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  • Hopi Native Americans Tell Environmentalists: Get Off My Lawn

    The Hopi Nation’s Tribal Council is telling the Sierra Club and other environmental groups they’re not welcome on the reservation anymore and for good reason:

    Tina May, a council spokeswoman, said council members meeting in Kykotsmovi unanimously adopted a resolution declaring that the conservation groups are unwelcome on Hopi lands because they have damaged the tribe’s economy by pushing for closure of a coal-fired power plant near Page.

    The resolution says environmentalists have “spread misinformation” about Hopi water and energy resources, attempting to “instill unfounded fears into the hearts and minds of Hopi public.””

    While the Hopis won’t arrest environmentalists for entering the reservation, the point was quite clear: Radical environmentalists are going to bankrupt their tribe. And it’s been an ongoing process according to Dennis Wagner of the Arizona Republic: “In 2005, environmentalists succeeded in closing the Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nev. The Hopis claim that shutdown cost the tribe more than $6.5 million per year, and closure of Navajo Generating Station would wipe out another $11 million.”

    Without the coal plant and the coal mines providing for hundreds of families, “The tribe would essentially be penniless,” said tribal council member Scott Canty. Whether or not the plant creates the smoggy skies the environmental groups say it does, this is an issue of prioritization. While it does raise a “polluter pays” issue, is it acceptable to forcefully bankrupt a community by spreading misinformation and completely shutting down coal plants and coal mines?

    This isn’t just about the Hopi; this will occur all over the country to small towns relying on the coal, gas and oil industries to fuel their economy if the government implements cap and trade. And the Hopi, like most Americans, aren’t anti-environment yet by the account of one Hopi council member, the environmentalist extremists have “done so much to damage our tribal reputation and to violate our civil rights. As tribal members, we are all environmentalists because we’re supposed to take care of Mother Earth.”

    We should take care of the environment but not at the expense of fundamental economic well-being. In fact, it’s economic growth that allows us to improve and protect the environment while providing affordable electricity to power our homes.

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    10 Responses to Hopi Native Americans Tell Environmentalists: Get Off My Lawn

    1. Ron Thompson says:

      Good for the Hopi nation! it's about time these conservationist are exposed for what they really are! A pack of liars that live a life of luxury while making other's miserable. No one ever ask these people for the studies, plans to fix or any kind of proof to their accusations. Thanks the Hopi Council for leading the way!

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      It's heart filling that environmentalists DECEPTION is being seen and heard and unaccepted. Thank you to the Hopi Tribe for their strength to oppose the deceit and awareness of the corruption to cripple the economy.

    3. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      We, collectively, have dumped on the American Indians for decades.

      Their "government-funded" health care is abhorent. For progress, we set aside reservations where alcoholism and every other vice from our greater society reigns.

      They are, and have been, in a life and death struggle, to keep what culture they have left – alive. But, no, that's is not enough.

      Thanks Sierra Club for your great "service".

    4. Spiritof76 says:

      Why can't we cut off all energy supplies to the Sierra Club at all of their locations? We have to make them starve. Sierra Club is the leading Communist organization spreading their toxic waste in America.

      We need to support the Hopis so that we can get rid of the cancer of America-the environmental wackos.

    5. Ken St Louis says:

      The enviro wacko's and the PETA wacko's ought to join up together and become the petaenviro whacko movement! That way we could get most of the morons in America under one name at least! Most of these people are trust fund babies, their grandfathers made enough $ that all they have to do in their miserable lives is create problems for other folks!

    6. mary, ohio says:

      Leave the HOPI and all NATIVE AMERICANS alone, our ancestors have done enough damange to their culture. If any one race has the right to be offended, it is our NATIVE AMERICAN CITIZENS! Our ansetors Raped, Slaughter, and took everything that they had. I'am so sorry about this.


      These eco-freaks are nothing but a bunch of annoying hippy wanks they want everybody to be unemployed and living in huts their modern day luddies

    8. Nolabelle says:

      Wow! The enviromental nut jobs must have been caught completely off guard by this one. For years the lefty loons have been pretending to be in sync with the Native Americans and their natural way of life. A tactic, which I'm sure many native people found to be repulsive. The liberals want to control all aspects of our lives. The Native Americans, and rightly so, just want to be left the heck alone . It's time for republicans to show the same respect Reagan showed the Native Americans. Less government is good for all Americans!

    9. Firebird says:

      Looks like were not alone in our mistrust of these rotten enviromentalists freakos Tell the tree huggers to GO AWAY and STAY AWAY

    10. Firebird says:

      The entire enviromental movment is based upon lies,lies and more lies

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