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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Czar State Is About To Kill The Economy

    Last week, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced an amendment to the Interior Department appropriations bill that would have withheld federal funds for some 18 “czars” appointed by the Obama administration and not confirmed by the Senate. “There is no careful Senate examination of their character and qualifications. And we are speaking here of some of the most senior positions within our government,” Collins told USA Today.

    Senate Democrats went on to kill Collins’ amendment using a procedural tactic which “deeply disappointed” Collins. It is a shame the Collins amendment was not allowed a vote. But Senate oversight is no solution to the proliferation of czars under the Obama administration. The problem is much more fundamental to our Constitutional system and far predates President Barack Obama.

    Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a new rule that would regulate greenhouse gas emissions from hundreds of power plants and large industrial facilities across the country. The EPA claims it has the authority to issue these regulations pursuant to the 1970 Clean Air Act which authorizes the EPA to regulate any source that emits more than 250 tons of a recognized “pollutant” each year. The problem is, the Clean Air Act was never intended to regulate carbon emissions so the 250 ton threshold would inflict job killing regulations on millions of small businesses nationwide. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has estimated that if the EPA regulated carbon objectively under the law, the economy would suffer annual job losses exceeding 800,000 for several years and a cumulative GDP loss of $7 trillion by 2029.

    But EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson says she has a solution to this problem. “We know the corner coffee shop is no place to look for meaningful carbon reductions,” said Jackson. This rule would not cover “every cow and Dunkin’ Donuts.” So Jackson has written the new rule to apply to only sources that emit at least 250,000 tons of greenhouse gas a year. But is that legal? Former EPA official Jeff Holmstead tells the Associated Press: “Normally, it takes an act of Congress to change the words of a statute enacted by Congress, and many of us are very curious to see EPA’s legal justification for today’s proposal.”

    And that is the true danger behind a Czar State: the undermining of our Constitution and the rule of law in favor of an unconstitutional rule of experts. Boston University Law School professor Gary Lawson explains:

    Many administrative agencies have authority over matters that are far removed from any of the enumerations in the Constitution. Typically, those agencies have power to promulgate rules under statutory mandates that are literally meaningless, such as mandates to set clean air standards “requisite to protect the public health”; to award broadcast licenses “if public convenience, interest, or necessity will be served thereby”; or to purchase real estate mortgages “the purchase of which the Secretary determines promotes financial market stability.” The agencies also often adjudicate matters under their statutes with only limited court review.

    That would be exactly the sort of thing that the Constitution of 1788 is specifically designed to forbid–about as clearly unconstitutional as a title of nobility or a 28-year-old President. And that, of course, precisely describes the typical modern administrative agency in America.

    The most egregious violation of this principle was the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act which granted the Secretary of the Treasury unchecked power to do whatever he wanted without any meaningful checks. The result was a schizophrenic management of the Troubled Asset Relief Program which undermined the rule of law, destroyed market confidence, and led to the nationalization of America’s largest automobile manufacturer. Did anyone in Congress believe they were voting for the government takeover of General Motors last September? No. Did anyone in Congress believe they were voting to allow the EPA the authority to regulate carbon emissions from Dunkin Donuts in 1970? No. Such are the evils of the Czar State.

    The Washington Post consistently calls for legislation to tackle global warming instead of using the Clean Air Act as the Obama administration is moving to do. But the legislation introduced by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is no better at containing the EPA’s power than the Stabilization Act was at containing Treasury’s. According to the Post, Kerry-Boxer:

    The measure also calls for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to set regulations overseeing the carbon trading market, though it does not specify what those rules would look like.. …And the bill does not spell out how those rebates would be distributed, just as it leaves open the question of how the federal government would allocate carbon allowances to ease the transition to a low-carbon economy.

    In other words, Kerry-Boxer turns the fate of our economy over to the “experts” in the Obama Czar State with no chance for Americans to limit their power. 800,000 jobs lost a year. Cumulative GDP loss of $7 trillion by 2029. The harm caused by the destruction of the separation of powers just got a lot less theoretical.

    Quick Hit:

    • The president of the Navajo Nation joined other Native American leaders this week in assailing environmentalists who have sought to block or shut down coal-fired power plants that provide vital jobs and revenue to tribes in northern Arizona.
    • The coalition of industry and liberal groups known as the Alliance for Stable Quality Care — that is, PhRMA, the American Medical Association, the Federation of American Hospitals, and FamiliesUSA — have more or less dropped the pretense of being something beyond a checking account for the White House political operation which is spending its money with David Axelrod’s old firm.
    • The Senate Finance Committee rejected an amendment to Obamacare yesterday that would have prevented taxpayer funded abortions.
    • An audit of Massachusetts health care system suggests that 40% of employers had violated the state’s health care mandates and owed the state millions of dollars in fines.
    • A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows government stimulus spending does not boost economic growth.
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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Czar State Is About To Kill The Economy

    1. Toronto says:

      The smoggy 70’s have been defeated and we are living longer now than at any time in human history as a species, so let’s be real rebels, real liberals and real progressives and start to doubt, question, challenge and legitimize authority. Remember, we are telling our kids THE END IS NEAR. Let’s leave the hysterical fear mongering and moralizing to the neocons. Is this our very own WMD scam? I thought the right wingers motivated with fear and fear alone? Are we liberals turning into fascists? Is this the Greenzi 1939 of environ MENAL ism?

      We have one life to live so why waste it with this embarrassing doomsday theory when 23 years of the CO2 theory clearly proves that this power to end “life as we know it-IPCC”, certainly should have started by now, let alone be “delayed” by little old La Nina, a “natural” force. Resulting cooling disproves predicted warming. History will curse us all for this mess.

      If it's humanity you love as an environmentalist, why not join the coming NEWGREENS movement that celebrates nature instead of condemning the 5 billion year old planet to death every chance you doomers get? This fearing the unknown is dragging us into a new Dark Age and history will prove me right.

      Nature is all powerful and the mystery it always was so don’t fear for Nature as Nature is in charge, not you or I. Just look at David Nutzuki and Al Bore who while leading us to war against a non existent enemy of climate change (formerly known as just weather and climate variation) is saying we need to “stabilize” our climate. Holy Messianic? What? Make our planet like the inside of an indoor shopping mall? Is this modern day witch burning?

      Preserve, protect, love, experience and RESPECT our world, not rescue it with needless fear from a CO2 mistake.

      Reject this 23 year old “popular science” of CO2. You may lose a few friends but at least you will be ahead of the curve for now and called a “denier”.

      Be a proud denier and join the NEWGREENS. Pollution is real. The global warming theory is not real or about pollution or relevant in responsible environmentalism.

      Lets’ show our children how we can face the energy challenges of the future with courage, not this constant fear mongering motivation that distracts us from conscientious environmentalism. This doomsday approach is not sustainable in our culture for another quarter of a century so watch for the next generation to bite back when we try to tell them they are going to die soon on sick planet from Catalytic Converter gas and plant food.

      They will be real liberals, I promise.

    2. Jack Lohman says:

      Interesting. Collins obviously did not know that Bush had more "czars" than Obama, but he called them differently.

      And Collins also claimed last week that the political corruption in Afghanistan made it impossible to accomplish anything there.

      Well, Senator Collins, what about the political corruption in the US congress? Think healthcare for a moment. Then let your thoughts wander to the high taxes resulting when we give tax breaks and subsidies and no-bid contracts to the special interests that fund the elections!

    3. Tom, Scappoose, Oreg says:

      Hard to believe it, but a "Shadow" Government is being assembled.

    4. Robert Rucker, Nashv says:

      It's not carbon, it's carbon dioxide. And, we breathe it.

    5. Ken St Louis says:

      WOW! The inmates or running the nuthouse ( CONGESS ) Nancy P. Harry R. Barbara B. what a bunch of Looneys! SECESSION is the only answer, the responsible states should withdraw from the union, what union, we have a dictatorship of sorts!

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Why is anyone surprised? Obama and the socialist

      plan for America is working just fine.

    7. Lawrence Burnham, Od says:

      With this administration violating virtually all constitutional laws with 'czars', secret police force, passing bills that have not been written, or no one has ever read, voting themselves raises, seemingly doing whatever is only in their interest or agenda. Is there no way to stop this other then attempting to vote them out of power in 2010 when it may be way to late to recover from the amount of damage they(the DNC)are doing to this country?

    8. Kate Burch, Dayton, says:

      There have been innumerable violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by previous administrations, but the current gang in Washington is bringing the situation to an intolerable state. How far must they go before We the People exercise our right and duty in "redress of grievances?"

    9. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Ahh yes! How's that Hope & Change working for ya?

      This is what the Libs wanted for years and the voters of America gave them the key by voting in President Obama. Hope they are happy now!

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Just because the Socialist Thugs are in the majority, does it mean we have to sit by and allow them to trash the Constitution and tear apart America?

      If the so-called opposition in Washington continue to whine without action, America is doomed!

      The traitorous thugs that moronic voters continue to elect must be called to account, somehow. Words such as "Impeachment" and "Recall" are still extant in our laws

      Thugs and bureaucrats are running things despotically. They are vicious, incompetent, ideologues who feel justified in hating America enough to dedicate themselves to destroying it!

      If America is to be destroyed, then let the States do it by secession!

      "United" we will fall; "divided" we will stand.

      Then we might possibly restructure and regroup and restore the Union to a Constitutional one that will SERVE its people. And Marxist thuggery be damned!

    11. Ron Derry Nh says:

      I love when some one compares a wrong from the Bush era to justify wrong now.

      Wrong is still wrong and to support such nonsense as "well Bush did it too" is ludicrous.

      We are in an economic tail spin that only government employees haven't felt yet, as hundreds of thousands lose their jobs every month as Pelosi and Reid and Obama the three stooges of socializing America prance around forcing more government controls and costs over the people.

      This is change a communist can believe in but no sensible person would thrust upon their neighbor let alone promote on the precept that Bush did it too.

      Bush was no shining example of defending the constitutions limitations, worse is Obama and deserves the same chagrin that Bush got for it, not a pat on the back for being even more egregious.

      We are in trouble, and not just financially, if this is where representative government has decided to take us.

    12. D.D. says:

      Yes, Bush had czars but his czars were CONFIRMED by the senate. None of O's have been confirmed.

    13. PatR Virginia Beach says:

      We are quickly losing our country to the radical left constituents of the democrat party. This has got to stop before it's too late if it isn't already. Americans need some direction to attack this movement. Just writing and calling our senators and congressmen is not doing the trick. What else is ther to do?

    14. PPotter says:

      Isn't there somebody out there that can figure out some legal way to stop these lunatics!! Our whole Constitution is being compromised.

    15. Judy, cape cod says:

      This administration wants to control our lives. We need stand up for our rights which is written in the Constitution. We have to spread the word to everyone we can. Some are so totally in the dark. The White House is filled with thugs, racists, marcists, America haters. Our forefathers our turning in their graves. God help us.

    16. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Yeah sure, elections in 2010. But we should go immediately to the Supreme Court and ask "Is our newly proven pseudodemocratic plutocracy the 'Republican form of government' called for in the Constitution? Essentially strike down the Government as illegitimate under law. Do this in the meantime. Any fool can see our last election was bought.

    17. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Patr virginia beach, VA Your first action is to get a map of the voting district you live in See who you know who lives within that district. Get them all together and elect a candidate to replace the career politician that is your master now. replace him with a friend you know and trust from within your district. Then get him elected. Start with closest friends first, with people who are passionate about this. Ignore people who do not agree with you. By the time elections roll around, they will join you be cause they are brain dead idiots who follow the crowd, or they are your enemy's in which case you do not want to talk to them anyway.We must replace the career politician one at a time Ignore party's, that is a lie to keep us divided. Get someone you trust, back them until they are elected call them anything you want.

    18. mike hutchings texas says:

      call the black heliocopters and let them know that the shadow goverment has stepped into the big wide open and they can fly in daylight now above contempt and below what our founders had in mind. i am in shock that senator collins tried to stop it.things must be in dire straits for her to be concerned with the doings of the council of the secret order of just men devoted to the greater good in behalf of them selves.

    19. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Congressional ordained Regulatory Creep is what is being described.

      It does have a name: It is Mussolini (aka Corporate) Fascism. This is government control of the primary economic sectors and industries through government agencies regulating quiescent/cooperative "private" business partners.

      These "partners" tend to be organized into virtual Oligarchies and exercises monopolistic control over their respective economic segments.

      This "creeping regulatory environment" has been steadily making headway since the late 1920s. Some might argue that creation of the Fed and the IRS actually started the trend.

      PC is Thought Control


    20. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      I remember as a kid in the Sanfernado Valley smog so thick I couldn't see across the street. I remember when burning trash was banned. It was a good idea. Cows grazing next to roads used to get lead poisoning from car emissions. Getting rid of the lead was a good idea. However, CO2 cannot be construed as a polutant regardeless of levels. CO will kill you. Big difference. Congress is searching for ways to "enhance revenue" under the veil of environmental and social issues (ie health care). Rest assured it is going to cost us ALL a whole lot more to live in this country and the quality of our lives will decline. Something for which Michael Moore will be proud.

    21. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Added thought:

      The IRS and the FED are not alone in creating a Fascist business climate.

      Probably the most significant enablers are the SCOTUS and lower court's and their interpretation of the "Interstate Commerce" clauses of our Constitution.

      A case in point: how on earth can a Health Insurance company, bound by state (and federal) law to do business in only its' home state,

      be subject to Federal Regulation as proposed in all of the pending Obama-Care legislation????

      This rankles as both unconstitutional and stupid.

      But, now we have Sotomayor to the rescue.

      PC is Thought Control


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    24. LeRoy Reed says:

      Just what do you supose we can do to keep the communism way of life out of our country??? It is just what is happening we must stop the government from taking away our rights! Now!!!!

    25. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      When did CO2 become a pollutant?

      CO2 is no more of a pollutant than Oxygen, without CO2 life would be impossible on Earth.

      It's time to do away with all the pseudo science and realize that man isn't as powerful as the elites seem to think.

    26. harv, Pa says:

      The Fox is incharge of the Chicken Koop, if the republician party had any backbone they would have stood-up inmass and voiced their objections as to the way OUR CONSTITUTION is being disgraced, threatened,and walked over by the liberals who are in charge. The people of this country are showing their ire by attending TEA PARTIES accross this great land. It's about time we hear from those in Congress who are willing tostand up for our rights.

    27. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      All the garbage about carbon being polution has no scientific basis. It is a tool of the left to subvert our government which has been a willing agent in contributing $30 billion in research grants to legitimize the so called science of global warming. The net result was that absolutely no empirical evidence whatever was gleaned from all this research that man-made carbon dioxide had a significant effect on the global climate. That should have killed this monster. The left is concealing this embarrasment with plans to pass this "Cap and Trade" nonsense as necessary to save the planet. This fiasco has the promise of being the biggest lie ever told.

    28. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      In a very important way, including the Constitution of the United States, it all boils down to this:

      Especially because of the results of so-called "Progressives (Leftists)", should we, the people, need it to be made any more obvious, but are the antics and machinations of the so-called "Progressives (Leftists)" making it more obvious, that their agenda has practically nothing to do with "fairness", nothing to do with "the environment", nothing to do with "economic justice", etc, etc, and everything to do with government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing tyranny?

      The answer is obvious to those of us whom the so-called "Progressives (Leftists)" haven't managed to demagogue, pander, and otherwise manipulate into being too deaf, dumb, blind, and powerless to see what they are doing, and even more so the actual and factual results of what they do always have been, are, and will be.

      To wit: The answer is, without any "double-talk" or Orwellian "doublespeak", as you shall see, no, and yes. No we, the people, shouldn't need it to be made any more obvious, and yet yes, the so-called "Progressives (Leftists)" are making it increasingly obvious that their agenda has practically nothing to do with "fairness", nothing to do with "the environment", nothing to do with "justice", etc, etc, and everything to do with government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing tyranny!

      So now that begs the question: How much more must we, the people, allow the so-called "Progressives (Leftists)" to so destructively repeat history yet again?

      Such so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" antics and machinations, and the actual results of them, we, the people, could put a stop to, but only if we act now to save what remains of our Constitutional rights and freedoms, and "the last, best hope of mankind (the United States), based on limited government, which is based on the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson who said (quote): "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first", and "Where the people fear government, there is tyranny; but where government fears the people, there is liberty".

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    30. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Well, I see more people are waking up to the greatest hoax ever on man. But I do not see any reports of people being picked to run against the career politicians. I am eager to hear of success in creating candidates to replace the career politicians. Who will be first to report and from which state? You would think the states that are most firmly in control of these idiots like maybe MICHIGAN would be first to throw off the yoke. The unemployment rate there is over 50% Why haven't you people elected any candidates to take back your lives?

    31. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      ppotter Get a map of the district you vote in make a list of everybody you know in that district Get those people to make a list of everybody they know. Do this seven times. Ignore everybody who is not outraged and ready to take back the country. invite all those to a meeting. make sure they are all able to vote in your district. Pick a candidate from among yourselves that you all know and trust Or at least know and trust someone who knows and trust your chosen representative. Get them elected to replace the career politician who is your master now. As each district does this, it will spread all around our great land but YOU must start NOW. do not wait for someone else START TODAY. Stick together through you friends network and ignore all opposition there will be plenty every one will attack you from both sides, as that is a lie anyway, they all want power

    32. RME KRNL in VA says:

      Jack Lohman writes:

      "Interesting. Collins obviously did not know that Bush had more 'czars' than Obama, but he called them differently."

      Oh, is that so, Jack? How many did Bush have and how did he call them differently, exactly?

      Obama has about 40 – 44 now, and I can name about 35 of them. How many did Bush have and how many can you name?

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    34. Robert Ivy, Dawsonvi says:

      We need to de-czar this administration. I think it is a crying shame that our congressional representatives allow such appointments that are not even provided for in the Constituion.

      Maybe we need to recall all congressional representatives and have a clean slate to start with. There is too much liceinse used by this group of people and too much partisan politics being practiced.

    35. Dave Schraub says:

      I don't know why anyone is surprised about this administration, he told us what he was going to do, before he was elected. Czar's and advisor's are two different things. He could'nt get the olympics in chicago, but he must have the fix in for Da Bears, they're doing good. That's a joke. The only advice I can offer is, go to the town hall meetings,call you congressman, become involved in politics, because you already know the outcome, look at what has happened while you all asleep.

    36. Marty Jensen, South says:

      THE ANSWER may lie in our State Legislators. We can get them to pass state resolutions letting the Feds know that the people of the state will not abide by any law deemed by the State legislators to be unconstitutional.

      Thus, increasingly, the states regain more power at the expense of the federal government.

      Example: Montana passing a resolution declaring that firearms manufactured, sold, and used in the state of Montana are not subject to federal firearms regulations.

      It is truly tragic that we must go this route to reclaim our constitutional rights.

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