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  • John Kerry: If You Enjoyed This Year’s Recession, Just Wait for Cap and Trade

    Senators Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) introduced draft legislation of a cap and trade bill with slightly more stringent near-term carbon reduction targets and Kerry’s message was simple: The recession worked so well to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, let’s keep it going. Senators from both sides of the aisle expressed concerns about the target but Kerry argued since the recession gave us a head start on greenhouse gas reduction, we can kill the economy some more.

    Let me emphasize something very strongly as we begin this discussion. The United States has already this year alone achieved a 6 percent reduction in emissions simply because of the downturn in the economy, so we are effectively saying we need to go another 14 percent.”

    In other words, 10 percent unemployment is the new norm. It took a solid year for the United States to reach 10 percent unemployment through the financial meltdown and the housing crisis, let’s keep it there, or make it worse, with cap and trade. Why not be even more aggressive? If the trade off is a 6 percent reduction in emissions for a 3.5 percent reduction in unemployment in one year alone, we could get to a 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide by October 2011 and push the unemployment rate to 18 percent. Look on the bright side; we’d still be below Spain’s 19.3 percent.

    Make no mistake, this bill is a jobs destroyer. Despite attempts to market cap and trade as a “clean energy jobs” bill, net job losses approach 1.9 million in 2012 and could approach 2.5 million by 2035. Particularly hit hard is the energy-intensive manufacturing sector, which according to The Heritage Foundation economists, would lose 1.4 million jobs by 2035. For the record, you won’t hear proponents of cap and trade calling it a “green” jobs bill anymore. That doesn’t poll well. It’s “clean energy” jobs now.

    Cap and trade will drive up energy prices so high to force people to use less energy. Consumers will drive less, fly less and companies will pump out less CO2 because people will buy less. But people still need to drive their cars and turn on their lights. All cap and trade does is force people to spend more to use less. The trade off for reduced carbon dioxide emissions is reduced economic activity.

    If Obama administration and Congress wants us to be more like Western Europe, we’re sure to be on our way if cap and trade passes.

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    54 Responses to John Kerry: If You Enjoyed This Year’s Recession, Just Wait for Cap and Trade

    1. Bill, CO says:

      America is supposed to be the land of opportunity. Those from Europe come here specifically for those opportunities. That is quickly changing; however, and passage of cap and trade legislation would ensure that America would no longer be that sought after land of opportunity for which we pride ourselves. Write your Senators and voice opposition to this legislation at http://tiny.cc/pxIgi.

    2. Chris, Arkansas says:

      Without a doubt, some of the most effective argument for cap and trade is the unemployment numbers. Kerry needs to go.

    3. George, New Orleans, says:

      I breathe out CO2, maybe I should stop exhaling. Or find some alternative way to expel the CO2 I emit.

    4. Freedomof Speech TX says:

      How cavalier. How arrogant. How disgusting.

      Thank you Mr. Swiftboat!

      It's pretty easy when you are connected to a family fortune. No worries mate, eh?

      Thank you Ma'am!

      Pretty soon we'll be just like California, right? Sorry Californians, "ya'll" keep putting her in office. Please do something for your country, your state, and yourselves and vote her out. Can't you see how this bill is going to further kill your ecomony – and ours?

      NO CAP N' TRADE.

    5. Margaret says:

      The Heritage Fondation produces number that claim jobs will be lost, but those who support this legislation as a means to ween us off of foreign oil and make us more secure and ecco friendly can product job creation figures that match yours. So who is right and who actually has an agenda to keep thinks just a they are?

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      Let's also remain aware that all unemployment in the private sector is due to government intervention. If not about to take over private business, forcing unnecessary stringency. regulating mandates according to a fictitious man-made global, whatever they're calling it today, etc. Get the government out of the private sector! The government continues daily, to go out of their way to destroy the private sector while hypocrites to their own claims…

      Cap and trade will not amount to the government's claim nor will it "change" anything but our lifestyles for the worse and the income of those behind it.

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    8. Dean, Lititz says:

      Global warming is junk science. I think Mr. Kerry knows this, finding new ways for tax & spend are getting easier all the time.

      Stimulus = tax & spend

      health care = tax & spend

      cap & trade = tax & spend

    9. jlw, indiana says:

      To you Greenies: The way to ween us off foreign oil is to drill our own. Some new refineries and a few nuclear generators would also help. Wind and sun "ain't" going to do it.

    10. Dan, Ohio says:

      I would like to cap Kerry's mouth and trade his seat for someone less liberal

    11. Sharon, Florida says:

      I am so disgusted with this nonsense. We could get off foreign oil by drilling. We should be drilling off Florida at this very moment but then that wouldn't be ecco friendly. How is this bill going to make us more secure with millions more out of work and our engery bill through the roof. What is in the water in MA and CA?

    12. AndyB, Davie FL says:

      Congress has already mumbled that when gas prices reach $10/gallon, we might be allowed to drill offshore; and perhaps build nuclear plants. Guess what? If gas hits $4.00/gallon, our economy will tank within a year. "Green" sources of energy, wind and solar,are 30 years away from achieving even 15% of our energy needs. It's not about carbon footprints folks; it's a massive redistribution of wealth worldwide; America's position of strength in the world must be diminished and we must be brought to our knees. The goal is to raise prices so that we will be too broke and too worried about mere survival to question our new marxist state. How about $5 each for a gallon of milk or gas, and for a loaf of bread. Coming soon.

    13. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      What is really going to happen if electricity bills rise as much as anticipated? People will simply stop heating with fossil fuels and turn to cheap renewables like WOOD and CHARCOAL – that should make the environmentalists ecstatic. Farmers whose lifestyle will be destroyed by this bill will stop planting crops and let their land go back to 'nature' and then they'll start cutting down the trees for fuel to heat with and sell to their neighbors. (Can Margaret really be that naive?)

    14. Eric says:


      Sure they can. Like they produced projected unemployment numbers if the stimulus passed.

      You raise the price of energy and less gets produced and fewer people have jobs. Only someone with an an agenda or without any understanding of basic economics has trouble with that point.

      The legislation is not supported to ween us off oil. Please. If Cap and Trade supporters wanted to reduce our dependence, they would support increasing the supply here in the United States. Instead, they want to tax domestic production and drive it offshore, making us more, not less, dependent.

      Find me one proponent of this bill who supports drilling for oil here at home. Kerry? Polosi?

      Instead of noting that anyone can produce a set of numbers, Margaret, why don't you examine whose numbers have been more accurate in the recent past — Heritage's or the Obama administration's.

    15. Normca says:

      Lurch who spent 1/4 the normal rotation in Viet Nam has been living a charmed life ever since. He married wealth twice and doesn't give a wit whether the legislation will accomplish anything; in fact he knows it will not. Then he can take his camera and show it around and say see what my intentions accomplished. He wants more unemployment to accomplish a reduction in his own hot gas. Who votes for these Neanderthals ?

    16. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Margaret: The numbers Heritage uses can be independently confirmed from non partisan sources, those that support cap and trade are suspect at best and out right fabrications other wise. Those that support cap and trade have NEVER refuted nor shown otherwise that creating green jobs will cost MORE jobs than it creates. All in the name of non existent global warming fears. Unless you can control solar flares and oceanic vulcanism you cannot affect the climate in any significant way. Those opposed to cap and trade are not for "keeping things just as they are", just not in this manner. Cap and trade will in NO way contribute to lessening global temps. Unless the rest of the world signs on we will have NO impact with the Boxer/Kerry proposal. China and India do not have the liberal rot in their society that persists in ours. This is why,someday, if individuals of your bent get their way, the US will be a third world nation.

    17. Rayford Davenport says:

      Who benefits from cap and trade? Nike recently disagreed with the U S Chamber of Commerce on it's stance about greenhouse gasses. All of it's products are made overseas. Is this the future for manufacturing in the United States?

    18. K.J. in Virginia says:

      We need to stop this insanity. These Democrats do not have our best interests in mind or heart. Our country would be better off if they all went home. Stop the bills! Cut spending! do not increase it! End big government! We need to stand up for our country and support and respect our constitution! Maybe Mr. Jefferson was right…maybe it iw time for a revolution!

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    20. Taylor Hoynes says:

      All of this is the result of teaching socialism/humanism over the last 70 or so years, first in our colleges and then K thru 12. The Green People and the others are the prime example of "dumbing down of America", they no longer think for themselves. We have allowed the government to take American History out of the schools and substituted anti American propaganda and anti capitalism garbage force fed to our children. Our only hope is to force this government back to the Constitution and the Rule of Law and return parenting back to the parents. History shows us very clearly that socialism leads to communism and it has failed all over the world and is failing all over Europe now and yet we keep going after it.

      “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

      Dr. Albert Einstein

      God Help Us!

    21. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Isn’t America just the most wonderful place to live under the Democrats control. Both in the Congress that makes the new laws and regulations as well as in the Administration where countless un-elected, un-vetted czars monitor the daily progress of our road to fascism. Just think of how life will be in a couple of years as we change the term from “unemployment” to “job freedom”. With the government benefits extended indefinitely, this new category of non-working people will become the envy of all those that toil daily to meet their bills. More and more people will see the futility of working well so they will be terminated and move under the new government subsistence and begin to enjoy the life of leisure that they deserve. As millions join these ranks, their long term financial obligations such as a mortgage and car payment must taken care of so the government will just buy out their mortgage and lease the property back to the homeowner (soon to be an archaic noun) at a $1 per month so they can live free in their new government house. Just think of all the millions of people who will be relieved of the stress to find a new job and instantly put into a category of not having to worry about anything financial. I’m sure our Congress will recognize that even though they don’t have anything to do, they will still need a vacation to “get away from it all” and they will be provided with a “vacation allowance”. At this point I just don’t know what to think. It would be great for them to “get away”, but I don’t know where they would go since all with workers in the service industries would have moved onto the “job freedom” rolls and there wouldn’t be anyone working at the hotels.

      I just love this place and can’t wait for all these good things to come. Won’t it be such a kick to live in a country where there are no financial worries and true freedom abounds.

      Oops, maybe I forgot to say that when our government controls everything, the Chinese will calmly “call” their notes due and just take legal title to all the housing in the USA. Having the legal right to everyone’s house, they will just say that you must go back to work or be evicted. When the people rebel, the new government won’t have any problem with the protestors. Who needs 300 million unhappy souls when there are billions in the world without a roof over their head and no food to eat.

      Goodbye America, freedom and prosperity are just around the corner.

    22. Nicolas Loris Nick Loris says:


      That's a fair question. The panel we had at The Heritage Foundation a few weeks ago included Ph.D. economists from the EPA, EIA, CBO, Brookings, Heritage and the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. All presented studies from their organizations on the economic impact of cap and trade. All of the studies showed net losses in GDP and employment. The only debate was over how bad it would be. And that debate depended critically on assumptions such as whether there will be a doubling of nuclear power in 25 years and full commercialization of CCS in even less time.

      I hope this helps. Nick

    23. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      As a Viet Nam era vet, I have always believed that Kerry either lied to Congress or was a war criminal for allowing atrocities to be commited and or failing to report said atrocities in a timely manner.

      I think now he is a war criminal, as he is continuing to perpetuate atrocities in the form of cap and trade on his own people.

      May he cease and desist. CItizens of MA ! Wake up!!

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    25. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      So what? Everybody SEE that all of this stuff is for the KILLING OF JOBS. The Government, the Representatives-I am sure UNCONSCIOUSLY-KILL JOBS (Go look to the Enemy's book chapter 57 where he states that people destroyed their own homes by their own hands, omitting to say that he suggested it). So what are you waiting for American?

      This story of gaz et consorts should be placed in the context of a failling Earth for reasons other than human intervention (even though this tiny intervention is real)but in the actual CONTEXT the aim is only to bring the country down by focusing in this…this…thing.

    26. Bob says:

      God Help Us

    27. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Margaret, take a look at what jlw from Indiana has to say. The way to reduce/eliminate our dependence on foreign oil is to drill more in the U.S., our continental shelf and exploit our oil shale fields. We have tremendous natural gas resources in the U.S. and we could transition from burning gasoline to natural gas in a relatively short period of time, if there was the will to do it. We need to build more refineries in the U.S. and we need to build a number of nuclear power plants around the U.S. and should start now, while 85% of the Stimulus money is still available to do so.

      The proponents of Cap & Trade understand that it won't stop carbon pollution one bit. What it will do is allow polluters to keep on polluting as long as they buy "carbon credits", controlled by the government. And the cost of these "carbon credits"? why they will be incorporated into the prices of the goods and services we all must buy.

      The only way Cap & Trade" would reduce our dependency on foreign oil was if we all went back to burning logs in the firplace to keep warm, candles for light, getting rid of our cars, trucks and planes and go back to horse drawn vehicles. That would sure reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Sound good to you?

    28. Joe TN says:

      If anyone believes anything that Kerry has to say, then please call me, I have some real estate for sale.

    29. johnboy, mass says:

      i'm sorry..i live in mass. and i try ever chance i have to get rid of john[i served in vietnam]kerry…but i am outnumbered????

    30. Da Dog says:

      It has always been of interest to me that those who propound socialist and Marxist philosophy are invariably the elitist class, usually monied and not subject to the realities of trying to make a living like the majority of Americans. Either that or they are immature thinkers who have been fed the ideology of an impossible utopia. This has been the case since the days of FDR. Then, you have the followers of these individuals who are the benificiaries of this philosophy, the non-producers and the takers, or those who contribute nothing to the society as a whole. We are very close to the point where there are more takers than producers. This is a unsustainable position, punishes productivity, destroys morale and makes being responsible unprofitable. What happens when everyone simply ceases producing? What are the takers going to do when there is nothing left to take? Without rationality returning we are certainly headed for collapse and complete anarchy.

    31. Metalchemist says:

      The TIME HAS come to boot these political imbecilles out of Washington DC, The whole lot of them. Then after that boot all the Illegal Immigrants out of this country.

      John Kerry IS THE RICHEST MEMBER of congress and Bab's Boxer is a political old hen that needs to get her goose cooked.

    32. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      OK John Kerry. Here is the solution. Every human will be fit with a respiratory catalytic converter mask to change CO2 to O2 and something else. Congress will be the first to wear the masks acting as role models for the rest of us "uninformed" citizens.

      The ONLY winner in "Cap and Trade" is the federal government with their new found revenue enhancement program. We, as citizens, lose.

    33. Marty, Ca says:

      take the all additive's out of gasoline and adjust the computer to burn lean and watch the mileage improve on the cars,(100+ mpg) less pollution and no need to drill for oil.

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    35. James, Iowa says:

      Someone predicted cap and trade would turn farms into fallow pasture, but as farm owners my wife and I disagree. Farmers will continue to grow crops because livestock won't pay the bills if everyone converts land to pasture.

      Farmers will be able to earn money by sequestering CO2 if they raise their crops no till. However in my opinion the greater energy expenses will outweigh the possible economic benefits. Our area will be especially hard hit if Cap and Trade is passed in its current form.

      I am a Vietnam era veteran also, and I hated John Kerry until I forgave him after he lost to Bush. I wish he would retire.

    36. Brad L, Phoenix says:


      Don't give up!!! Sound out your friends and associates. Don't push, just test the waters. If you find an independent, work with them. If they are independent, it means they still have a functioning brain. Know your history and show where the Republicans made mistakes and what we are trying to do to correct them. Conservatives are Republicans but Republicans are not necessaryly conservatives. Discuss the philosophy of freedom and how government control eliminates it.

      If you find people who voted for Obama and still think he is great, avoid them at all costs. Their brains are so small that the equilibrium of nature will suck out parts of your brain to fill their void.

      Since the coat tails of Ted Kennedy are no longer available to ride, perhaps a new day will dawn in the birthplace of independence.

    37. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      No s__t! In Oregon, we don't have to wait. Ours starts 2010, because our Governor and our people elected feel as if God told them,"Oregon needs more money!"

      The price of our Natural Gas is going down, and that is heavily advertized, daily! What isn't advertized is that our cost of electricity is going up a lot more than what we are saving!

      We currently have lots of Hydroelectrical electricity, and that emits no carbons! No carbons, no taxes!

      So, with the assistance of the Feds, our dams are being removed, to allow fish to swim and our electricity will come from Coal. Lots of Carbon! Lots of taxes.

      Only a few hundred the first year, but it doubles the seond. Doubles again the third. All the way till 2015! Isn't that wonderful!

      Of course our major Cities along the rivers with the dams removed will no longer have any drinking water, because of all the built up silt flowing down stream, and it will kill all the fish that were supposed to swim freely up stream, but the Government knows best!

      Also, we won't be having near as many farms anymore either, as several of those dams, that the Feds and our State want removed, supplied all the water to our upper dessert regions, or about 2/3ds of our State.

      But what the heck, we all get to pay more taxes, especially when the Feds put in their own Cap and Trade! Then ours will Double. Of course the only people left here will be those that work for the Government, because all the rest of us will be long gone. Gone to States that have become Sovereign!

    38. Tenn Slim Atoka Tn says:


      At Least Kerry is honest. He, and his cohorts, have the goal to see the end of the USA Capitalistic System. This type of Cap and Trade Increased goals will do the job, in a heart beat.


      Semper FI

    39. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      We will be voting Barbara Boxer OUT! I was born in California, I love it here! Boxer has been living off us tax payers long enough. It is time for her to go. The liberals in California have destroyed our state. We are going to fight and take it back!

    40. redpens, PA says:

      I'm an over-the-road truck driver. Believe me when I tell you guys this. If cap-and trade passes, the cost of diesel fuel will increase at least 88 cents per gallon, that according to the Congressional Budget Office. I read that in a recent issue of Land Line Magazine(July or August 09). The increased costs will be passed on to ALL consumers. That means food, clothes, medicine, everything that you see in a store will go up to cover the increased fuel prices. Call your Senators and urge them to vote NO on cap-and-trade. And in 2010, Barbie Boxer is up for re-election. Let's see to it these are her last months in office. I've already contributed to her opponent, Chuck DeVore. I will do so again. Let's all contribute to his campaign.

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    42. DWIGHT/WI says:

      To save our country we must kill our country? Very crazy. Thats O.K. if you want a dead economy and dead country, I for one want to save our economy and country and not kill it in the meantime.

    43. Peter Lyons Poughke says:


    44. Gene - Ohio says:

      That global warming is caused by man is a hoax. Scientists have confirmed that the temperatures at other nearby planets have also risen correspondingly (probably Bush's fault, right?). Science doesn't support the notion that we, in the U.S., can significantly bring about climate change. But we do know that our own economy, our standard of living, our very freedoms that we enjoy can be stripped away by these morons in Congress.

    45. Judy Czuba, Connecti says:

      I think the Heritage Foundation should gather up these insightful comments in a bundle and send them to Washington. They'll get to hear what true Americans think and, dare I say, possibly learn something?

      Fed up in Connecticut

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    47. Doug Simmons, Twai says:

      Judy has a good point. It would seem that most Americans are so lacking good honest information, that they can be bamboseled by our corrupt government.

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    51. THE COLD HARD TRUTH says:

      opps… supper was to be super bad spelling sorry. Look at this way: America will be China’s supper

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    54. Verra says:

      This man has got to go, he has not grasp of what real americans are going through nor cares in the least. He pushes for a far left agenda that continues to demonstrate that it does not work in America. I can not understand why commen sense does not kick in, America was great due to captilism and if the left has it way everyone will be on welfare! Wake up America these far left members need to go!

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