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  • Video: Cutting Medicare Means Less Medicare


    Despite Washington’s repeated claims that Medicare beneficiaries won’t see any cuts in their benefits, Robert Moffit points out that the health legislation in Congress has the program in its sites. Medicare Advantage, which is used by nearly one in four senior citizens on Medicare, is a system of private plans that beneficiaries can choose from to receive additional services. While private plans in Medicare Advantage get more payments than traditional Medicare, those payments mean more benefits covered for seniors like preventive screening, routine eye and hearing tests, additional hospitalization and nursing care.

    The Congressional Budget Office director contradicted the White House by testifying that Medicare benefits will be cut, meaning seniors will have fewer private options for their health care needs. If Congress is going to secure any “savings” in Medicare, they should go back into making the program sustainable — not as a financing mechanism for expanded government-run health care.

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    22 Responses to Video: Cutting Medicare Means Less Medicare

    1. Jannine, TN says:

      Interesting and good info. The guy looks like he is reading too much…pauses etc…hopefully they can practice a little more to make it look more professional.

    2. Mia says:

      Like I've said other places, the Dems in Congress couldn't care any less about what the CBO says if they tried. They've been ignoring the CBO from day 1, after the Dems took Congress back. (Remember all those pie-in-the-sky promises they made? Remember Pelosi saying this is going to be the most "ethical" and transparent Congress in history? Bah!)

      They WILL find a way to pass their health care plan. They WILL pass cap and tax. There's nothing we can do about it, either.

    3. dave.d, Richmond VA says:

      You mean sights, not "sites," in this context.

    4. Mike, MN says:

      Why is it that if a Senator or Congressman is against the public option or raising the debt with health care they are being bought off by insurance companies. Yet, those that received campaign funds, and are for Obamacare they are ethical, and able to not let money influence their judgment?

      Oberman has a double standard, and a convenient ability to quote statistics that fit his rant.

    5. Robert Price Springf says:


    6. April, Colorado says:

      I say that we cut medicare out all together. NO MEDICARE. You don't like big government, right?! NO MEDICARE. Stop taking it out of my paycheck. YOU PAY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE. We are a capitalistic country, right?!!!! YOU PAY. Why should I have to pay for you. You are old and sick? TOUGH! Medicare is SOCIALISM. We don't want socialsim. I work hard for my money. Why should you get MY money. Why should I have to pay for your healthcare? You need to be responsible and work and pay your own way. And, if you get sick then you and your family can pony up. You can't afford your medication? TOUGH! You should have planned ahead. You should have been responsible. You should have taken better care of yourself! DOWN WITH MEDICARE. Let's forget it all! If you can't pay for your health insurance premium, then you need to get a better job. We don't want any poor-mouthing. GET A JOB!

      Think about it…

      The only difference between this arguement and the one against a public option is age. If you are old, you get an option. If you are young…NO OPTION!

    7. SirJason says:


      Call the White House On Monday Oct. 5 – (202) 456-1414 and cause a 'phone meltdown' to let Obama and his minions know the "AMERICAN PATRIOTS" are 'mad as hatters' and we AIN'T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE! Video>>>6 MIN.

      Semper Fi,


    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      What they are doing is playing with human life. It ends now!

      If corruption were removed, there'd be no need for government to: increase costs, cut care, or cut qualifications of government care worker.

    9. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Don't you love it, Seniors who have worked all their lives and paid into medicare and social security are getting shafted but Congress votes themselves a raise which also means they have more to retire on (they get their salary for life), Cutting Medicare benifits means I will pay more for Medigap Ins, already almost $170 a mo. on top of the $95+ out of my check for plan B, this means I'll have less to pay bills 2010, but they will have more?? Since I am of Danish decent I can say this , Something is rotten in Denmark and it sure stinks.

    10. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Hey Gannine TN, would you prefer the speaker us a


    11. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      Medicare has been in place since the 1960's and has been one of the key factors in destroying private healthcare for everyone through its regulations for all healthcare providers. I have had the practical experience of a Medicare visit to my place of employment and have seen resulting requirements that are costly and make no sense.

      The person named April from Colorado forgot to mention that the disabled are also covered under Medicare. That began during President Nixon's time in office. Apparently, the disabled should also be required to forego Medicare, and probably Medicaid also. This sounds too much like the hoped-for results of the "Death Book" for our veterans. April's proposal also mirrors that words of my avowed Maxist economics professor. I am concernd about her wanting to terminate things as mentioned in her comment.

      Our economy and particularly our healthcare system has not been in a free market for well over 50 years now. It would be so very nice to have a free market again. However, for at least 50 years people have been given less choices and have been required to have Medicare. So, there has to be something to help those who lost their freedom so very long ago. They too pay dearly to be covered by Medicare not only in dollars but in the built-in rationing of healthcare that goes with the system. So, let us not advocate having people die so that we can save money. Let's give them the freedom to choose for healthcare also in a free market again. Are there any suggestions for the folks already caught in the Medicare system?

    12. April, Colorado says:

      Let's put an end to SOCIALISM! NO MEDICARE! Cut out the outrageous government spending. Balance the budget. Stop the tax and spend BIG government. Put an end to Medicare! Where does it say in the Constitution that we should provide health care for our citizens? Health care is NOT a RIGHT! Medicare is bankrupt, anyway. So, let's get rid of Medicare. Let the churches pay for the old and infirm!

      Scary…isn't it. You don't want to get rid of Medicare…do you?! Nope. You are terrified that there will be cuts to Medicare. Don't cut "my" benefits! As long as it is a benefit that YOU enjoy…as long as it helps YOU, then it is good. It is necessary. We should look out for our seniors, right?! But for those who are not seniors… What about the rest of our citizens?

      Where's the option for the rest of America? Time to look at the bigger picture…the picture that goes beyond your own needs. Time to consider the needs of your neighbor. EVERYBODY should get a fair option!

    13. MK says:

      You mean sights, not “sites,” in this context.

    14. Don H, Willis TX says:

      Most government programs have their faults, and do not appear to work well. The medicare program is one of them, although it works better than most. One of the areas that is needed looking into, is the fraud in the program. The power wheel chair plan is one of the areas that seems to have a lot of fraud. I am sure ther are others that can be looked into. It is too bad many seniors who enjoy the medicare advantage plans will have to suffer.

      By the way…our nation is over two hundred years old and has survived all this time without national health. Why is it so urgent to pass it now???

    15. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      When has the government ever saved any money? They are just growing government jobs. They don't care about the elderly or anyone else. What no one is talking about, is how many private health insurance jobs are going to be lost? This is about taking over more of our economy! I Say, back off BIG GOVERNMENT. Start looking for waste and fraud in the systems you have now!We the American people don't want this. Start listening to the American people!

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Does anyone in America actually believe that 'They' will not make cuts to Medicare?

      I rest my case.

    17. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Jeanne Stotler in Woodbridge, VA — You are right ma'am. Something is (or was) something rotten in Denmark. Unfortunately, he came back home.

      Mr. Obama doesn't give a hoot what you think. He wants government run national health care. This will buy him and the Dems lots of votes in the hispanic and black communities. That's all this has ever been about.

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    19. nilo says:

      Fix the Medicare system. Leave the private healthcare system alone. I do not believe that this present congress will ever do that. OBAMACARE will destroy the best healthcare system in the world, and the elderly will face severe rationing of their care until they die. Some choke on the word EUTHANASIA. I don't because thats exactly what is going to happen and we all know it. We could be saddled with this governmental controlled healthcare system this week, which according to many pundants and experts is going to happen as Harry and Nancy maneuver to use an unfair tactic to pass it.

      I would like for Constitutional law experts to tell the people NOW if OBAMACARE can be repealed after it is signed into law. And can this President and his Marxist-Socialist cronies be removed from office for their law breaking? High crimes and misdemeanors surelly have been committed already in a number of areas. What is keeping those in Congress from speaking up and moving against these unconstitutional actons? The answer to that is that the big majority of them are no different in thought or agenda than President Obama. Remember the 2010 elections are coming. It may be our last chance to stop this madness.

      Would someone who knows how to, please step to the plate and stand up for WE THE PEOPLE to take our country back and restore Constitutional law and order!! PRAY FOR AMERICA — ONLY GOD'S FAVOR CAN SAVE US. We became a nation by God's Favor, and we will remain that nation only by His Favor.

    20. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      I do not have or wish to have Medicare. Once one has Medicare, the ability of the patient to privately contract with his or her physician is gone. The patient on Medicare is subjected to health care rationing and the physician fines and legal action.

      The problem with the Medicare system is that it has been all that has been available for many people, mostly older people and definitely the disabled. However, one must remember that these folks have paid their own money also into a system into which they were forced. They cannot just be dropped now. The Heritage Foundation has made a good point about expanding the Advantage program and increasing its ability to be market driven. Health care is not a right, but it has been paid for in many ways by many people. Those people should be given some consideration, especially those forced into a government run system.

      The so-called church includes many folks who support euthanasia for the non-productive, a socialist policy. You see, the church is many things, not necessarily benevolent things. The so-called church is not going to be the answer. It, like the other institutions of our country, is corrupt. Some compassionate churches already pay the health care bills for thousands of people. Some compassionate health care providers treat people for free both in their practices and in other places.. If my previous sentence is questioned, research the Volunteers in Medicine clinic in Bloomington, Indiana.

      The gradual socialization of the US has taken many years to perfect. Listen to what former President Reagan stated about the roots of it in health care. I believe it began in the 1920's.

    21. Samuel Kerns says:

      I worked and paid taxes for 46 years. I turned 65 this year and have my first yearly doctor's appointment today. In prior years I always had blood work done a few days before my doctor's appointment and it was paid for by my Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. This year I have been advised that no blood work will be done prior to my appointment. As I go to my appointment today my doctor will not be able to tell me anything about my PSA or cholesterol results.I am already being rationed by my medicare insurance. Instead of early detection of possible problems it appears that I must wait until I have issues that may be terminal for me before I get reasonable tests done.

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