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  • Empower Patients First Act: Another Serious Conservative Health Plan

    During his address to a joint session of Congress President Obama said, “If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen. My door is always open.” Well, it’s time for the President and Congressional leaders to listen, especially if they are sincere about wanting a bipartisan approach to health care reform.

    Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, has joined a host of other Republicans in the House of Representatives by crafting a serious conservative alternative to the health plans that the President and the Democratic leadership are trying to push through Congress.

    Dr. Price, who was a practicing physician for nearly 25 years before coming to Congress, has made a diagnosis and offered his prescription for what ails the current health care system.

    Price writes, “Contrary to what the president has tried to convince the American people of, while we oppose his misguided ideas, Republicans are committed to positive health reform. No one in Congress finds the status quo acceptable.”

    Price goes on to say, “Having practiced medicine for more than two decades, I personally know that the status quo must not stand. Whether coming from the federal government or an insurance company, the third-party decision making that drives our health care delivery system is increasingly distancing patients from quality care. Going down the path of more government will only compound the problem.”

    Dr. Price has offered a third way– one that moves away from the current third-party dominated system to give patients more direct control over their own health care decisions and dollars. His legislation, the Empower Patients First Act, would:

    • Fix the unfairness in the tax treatment of health insurance by extending a tax credit or deduction to those without employer-sponsored insurance;
    • Use automatic enrollment, with a right to “opt out” of health insurance coverage, and promote defined-contributions for employer plans, instead of using government coercion and mandates, to expand coverage;
    • Establish health plan portals in the states so that patients can own and control their own health insurance;
    • Offer low-income Americans the option of a voucher to purchase private coverage; and
    • Give states incentives to experiment with how best to cover high cost individuals.

    For months President Obama has suggested that on health reform the choice is between the Democrats plans before Congress or the status quo. Why not a third-way?

    Congressional conservatives, like Rep. Price, have offered serious legislative proposals that include practical health care solutions. It’s time for official Washington to stop demonizing its critics and ordinary citizens who are opposed to its health care agenda. It’s time for the President and the Congressional leadership to get serious and to listen.

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    19 Responses to Empower Patients First Act: Another Serious Conservative Health Plan

    1. mike, cleveland, OH. says:

      what is a health care portal??

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      This would be a great opportunity for people of culture to join in the free market insurance business and privatize their health with "cultural appropriateness." Many immigrants of culture are well off. And would be free and better off, not employed by government.

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    6. Mark, Orlando, FL says:

      If Dr. Price was serious about fixing the issues with healthcare, he should have introduced his plan months ago. This is an acute situation and should have been addressed years ago, but the Republican party has blocked every serious attempt at reform, just as they blocked the creation of Medicare. However, I'm looking forward to seeing the specifics of HR 3400. I'm hopeful it contains good ideas, but I fear it is just another attempt to kill any reform with the "death by a thousand cuts" approach the Party of No has been taking since the change of Administrations in January.

    7. Ben Franklin, IN says:


      There can be no doubt that the Congressional Republicans sat on their hands for the last 8 years. But we can't lay that at the feet of those like Dr. Price, Mike Pence, and others who are recently emerging as conservative leaders of the party. For all intents and purposes, the Republican Party has been leaderless since 2000, and really 9/11/01. "W" should have recognized that he couldn't focus so intently on the War with Al-Qaeda that domestic priorities took a back seat, but he did, and that's where we are. "The Party of No?" … you better believe it, and it's about time, too. For too long "W" allowed himself to be pushed around by the Dems, with the ultimate result that he lost Congress. After that, he seemed to just roll over to what was perceived as the will of the American people – never mind that the change in political fortunes in 2006 was based primarily on a gross mischaracterization and a disingenuous politicization of the War in Iraq. It remains to be seen if the Republicans have learned their lesson, and will return to their conservative principles of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Health Care Reform (which, you are right, is long overdue) is the first big test.

    8. Cyndi, NC says:

      Mark, I was given a copy of HR3400 several months ago with the request that I review it and give comments – which I did. So HR 3400 has been on the table for sometime now, but the Administration has not once even acknowledged it nor even spent one minute discussing it.

      I'll be happy to forward you a copy if I am told how to. You may even be able to just Google it to find it…. I am not sure about that, but it is worth a try.

    9. Bill, Malta, Ohio says:

      While this plan has great merit, it fails to deal with reform of the malpractice insurance costs, so popular with the democratic trial lawyers association. Once some logical and acceptable limits are prescribed to keep malpractice insurance rates at a reasonable level we will ALL see a reduction in health insurance costs. However, you can bet that obama and the trial lawyers won't stand for that. It means the lawyers would make less money, and the democrat party would get less campaign funds. Remember, nearly all those wastrels in congress are lawyers, and they are the largest and greediest fraternity in the world. Nonetheless, control over doctors' malpractice insurance premiums is a major need to get true health care reform. The Obama administration desires to control just about everything else in this country. Why doesn't he want to control this aspect of the health care problem? Follow the money and you'll soon discover the truth!

    10. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Mark – keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Once this Socialist Regime gets its National Health Care trojan horse inserted into legislation, we will all suffer. They are NOT interested in Health Care Reform Don't kid yourself. They are in it for Health Care CONTROL.

      Dr. Price does have one thing right. Any third-party payer system is a financial disaster. Just think about it. Let's say you get invited to dinner by a friend/colleague. He says – "Don't worry, I'll get my company to pick up the tab." What necessarily happens ? You order from the menu without regard for cost. You order an extra drink or three, maybe an appetizer, and maybe even dessert. Why ? Because a third party is paying the cost. If you were responsible for the cost of that meal (let's drop the analogy now) – i.e. – health care – you would probably be a little more discerning. Shop around. Who gives me the best meal (health care) for my money ? THAT is why the system fails. What is the point of the current bill(s) ? Less competition, less choice. Higher costs. Use common sense when you post to this site. Emotional arguments only work on Blog spots like the Washington Post or the New York Times. We are too much into facts around here.

    11. C. Adli,NV says:

      Without the stopping defensive medicine by reforming "The tort system" this administration can not go anywhere.Becaouse Democratic Party is in the pocket of Trial Lawyers.The democrats need their money and support.

    12. Mike, MN says:

      There have been THREE alternatives proposed by Republicans, one in May, June, and July. It is October now, so again you see Obama lying.



      Full Bill (268 pages)

    13. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Mark in Orlando — You ask why Dr. Price didn't introduce his plan years ago. I ask why the Democratics have never considered tort reform as part of a solution to reduce health care costs?

      Republicans blocked the creation of Medicare? That's odd, I seem to remember it being around since 1965. Today, it's Mr. Obama and the Democrats that want to cut funding of Medicare by $500 billion and it's the Republicans who are opposed to such cuts, go figure.

      If you are looking for specifics of the Health Care Reform bill, you you won't find them under H.B. 3400 – you'll finde them under H.B. 3200.

      I, for one, am proud to belong to the "Party of No". I very pleased when my party votes NO to:

      * Cap & Trade.

      * Bailing out and taking over banks, investment firms and auto companies.

      * Unrestricted and illegal immigration.

      * Forcing banks to grant loans to those who can't repay them.

      * Turning our country socialist.

      * Placating our enemies and ignoring our allies.

      * Increasing taxes to pay for all of the above.

      Robin Hood is a FICTIONAL figure in history. He is romanticized as a hero for robbing the rich, to give to the poor. In reality anyone who does this is either a politician or a thief, the difference being one uses a weapon and the other a pen. Any political system based on the presumption that it is ok to rob Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul.

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    15. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      "…My door is always open.." Reminds me of a boss I once had. His response to my recommendation was that he understood so I interpreted that to mean that he would follow through and implement my suggestion. No he said he understood, not that he would do it.

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama's door is always open, but only from the inside. Hundreds of thousands of Medical Physicians and equal amounts of representatives of the Insurance companies, and the Hospitals, and the Pharmacutical Companies have all suggested the same two proposals to the deaf ears of Congress and the President!

      1: Place limits on Tort actions. In other words Tort reform. Half, or more, of the cost to the above mentioned people and companies is for Liability Insurance against Frivilous Law Suits! The same hold true for that six foot step ladder that you have in your garage. One half of its price is to pay for Liability Insurance! And who makes the money from the suits on the whole? Attorneys! Whole on the whole makes up the House, the Senate and the Presidency? Attorneys, and persons with Law degrees.

      2: Follow the Constitution of the United States of america and assure free and open trade throughout the States. Medical Insurance is the one and only product that is not openly allowed to be Free Commerce between the States. And no one will tell you why? With over 2,400 Medical insurance Companies available in the United States, why are each State limited to one or two dozen? Thes are the Questions that we need to be demanding from those we voted into office! Not what type of Government Healthcare is best or not.

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