 47 million (another false premise)that have no insurance. This is tyranny!! Any republican that signs on to this bill should resign. I will not give 1 dime to the RNC unless the republican party opposes this. Yes, health care needs reform but we need tort reform, we need to remove barriers that government has put there to begin with. We need to open up competition across state lines with regard to insurance. The American people are smart enough to see through this and this is why the democratic party has to resort to these tactics. However, we were not smart enough because we did elect this group to run the country and there is a price to be paid in more ways than one!!!

    43. Sybil says:

      Nothing these thugs do surprises me that much.

      They stuck the Hate Crime Bill inside the Defense Spending Budget.

      Part 1 of the Heathcare bill was passed in the Stimulus Bill.

      Be afraid, very afraid of these people.

    44. Anyone, Anywhere USA says:

      Maybe we should adopt the slogan "No Representation, No Peace!"

    45. GH, Oregon says:

      At what point, if not this, is the people's right under the 2nd Amendment in play?

    46. Turner, Massachusett says:

      they will take away our ability to vote next. maybe that is the redistricting Rambo is working on.

    47. Deborah SE USA says:

      To NG, Denver CO:

      Please cite the venues on which these debates are made available to the general public. Radio? public TV? Front pages of the newspapers? Where?

      NG, Denver CO writes:

      This article is very misleading.

      The health care bills have been debated openly and publicly for months now. Make your criticism on policy, not straw-man intentionally vague procedural claims.

    48. Deborah SE USA says:

      Citizens: GET ON YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WEBSITES or http://www.thomas.gov to see your elected officials positions and voting record. If they have supported burdening you with more taxes, redistributed your income taxes to projects you do not want, PLEASE VOTE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL OUT OF OFFICE. VOTE! CITIZENS!

      These politicians depend on swing voters for getting re-elected….a thin thread. So vote!!!

    49. Bob, NYC says:

      This is not America anymore.

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    51. Mike, Birmingham, AL says:

      Just who do these people think that they are! The last time I looked, they were elected officials that took an oath too protect and uphold the Constitution. It's time to send the "career" politicians a message by way of the vote and send them back home. But it looks like that won't even happen before they have had time to loot and plunge this great country into choas and ruin. They are arrogant and snobish bores that are too full of themselves and their power. They are just lining their own pockets. Isn't it amazing how many of the House and Senate representatives are millionaires. Hummm, kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?

    52. Deb, Rhode Island says:

      If they got any lower, they would be slithering on the ground like snakes – maybe they already are. If they are allowed to pull this off, it would have devistating results. This attitude and actions should be enough to get them impeached. The military needs to stand up to these people who do not have our best interests in mind, or the rules and laws of the land, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. If we are going to lose that – they lose it first!

    53. Tim, Florida says:

      It's simple, EVERYONE just stop paying taxes. If we all stick together and take their money away and vote them out of a job, the next bunch will do a better job of listening.

      They can't put us all in jail.

    54. MW, Indiana says:

      This whole thing scares the cr@p out of me. Health care isn't a right and it shouldn't be forced down the throats of people with the threat of being penalized monetarily if they don't have enough medical coverage. If they pass this I am giving serious consideration to not having children. I don't want to bring children into a socialist country!!!

    55. Corky, Howey in the says:

      We keep saying WE don't want this or that. WE keep asking how this could be happening? When they have COMPLETE control over your life then what? It will be to late. Get out of the house and talk to your neighbors. Go to Town Halls and call and write you elected officals. There is a revolt brewing in the United States. obama is a MARXIST and he's trying his best to bring ue to our knees

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    57. David Bockstanz, Mar says:

      As soon as Obama took office he and his new administration set out to unwind as many things as they could that Bush had done. I would think the next president could unwind the health care as fast as the deceptive dems get it done (if they do) but this could be done with the full knowledge of the entire country, and I suspect his popularity will go off the charts upward.

    58. Fed Up says:

      I think its time to get the tar and feathers.

    59. DT, Michigan says:

      I do hope we have enough people that are awake because there sure seems to be alot of those looking for a hand out and not a hand up.

      We have to stay tuned in and yes vote them out in 2010.

    60. LB, Lowell MI says:

      Reading these articles makes me realize just how much contempt Congress has for the American people. They look down their long noses at us, like we're pesty little gnats bothering them, and we need to be swatted away. Their arrogance is astounding. And they wonder why people are so upset at Townhall meetings??? Every single Republican in Congress needs to take to the streets and yell at the top of their lungs about this scam being perpetrated on America. And it's more than just this healthcare debacle! Our very freedoms are at stake here.

    61. Bruce, Illinios says:

      At 65 years old, my membership in-good-standing with the “silent majority” will not be renewed. The rancor in this country is sharply aimed at all members of the House and Senate for doing business as usual. Yes, we all know that our bureaucrat’s only real job is to get re-elected. In pursuit of this, they jealously protect their special interest contributors who have donated millions to their campaigns. Any government takeover of healthcare must leave the special interests intact, but there are too many. Our bureaucrats are walking in a cow pasture and don’t know where to step. Our government is not good at creating an efficient, cost effective policy. They never have been. The more government, the more waste!

    62. jim smith says:

      Yesterday, I heard a normal sounding woman on a right wing call in talk show. She said that she doesn't know what's in the swine flu vaccine. She said that she will not give it to her children. She further wondered if Nobama determined what is in it and if he micro-managed the ingredients. That's how paranoid one person is. Are any of you going in that direction?

    63. Peg Fisk Port Cheste says:

      I mourn the loss of our Constitutional rights, and I blame much of it on the media who, every night, have "stories" about 'no bake sales in elementary schools' and David Letterman. That is why I have switched to Fox news where I am treated like an intelligent person who doesn't care about what passes for news on the other networks. Finally, it is maddening to watch the "journalists" who question the president and his mouthpiece at press conferences; they never ask the real questions, the ones that will change the lives of all of us.

    64. TSB, MO says:

      The investigation into the fraudulent votes obtained by ACORN in Minnesota should advance to warp speed. The Senate seat held by Bozo the clown Al Franken is a crucial piece of this puzzle.

    65. Grandma Iowa says:

      Look up "Patriotic Resistance" we have to get organized to get our country back

    66. Chesapeake, VA says:

      Everyone in in the House and Senate who wants to by-pass the American Citizens for their opinion does not belong in our Government. When re-election comes about any incumbent running for re-election should be voted out and new people voted in so that these corrupt representatives and chickens who can't stand up for America and what's right gets thrown out of Congress the right way. The American Vote!

    67. B.Briggers Dallas, T says:

      The naiveness of the American public never ceases to amaze me. They still don't believe what is right under their nose……pure & simple the emporer's new clothes. What this administration is attempting is criminal.

    68. Geri. Delaware says:

      A matter as important as our well being should be the right of every LEGAL American Citizen to vote on. We go to polls to vote for the politicans who are suppose to represent us

      Would be nice if these elected officials were required by law to have malpractice insurance so that we can sue them after the healthcare bill they are mandating on us proves to be less care, more money, etc. Full of everything they deny is in the bill. This is simply another way of controlling the peons who have put them in office.

    69. lj says:

      this is a free country right haaaaaaaaaaaaaa big joke

    70. Mark Pittsburgh says:

      America CANNOT afford this Health care. This is not for the American people! You have got to be kidding. When has the Government ever done anything to help us, unless you part of ACORN, SEIU, TIDES Foundation and others. The bottom line is we need to have GOVERNEMENT REFORM. Lets start to focus on reducing their salaried and raises and the number of representative we have in the country. That amount would certianly pay to get minimal insurance for the perople that are without. WAKE UP AMERICA THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!!!!

    71. Don, Michigan says:

      Regretfully, I agree with Bob,NYC. This is not America any more. I have threatened to take down my flag many times, but I think it will be down soon, and probably not by me, but by the governments orders. Look what they are doing with all of our other rights. This is a sad situation. The day of the woman riding the beast is right around the corner. Obama is primed to create the new world order which will be the most evil governing body in history. Read your bibles before the government takes that away also. The time is close for the return of our lord Jesus Christ to put a stop to all of this chaos. Pray for his return to set up his kingdom. May god be with all of us.

    72. Michelle, Cary, Illi says:

      I am furious about this and I emailed Harry Reid just now. They seriously think that they can slip this by without a backlash? The American people are smarter than they think. They are waking up. It is imperative for us to stop this health care takeover! If it is forced through, it will be nearly impossible to reverse. Call, write them, go to their offices and let them know that we don't want their bill! We can't wait until 2010. Do it now!

    73. Slick, Nebraska says:

      My questions is:


      If we do not live in a democratic country anymore, why should we follow the rules when they don't????????

    74. EW, Seattle says:

      We have lost our lucrative small businesses, our jobs, our home, two vehicles, our kids college funds and our life savings. We have nothing left to lose. Time for the cities to burn.

    75. Bill MN says:

      As a resident of MN we witnessed first hand why these dems have no fear of the next election. They already had a trial run here. IF we have elections next year the dems will win with absentee ballots. Thier cronnies have huge lists of voters regestered,fear of H1N1 will be used to keep people away from polling places. The rules on absentee voting will be relaxed. I will bet you dollars to donuts that every person who ever registered to vote in the history of acorn will suddenly vote. It worked for Al Franken,keep recounting till ya find the votes. If that isn't enough throw out votes that are not for dems till you FIX the numbers. It happened here it can happen to YOU.

    76. PPotter says:

      Bottom line: What can WE do to stop this insanity and betrayal???

    77. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      NG of Denver is a perfect example of why we have such major problems in our country. NG, what bill has been "debated openly and publicly for months"?

      This debacle changed every day. The Baucus bill

      has not even been wirtten and better yet,

      the Dems will not allow any of the general public to see the bill in print before they jam it down our thoats. Just as with any other of Obama's

      bills, the Dems want this passed before anyone

      is allow to see the fine print. Then, Harry Reid is hiding in the weeds waiting to delete or add

      provisions that will totally change the final result. Mia states exactly what must be done to stop this, a "coup", but not by them, but instead

      by us.

    78. Mary, Florida says:

      They are playing on the 'wants' of people like Lisa who think a public option will be 'free'.

      I fail to be convinced that a public option will provide the competition needed to lower costs – it's common sense that a company that has a responsibility to their share holders to make money can't compete w/ someone who does not have to make a profit but can just print more money – not to mention, they make the rules. We've already seen it happen here in Florida w/ Citizens insurance – private insurance companies are now bowing out thus reducing the competition.

      Eventually, someone has to pay…it's this type of deferred responsibility of "I'll get it now" and "worry about paying later" that led to the economic bust we are now trying to dig out of.

      All in all, it's a power grab. If they 'give' people something, they'll 'get' to stay in power.

    79. Kay California says:

      Why don't we all go out and buy pink paper and send our representative's their termination notices via the post office?

      Just tell them that in 2010 their services will no longer be needed as they have failed to represent us. I bet if they all got enough pink slips in the mail they would take notice.

      Enough of their constituent's would have to do it for it to be effecive. Considering all the Americans who are getting pink slips because of our politician's actions, it would be justice for us to give them theirs.

      We need to do this before they vote on the health care, so those sitting on the fence might think twice before going against the will of the people.

      I have called and e-mailed every one right up to the president they are not listening. Lets stop telling each other we will vote them out of office, let tell them.

    80. Kris, Aurora CO says:

      Tim, Florida writes: "It’s simple, EVERYONE just stop paying taxes. If we all stick together and take their money away and vote them out of a job, the next bunch will do a better job of listening.

      "They can’t put us all in jail."

      That's a GREAT idea, Tim! I'd do it myself, but there's this thing called WITHHOLDING…They've already got my income tax, they take it away from me every two weeks!

    81. Richard, TX says:

      If we senior citizens fall for this shell of a bill and not vote these liars out of office, we deserve the "death panels" that will come with it.

    82. Myra, FL says:

      For all of you who want to "vote them out" please immediately visit GOOOH.com (GOOOH=Get Out Of Our House!). I've taken part in a presentation by founder, Tim Cox, and this plan can work folks! Check out the site, and invite Tim to give a presentation to your group ASAP.

    83. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      First I agree with "Grandma, Texas" I want hese benefits, too. Next everyone write their represenatives and start with "We the People" tell them outright that you VOTE and that you intend to see that they don't get reelected if they don't obey the Constitution and see that "WE the People" see this law BEFORE it's passed and it better not be loaded with Pork. Remind them that 2010 is only 3 mos away and it's only 1 year to election. intend to go to Connolly and WEbb,Warners sitesmyself. If we all did this it would show unity and that we are not all the names they have been calling us.

    84. Cathie, Mechanicsvil says:

      I am trying to avoid paranoia, although it is becoming more and more difficult. I make decisions and form opinions based upon facts, logic and common sense. And I am very concerned that the America I knew and loved, and the America I want for my children and grandchildren is dying before our eyes. President Obama does not represent America. He does not extoll the great things this nation has achieved, but tells the world that we are evil, and weak, and wrong, etc. Has he ever stopped to wonder WHY we even have an immigration problem? Why people from all over the world, especially socialist/communist countries, are willing to risk everything to be in this country? I do not hear about Americans risking it all to immigrate to Mexico, Cuba, or anywhere else in the world! We MUST do whatever we can to stop this madness. To this point, it does not seem that the normal channels of writing, calling, faxing, gathering, etc. has had much impact on our gov't representatives. They just call us names and act as though we are nothing to them. I assure you, if this Health Reform Act and the Cap and Trade, among others, are passed, it will be time to do a clean sweep of the House and Senate! And we will NOT forget, as has been the past expreience. Because what is being done now is CRIMINAL. And I must admit that until this election I considered myself a moderate Democrat. No more! The Democratic party has been high-jacked and destroyed. It is not the Socialist Party. I pray for America.

    85. John, Seattle,WA says:

      The only thing left to do at this point is to replace each of the senators voting for this legislation. The fear of losing their jobs & power is the only thing stronger than their desire for government-run heathcare.

    86. John Winston Salem says:

      Get rid of all of them and lets get back to the constitution. Do it right.

    87. Suzi Washington says:

      The Dems. in the house and senate are proceeding as if they are not worried about being reelected. Is the anger of Americans after they pass this thing the crisis they will use to "Fundamentally change America"?

    88. Mike, Banning, CA says:

      I have faith that our Supreme Court will rescue America whereas the American people will not.

      In California our President still has a 60+% approval. What kind of bag have they stuck their heads in?

      We have been assaulted and instead of running to the streets and protesting we get in a more comfortable position 'cause this guy is coming back for more.

    89. Dave says:

      Our servicemen and women overseas now have to worry about their families back home being taken down by their own government. Who are we really fighting these days and will our military salute much longer?

    90. Dave Florida says:

      Our servicemen and women overseas now have to worry about their families back home being taken down by their own government. Who are we really fighting these days and will our military salute much longer?

    91. Paul, Michigan says:

      It is clear that our elected official believe that we are unmotivated morons who will simply roll over and play dead, allowing them to undertake any underhanded measure to achieve there legislative goals. Given their recent track record, is ANYONE surprised at this illegal trogan-horse tactic? I agree 100% with Ben Israel (this is straight from our U.S. Constitution):

      ” That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

      Wake up people…….we’re there…..

    92. Deborah says:

      The fact that they are not scared of being reelected is even scarier than the way they are forcing this bill on us.

      They know that Americans will rise up and really fight now. Are we heading into martial law and fema camps? Didn't want to believe the conspiracy theories but now I don't know what to think.

      Time to finish stocking survival supplies and cleaning our guns.

    93. Bill P says:

      Hey Mia:

      Regarding your comment of a coup. When it has been estimated that 30% of voter registrations gained by Acorn, what do you think may have happened in Minnesota?

      The biggest issue facing the country is having an honest 5th estate. They have disappeared!!!

      If they would do their job this usurping of our right to know would be all over the media!!!

    94. Mr. M. , Riverside, says:

      Democracy be damned! This is Socialism at its best. This group of bandits are dividing this country and there will be hell to pay, but then they can not see for their arogance. Elections are luming and it is a gruarantee that all that participate in this fraud upon the American people will pay with their loss at the polls. The American people are not stupid! It is about as obvious as a heart attack that this President and his Czars will only serve one term if they are lucky…I'm thinking impeachment is in the wind!

    95. Sharon, Ohio says:

      You say, vote them out. What makes you think there will be elections.

    96. ProudMarineMom says:

      For the first time in my 51 years of life in america, I am afraid of my own government. I am afraid for my son in Iraq and my nephew in Afghanistan, that their efforts will be undermined by a C-in-C who identifies with their enemies more than with the American people. I am afraid for my future as a Registered Nurse, that I will be coerced into participating in procedures I find morally repugnant. I am afraid for my husband, a former Navy officer and self-employed small business owner, that he wil have to shut down the firm he built with his own sweat and our sacrifice. I am afraid of my neighbors, who refuse to question this administration. The only thing I have to fear is . . . much more than fear itself.

    97. ami, PA says:

      These people are evil. They are corrupt and they are showing it. They are worthless – in fact what I remove from my cats' litterbox is worth more than they are. At least manure can be used to produce food.

    98. Steve DeMascio, Tole says:

      I only assume that there is a very large pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the Democratic leadership in the way of graft as usual.

      I love the fact that these idiots are screwing the unions with this legisaltion, they deserve to suffer for helping elect this scum to the presidency and all his liberal cronies………

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    100. Catherine Manistee M says:

      If this does come to pass then I hope and pray that the American people will rise up and DEMAND that everyone who votes for the bill be impeached!

    101. Bert, University Cit says:

      We MUST vote the whole sorry mess out of Congress and the Executive Office as soon as possible and not let the fervor of the Tea Parties die out. We must also do whatever is possible so that ACORN and their ilk do not steal the next election. Americans must save the greatest country on earth before it winds up on the ash heap of history!

    102. Tim California says:

      Wake up America when are you goin to see the failing of this addministration and stand up for our rights as Amaricans and help get rid of the people in congress, starting from the top down.

    103. Philistine says:

      These are the folks that want you to vaccinate desperately.

      These are the folks that want the borders open permanently.

      These are the folks that gave our money to the bankers that lost our money.

      These are the folks that call abortion "choice".

      These are the folks that will lock us up and kill or re-educate us. (same difference)

      These are the folks that EXPANDED the use of illegal wire taps and net monitoring the second they took over.

      They are reading this right now.

      They are taking our names and numbers.

      They will come for every one of us.

    104. Redwookie, AZ says:

      Wake up folks! These people do not represent us anymore! And voting is no good either! It's a fraudulent joke! The only way to stop these TRAITORS is to go en masse, to DC and demand they are removed at once and replace them with normal citizens who are NOT career politicians and make sure the laws are changed to keep all our government posts free from these parasitic "career politicians"! I fear without these drastic measures we will see the end of America very soon folks! God Bless true American Patriots!

    105. Bill Rau Lynhurst, says:

      I am shocked to see that our representation does not care what the American People are saying. I have completely loss my faith in our goverment. Corruption is running the country and it is time to reveal this and make people accountable. I am ashamed of the people in this current adminstration. They all must go! Term limits must be set on these people. People like Pelosi, Rangel, Dodd, Reid and many others should be given jail time (no less than 10 years) for leading this country into corruption. I agree with one comment we should not pay taxes and just declare it as Rangel loophole. It's time to take back our country.

    106. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Do you see the look on their faces. WE have given away the Contitution of the United States, and we are so proud!

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    108. Bill Aubin, Mesa, Ar says:

      What people dont seem to grasp is that there will be no more honest and free elections in this country! The

      attitude of the people is that sombody is going to save their bacon,it's not going to happen.They stayed home and didn't vote so don't

      expect any of them to to pledge their lives and fortunes to save the republic,It's over!!

    109. Albert campbellsvill says:

      Isnt this how leftist dictatorships work,the ruling class does what they want and the people have to take it.I do see hope, husseins approval is only 51% accordig to major poll,econ getting worse 59%,econ conditions poor 47%,congress 21%,reg voters for dems only 46%to44% for reps.It looks to me like hussein is taking the dems right down the tubes,it couldnt happen to a better bunch.

    110. john, texas says:

      The President also sits on a UN council. That violates the constitution. He should be impeached. The two party fallacy is not representative of the form of government guaranteed to the people. Read the constitution. You will discover how the unFederal reserve has caused this economic collapse. How far will you chase the white rabbit? It is the people's duty to enforce the enumerated powers. The Unconstitutional needs to be ousted!

    111. Tom. Florida says:

      Socialism, lies and decit. All gifted wrapped and ready to go. The Constitution throw it away. These hacks, crooks, and just plain communists were lined waiting for the opportunity. Remember Obama was schooled with the best. He wants your money. He wants your country.

    112. Todd Caswell says:

      One if by land and 2 if by sea…To late for that, TAR AND FEATHER all of these!!!

    113. Ida, Texas says:

      We should give them their own dose of medicine, they need us, Our Taxes, Our co-operation, we the people chooses to vote the dopes out, and take all their gratuities away, let them pay their own insurance, retirement is in their court,Their salaries will also be voted on by We The People, they get exactly what a business man working for a living in this U.S.A. gets, what he puts into it. Pelosi would not have access to our jet, she can either move to her "job location", or travel on her own dollars, not We The People's money!! She would never stand a chance in getting elected if there wasn't so much "good ole boy" going on in government!!!This applies to any official serving us We The People! We would never hire this bunch in a million years, so why in the world do we elect them?????Our Constitution is being pushed aside only because it does not apply to what they want out of this country! It is in the way, so they push it aside, ignore us!

    114. Ma and Mrs. J. and T says:

      "I…place economy among the first and most important of republic virtues, and public debt as the greaters of dangers to be feared…And to preserve (our) independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election beteween economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude." Thomas Jefferson.

      Mr Obama read the text of our graetest american Thomas Jefferson the US Constitution stand as the best set of rulea and regulation ever written by our colonolial folks.

      This is a comment from some one who is here since 1957 and was 17 years old when I arrived to this shore.

      The four horses of the Opocalist (Read, Polusi, Obama and his right hand Emanual)better know that we are going to let them get away with this assult to OUR Constitution.

      Gentelman, Freedom rings again If we have to take congress away from this people will do it.


      Mrs and Mrs Jay an Teresa Caballero Miami, FloridA

    115. mary - birmingham says:

      IMPEACH! IMPEACH! not only Pelosi and Reid but don't forget our so called commander-in-chief – B.H. OBAMA. BEFORE THIS COUNTRY IS TOTALLY FINISHED AS A VIABLE WORLD POWER. THAT'S THE TICKET

      I'LL VOTE FOR.

    116. mat nj says:

      Nothing is going to change , and by saying " wait to the next election , I'm voting them out " won't work. The corruption in Congress and other branches of Government is cemented beyond repair . They could care less what the people want . They're arrogance is unbelieveable . Plus ,

    117. Marianne, Georgia says:

      The Progressives don't worry about some members voting against the bill for fear of losing the next election. Obama will declare amnesty for the illegals and they will vote for the party of course.There will be many more yea votes won than there will be dissenters who vote against the bill.

    118. mat nj says:

      Nothing is going to change , and by saying " wait to the next election , I'm voting them out " won't work. The corruption in Congress and other branches of Government is cemented beyond repair . They could care less what the people want . They're arrogance is unbelieveable . Plus , I truly believe a call to a revolution by peaceful means would do no good . The last Revolution was not accomplished by peace but by taking up arms . Remember that.

    119. skully , new jersey says:

      Why are their 6 flags behind them? Is this their Great Adventure?

    120. Kay California says:

      We the people are unhappy OK, the only problem is we are the only one's reading this. Why can't we recall or as I said eariler lets send pink termination slips now for 2010. If they see it maybe they will believe it. As Suzi from Washington said the only other thing they care about is being re elected so lets tell them they are fired. If we don't do something we will have Obama care. If we are going to talk let talk about some kind of action!

    121. Texans, please seced says:

      This is TREASON. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves at the sight of the government (democrats) conspiring against its people.

    122. Cathy Amelio, New Je says:

      The beltway elite are out of control! They know the legal Americans do not want this garbage! Is anyone listening?

      3rd world here we come! Maybe then the illegals will leave in droves! No we should all leave and then lets see who pays for this mess!

      These arrogant, self centered Washington thugs should hang their heads in shame! Pelosi, Reid, Obama, the czars and the rest should be impeached and led out of Washington in handcuffs. Washington is the mecca of corruption!

      Flip the House in 2010!

      God help legal Americans!

    123. Jos says:

      We don't care about your option, we'll pass this!

    124. weeki912/Florida says:

      With all of this, Obama can not say that he new nothing about this he and his czar's are all the moves on this…….

      We the people need to demand Obama's impeachment and

      Reeds, Pelosi Resignation NOW.. BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.

    125. D. Kirby - Michigan says:

      Until the next election, we need to email or call our representatives and tell them outright that they will be voted out of office if they support this nonsense. We must also tell them that they must poll their constituents before voting on any future bills. If they get enough mail, they might come down from their clouds and realize they are expendable.

    126. Floyd Fitzgerald Laf says:

      I have been calling senators all day long and telling that they had better not pass a government run health care, i suggest everyone reading this do the same, and we will vote them out and change this back the way it's suppose to be, the will of to people, come on every body stop talking the talk, do the walk and show them we mean business

    127. Tom - Alabama says:

      NG from Denver just crawled out from under a rock, apparently, and hasn't taken the trouble to keep up with what's going on or is a hard left Obama fan.

      Harry Reid is gone. He is now about 10 points behind his election opponent, and this won't help him. Probably destined for some cushy "czar" job.

      The House will be very substantially re-arranged in 2010 and the Senate as much as possible. My Senators and Congressman are all guys in the white hats. Our only hope is that those who are up for re-re;ction will see the light of day. Pray.

    128. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Jim Smith — You don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

      When the plane on which you're a passenger is going down, and you can see the ground rushing up to meet you, it is not paranoid to be afraid of what's coming.

      What is happening in this country today is nothing less than a bloodless coup d'etat. We are in the grip of a one-party government monopoly. We have no checks and balances and with few exceptions, the media is in the pocket of this government.

      What it boils down to is that there is one guy in the Senate, Harry Reid, that is capable of rewriting anything he wants into Obama's Health Care plan. The Senate will confirm what he writes and the House will rubber stamp it. Obama will sign it into law within 24 hours. and there isn't anything anyone can do to stop it.

      Do you understand now why liberals have been trying to repeal the Second Amendment?

    129. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Actually since WE THE PEOPLE SEEM TO somehow WAKE a little UP, what are WE waiting for? In 4 or 2 years IT MIGHT BE LATE because the authors (behind our IMPACTED LEADERS) of this COLLECTIVE HYPNOSIS will not stop here.


    130. philip says:

      what a shame that the great demcratic party has left the welfare of united states constitution and the will of the people. It is a shame that the liberal democrats like president OBAMA,NANCY PELOSI,HARRY REID, and their likes, are taking control of the democratic party by slandering, lieing , cheating , and total disrespect of the american people, the constitution, and the voting system. Obama and Polsie are trying to push laws through with lies and false information. Anyone who disagrees with them they slander,or lable them with false statements. WE DON'T WANT GOVERMENT RUN HEALTH CARE OR HIGHER TAXES TO SUPPORT SOCIALIST PROGRAMS AND PORK BARREL SPENDING. WE NEED TO STOP THE BACK DOOR ATTEMPTS OF THE OBAMA, PELOSI politics.

      Thank you for reading our (the peoples) side.

    131. David Graf Wincheste says:

      worry worry worry all for what? Things are going to be better for a lot of people,on both sides. Give it a chance. I have faith in our president and congress. It`s time for change.

    132. Gene, Texas says:

      This has been the norm for Obama since he took office. The career politicians don't care about what we want, only lining their own pockets. Did you read the blogs at the Huffington post? According to the libs we are just a bunch of spoiled children & the politicians can't give us what we want, after all you don't indulge your children when they are wrong do you? The libs believe congress should & will ignore us & lead us to the correct decisions. I am afraid I am beginning to believe this. I fear for the future for my kids & grandkids. I would welcome any suggestions to combat this erosion of our rights. I already live in a republican district & they appear to be completely opposed to this bill. So who can I hold accountable for this?

    133. M.Schnabel says:

      The audacity of smoke and mirrors.

    134. Bill, Malta, Ohio says:

      Time to "saddle up", boys!

    135. M.Schnabel says:

      Term limits for all.

      These people are getting too comfortable.

    136. Gene, Texas says:

      The problem with this bill & others like it, is once you get people on these programs you can never get the bill repealed. The freebies are like a drug, very addicting & impossible to kick without help. FDR began a socialist movement by claiming that the bills he advocated would be TEMPORARY! How temporary did they become? These will be no different if we can't stop them before they stop. I fear America as we know it will never be the same, whether we revolt or allow it to go on, the "change" will affect us all.

    137. JOYCE,NEW JERSEY says:

      How can we get our America back again? Why are there no rules in our Congress right now? I do not know how these bills are being able to ''hide'' in other unrelated bills and be passed!! Help!! Is there no one in the House to stand up for America? – I know a lot of us did on 912 [march on Was DC] and there were a lot of us . But I just do not understand what is happening — THANKYOU Heritage Foundation for being our watch dog right now!!

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    139. Judith, California says:

      Thank you Heritage Foundation for explaining this "secret plan" to pass the Obamacare bill in our US Congress. The way things are going we should just bypass having a congress and call it something else instead. It is no longer a congress sadly it is a fascist regime using tactics of unscrupulous contempt.

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    141. Redwookie, AZ says:

      This is not a Democrat or a Republican problem, the politicians are all corrupt! The two party system now only serves to divide and conquer us! They all lie, cheat and steal! The party lines just make us insolvent and incapable of getting rid of them! Remember, IT'S NOT A LEFT THING, IT'S NOT A RIGHT THING, IT'S AN AMERICAN THING!

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    143. Gene, Texas says:

      Dave, better for whom? Do you think that the lack of transparency & the behind the scenes changes reflect the way government should be run? I can only imagine your response when they do this to pass a bill YOU DON'T want. Will it be ok then Dave?

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    145. Reddenbacher, New Yo says:

      "No input from the American people???" What patent nonsense. This issue has been very vigourously debated from living rooms to workplaces to town halls. Thousands of letters and emails have been sent to legislators and the executive branch. Stop the nonsense. Here are some links to the readers about the facts. One being, by the way that the majority of the American people want at least a public option.






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    147. Evan Cowart, Boyd, T says:


      You don't get it, no one want zerocare. We are all happy with our medical situation. 83% last time I checked.

    148. Shay, Alexandria says:

      This is such great news! Republicans will only make up more lies about what they think the law says. Ram it through I say, no one was complaining when Bush was playing ball like this. Turn-about is fair play. Eat it guys!

    149. Joe TN says:

      I hope that 60 million morons wake up and smell the stench of corruption that is emanating from the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

    150. Gene, Texas says:

      I have seen this spin before from factcheck, like most of the organizations out there to put the most positive light on this they can. The bottom line on their synopsis is you won't be deprived of health insurance because you'll always have the government option, they just don't bother to emphasize that once all the private companies are out of business you're stuck with them. The government couldn't run a lemonade stand & keep it out of the red, so how are they possibly going to do it with healthcare. Factcheck says 30 to 40% cheaper, BS, some bright young wanna be tycoon, would have already undercut everyone else if there was that much room to cut. Please remember that the government regulations against selling across state lines is what is restricting competition in the insurance industry & therefore keeping the price artificially high. Where were you when the auto insurance was mandated, did your rates go down? I remember a 15% rate hike within 6 MONTHS. No company can compete when the competition DOESN'T have to make money to keep the doors open. I do believe that some reform is necessary, but the government option is not the answer. BTW where do you get 80% from, factcheck that please, because every poll I've seen even the skewed ones can't get above 60%, the legit ones are all running around 40 to 46%. I keep seeing all these outrageous claims so I decided to see for myself, I went door to door in my neighborhood & over 62% were OPPOSED to the government running healthcare, 80% my @##.

    151. Gene, Texas says:

      One more thing Reddenbacher, if our healthcare is SO BAD why is it that leaders from other countries continually come here for treatment when they need it.IF socialized medicine is so great why are there lawsuits against healthcare in Canada & Australia & why is Britains system on the verge of bankruptcy? You know we all want Utopia, but we can't afford it, if we could we would all have new cars, huge homes & anything else we wanted, why is it that libs always think this crap will be free or that the rich will pay for it. Name one thing the rich have paid for, other than jobs for people, because past that it's the regular guy who foots the bill & I'm out of money!!

    152. bill-tb says:

      Is this even remotely Constitutional, passing a bill and letting unelected Post Office issue bureaucraps fill in the blanks?

    153. Ham Lake MN says:

      Grow a pair all of you, stop cry'n and start the second American Revolution. If your freedom isn't worth fighting for what the heck is? It's time, ask yourself, "What would John Adams?".

      Also it's time the Heritage Group stands up too, talk is not going to cut it anymore. PRINT THIS REPLY.

    154. jane e says:

      please listen to the people if you want your JOB come next election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    156. gloria Missouri says:

      These are very dangerous people who want to bring slavery to Americans . Look at the cheating way they are abusing the Constitution of The United States to pass these bills. Cops beating people for speaking out , internet take over , 2nd amendment being debated to take our guns . Did you see the article on yahoo about Michelle and her roots to slavery , that alone tells me what these people are up to . They want to nuke Iran for having nuke power . WMD pretext for Iraq now Iran . Blaming us for global warming ( lie ) , people living in tents and you know the rest . They have polluted space with rockets and trash and blame it on us . I'M P.O.

    157. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Reddenbacher NY

      Where have YOU been?

      The government or public option is what has the majority of Americans in an uproar and rightfully so. It is tantamount to a state-run system; there will be no competition and there will be rationing. People who are happy will not keep their health care because in a few years, there will ONLY be the government option. You cannot compete with government; most people know that.

      Moreover, our "representatives" are ignoring everything the people told them. Wait until a few democrats bring this thing to the floor and push it through. No transparency is anticipated for the public let alone the legislators. It will be just like the stimulus bill.

      I'm fed up with the money-grab and taxation, are YOU? We fought the Revolutionary War

      primarily because of unfair taxation with representation. Now we have supposed representation AND taxation that makes King George look like a Saint.

      There will still be millions of uninsured AND the latest estimates are that 1/3 of the covered will be illegal aliens. I realize NY is another hotbed liberal city that ignores federal statutes in regards to enforcing illegal immigration laws. The reason this is important is because there can be no accurate cost estimate if we do not get immigration under control. NO ONE is willing to do that! So everyone else has to pay – forever – as they continue to enter the US? This is too stupid not to be an intentional POWER GRAB using the health care reason as the first step!

      I hope you like the socialist-marxist state this country is turning into because millions of us will not go quietly into the night and just give up.

      Meanwhile we all (including you) will be taxed to death just like California and New York are now.

    158. Freedom of Speech, T says:


    159. Charlotte, NC says:

      By the way, I keep seeing how you all refer to bills being passed while bypassing the American people. That statement sums up the Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld/Bush administration. How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?


    160. Charlotte, NC says:

      What a bunch of whiners. You all are so eager to villify the Obama administration and its proposals because of your ignorance. How many of you were asking to read the bills that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove were pushing through? I’ll tell, ZERO! Nobody! Yet, the last 8 years of Republican led government put this country at the greatest risk of future terrorist attacks.

      If any of you have actually traveled and experienced other civilized countries around the world, you would know that there are approaches, like caring for its citizens, that are better than our own approach. The U.S. is a great country, but the arrogance of many of its citizens is our greatest weakness.


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    162. Patrick, Menlo Park, says:

      I think both sides will do whatever corporations pay lobbyists to pay congressment to do. Got that? It's all just a way to protect corporate profits.

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    166. DAN MOFFATT says:


    167. michael spray Omaha, says:

      I don't know about anyone else, but we really have the worst democratic leaders in govn't hands down. our very own elected leaders purposely going behind our backs to pass this health care bill without any debate, letting no one read it online what soever, knowing full well this plan will hurt everyone and not help. Forcing peole to get health insurance whether they want it or not, causing other people who have insurance to go on the Govn't due to measures placed in the bill that would cause people to lose their insurance because of those measures, fining people for not getting the Govn't insurance, and also having the option to place people in jail if desired. Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves at this moment. Barack Obama is not protecting the Constitution at all, only destroying it. He needs to be impeached right now. None of our Democratric leaders are upholding the Constitution either, just driving us all down the path to Socialism without our consent. I will not watch my country be turned into a Socialist nation in the span of 4 yrs, and neither will the rest of America. The president and his minions better watch out, the American people will rise up and stop him! Let our president go and live in Venezuela and leave us all alone.

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    170. poster says:

      If they're going to force anything through, it better include the PUBLIC OPTION, not that piece of crap Baucus bill!

    171. Jack Cincinnati, Oh says:

      If these "representatives" of the people pass this and are voted out of office in the 2010 elections, can this be recinded? If it can't and the majority in the congress changes, can congress refuse to fund the program?

    172. Terri, Dana Point says:

      Please check laws that are being passed without public approval by our local Government! Our attention to the Health Care Plan is only a portion of what's going on in our Govt. Our States are compromising every day. Receiving stimulus money has lots of strings attached. We are becoming what we detest and losing our freedoms and rights in our Country every day. Who knows- maybe job security for our law makers will be in the next fine print attached to some bill or ammendment? Just like the added protections the Insurance Companies are receiving hidden in the Bill.

    173. Jay - Los Angeles says:

      This is such a well written piece to expose the HIDDEN AGENDA of this administration. One thing you have to give them credit for is consistency, consistently seeking to deform, subvert, and sabotage forever the quality of life we've enjoyed for many decades in this nation. This is, and always has been a calculated attempt to "get even with whitey" and make a nation of "astroturfing racists" pay dearly for developing the greatest nation in the history of human life. Obama, while being the apple of rev. wright's (intentionally uncapitolized) eye, is awakening the IRE of the American People. We're not gonna stand by and tolerate a calculated effort of a small group of progressive radicals to "fundamentally change" our way of life so that we can someday brag about living just as well as the people in the Romania. We're Americans first and foremost and we love this great country that God has allowed us to GET to live in but the stage is being set for the greatest revolt of the people in the history of this Nation if they don't back off.

    174. steve hamilton says:





    175. james wright wy says:

      the ciiizens of America have lost our jobs, our homes, our retirement, and our country to these out of touch representatives.Our constitution does not give the government the power to mandate anything!!!!!!! And now they want to tax us more and not even let us read the healthcare bill!!!!!!!!! Sounds to me like they are trying to hide their agenda. Let's be clear here this is not about healthcare but control and a march toward Obama redistribution of wealth= socialism.

      Obama has stated the constitution is an imperfect document. I believe it has prevailed nicely for 200 plus years contrary to a still in the womb Politican. Utter nonsense!!!! Americans vote them all out of office next election.

      20 years ago we saw the destruction of the Berlin wall. How long before the walls are starting to be built here? Not to Keep illegals out but keep Americans in.

    176. Pingback: Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog » Blog Archive » Dems to Pass Obama Care In Secret, Over Objection of Most Americans

    177. cindy, california says:

      I hate to say we deserve this, but the average American is far to busy watching television to understand what is happening. Try to tell them and they look at you like you're nuts, they will not take one minute to try to verify the information. Most Americans don't understand that,yes we can fail as a nation. I think of moving but is any place safe without America?

    178. V Davisson says:

      I think we should start a general tax strike from now until the end of the year. Go to your HR department and set your W4 to have 9 dependents. Starve the beast of money!

    179. plumberswife says:

      For those who say they want their freedom back….well we didn't get it by asking the King of England nicely for it.

      I am wondering why with all the conservative publications out there, not one has done a search of the financial holdings of any of the main players in this naked power grab. Could it be that we playing a little game with the American people who truly do not want this, by exposing just enough of the plan to pi– us off knowing that they will let the dems take the fall for passing it.Then take back the congress in 2010 but will not undo the healthcare legislation. When Britain nationalized it's health system,it became the fifth largest company in the world.

      With the American people so CLEARLY in opposition to this and the congressional leaders SO CLEARLY giving us the digital salute, what else could the motive be?

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    181. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Steve Hamilton,

      The majority of Americans LIKE their health care. We all agree it needs to be reformed.

      The majority of Americans DO NOT WANT universal health care (government run, etc.)

      THAT should be enough – period.

      Why you got into an "Obama Bush-Rant and Rave" I do not know. This country would have to be physically invaded with you being one of the prisoners, before your ilk would face reality.

      So, to keep you safe, the rest of us will sacrifice.

    182. DAN MOFFATT says:


    183. Liz,Maryland says:

      For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.

      – Jonathan Swift

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    186. Give me liberty or g says:

      Ok friends it time to tell congress to stop or pay the price! No Mandate they must regulate! Get your guns in order because the government is going to come after everything you have if you let them get by with this. Tell them get the heck out of your life and bring the freaking jobs back. If you want to live under a dictatorship just sit on you rear and drink your beer because that’s what you are going to get if you do. To quote Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death”. I will gladly lay down my life to preserve our country and protect it from the communists in Washington! If this government intends to arrest me, they had better bring a lot of body bags I am ready for war and you should be to!


    187. TechiePatriot says:

      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

      - Thomas Jefferson

      "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

      - Thomas Jefferson

      I think it's HIGH time to take these words seriously!!!

    188. Janet, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Steve Hamilton,

      You don't seem to know very much about the world around you…but know this…

      "YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED"…no matter who you think you are!!!

      So…stop waiting for the govt to make your life worth something! It will never happen!!!

    189. Chris D., Livonia MI says:

      I have never been more angry at my elected officials then I am right now. Republican Party – Are you paying attention? You had better be putting forth some vocal, conservative candidates. None of these mamby-pamby McCain and Graham types either. We need fiscally conservative and constitutionally conservative candidates. We should also primary any seated "soft-middle" republicans in both the Senate and the House. This is not the time for a thrid party, we need to take back the Republican Party and we need to soundly defeat the socialist left in 2010 and one-term this president.

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    191. Jan-MT says:

      Yesterday, Pelosi was asked how the final health care bill would be paid for and she said; we will probably have to add a VAT tax. A Value Added Tax is a sales tax, added by the government and collected by the government on everything we buy. She was talking about probably a 5% tax. MT does not have a sales tax, but in CA the sales tax is currently 10%, after the health care bill is passed, CA would be 15%. Many states already have a very high sales tax.

      Senate is saying in their bill that the amount you can deduct from your income tax for medical expenses will be decreased, so if before you could deduct anything over 7% of your income, now you could only deduct over 9.5%.

      There are increases in insurance premiums, plus they plan to add a huge tax to insurance companies which would be passed on to policy holders. They plan to cut Medicare. Medicare is something that we pay in to for our retirement years. Medicare only covers a very small portion of doctor/hospital bills. I don't know how they could cut any more from it. If they eliminate Medicare Advantage, that would throw everyone into the Government plan.

      Both bills or a final bill will also, according to the Supreme Court, cover illegals and abortion.

      We all need to send the faxes to Congress/Senate to Shut Down Congress over Health Care. Resistnet has all the tools you need to accomplish this, go to the home page and act now.

    192. James Venable, Paduc says:

      Why are there any rules that allow anything to be done "in secret" from the American people? Also, can whatever they shove done our throats be undone when they are thrown out in the Mid-Term elections?

    193. Kathy, Brick, NJ says:

      More than the health care bill being a disaster and undermining America, the fact that Reid and friends can even take this behind closed doors to put into law what they want anyway, without the citizens having a right to read it and question the final version, is dictatorship. That worries me more than what's in the bill, and I'm against the bill as it is being presented now. Reform is needed, but not the way they want to do it. A public option would destroy us, it will cause us all to go broke, and guess what, it will make us more dependant on the Gov't for our basic needs. THAT my friends is what they want. It's all about the power and control.

      Obama's promises are meaningless, he and his Czars backed by the Democratic Congress are 'fundamentally changing the United States of America' right before our eyes. And the change he is making is not Constitutional.

      Stand up and fight for our freedoms. They are slowly taking away America people. Democracy does not dictate to the people what they are going to do as a Gov't. Tyranny and secretcy go hand in hand. Writing laws secretly behind closed doors is wrong and when you think that it is US, you and me who have to live with the consequences of those laws, we best be on the alert, stand up, fight, write, call and visit your Congressmen and women. Hold PEACEFUL but truthful and firm rallies to let them know we will not be pulled into a Communistic state against our wills. We elected them to represent us, not themselves, remember that!!

    194. JG Kentucky says:

      This whole ordeal is preposterous! The American people have a right to know what is being done to them and the time for a revolution is coming. This country was founded on principals that have been summarily thrown out the window by the "thieves" that we have elected and it is time that we take our Country and our Democracy for granted NO LONGER!!! This administration has no idea what a democratic society is, and I for one do not look forward to living in a socialist republic.

    195. Christine Gates says:

      These people should be charged with CRIMES!!! Why aren't Republicans saying anything? Why aren't the Blue Dogs asking questions? Why aren't the Ethnics Committees in each body doing their jobs?? Why???

    196. Wayne, Arkansas says:

      These people do not by and large care about WE THE PEOPLE. No political party is the answer. they only have two years so they are in a hurry and don't care who they t-off because they have money even if they get thrown out!!!!!!! Only the truth will set any of us free and that truth does not come from any man only GOD who is the originator of the human race.

    197. Craig Walser@aol.com says:

      If these crooks try to even pass Obamacare without allowing the public input (which as we all know are against it) I am ready to start a CIVIL WAR. I am not a military person nor even a person who uses guns but, am willing to lay down my life for my country, my children, my future grandchildren, and my future generations. Who else out there is ready to GO TO WAR if this OBAMACARE passess? EVERYBODY NEEDS TO MELT ALL THE SENATORS AND CONGRESS PHONE LINES OVER THIS ATTEMPTED CHEAP TRICK TO PASS OBAMACARE. ALSO E-MAIL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME THING.

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    199. Todd,GA says:

      This is a two step process to change this atrocity!

      Step One: Write, call, email, visit or do whatever it takes to let your congressmen and senators know that we do not want this. Or maybe they (politicians) should pay for this plan by cancelling there own special health care and retirement plans and join the rest of America with the plans that are available to us!

      Step Two:Vote into office only people who have not been previously tainted with a political career but do have a sense of what the people want. Isn't that what "For the people" is supposed to mean. If they (politicians) can't be for the people then maybe they (politicians) should move to another country.

    200. may, Largo FL says:

      So much for transparancy in the Democratic party!

      This is an outrageous example of how how government could care less about the American people!This was also evident when 1.8 million people marched on Washington on 9/12 where there were no arrests (according to Chief of police)by the way. They not only don't care it is the height of arrogance. I also do not think the Republicans are mad enough! Let me get up there with absolutely no experience but passion beyond belief for the principles that once made this country great. I also want to know if we can turn this health care thing around (Liberty Counsel) once it gets voted in.

    201. angela, pennsylvania says:

      We need to petition the Supreme Court and challenge the legality. We need to start the impeachment process for any and all who swore to "preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution, so help me God". Join a citizens group or start one and get together with others, we have to over power them!

    202. Joe says:

      We the voters are being taken to the cleaners by both parties. How can we trust them. But, I still wonder why no one wants to lower the costs of healthcare when the cost is so expensive and the return so poor. Asking private insurers to lower there costs/profits is like asking the SEC to convict cheats on Wall st, it will not happen. America is becoming a cast society and poorer one day by day and my government of for corporate america, by corporate america doesn't care. Good luck to our children.

    203. Tallytowngal says:

      You are a bunch of WHACK JOBS! Try joining the real world… we have educated people that can think for themselves and we have real science.

    204. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      To James Venable, KY.

      Rules in secret. So much for Transparency, Jim.

      This is what has people really POd and the nummbers will dramatically increase as they shove more ___ down our throat and ignore our outcry.

      Undone. Anything can be "Undone" but at what cost? My view is they are attempting to pass so much crap and entertwine it to a degree that it will be like trying to sort out ACORN's accounting. The cost of "Undoing" it will be time-consuming. Plus, if they pass anything that is an "entitlement" people who receive it will scream cause everyone wants a freebee.

      This chaos is right out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. I believe it is all intentional. Take over, re-invent, and tear us down on multiple simultaneous fronts. Wear us down.

      The majority of Americans need to stand strong and not shut up or give in. Vote. Vote. Vote.

    205. Sue Pacifica, cA says:

      Thank God! I hope this happens!

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    208. RickS says:

      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."–Thomas Jefferson

    209. Fay S. Parker says:

      We are dealing with a tyranical government whose philosphy is "the end justifies the means." A government where character doesn't matter. "This was the assumption of President Clinton's defenders during his impeachment crisis – - that character is unimportant to leadership, that private morality can have no real public consequences. Clinton opened the doorway to depravity. In the end,not even the rule of law would matter."

      Obama's lunatic Czars are now coming out of the woodwork. I can't keep up with all the corruption. I hope the Tea Parties grow in intensity rather than wane as the liberals are hoping.

      The corrupt in Congress mus be voted out ! !

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    211. IWantMyCountryBack says:

      My husband has congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, is on dialysis and takes 12 medications per day.

      I have good medical insurance, but Obamacare is a death sentence for him and others with chronic serious illnesses.

      Why would any politician in their right mind vote to destroy lives?

      With all the damage he has done in such a short period of time that goes against the Constitution and everything America stands for, why can't we impeach Obama?

    212. landio, GA says:

      Ok you can disapprove of the left without name calling, sweeping generalizations and calls to violence. Socialists? Get your guns? You can't compete with the Government? Everyone knows xyz?

      Who are you people? Lazy learners at best…

      Companies compete with the government all the time, in health care, parks and recreation, mail delivery, shipbuilding, soldiering, etc, etc. There are public and private companies in these industries and more competing, and neither side is in danger of being driven out by some kind of unfair Government advantage.

      How exactly will government run health care drive out the competition with low prices, and then somehow keep that competition out when apparently "rationing" and "long lines" will appear? They wont – companies will gladly provide better service if this happens, and people will pay for it.

      I know, lets all rise up and use our guns against the liberals?? That is not democracy, that is rule by force. Thats a call for violent revolution. I am glad you people love your democracy so much that you are willing to kill it.

      Socialists? The government has provided necessary services for decades, what could possibly be so evil about considering health care as a government service? This does not make people socialists.

      Please get a grip.

    213. Erik, CA says:

      These so called "confirmed" stories have all been reported after the fact and so CNSnews.com is just using revisionist tactics to make us believe that it has some sort of a scoop.

      And the reason Republicans aren't doing anything or offering a viable alternative is that they have no ideas. And just to remind you all, we live in a representative democracy not a direct democracy, so whomever was voted into office gets to do whatever they want irrespective of what you as an individual want until election time comes around again.

      And for god sakes people how about looking at some other news sources to confirm or deny any of these claims.

    214. that1guy says:

      More ridiculous scare tactics & rumor-mongering from your unabashed right-wing propaganda factory, "Heritage". Would that you would EVER have had the true interests of the American people in mind instead of those of monied special interests.

      You certainly have never objected to the trillions of dollars utterly wasted in Iraq, which would not only have paid for universal health care but innumerable other critical national needs. You & what's become of the conservative movement have lost all credibility due to this & other transparent pandering to your puppetmasters, and the last election was the end result.

      Bah. Preach on to your echo chamber of the fearful & ignorant; the country at large no longer listens to you.

    215. Mike Jones, Palo Alt says:

      What are you complaining about? We voted for him so that he'd make health care happen and he is making it happen. He has the majority to pass this, over Republican objections. Republicans and lobbyists simply want an opportunity to use rhetoric and fear mongering to sabotage health care reform, like they have done before. Good for Obama if he deprives them of that opportunity.

    216. Amused_In, Phoenix says:

      So much whining and gnashing of teeth over 'constitutional' transgressions. Where were you people when the prior administration was destroying and subverting the constitution then? Spying on Americans, torturing prisoners, suspending freedom of speech, etc. etc. or does it only matter now when your party has been backed into a corner because they have not offered a compelling alternative to universal healthcare? Look deep within and help your representative craft something we call ALL live with instead of the endless belly aching about the liberal left.

    217. freducation says:

      You are completely bonkers. And, your readers are gullible fools. You should be ashamed of yourself for printing these lies.

    218. dave in ohio says:

      I am 100% in favor for health care reform as soon as possible. The right has attempted to lie about and vilify every aspect of health care reform with looking at the one underlying fact: The health care insurance industry has completely failed to regulate itself, and has proven itself greedy to the point of being criminally negligent of the people who rely on health insurance. The debate has been nothing but sound bites and attempts to blur from the fact that sweeping reform is needed, and needed now. If you want to be upset by something, be upset by all of your representatives receiving MILLIONS of dollars from the health care insurance industry and their lobbyists and not doing anything to listen nor represent we the people. The overwhelming majority of the American people are in favor of this reform. Even after all the partisan attacks and blatant lies about this policy reform… it is still a majority in most polls favoring this course of action. Follow the campaign contributions by lobbyist and pacs.. don't be fooled into being against something that will benefit the vast majority of us.

    219. The one and only God says:

      You righties/conservatives are freaking crazy>

    220. cal0kie, NorCal says:

      You all are scary.

      Anyway, the MAJORITY did vote in the current White House administration, members of congress and senate and if the republican party will not contribute to solutions for problems our great country is having, then the majority SHOULD use whatever legislative means at their disposal to ensure progress is made.

      Then, when the next elections come up, and if the MAJORITY are displeased,then new members of the senate, congress and White House will indeed be elected.

      Until then the politicians elected by the majority have business to do and need to get'r done.

    221. Joe Ryan says:

      Any person who can't see that we face a vast conspiracy to weaken America and transform it's people into third world slaves is an idiot! Some still believe in 'coincidence theories' that cannot stand-up to the slightest scrutiny. They shipped our industries overseas and flooded this country with immigrants with their conspiracy in mind. They are taking over every media outlet with their fiat money. They lent money to shills who bought papers knowing they could never service the debt associated with the deals; and lo and behold, one chain of newspapers after another has fallen into their hands since they orchestrated the greatest ripoff in history on Wall Street and Washington in 2007-2009. They are using false patriotism to sell a stupid war that is designed to drain America of its resources, while enriching corporations. I still read one so-called conservative after another supporting their globalist schemes (like the never ending war against terrorism, that distracts distracts and allows them to thrive in seclusion). They spelled this all out in a book called 'The opportunity' written by a a guy who worked in the State Department under Bush, and who now guides the globalist plan as officer serving under Hillary Clinton. The terrorist threatening this country are right here living amongst us. They are your neighbor who lies to promote the mortgage industry, and the jerk who works at the call center, harassing people over debts made-up out of thin air. But most of all its your local congressman, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Any person still contemplating belonging to either party is a TRAITOR. If the shoe fits, wear it! As for removing them in elections. I ran on a platform against the globalist and refused to acceot money while doing so. I got kidnapped twice off debate stages, and I just finished a 7 monyth trial, wherein they tried to stick me with a year in jail for speaking at a debate, using a statute that says it can't be used to prosecute someone for speaking at a debate. The media hid their tapes of the event to aid the prosecutor. The arresting officer hid his recording of the event. The local media instigated my arrest along with Duncan Hunter jr (my 'conservative' opponent in the election), and of course, the public was never told that I was put on trial for my speech. That was all kept secret to protect Duncan Hunter and the local DA. So, you've been warned. Run for congress and they will try and put you in jail! And that's just a small part of the harassment I suffered as a candidate for congress running against the criminals from the two major parties. We're gonna need some luck and a whole lot more effort from people who ONLY blog.

    222. ed arnott says:

      Here is whats wrong with America, read the lines at the submit button,Commenting is a privilege, not a right. SEE freedom of speech is monitored., We arent allowed to say what we want to, it has to be politicaly correct. BS. ed

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    224. shane g nelson, Evan says:

      The Democrates will push this along, with severe consequences for them in 2010/2012. This can all be overturned if all of the main Democrates are replaced and publically disgraced. These types of proceedural actions need to be outlawed/ prevented from ever happening again. No more closed door, secret law writing/passing of any bill. No more of this disgusting behavior.

    225. Dallas in SAT, San A says:

      If 1.7 million will show up in DC on 9/12, how much would it take to get 2.5 million to show up in halls of congress in DC during work week with a sit-in, refuse to leave, and shut it down!

      Otherwise the only 3 options are to 1) sit and wait until 2010 to flush them out via vote; 2) Armed Revolt; 3) State legislatures invoke their rights under 10th amendment of US Constitution and declare all entities and persons within their state borders not subject to these horrendous, socialistic, despotic laws.

      Being that the Texas governor and legislature has already publicly supported States' 10th amendment rights, I'm personally going to do what I can to get option #3 implemented here in Texas.

    226. Chris Reich, Soverei says:

      Never re-elect anyone. NEVER re-elect anyone. Never re-elect ANYONE.

    227. Pingback: Secret Plan confirmed by Heritage Foundation «

    228. Heather, NY says:

      I don't think I could fit in this space the number of things wrong with the majority of what is being said here. First of all, despite what you may want, the majority of Americans want a public OPTION (do you understand what option means? It means you have MORE choices.) Everyone can keep the insurance they have, no one is trying to make you switch over or get a new doctor. It just means my hard working neighbor who has been self employed his whole life and has no means for affordable insurance would have been able to see a doctor to realize he was dying from pancreatic cancer. It also means he might have been able to afford the medicine ($500 out of pocket a WEEK) to help him deal with the unbearable pain. So he is living his last days unmedicated in excruciating pain. How is that moral? Second of all, our government is broken and I agree we need to do a lot to fix it. It has been breaking for a long time… and I don't think "getting our guns" is a well thought out solution. The Bush administration had shady ways of passing bills and took away liberties…did you all speak up then? Shouldn't we speak up ANY time there is injustice and not just when it's done by the "other side"? Why are we so quick to bat for "our side" without really looking at the big picture? I voted for Obama and I have my criticisms too. But, I urge you to be critical of where you get your information and really take some time to make sure you are not perpetuating hateful and unfounded statements. It is our responsibility as Americans to not just go on hearsay but find truth.

      Here is my reference from what I stated above about what the "majority of Americans" want, please be responsible and do the same with your "facts" you want to share:

      June 20, 2009:

      "A clear majority of Americans — 72 percent — support a government-sponsored health care plan to compete with private insurers, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. Most also think the government would do a better job than private industry at keeping down costs and believe that the government should guarantee health care for all Americans."

    229. Mark B, OR says:

      Even if this was the perfect piece of legislation, that everybody could agree on, it NEEDS to be openly debated and be seen and read by EVERYONE that wants to, before it is voted on.

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    231. joan, indiana says:

      It's not Democrats or Republicans, it's all of them. They need to realize who pays their bills. Seriously, how can this be stopped? I'm tired of no one representing me. Government is getting too big, and costing too much.

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    234. Lee KS. says:

      I've heard it said over and over that this administration has an adjenda and a plan and it will be put in place at any cost. It seems that if one side can't buy off the other then it will be crammed down their throats any way. It is about time to shut-up and start standing up and showing the American People what positive action is in shutting DOWN this administration's adjenda on what will and is leading to COMMUNISTIC RULE.

      Who are our representatives representing? It seems like maybe their own pocket books(being bought-off) and cohersed into what the MAJORITY wants.

    235. Tea Party Founder, H says:

      I predicted this, because even though we protested and numbers grow they have the ability to tax without regard to the Constitution or the public opposition.

      Government needs to be out of business and until then, it will be the foxes who watch the hen house. Every policy undermines the Constitution, and these politician are delusional believing they are doing right or solidifying their election bid. Rightful leaders bring value or growth to a nation, usurpers consume/destroy to maintain their hold on power. Let's restore the Constitution.

      Gov't should incentivize its spending. I estimate we can reduce budget by 60% without increase in taxes. Dale Robertson, Tea Party Founder.

    236. Trevor, Maryland says:

      Who is John Galt?

    237. D.E.P. ,Apopka, says:

      It's too late. Join the NRA. There are only two kinds of politicians; the caught and the uncaught, and you thought it was Democrates and Republicans. Join the NRA.

    238. Sue, New York says:

      Like most of you, I'm enraged at what's going on with our gov't right now, BUT we all need to take a breath and put down the guns. The best way to effect a change is thru peaceful means. I'm mad at the Republicans, too, because they betrayed us during the Bush years. The politicians are only for THEMSELVES. We need a list of demands they must agree to, like…changing laws that allow them to be corrupt: ethics (it should be a separate department like the CBO), lobbying laws, fundraising, donation and earmark laws. All of these have got us to where we are right now. Let's change gov't from the INSIDE. Let's get involved in the election process for Congress first, before we must resort to sitting on the steps of the capital and being put in jail (like the woman's right to vote suffrage).

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    240. Freedom of Speech. T says:

      To Mr. freeducation,

      Nothing is "free". It is always paid for or taken from someone. That is what "progressive" means.

      As for claiming that HF is printing lies – YOU should be ashamed of YOUR leader and his left-wing fanatics. This administration and their ideology is built on BIG LIES. The fact that you cannot see or accept this, shows how much trouble this country is really in.

    241. Pat Eldridge says:

      The whole Marxist agenda is to bankrupt this country and get total control of all aspects of our economy, leaving us demoralized and whimpering to the point that they can put in the police state (50,000) to squash all opposition to whatever else they need to do, to bring us to our knees, as in the old Soviet Union. What can we do except go to the streets? My fear is Gulags for we the people who speak out!

    242. Former Marine &#039 says:

      They do not need our tax money. They did not need it for TARP or the bailouts. They will just print more. THE GOP is just as guilty as the Dems, where are their voices!?

    243. Clayton New Mexico says:

      How come the LEFTIE LOONS (freducation and the one and lonely)never want you to know who they are??? you people better wake up FAST because America as we once knew it will be no longer. You do realize that even if ALL the PINHEADS are voted out we still get to pay for their "retirement" which on aveRAGE is $175,000 a year until the day they die and probably alot longer then that. yeah you can buy alot of KOOL-AID with that. thank-you taxpayers

    244. Dino, Ohio says:

      What part of we the people don't want the Government controlling our health care don't they understand? They will understand it in 2010 and 2012 then we will have real change we can belive in! when we will get all those arrogant and incompetent bums out of office!

    245. Marie Devine says:

      This is similar to what the United Nations did when it gave the preamble to the United Nations, got people to sign on to that, but then the details were against the initial stated intentions. (According to Libya's leader in his recent UN speech.)

      We have made our government very complex and open to dangers of oppressions. With God, His laws are stated in one book. Other holy books point to it.

      We rejected God's wisdom and now there are tens of thousands of laws and many of them can be altered by decisions of a judge. With God, things are stable enough that we can judge ourselves and determine the penalty before hand because it is clearly written and does not change. It is preventive, protective and restorative in its judgments. Our laws do not protect or restore; they continues to take from us in the form of taxes to house inmates and in the judgments. We are going the wrong way; God's way is easier. It will only come when we want it.

      Marie Devine

    246. barbara best, Texas says:

      Everything they are doing is illegal, so don't we have some laws to protect us and get this stopped? He has never worked a legal job in his lazy life, so lets show him how to work honestly. If we do not get this stopped, we will never have another election, because he wants to control the whole country and we have to stop him now.

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    249. Robert, OK says:

      The voting machines are rigged even if you try to vote them out. You must demand paper ballots and public viewing of the counting in addition to a slip to show how your vote was counted. See black box voting.com

      The evil destroying our country started in the 1880's and has had the major control of both parties since 1948. Even the presidential candidates of the communist and the socialist parties released a joint statement that they would no longer run for office as their platform had been full adopted between the republicans and the democrats.

      These people behind the secenes play you as right and left to herd you where they want. Time for new politicians in every office at every level even if you like the current one. Keeping them has never worked yet.

      Stupidity: Doing the same thing over and over again thinking it will produce different results.


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    251. Keith from PA says:

      People, Please remember what our forefathers said.

      A people afraid of it's government is Tiranny

      A government afraid of the people is Liberty.

      Please spread these words.

    252. John Nevada says:

      Reid is a four letter word in Nevada

    253. LFB, NC says:

      Obama kept his word on "transparency". It is so transparent and crystal clear that you, the public, and elected officials cannot see it. Obama is keeping his campaign promises and +50% of this nation enabled him and his administration to do so. So, what do you want to do about it now?

    254. ANNE says:

      NG, Denver CO writes: REPLY TO NG, DENVER, CO


    255. George Barrows, Nor says:

      I still say to reduce the number of professional politicians that "Are Trying" to run this country.

      In 2010 get rid of those that are in power and again in 2012. Also reduce the wages of the new Senators, Representatives back to about 15 years ago and see if that will help calm their professional inpropriorities. This in itself would help recoup some of our monetary losses. Then see that all the federal employees ie, congressmen, representatives are included in the Social Security program instead of continuing to put good money after bad by giving them a 100% retirement and medical benefits.

      We have some that have been in there so long that they wouldn't know how to cope in the working world. If they need compensation for time in service so to speak then set up a percentage type payment such as we that were in the Military have.

      Also if they pass the HBO medical plan see that they are also included and get rid of the great luxury they have now.

    256. Frumious, CA says:

      Funny… I posted something earlier that didn't make it past the moderators. I'm glad- it was way too sarcastic and mean spirited. But I'll tell you- you should all read through the comments again. There is an amazing bunch of paranoia and blind anger going on here.

      Obama this and Obama that. Socialist, Nazi, Marxist, oppressive. Really?

      We, the people, have called for a restructuring of our health-care system. Our elected officials- at least those who have to some degree resisted the temptation of the brib… 'scuse me… lobbying efforts on the part of the FOR PROFIT health care industry- are working to pass legislation that will offer us an option if we so choose to use it. Mr. President Obama happens to agree with the people that elected him in this matter.

      From where in any of that do you get "Socialist" "oppressive" or any of the other weird things you're spewing? From my perspective, it looks like I offered you an apple and you ran away screaming, "Fire in the theater! Fire in the theater!" It just looks crazy (read the comments again and you'll see what I mean). But it's catching! What's up!?

      Obama: "We want to give you a health care system that works for YOU."

      Conservatives: "Oh don't you dare, you Commie Nazi you!"

      If you don't want to use the public option, then option not to use it. Your private insurance will be cheaper anyway (or should be if they don't pocket the savings), as there will be competition. It will be cheaper, because the emergency rooms will be used for emergencies instead of for uninsured- you pay for that now.

      Everybody could win with this, but some people are so committed to having a loser that they're even willing to be that loser themselves. And then try to take everyone down with them. We all lose then. Except for the CEO of the insurance company, who laughs all the way to the bank with your $500 million.

      What you angry people don't understand is that I am on your side, even though you are not on my side. You do everything you can to demean the Liberal and Progressive causes, try to make even the names into bad words. And yet everything we stand for is for you as well as me. Your kids should have the same clean and green future we all had. Your kids should benefit from American ingenuity with a health care system that is designed to serve them.

      We're Americans. We can figure this out. Please stop trying to gum up the works!

    257. JS, Ohio says:

      Oct 17, there are protest against the media being planned. There will be protest in many cities across this nation. I think this would be a great place to start. Look them up and turn out on the 17th.

    258. Pat Smith says:

      There are people that can't pay an extra $4,000 for health care and an extra $3,000 for energy. They plan on raising taxes in addition. Maybe that's what the new jail is built for in Montana so he can lock up all the people who can't pay. The rest of us are being sold into slavery to the government. We work and they take all of the money. I can't even imagine what it is going to happen to the price of food after this goes into action. There are sure going to be a lot of hungry people. Some farmers are barely hanging on now and they will all lose the farm. But that's probably the next thing they take over. I don't understand why some people still defend this disastrous Administration. America is becoming the Soviet Union.

    259. GranAnn says:

      What really bothers me….WHY aren't members of Congress challenging the anti-Constitutional things that are being done before our very eyes???? Every one of them took an oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Our Constitution is in shreds. Don't they see that??? If we wait until the 2010 election, it will be too late. We must demand to have the final version posted on the internet. We must demand that every one of representatives read every word of it. This healthcare bill is not for the people, it is for government control over the people!

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    261. Homer Toeclipper says:

      Although I don't approve AT ALL of Congress' circumventing the will of the American people, I suspect they really, actually believe they're operating in the best interest of the American People – with the Greatest Depression before us, we are facing the greatest catastrophe this country and World will ever face. I suspect our elected officials know the real truth – Years of prolonged double-digit unemployment are ahead of us, and the unemployed public will need something.

      I suspect they also feel the American people have no idea what's in store for them in the coming years, and have no interest in seeing Healthcare reform die on the vine in the meantime.

      I hope they're ready to face the consequences of thier actions – they will either be looked at as saviours, or will be sacrificed for their actions in the next elections, assuming we still have a democratic way of life in the years to come.

      Remember the rantings of the left re: "Patriot Act" – the mantra was that people were losing freedoms. I don't know of anyone that lost any freedoms from that passage.

      But if this bill comes to pass without further public discussion, it is well apparent to every US citizen that we have all knowingly lost a very tangible freedom – one of choice.

      If this passes, I hope we retain the right to public assembly….hell will be raised.

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    268. Jeff Huff says:

      This is an outrage! We should not have our constitution "TRAMPLED ON" like this by these socialist's!

    269. Pingback: Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare – CONFIRMED « Wide Spectrum Analysis

    270. Rick Texas says:

      The "nuclear option" – this isn't supposed to happen! Ever since my grade school days, I've been taught that our system of government has "checks and balances" – to prevent just this sort of antic. How can this happen in the United States? A handful (relative) of rogue lawmakers, hell bent on implementing their socialist agenda in this democratic, capatalist country, are going to ruin, in less than a year, the best country on earth. Again, how can this happen?

      We have got to be ever vigilant and not let ourselves get distracted by this administration's slight of hand and outright lies. These folks are experts at bare knuckle politics, and the entire administration has come from the Chicago-style politics that have embarassed the state of Illinois for many years. They will say whatever sounds good at the moment, all the while thinking to themselves "we're going to jam this down your throat – we know better than you what's good for you". And they'll do it with a smile on their face.

      Until recently, I asked "how can an administration like tis one get into office?". Well, we have only the lousy, ineffective, liberal mouthpiece that is erroneously termed the media. These people (ABC, NBC, CNBC, CBS, CNN, HLN – all of them but Fox) hav never asked a hard question, never spent hours researching, and don't worry about verifying anything that Obama's people tell them – they just shovel it out there. They bear a large portion of the blame because responsible journalism is not part of their product. Even IF they knew how radical and so far left that these people were, they woud not have "rocked the boat" by telling us, the American people. I hope they suffer for their duplicity and we now KNOW better than to put any stock in any of their trash – political or otherwise.

    271. Pingback: On the Health Care Front « Pond’rings

    272. Barbara Kansas Ci says:

      To Lisa in S.C. If you understood the public option better, you wouldn't want it either….

    273. Steve CDA, ID says:

      Frumious, CA you need to get a clue, it was your 54% that voted him in. The other 46% are the ones on here expressing thier concerns because they saw through the "shifty one." All you had to do was look at his public record and see how he voted on all the major issues but competency is not a requirement for voters so we are stuck with this lemon. Nobody on the republican side asked for more government control and thats what we are getting. I guess I can just assume that the 54% or so that voted him in wanted more government control. You must need people to tell you what to do and how to run your lives. For those of us that are free thinkers and want our liberties back we need to splinter from this fascism course and form our own constitution and government. It will be the strongest republic this world has ever known because we will not allow the weak and the minorities to control the policies like they are now. There are so many that are fed up with whats going on I cant believe it. The time for words is over and the time for action is upon us. A civil war is growing nearer.

    274. Crystal Idaho says:

      I am sending my ballot concerning government spending, and am dismayed that not funding Acorn wasn't part of the fiscal responsibilty equation. This group is obviously corrupt and I for one refuse to let my tax money be wasted by them!

    275. Colony14 says:

      Steve CDA ID, your very last sentence is the ANSWER!

      Obama is testing us to see if we have the same valor honor and moral character our Founding Fathers had to make America the best Nation to live in in the World.

      Your last sentence is the ONLY answer because right after he get's his Genocidecare passed into Law, he's going straight after a FAST TRACK, greased rail SHAMNESTY to get all those Illegals, legaled up as fast as lightening to register all of them Obamabot/DEMOCRAT.

      He KNOWS that after that there's no way any other Party could ever vote against any Democrat no matter how bad they were.

      He could get REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT Elected for one of the highest offices in the Government after Shamnesty. Who could fight the Democrats then?

      Not even IMPEACHMENT would be possible.

      Why, the Government is so full of criminals now, how whould anyone have any chance at all trying to put an order of Impeachment through with the Democrats controlling every single thing in Washington down to each and every Maid, Cook or Intern! The Democrats would have ALL THE CONTROL then!

      This is exactly what Obama's after. He wants a ONE PARTY Government, his Party, and his Presidency to be for the rest of is Lifetime.

      If we don't ACT there will be no tomorrow for many of us, because he will have his Genocidecare Bueraucrat Democrats, sign the papers to end our lives!

    276. AinKee says:

      Lets find a way to rescind this outrageous Health Bill, If is should pass. Obama will not be re-elect in 2012 this Bill will be not take affect until 2013. I can not believe the people in congress would risk their political future for the two most odorous Bill next to Cap and Trade.

    277. ACE SEZ says:

      we've already lot the right to vote in free and fair elections you'll notice that when you go to vote in 2010

      The only working solution to our elected traitors

      is a civilian malitia of expert snipers–

    278. Beatrice, New York C says:


    279. Tammy, Texas says:

      Our government was going hell way before Obama got here….his arrival just made things easier for them all..and now its just one big party for them. This so called "President" received a vast majority of his votes from people who already abuse the system, and they've put us all on a horrific path thats going to destroy what has been fought for so defiantly by our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and forefathers. These "people" in our Government are an embarrassment and I for one, am becoming more and more ashamed that we have let it come to this. This government is an "entity" that I think the citizens of American should sue! They are not working in our best interest, and they are making rules that won't apply to them….and as long as we do nothing more than just sit here typing out our feelings as opposed to actually getting involved, then its just going to keep going "their way" and we, the People, will pay. God Bless America because we are in big doo doo.

    280. Cheryl Hopkins Calif says:

      I would like my congress and my senate who represent me in the state of california to stop all this outrageous spending. We need to bring our troops home and protect our borders. Think of the people that elected you to be in office. The health Insurance plan will be our downfall to our freedom as we now know it. Do not rush to judgement. Your constituents overwhelmingly oppose the health bill.

      My father is a WWII veteran and he sacrificed four of his life to protect me and my family and your family in order to have a free country and a democracy. Protect our rights as citzens of the United States. Please do not flush our country down the toilet. I love my country and it makes me mad that you all in the white house are throwing it away.

      In conclusion you must represent your constituents and not the lobbyists! Thank you Cheryl Hopkins "God Bless American"

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    283. Cindy Mulvey says:

      Get it together lets work together no more Career politicians.

      I was a Ron Paul JBS liberty lover the ONLY thing I hope can work is GOOOH, PLEASE check it out

      Tim Cox Founder GOOOH Get Out Of Our House –

      Thanks so much for your support of the GOOOH.com process for

      taking back our governments from the professional politicians

      and replacing them with CITIZENS elected from among We the

      People! This is a very exciting year, and the GOOOH method can

      be a great help in getting the job done this year.

      Thanks again for your support!

      –Tim's exuberance is quite amazing. Anyone who had half of Tim's spirit could easily succeed in a buisness. If Tim is enjoying his work, that's great. This is a great project, and as long as Tim has enough resources to continue, he should. To put your whole spirit into a project, and to enjoy it, is one of the best feelings in life. I'm just worried about the money that is donated from other sources. Check out…

      See More

      Awareness is the Key If you are serious about change, you will join GOOOH and then tell every person in American to do the same. The only thing that can prevent success is if the people choose not to participate. We hope you will helpspread the word so the rest of our countrymen can join our cause.

      I'm telling everyone I come in contact with. My bit of wisdom for the day is "The one thing that makes politicians turn thier mirrors to th wall is;"We The People"

      Cindy Mulvey

      cin3@me.com All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Schopenhauer

    284. Pingback: NA-137-2009-10-08

    285. Grace Stanley says:

      This all just reinforces the fact that Obama and the Liberal Democrats are inherently dishonest. People in this country must join together to defeat this kind of government that has no regard whatever for the people of this country. They care only about their liberal philosophies and their power.

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    288. life good says:

      Hey I got tired of paying a monthly fee for discount plans. It doesn't make sense that I have to pay $12.95 just to get a discount…Other than Healthsouk.com does anyone know any other free discount plans?

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