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  • What Next? Empire State Building Honors Communist Anniversary

    Residents and visitors of New York City will experience an odd phenomenon tonight. The Empire State Building, a symbol of American strength, determination and might will be colored Red and Yellow to honor the 60th anniversary of China’s communist regime taking power. Lighting the building for special occasions is not abnormal, as it has been lit to honor everything from the Fourth of July, to Caribbean tourism, to the Yankees and Mets, or to honor the film, The Wizard of Oz. But is it appropriate to honor what happened in China 60 years ago, and what continues in that country to this day?

    First, a short history lesson of what they are honoring. Sixty years ago, in 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong declared the Civil War of China over and the Communist Party of China, assisted by the Soviet Union, the victors over the U.S.-backed Nationalist KMT regime. As a result, over 2 million Nationalist Chinese fled to Taiwan and re-established the government of the Republic of China there, the legitimacy of which is still disputed by the People’s Republic of China to this day. Also as a result of the Communist takeover of mainland China, wealth was redistributed by the new government, religion was replaced by political propaganda, Tibet was invaded in 1950, the economic disaster known as “The Great Leap Forward” occurred with between 20 million and 43 million people starving to death, and the massive human tragedy known as the Cultural Revolution was carried out.

    So what part of this history is the Empire State Building honoring? Is it the more than 1000 missiles now aimed at Taiwan? Is it the brutal oppression of Tibetans that Americans were most recently reminded of during the run up to last year’s Olympics in Beijing? Is it the support of other repressive governments like Sudan or Iran or Burma, or other human rights abuses? Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) said the lights should not be used to pay tribute to “a nation with a shameful history on human rights.”

    U.S. relations with China are certainly improving, and China has certainly decided to embrace certain aspects of capitalism and free enterprise, when the government so chooses. China should be a strategic partner for the United States, especially when it comes to Iran and North Korea. And also when it comes to international energy and trade agreements. But alas, today these remain mere hopes and aspirations.

    In short, the past sixty years have not presented a reason for lighting the New York sky red and yellow.

    It is unclear who makes the final decision on how to color the Empire State Building. It is owned and operated by “a general partnership of 2500 investors headed by Peter Malkin and Mrs. Harry Helmsley, who hold the master lease and control the building until 2076.” In America, private enterprises like the Empire State Building have the right to color themselves however they please, and make any political statement they so choose. There is no capital punishment in America for voicing your opinion. But the Empire State Building is more than ‘just an office building.’ It’s a historic landmark, a symbol of America, the one building in America all other buildings measure themselves against. It may be privately owned, but Americans, and specifically New Yorkers, feel a ‘sense’ of ownership. It may be too late to reconsider this decision, but it’s never too late to explain the circumstances which led to this ill-conceived idea.

    For more on U.S.-China relations, please see Heritage research and analysis here.

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    16 Responses to What Next? Empire State Building Honors Communist Anniversary

    1. Normca says:

      The general partnership needs to feel Americans disgust. It is a wonderful experience to climb the stairs or take the elevator, but Boycott the attraction; then the partners will vote differently next year after their revenue is down. Oh wait they can deduct the loss from their income tax.

    2. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      Thank you consumers, Wal Mart, Wall Street. We have arrived at celebrating Communist China because we have substituted our understanding of who we are as a people and a nation for that of commerce, greed, "Free" Trade and the like so HISTORY means very very little but being odd and inconvenient. What our Founders thought, our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence fade off in the fog/smog of vapid consumerism and feel good/happy psychology. So don't get too surprised at this National Edifice being all lit up to celebrate some Communist nation's birthday. Time to party!

      As a Nation we are coming apart quickly in ways that 40 years ago when we were landing on the Moon we NEVER would have thought possible. The simple act of just keeping what we have achieved in Space exploration is now weighted down with heavy sweaty handed thoughts of costs and other grave concerns. Never mind that NASA's budget is but a fraction of a point of the horrendous tyrannical Federal budget. And yet, it will be mundane pacified consumer transfixed Americans looking pie faced at Chinese built televisions seeing the Communist Chinese land men on the Moon and on Mars and that will be, yet again, a time to party! Pathetic!

      Perhaps we here in the US will still make rope that the Chinese can buy to hang us with as I bet that they have not forgotten what Khrushchev said of Americans.

    3. Christopher Popham S says:

      And so the Constitution continues to be ignored and

      shredded by the Administration and Congress. Who are

      these 'unaccounted for' czars? Why have they not

      been duly processed by the Senate? This is usurpation of power at its worst.

      If we do not take a stand soon, then surely we have denied and forsaken our once great nation.

      The very laws and founding documents upon which this

      country was established are now being challenged and

      even overlooked, by the very people in whom we invested the power with which to serve and protect our sovereignty, security and prosperity. This is no

      longer a matter of right vs left, extremisms or

      polarizations. It is in fact, the very core of our

      national destiny, a socio-economic-political destiny

      that reflects its image to the whole world.

      But America should come first. Our priorities are

      clear; we only need to get off the couch and take a stand. Time is running out.

    4. John, Tucson says:

      Oh well, I guess this is the new U.S.A. We celebrate a regime that has done nothing but suppress its people for 60 years. We forget the allies we have supported on Taiwan for the past 60 years. We forget the 100,000+ Chinese who fought against us at places like Chosin reservoir in Korea and the Mao's and company who drove the Chinese government into exile on Taiwan in a Russian backed revolution during the late 1940's.

      Maybe this is our way of rewarding a brutal Communist regime for buying all those Billions of dollars in US debt to prop up this administration???

      Welcome to the NEW US of A…..

    5. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      These tidbits of historical information do not resonate with the Marxist-lovers-admirers. Perhaps, it is because they never had to be subjected to the horrors of a communist regime?

      Well, hope springs eternal.

    6. BigAl, Long Beach, C says:

      At first I was disgusted by this story. Then I realized, why am I surprised when the people of this country elected a fascist/marxist to the White House?

      Oh yeah, right.

      We're not only "Keynesians", we've been supporting brutal dictatorships such as China for decades now, while the U.S. is purposefully allowed to stagnate into oblivion via endless wars, etc., as the entire U.S populace is inundated with gadgets and cell phones and any other type of distraction…MORONS, thy name is American!!

      Or how about, Boobus Americanus?

    7. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Thanks to Rory Cooper for this insightful feature.

    8. Ham Lake MN says:

      We need to start seeing the situation the way the left does. We are at war, again I ask, IF YOUR FREEDOM IS NOT WORTH FIGHTING FOR, WHAT IS?!!!!


    9. Mike B. Evans, Ga says:

      When you owe a cummunist country everything you own. I guess you have to kiss a little butt whether you want to or not.

    10. Ann of Riverside, CA says:

      It's way past time to IMPEACH this UN- American President and kick out his "FRIENDS".

    11. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I agree, when you borrow money from China, they expect favors, this was one. This President is giving our country away! What about the G20 Summit, he gave the UN rights to say what we can do in this country. They are a bunch of corrupt crazy people. Who is this President, and who does he work for. Not the American People!

    12. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I have been reading some of the comments. I was afraid to say what I really think, not anymore! America, we have to impeach this President, he is doing everything to destroy our beloved Country!

    13. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      The starving to death scares me. Our farmers in California who grow 53% of our food have no water! The Federal Govenment has cut of 90% of our farmers water. Because of a small fish, one of the Czars is in charge of the fish. Obama is starving our farmers, we are next! This is part of the agenda. Tax us to death, we will lose our private business. Control our energy, our health and our food! What more is there! He is already working on our kids. This is Communism straight up!

    14. Sheryl Denny says:

      Now that Obama is forcing his communist agenda onto the American people, he wants us to pay for his socialist agenda and his communist/socialist,fascist,Marx's affiliations. Obama is known by the company he keeps.

      This is an outrage that parts of the United States is taking part in recognizing communist anniversaries, or anything else that is associated with socialism/communism. But that's the OBAMA way!!!!!

    15. Sheryl Denny Mich says:

      I DO NOT support Obama and his socialist agenda and communist behavior. Every day I ask God…when will it end???

    16. Beth says:

      So the powers that be at the Empire State building agreed to honor China's 60th anniversary. Who is the leaders of their public relations group…………….a Moron? Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently became a Cardinal. Do you see them honoring a native son who upholds the highest standards of citizenship and his faith. It would be right and proper to honor him for such an achievement. OH YES, I forgot…………we honor Communist China who tortured, maimed and killed their own people. They were suppressed into oblivion………but we cannot honor a man of honor because Religion no longer is an acceptable word in our Obama laced society. We are a dyng nation as long as this type of thinking prevails. Your are helping it right along.

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