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  • The Vapor Bill – Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - Update

    President Barack Obama’s push for a sweeping health care overhaul edged closer to a major victory in the Senate Finance Committee. Early next week, the Senate Finance Committee will vote on final passage on the “Vapor Bill” being debated and marked up in Committee. The term “Vapor Bill” is used to describe the legislation, because the Senate Finance Committee has been debating the outline of a bill and not actual bill text in Committee. Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) offered an amendment to allow a reading of the bill for 72 hours before final passage, so that members could read the bill they were voting upon, yet liberals in the committee blocked this amendment. We have mapped out one scenario for Senate consideration before, but we now have more details on the secret plan to pass Obamacare.

    The Senate floor debate on health legislation could start as early as next week, but more likely they will consider Obamacare starting on October 13th. The Senate Finance Committee has been held up and will not have a final vote on the Committee bill until next Tuesday, therefore the Senate will have to wait another week before the debate starts.

    Here is what we know. Sources on K Street and on Capitol Hill have confirmed the following scenario:

    1. Senate staffers from the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee) are in the process of writing the bill RIGHT NOW that the Senate will consider the second full week of October;
    2. Senator Reid will have to move to proceed to a House passed tax measure to avoid a “Blue Slip” problem. The term blue slip describes the procedure the House uses to stop the Senate from originating a tax bill. The Constitution states “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.” The House passed tax measures that are on the Senate Calendar are as follows:
      - H.R. 1664 The AIG Bonus Bill;
      - H.R. 2751 A tax bill promoting fuel efficient cars;
      - H.R. 2454 House passed Global Warming bill; and,
      - Any other tax measure that comes from the House in the next few days.
    3. Senator Reid uses all the procedural tactics in his toolbox to shut down debate and control the Amendment process to get this Senate debate completed by the end of October. They can add the Public Option as an amendment on the Senate floor with a simple majority if they have the will.

    Our sources further tell us that moderate Democrats are experiencing heartburn over the cost aspect of the bill. If the bill gets a big score from the Congressional Budget Office, moderate Democrats in the Senate are going to rebel. Also, the “Read the Bill” movement in the heartland is having an effect inside the halls of the Capitol. This bill is going to come back over to the House and they are going to have to consider taking up and passing the Senate passed bill or bounce it back to the House. Worst case scenario, a bill may be on the President’s desk by November 1st, because the House will have the opportunity to take up and pass the Senate passed bill to get it to the President.

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    70 Responses to The Vapor Bill – Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - Update

    1. Jessica, GA says:

      Can anyone tell me why we would spend billions of tax-payer dollars to start a new government run program when we can simply change laws allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines at no cost to us? Why would we not try that first? It's not like the "public option" is even going to go in effect any time soon even if it is passed, but opening up competition across state lines would have a more immediate result. And what is the deal with saying that taxing insurance companies is going to lower the cost of health care? I'm not an economist, but as a business owner, I know that when you have higher operating costs–and taxes are part of operating costs, you have to raise your price to cover those costs. I just wonder what these law-makers are thinking–that we are somehow so dumb that we won't see the idiocy of their plans–or do they just not care at all about the will of the people?

    2. RetCMS, Arizon says:

      Reading the bill (vapor) will not delay or improve this. The "Dems" believe this is their time and the last election is verification. What ever bill is approved won't be implemented until 2013. After the Dem-defeats in 2010 elections, I believe, Americans who want liberty over equality can reclaim our Constitution.

    3. MotherRedDog says:

      The blatant disregard for the American population has never been so fully on display by the democrats (and some of the republicans I might add). If we somehow are able to stop or slow-up these massive tax schemes, we may have a chance to get real reform after the 2010 elections. No matter what happens, those that voted for these total destructive bills need to start packing; they are about to be run out of town.

    4. Corky, Howey in the says:

      This is NOT right!!What is going on with this healthcare bill? Why do they HAVE to pass it with without our knowing what's in it? What are they hiding? This alone makes me suspicious and I KNOW there are MILLIONS of other people that feel the same way. I do not want this bill to pass in ANY FORM. I'm against abortion. I'm against my tax money paying for illegals. I'm against my Government putting their nose between my Doctor and myself. I will not but their insurance..I'll go to jail first! All you low life democrats will get voted out next year and then we'll see what we can do to change things around….

    5. Larry D, Scottsdale, says:

      Every Republican – governors, senators, representatives – including state representatives, MUST contact all media outlets (from local news programs and papers to cable and networks)to reveal the DEMOCRATIC tactics of sneakily ramming this down our throats. Some of the news outlets will refuse to cover the republican politicians. Then, THAT becomes the story. Two birds with one stone and all of that – the liberal media and unethical democratic politicians.

    6. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      One could easily compare the "Vapor Bill" and the demos despicable tactics to force it on us as with a horse.

      It's not the initial "vapor" that is most worrisome, it is the solids which follow…

      And, these tactics really stink.

    7. Bob Mels says:

      The "Vapor Bill" already has acquired an odor. What shifty, stealthy sneaky ways to do our country's business! Vote em all out.

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    11. julio dallas says:

      It's about power. They couldn't care less about reform, just getting the power centralized in DC. Wake up.

    12. Bob Miller says:

      First as American Patriots we must recognize that the Obama Administration and the Liberal Demoncrats will vote for passage of this bill.

      We as voters MUST MAKE A STATEMENT BACK.

      Anyone that votes FOR this bill… MUST BE REMOVED from office during the 2010 and 2012 elections.

      This means that Barcus, Reid, Dodd, Franks, Snowe, Schumer, Pelosi and ALL OTHERS are told to hit the streets.

      There has to be s serve penalty for not LISTENING to the PEOPLE.

      We also need to go after the Kerry's and all that voted to insure that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are denied the right to READ THE Bill prior to it being passed.

      It is obvious that there are many, many Americans that have MORE BRAIN POWER than the POTUS and those on the HIll THAT VOTE for this junk WITHOUT reading the Bills.

      If OBAMA approves any healthcare reform… we must go for

      IMPEACHMENT for gross leadership failure.

      His trip to Copenhagen to benefit his cronies in Chicago while letting our troops DIE when they need more support is paramount to TREASON.

      By not talking to his Commanding General about what is needed to win the war for over 5 WEEKS… is a FAILURE to do his job.

      Each death or crippling of any soldier during that five weeks is also… a blot on his SOUL.

      His leadership failure has increased the number of dead and wounded. And that is a FACT.


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    15. Jeffrey Schrembs, Wa says:

      Wonderful insightful article.

      Please keep up the great work by giving American Citizens' FACTS…and not spin.

      Take care and God bless.

    16. Randy Williams, Fall says:

      Thank you for all the research you do. Giving us the truth about Obama care, Cap & Tax and the many other issues. You provide me with information i need to talk with the Liberals.

      Thank you.

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    21. Wayne says:

      I agree with all Above that see the truth, we must do something about this monstrosity of a Administration born of Evil to desolve our Country, its not out of Ignorance but is an agenda to break us down to a level where we are weak enough to be overcome by our Enemy's, everything that they are doing is a no no according to our Constitution …….

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    24. Bo says:

      The article says…liberals blocked an amendment that would allow a 72 hour period for reading the bill before it is voted on…. I thought congressmen worked for us, how can they deny us the opportunity to read the bill in its final form before it's voted on? Yes, I know we can boot them out at the next election cycle, but that doesn't give the people the power we need now to stop this foolishness. Other than the vote, 'we the people' really don't have any other say in how government operates. That needs to be changed!

    25. Cyndy South Carolina says:

      Every legislator needs to be put on notice. Any vote to support the Obamination is a vote against US. Every vote now is a career decision like no other time in history.


      2010… the time for REAL change!

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    27. mindy from chattanoo says:

      I am so scared of our Congress and President that they won't let the citizens read the final and complete bill (not only health reform…all bills)! What are they hiding from our Seniors that they won't give us five days to read it before they vote on it…months ago President Obama promised us five days on the internet to read all bills.

      It is like there was a United States of America one day and now when I see and hear this kind of action I don't know what country I live in today!

      Can we march into the Capitol again only with 3 or 4 million people?

    28. sam says:

      plain and simple…vote out all the ones that don't care…now that is change!

    29. sam from florida says:

      plain and simple vote out all the ones that don't care what the people think…now that is change!

    30. Robert Price Springf says:

      Note this bill will make you sick,PG 58 HC BILL-GOV WILL HAVE REAL-TIME ACCESS TO INDIVIDUALS FINANCES AND A NATIONAL ID HEALTH CARE CARD WILL BE ISSUED. PG 59 HC BILL LINE 21-24 GOV WILL HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO YOUR BANKS ACCOUNTS FOR ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER.HC bill 3200 analysis by CADC Advisory board meember,Mat Staver of the Liberty Council, and Dean of Liberty University School of Law.

    31. Kelly, TN says:

      I do not understand what you refer to as the "Vapor Bill."

      The Senate completed work on the bill Friday and the 262-page document is posted on many sites on-line. I can only imagine you are referring to the legislative outline that is required to add it as an amendment to existing law. I took the opportunity to read the bill and did not find it difficult to understand. I am not sure why anyone would need 72 extra hours. Is it written with disappearing ink?

    32. Nitro, Northern CA. says:

      My suggestion is, whatever bill passes, Just Say NO! Say No I do not want, nor will I accept your government sponsored medical insurance, or your stipulations. Fine me, Tax me, Penalize me…but by whatever name you call it…. It is still a TAX…Put me in jail…the answer is still NO! If all of us that oppose government interference would do this…there are not enough jails to contain us…nor enough IRS employees to collect fines, Taxes, etc. Think about it! What in the world could they do…."JUST SAY NO" I will not participate in this insane bill that will break and destroy this country! And we really are the Majority…Who have you personally talked to that wants this level of government control? NO! Does work, when it is enforced by the numbers, We really are in control!

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    35. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Why is this so important? So they can have DIRECT control of over 70% of the economy. When the upcoming financial disaster hits they won't have to ask for permission to act any way they please. America, you have lost your country! [Healthcare:17%, Autos:10%, Unemployed (higher it goes more control):17%, Banks/Mortgage:15%, US Federal Operations: 15%]. They are going to pass it and there is nothing we can do now. Question: why does Obama see the need for a civilian police force? hmmmm. He says it will be bigger, better funded, and bigger equipped than our military. What does he plan for this to address? What are the states role?

    36. Joe, Philadelphia says:

      I just hope people remain aware that anything that's passed with a simple majority on the basis that it's a budget item can be repealed with a simple majority and that free market minded officials (if there are any) don't forget that fact and get timid when they get a shot to repeal this anti-freedom initiative.

    37. Rayford Davenport says:

      Lets call the last twelve months what they are.It's the looting of the U.S. Treasury.

    38. randy johnson, Ilino says:

      If this bill passes, the country will storm the capitol, weapons in hand!

    39. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      What are these people trying to pull?, they think we are all idiots and cannot understand and do not know what is good for us. What are we a bunch of two year olds. When they are pushing something through this quick You can believe they are hiding something. I say 2010 get hese fools out and impeach this treasonist

    40. NLH says:

      I'm certain the public has no idea about what is in HR 2454. Just the one part that, requires anyone selling a home (assume any kind condo, TH, etc.) must get a certification that you home is eco ready such as windows, doors, applicances AND if not "must" be replaced before you can sell you home. This bill is absurd and will place, if passed, a great hardship on many senior who have older homes and trying to sell. I don't recall if this applies to reverse mortgages. It would also place a burden on sellers having to relocate quickly because of a new job. This bill has had very little coverage and really needs to be shown the light of day! This whole process Reid is trying to do is wrong and we can't let him and Congress get away with this!

    41. plumberswife says:

      this has to be stopped by whatever means, nitro has it right, it may take civil disobedience, go to their local offices and refuse to leave until they agree to stop this bill.

      After all of the townhalls, rallies and phone calls, they just don't get it…to arms my friends, to arms…the nation is under attack!

      My mother would not only approve this message…she'd lead the charge

    42. Perry OK says:

      What is not written is of greatness when does it all start? The game is to hamstring who ever wins in 2012. If obama win just 4 more years of paid vacations on our dime. If they loss a 2 year labor intensive rewrite again at our expense. It is time for CHANGE.As for me and my business, why work for less than 50 o/o of what I make. I may just lower my wages to min. And hire only green cards, or just quit doing business. They say it will be free anyway???

    43. BJB, Port Allen, LA says:

      I agree with you Nitro. I just hope enough Americans are willing to stand firm on their principles. And come 2010, lets vote ALL of these clowns out. Let's take back our country.

    44. Jack, Aurora, Ohio says:

      The health care blabber is just a cover-up for all the other disregards for our constitunial rights going on in Congress. Namely "Bail Out" newspapers and control the FCC.

    45. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      We marched on Washington to oppose, the debt , the growing of government, health reform. They are not listening, can we recall all of them? This administration is killing our economy! We don't need another big govenrment program rammed down our throats! When is Congress going to start working for the PEOPLE who pay their salaries? America cannot survive under what this President and Congress are spending! Forget about taking over our Health Care, what about the jobs?

    46. Don H, Willis TX says:

      This nation is over 200 years old and has survived two centuries without a national health care plan. Why the "hurry up" to get something passed that no one knows anything about, and the house and senate included, because they have no intent of reading the bill?

    47. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I certainly hope that Heritage will, through the Foundry, find and publish, the names of those who voted in the Senate to defeat the amendment offered by Senator Bunning, calling for a period of 72 hours for the proposed "Vapor" or shell bill to be read.

      Why all of the insistence on secrecy? What are they trying to hide? I suspect this is just a parlimentary trick to sneak through the Obama Health Care Reform bill, as an amendment to an irrelevant bill, just to obtain passage uder false pretenses. We know from past performance that those in the House, Senate and White House do not read legislation before they vote on it or sign it into law.

      How do these sort of tactics get past the House and Senate "Ethics" Committees? I don't care what party is in power, Congressmen and/or Senators that engage in hiding legislation from the people are dishonest and don't deserve their office. Adding amendments irrelevant to titled legislation should be absolutely barred. All too often this is done for spite by the opposition party. Bills on a given subject should pass or fail on their own merits. Poinsin pill amendments that have nothing to do with the legislation as initially proposed.

      Legislation has become a political game of "gotcha". This is childlike, spiteful and irresponsible behavior. American citizens are constantly getting hurt by this. We need to let our representative know this.

    48. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      When, in recent history, has Congress ever passed anything in the open? Consider the funding of ACORN and the ACLU. Both of those fundings were laway tied to other, obscure Bills, and will continue to be done so!

      Our only hope is to have Single Bill Titles, with Single Bill containment, and to rid ourselves of all the blood sucking fleas in DC at this time, who use that system, and start anew, with a new system!

    49. Terry, Northern Ca says:

      For at least ten years I have written George Miller on many issues that effect American life, Health is one of them. He is so against the citizen and American way of life. If he gets elected again we better get another country to watch our election. Government (Mostly Democrats) Have done every thing they for corruption to get bigger! Sick of special interest. We didn't vote to get rid of our beloved constitution! I don't want gov health care……..end corrpution!

    50. Connie, Northern CA says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. JUST SAY NO!!!

    51. Terry, Northern Ca says:

      For at least ten years I have written George Miller on many issues that effect American life, Health is one of them. He is so against the citizen and American way of life. If he gets elected again we better get another country to watch our election. Government (Mostly Democrats) Have done every thing they for corruption to get bigger! Sick of special interest. We didn't vote to get rid of our beloved constitution! I don't want Gov. health care……..End corruption! They used to call them honorable what a laugh

    52. DAN MOFFATT says:

      The government cannot cure all the ills in America.What runs the country now,is socialism,unlike anything seen before.The socialist left government has an agenda,to change America,on a grand scale.What greater way to endear themselves to less fortunate among us than,to force upon us all,something that we find

      hateful.This government is clueless,and has no time to lose.If they don't make change now,they never will.Their time will expire in 2010.All,who agree,will vote these elitists,and their supporters out of their comfortable chairs.

      my values are not obamas values.ARE YOURS AMERICA??

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    54. Suzanne, Jackson, MS says:

      Good idea to storm the local offices. It is obvious that my Congressmen are conservative, but they have also proved that they love the pork and will add whatever it takes to get a bill they want passed. This is nothing new. We have to get our heads out of the sand and take a heavy stance and get them out of D.C. It appears they all need to go to prison!

    55. John Roane Sarasota says:

      There is nothing you can do, if you don't like it because they (Libs) are in power and looking to get even by turning this country into Euro State.

      Let’s wait and see if they truly have the courage to do this and live with it. If they are going to take more than 50% of your pay check why work at all. Let them support us, until the revolution which would have to follow such as mess. If you don’t believe it ask King George.

    56. D Garcia says:

      We can only wonder, what lies ahead as we watch the destruction of our country. When will those of us who believe in this Great Nation & in Freedom stand up and say "Enough is Enough"?

      You must leave our house !

    57. Phyllis Irons , Mich says:

      We don't have time to wait for 2010 we have to stop these idoits now!!!! We may loose our right to vote by then. this is what theese crazy people hope to do take every right we have away and they are working had to change our constitution or I should say destroy it. Does anyone remember the email found in the garbage about ayear ago, the plan was made if my memory is correct by the union that if they could pass this bill they would have all the power they need to appoint judges to change all our laws and they would never lose power.

    58. S Funk says:

      Enough is enough,now what are we going to do about it,and what are we going to do to stop this madness.

    59. Turner, Massachusett says:

      There won't be a 2010 or 2012 vote if there's martial law in place.

    60. Richard , Boston says:

      What is wrong with all people in America having access to Health Care as a right and not a previllage?.

      When shall we stop this kind of animal behaviour of greed and selfishness?. People are suffering because they can not afford to pay for medical insurance and no body seems to understand that in all first world countries, Healthcare is a right to all citizens.

      In wester Europe, people do not have to worry about access to healthcare because these country know that it is the duty of the entire public to ensure that all people, regardless of their financial status, have access to medical care when they need it.

      America needs to move a step closer towards civilization by not upholding capitalist views as the only way of life.

      Richard. Boston

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    64. Deborah says:

      I didn't want to believe the conspiracy theories, but I am starting to think all the signs are there.

      If we stand up against these people they will use the patriot act and call martial law and put us all in fema camps. Could there be an ounce of truth in this.

      Their blatant move to get this passed shows that they really don't care if they get reelected because there probably won't be any elections.

      Obama will be our dictator.

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    68. Stacie, AZ says:

      In response to Deborah, about conspiracy theories, and how they could do this without possibility of reelection, because there won't be any more elections…

      IMHO, IF the status quo really has changed, and we've been moved to a socialist or communist state, all these congress people are in line for big important positions in Obama's "Dictators R Us" camp! They stand to win BIG, which is why they're voting for themselves, versus their constituents.

    69. Emily says:

      Vote the clowns of "Change" in Washington OUT: Can't wait for 2010 and 2013…I am counting on your vote, and for you to do the right thing. We want solid American values, and our Freedom of choice back!!!

    70. joshua dunn says:

      we are close to martial law and people do need to wake up

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