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  • Quote of the Day: WhiteHouse.gov on Fox News "Lies"

    For even more Fox lies…

    This is how the White House capped off a “Reality Check” on their website earlier today responding to commentary on the Fox News Network regarding the President’s trip to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympics to come to Chicago in 2016. Rahm Emanuel, the Chief of Staff famous for storming across the House floor to condemn Congressman Joe Wilson calling the President a liar, is ultimately responsible for the website’s content, so is this the case of selective civility? Of course.

    Richard Nixon was famous for despising the media in private. But even Helen Thomas recently commented that not even the Nixon White House tried to control the media like the Obama White House does. Thomas said: “Nixon didn’t try to do that…They couldn’t control (the media). They didn’t try….What the hell do they think we are, puppets?…They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them.”

    Americans aren’t so much concerned that the President wants to rally for the Olympics. Great, go for it, you have high expectations that you will achieve success. Americans are more concerned that this episode has revealed that Obama has only found time to meet with his top commander in Afghanistan just once since taking command over 70 days ago. Americans are more concerned that Obama hasn’t met with Republicans on health care since April, despite his empty bipartisan rhetoric that says otherwise. Americans love the Olympics, and our athletes, but we also realize the President should make time for other priorities as well. Heck, from a “green” perspective, why did the President and the First Lady take separate jumbo jets to Copenhagen? Fox is entitled to cover these stories, from any perspective they wish.

    This knee jerk reaction to commentators belongs on a campaign website, which the President happens to have many of, like BarackObama.com. It does not belong on the White House site which should be a resource for ALL Americans.

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    8 Responses to Quote of the Day: WhiteHouse.gov on Fox News "Lies"

    1. Mike, West Palm Beac says:

      "Lies", the White House should know one when they see one, as that is all that comes out of there, and Washington, D.C. anymore.

      Whatever happened to the "Statesmen" of yesteryear? How did America get infected with politicians, ie self-serving bureaucrats, in the first place?

    2. marcia says:

      i"m sure they are not listening and sadly they do not care

    3. Judy says:

      From the Chicago Trib Sept. 26: Gov. Pat Quinn may look elsewhere for the $112 million he believes laying off some 2,600 workers could have saved the state after his push to do so was sidelined by a judge, a spokeswoman said Tuesday. Ashley Cross declined to discuss where… The layoffs were from prisons, of all places. But both the Governor and the Mayor went on the trip to Copenhagen . Where did the funds come from??

      Chicago is broke, like other cities. Half the population there don't want the Olympics. How can they afford to prepare for it if they get the award?

      Did Beck really say that about the Vancouver Olympics? I realize this does not belong on the Whitehouse web, but, maybe we need to be putting some knuckle rubs on Beck if he is relating falsehoods to the people-that's not allowed. Thank you for this site.

    4. garbage says:

      This was a stupid blog entry.

      Fox News has went on a scarily dangerous path at the moment. They should be "called out" If they want to pretend they are 'fair and balanced' – even going so far to trademark the term. Then report lies on a *daily* basis, and have one of the most slanted "news" reporting on western television history, then don't be surprised when the people you lie about take shots back.

      It's a bout time. When a foreign-owned "news" network talks about insurrection, and personally organizing protests against the administration for them to "report" on (912 – being an example, they even directed how the crowds should behave), it's time to say "enough is enough".

    5. JC, Florida says:

      I would like to see billboards in all major liberal cities saying "LIES! Post the Healthcare Bill for the American People to Read!"

      "LIES! Illegals to be made Legal!"

    6. GringoBob says:

      We expect no less from the ObamAcorn band of merry thieves


    7. Bobbie Jay says:

      What the president does with what the public pays him is the business of the public to know where the money is going. How the President prioritizes affects us, all. The immediate threat of Iran seems much more important and consequential then where to have the 2012 Olympics.

    8. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear "garbage",

      What an inappropriate name for one as thoughtful, and gramatically distinguished as yourself – sir.

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