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  • Morning Bell: Government-Run Health Care by Next Thursday?

    The Washington Post front page blares today: “Prospects for Public Option Dim in Senate.” Don’t believe it. Yes, the Senate Finance Committee did vote down two amendments that each would have added a government-run insurance plan to the committee’s health care bill. But two key Democrats who voted against Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s (D-WV) public plan, Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Tom Carper (D-DE), voted for Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) version.

    According to an independent analysis of Senate Democrat public statements on the public option, that raises the number of Democrats on record supporting a public option from 47 to 49. Moreover, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), chairmen of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, told the liberal “Bill Press Radio Show” yesterday that Democrats “comfortably” have the remaining votes to reach 51 and pass a public plan once the debate moves to the House floor.

    But what about Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’ (D-MT) claim yesterday that, “No one has been able to show me how we can count up to 60 votes with a public option.” That may be true, but it is also irrelevant. The question is not whether Democrats can muster 60 votes to pass Obamacare; they only need 51 votes to do that. The only time the number 60 will be relevant is when the Senate votes on whether to end debate and vote on the final bill. This is a separate question. We can see Senators from red states like Ben Nelson (D-NE), Blanch Lincoln (D-AR), and Kent Conrad (D-ND) voting against an amendment creating a public option. But voting with Republicans against their party and against their President to support a Republican filibuster? That would take a lot of courage. It would guarantee that these Democrats would face fierce opposition from their leftist bases back home. Just ask the left’s new whip for the public option, Michael Moore. Speaking to women’s groups and unions in Washington, DC, yesterday, Moore warned:

    To the Democrats in Congress who don’t quite get it: I want to offer a personal pledge. I – and a lot of other people – have every intention of removing you from Congress in the next election if you stand in the way of health care legislation that the people want. That is not a hollow or idle threat. We will come to your district and we will work against you, first in the primary and, if we have to, in the general election.

    Moore is, of course, the perfect spokesman for the public option. He is in Washington promoting his new film “Capitalism: A Love Story” in which Moore argues that “Capitalism is an evil, and you can’t regulate evil.” A more succinct summation of theory behind the public option does not exist. While supporters of the plan, including the White House, insist that the purpose of the public option is to bring “choice and competition” to the health care, nothing could be further from the truth. As Reps. Barney Frank (D-MA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein, and Noble Prize winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman have all candidly admitted, the public option is nothing more than a Trojan horse for a single-payer, government-run health care system. Moore even told Rolling Stone magazine this summer:

    If a true public option is enacted — and Obama knows this — it will eventually bring about a single payer system, because the profit-making insurance companies won’t be able to compete with a government run plan and make the profits they want to make.

    So just how close are we to being inflicted with the Obama/Moore dream of anti-capitalist, competition-free, government-run health care? Closer than many realize. Multiple sources on the Hill have told The Foundry that as early as next week, the Senate could be debating Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Reid has stated an intention to take the HELP Committee product and merge it with the Senate Finance Committee markup that is expected to be over by this Thursday or Friday. Their plan is to proceed to a House passed non-health care bill to provide a shell of legislation to give Obamacare a ride to the House and then straight to the President’s desk.

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    79 Responses to Morning Bell: Government-Run Health Care by Next Thursday?

    1. matthew queens, ny says:

      elections have consequences. this doesn't surprise me at all; that we are heading down the path of socialized medical care. we will be rationing care and paying for abortions. 2010 elections may be our final chance to overturn this.

    2. john Oregon says:

      this guys going to start the middle east war & the american revolution all at once. He is by far the worst president any country has seen & should be impeached.

    3. Johnny Hiott , state says:

      Sadly our elected members of the house and senate proved by passing the stimulus bill that the will of the people was of no consequence to them. They no doubt intend on the same with regards to government run health care. This is a matter of control over the people. Property rights no longer exist. When government controls our bodies , freedom ceases to exist. Can everyone say "fascist" ? If not , you had better read up on it before it is too late.

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      >>>>> To – Michael Moore – Count on ME to work WITH YOU.

      KJ – LVKen7@Gmail.com

    5. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Thomas Jefferson wrote: "Government governs BEST when it governs LEAST!"

      Look at where we are today with regards to the Government! Its job is to oversee not control, much like a referee in a ring. He does not tell the boxers how to box. His job is to oversee the event and only say what they CAN'T do,not what they must do!

      Today's idiots in all levels of Government do the opposite.

      Health care needs to be kept PRIVATE and Government should oversee insurance providers to make sure that they do what they should do.

      WE don't need thousands of pages of garbage from Washington.

      If anyone believes that the proposals for health legislation is about health care, he is a fool! It is about CONTROL of our lives. That is what Obama and his leftist Progressives are all about.

      As in all Socialist systems control of all aspects of society is paramount. There is no room for God, individual freedoms, a Constitution that LIMITS government, morality, private and personal decisions. There is only the State and our subservience to it!

      People continue to ask: "Is Obama a Socialist?" He damn well is!!!!!

      Are Progressives really Socialists? They damn well are!!!!

    6. MJP, Maryville Tenne says:

      Why the rush as has been asked all along. The government needs to keep out of the populations business and pockets.

      Is the Fed Gov't going to be made to abide with whatever they pass?

      Have all the questions been answered?

      I think not.

      Yet they walk down the path of internal destruction.

      Why haven't they made any moves to increase jobs.

      Are they that blind that they can't see the tax revenues declining along with the job losses. Not only income tax but all the other taxes that apply to medicare, etc.

    7. Jolene Atkins, Dalla says:

      Is there no honor? Our founding fathers must be "turning over in their graves". How can this be happening in America?

      It would seem we may be destroyed and totally turned into a country we do not recognize before we once again have the opportunity to vote the traitorous ones out of office. I say traitorous, because they will not listen and seem not to care. They certainly don't seem to realize that they work for us and not us for them. I am grateful that we still have a few good men and ladies in Congress on both sides of the aisle; but the good ones are sadly outnumbered.

    8. health reform /presi says:

      YOU have put the cart in front of the horse everyday you have been in the office of President.that says you dont know what you are doing,first you need to create jobs so people can afford to purchase healthcare at their job. secondly you need to turn water on in California and let people have fresh fruits and veggies,plus an income for farmers. then you need to understand there is no healthcare crisis. there is not one insurance company in America that will not let you purchase insurance for family.as a government you need to work with ins.co. to put caps on and to cover pre existing conditions. you need to also put in for alternatives such as magnets,infrared,wholefood supplements,chiropractic,muscle activation techniques,etc.we do have a problem with WELLNESS PREVENTION IN HEALTHCARE. we need more fresh fruits,veggies,clean filtered water and for the farmers in CALIFORNIA TO LET THE WATER BE TURNED ON.You and the Congress are appalling in the way you destroy theAmerica we love and the American way of life.Seniors here me today stand firm against this so called Healthcare and do the right thing.thank you and God Bless America.

    9. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      First thing to do is get a map of the district you are targeting. Make a list of everybody you know, or have a connection to. Get them all in a meeting, and elect a candidate from among yourselves who you know and trust, and get them elected. Totally ignore everybody outside the district who cannot vote for your man/woman anyway, and Start with your closest friends in that district. As you go from closest friend to closest friend, always staying among those who can and will vote for your guy, it will snowball, and you will have a landslide ALSO, your target, the career politician you are taking out, will try and head you off by pretending to respond to your wants and needs. Do Not be distracted from your goal.

    10. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      All politics are local all the time.

    11. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If we use the example set by Obamalot and his handlers, We can retake our country, one career politician at a time. Stay focused, and take them out one at a time. concentrate on the district you live and vote in, and trust everybody else to take care of theirs. You can talk to friends and family who live in other districts about their progress, but you need to stay focused on YOUR district, and make sure the person holding that seat is a candidate of the people, not a cog in the machine currently ignoring you.

    12. Christopher Popham S says:

      Poor Michael Moore…so resolute and yet so misguided…another multi millionaire, who hasn't a care in the world, nor a clue as to the ramifications of health care reform. He unwittingly supports a health care program, that will surely

      bankrupt the government and the people. He does get one thing right however; we are going to vote out of office the inept incumbents and oligarchs in 2010. Isn't it fun to be so wealthy and irresponsible all at the same time, as you make films that base feed off the very motivating force that energizes the economy of our country. What a wonderful example of a patriotic American, this Michael Moore. Perhaps his next movie will reveal how he has donated all his film profits to the poor.

    13. Steve, Fairbanks AK says:

      Doesn't Mr. Michael Moore realize/understand that his "millions" are a direct result of capitalism? I wonder how much he would enjoy his life if he had to budget an average salary like the rest of us.

    14. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Wake up people. This is nothing but another ruse by the Dems to shut us up. When we relax, thinking we won, they will shove this bill down

      our throats. Keep us the pressure. We have a long time to go.

    15. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I must have missed something back in 1988 (or so) when we threw out the poorly conceived Catastrophic Illness Act!

      I'm looking at the current Obama-care fiasco with the idea that 2010 is just around the corner. If the mood of the country is anything like what was shown at Town Halls and Tea Parties the Democrats are in for a rude awakening. Even those with "safe" seats are going to get the message.( a few Republicans can go-by-the-board as far as i am concerned e.g. Snowe, McCain, et al.)

      There may not be enough votes to get rid of what ever Obomination that is passed but it sure can be legislatively and regulation wise crippled beyond recognition.

      2013 is way off, as these past 270 days has shown, an awfully lot can happen in 3 years if the "real" public decides it is time to act.

      PC is Thought Control


    16. Patricia J. Read, C says:

      This president is really out of his element as a world leader.

      Too bad he feels this position is on-the-job-training.

      Dangerous times for America.

    17. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      The unmitigated gall (read: Hubris) of Moore"s statement is appalling.

      "..that the people want…" is even worse.

      PC is Thought Control


    18. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      Obama and the liberals have absolutely no respect for our freedoms and American pricipals. They do not care about us. They dislike the American people. Shame on them. Yes, I find that this man living in the White House, who has been in office for only 9 months is becomming the worst U.S. president, and on top of it, he doesn't even care.

      This is their goal: to unconstitutionally control 1/6 of our economy, thus stealing our freedoms and liberty away from us. This will in turn make America weaker.

      Controlling our health care system is first, because it is 1/6 of the economy. Probably what will be next is the energy companies that Obama wants unconstitutionally take over. Our country is in big trouble.

    19. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      What do we expect from hardened, souless, representatives who are without honor?

      Moreover, few news media is holding the Obama admin accountable except FOX News and Lou Dobbs of CNN.

      Watch any White House Press Conference and listen to the meaningless questions and the equally menaingless reponses from the propaganda minister.

    20. joseph hohmann says:

      The morning bell confirmed my ongoing fears that regardless of majority public disapproval on some major parts of all of the health plans, Obama will get a health plan passed that will lead to the single payer plan over time. This really frustrates me as it is another example of our government, especially congress "mucking" up 16% of an economy that they are already "mucking" up and with utter disregard for their constituents as they do on most things. I am 77 years old and a member of our bankrupt medicare program, you know the one where Obama is going to find billions of dollars of fraud and waste that has been overlooked since 1965. This will not affect me as I most likely will not be around to see this disaster be implemented but I am concerned for my kids and grandkids who as at last count number around 40. Couple this legislation with upcoming cap and trade and tax increases I pray for their future. Obama most likely will not keep his promises of vetoing any bill that increases the deficit or takes away your coverage or increases taxes on anyone who make $250K or less or any of the other myriad of promises he makes. Joseph R. Hohmann

      Medford OR

    21. Hauser says:


      For those of you who remember, Senator Tom Daschle was slated to be the head of Health and Human Services in this administration. That was, however, before he had to pass, for failure to pay some of his taxes. Before that, he authored a book called “Critical: What we can do about the health-care crisis.”

      In an Op-Ed piece for The Washington Times (November 26, 2008) http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/nov/26/o… , Tony Blankley suggested a reading of the book in which the senator lays out a blueprint for what Mr. Blankley rightly believes is the [railroad] to government-run healthcare. The article notes that Senator Daschle recommends that the administration “seek to pass the legislation early in the first year of the president’s first term – when he is most popular and is least likely to be resisted.” Secondly the article finds that Mr. Daschle “recommends passing a vague bill”; and then in the senator’s own words: ”a Federal Health Board should be charged with establishing the system’s framework and filling in most of the details. This independent board would be insulated from political pressure.”

      This is exactly what was going on Wednesday of this week, when Senator Baucus of Montana tried to pressure Maine’s Senator Olympia Snowe into voting for his healthcare reform bill before it had a chance to be scored by the CBO. Senator Baucus declared that there is no time for review of his bill.

      We will get a Healthcare Reform Bill. And it will be vague. And whatever number attached to it will be as unreliable as a jail-house snitch.

      I feel the tingle of Tom Daschle on the back of my neck.

    22. Hauser says:


      4th September 2009 written by Hauser

      As we are all involuntarily hurtling along in the speeding bullet-train of “healthcare reform” with no knowledge of where the tracks end or what shape they’re in, perhaps a question or two need to be answered? In what give-and-take world do you add forty-seven million new users to a system, ask them to utilize the services of that system, promote existing users to more fully take advantage of the same services, and anticipate that you will be able to spend less money in doing so?

      I will be 51 at years end, and of those years, I have been covered under an employer provided – paid for – health insurance policy a total of six. Of those six years only three also provided, at no additional charge to me, coverage for my family. What was my utilization of free coverage during this period? I went to the doctor a total of five times. Otherwise, I went to work, didn’t miss time for the sniffles or the blues, and felt extremely lucky that I could see a doctor if I needed. I am not the rule by far, but consider my use of the medical system if I had, or now begin to follow, the current doctrine that preventative medicine will save everybody money.

      I would get a yearly physical which includes a full panel of blood-work and at least an EKG. As I age, throw in treadmill tests and more frequent cholesterol and other screenings. We are all encouraged to get flu vaccines, and every year I see advertisements that there are new screenings for early detection of, and new medicines to control, a variety of common illnesses and afflictions. Our wives and female partners will have all of the above, and will have mammography and a pap smear as well, and so too, going forward, will every other legal and perhaps illegal resident of this country.

      A few weeks ago on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” when answering, “What can we do to bring down costs?” Senator Arlen Specter stated that his experience (Senator Specter has twice been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease) was a good example. An example, presumably, of just such a savings rendered from early detection.

      (Click to watch. Go to the last two minutes of the interview)

      Don’t mistake me in any degree! I do not mean to pick on Senator Specter’s words, but question what they really mean. I am more than happy that the Senator is again feeling healthy, and that his life has been lengthened. I watched as my mother went through two bouts of cancer, and I so wish that better treatments had been available for her. But what effectively Senator Specter was saying when he said that he was the “beneficiary of early detection” and that it “solved my problem”, is not that dollars were saved, but that his life has been prolonged. The Senator also lists as a cost saving measure “National Institute of Health research” which “cuts down on the mortality in many lives”… We all will come to the end of life at some point, and at that time it is very likely that the same, very costly, life extending measures will be offered and delivered to us. Our lives may be made better and in many circumstances extended by years due to advances in medicine and treatment, but our healthcare usage, and the cost thereof, will not be lessened. They will increase, with the ultimate bill simply being kicked farther down the road where others will pay it.

    23. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      I bet if General Patton were alive he would march into the White House and kick all their a—- out. Then go and clean out all the other fools running this country. Why do we have to obey laws, when they spit on them every day. Every day we wait they take more control. What kind of a country and life are we leaving for our children. How can we deal with whats going on in the world when our country is being run by a bunch bandits and fools.

    24. Patty Perdue says:

      Every one of us who is against this Government takeover needs to be actively in the ears of our congressmen, emphatically, daily, repeatedly, right now, that we will not tolerate our freedoms confiscated from us. Tell your friends, tell your organizations to pick up the phone or email their reps immediately and insist over and over again that we are against Obamacare because it usurps our freedoms, plain and simple. Anyone ever wonder why this is so important to Obama and his gang of thugs? If this passes, America as we know it is lost! It's not about healthcare, it's about CONTROL.

    25. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      To all who ask how this can happen, I tell you it is because we have been too busy feeding our families and paying our way.

      We have to take part now!

      Don't worry about a revolution in America, it has already happened and we have lost. With the help of people like Michael Moore, we have surrendered to a few who want to be taken care of by the many.

      Our weak president+Hugo Chavez in the south+ Russia in the north+Nukes in the middle east=TROUBLE for America.

      Now is not the time to be Bankrupting this country.

      These people think they can pass all this tripe and we will forget about it by election time.

      They have to go, no matter what it takes.

    26. SR2 says:

      [...] this morning’s “Morning Bell” @ The Heritage Foundation – So just how close are we to being inflicted with the Obama/Moore dream [...]


      …within the next 2 weeks, if our supposed "representatives" pull the ole' "end-run" around the checks-and-balances provided in the Constitution by attaching the Obamacare "public option" onto another piece of seemingly innocuous legislation (Trojan horse strategy).

      Once they have control over 19% of our GDP (which, when you consider what a "great" job they're doing of running the rest of our economy, is like asking a crack-head to guard your personal property or a sex addict to "keep his eye" on your wife when you're out of town!), we can count on the collapse of "the evils of free trade and capitalism" in the medical system, after which they'll continue on to the NEXT area targeted by domestic terrorists (as defined by the likes of Mr. Obama's mentor, former Weatherman "professor" Avery, whose anti-American sentiments are well-known/documented). They won't stop until either our Republic collapses, or the rest of us wake up to this blatant subversion and start dragging to trial our own internal traitors (and, my naive liberal friends, save the whining about "McCarthyism". In a large number of cases, he was RIGHT about many of our pro-communism entertainment "elitists").

    27. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Do not take your eye off the entire ball in order to focus on Health Care.

      Yes "Health Care" is 17% of the economy

      Then comes Energy at 10 to 12%

      The Automotive Industry perhaps 10%

      Education (the prelims are already underway, Student Loans by the Feds only, "the nose of the camel") another 10 to 12%

      And last but not least Finance at least 10 to 12%

      Add this up ,the whole "enchilada" cames to between 57 to 63% of our economy.

      Even if this is somewhat overstated, the message should be clear, Health Care may very well be a "Straw man", do not be fooled. Slap this down hard but keep you eyes open to the rest of what is "cooking" in Washington District of Corruption (formerly WDC)

      PC is Thought Control


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    29. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      It will poetic justice when Michael Moore gets his government run health care but is denied health care because he is too fat and a burden on society. Becareful Michael what you ask for – you might get it.

    30. Danny/Fla says:

      Dear Morning Bell: Truth Shall set Men free-We Are america, And the Attact, by what ever name -It is-Called is Aganst every American.This Is Our Land, This Is Our Country-And Yes We Have A true ,And Living God. Let Us Reclaim Our Laws-Let Us Feel His Spirit, Within Our Hearts-And Yes, Let Us Pray-As We Have The Heavens-By the Words We Speak-Even By the Light, Of Our Prayers-In Judgement.!

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    32. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      We hear a lot about how the liberal dems in congress will force a health care bill down our throats with a public option or at least the pathway to a final goal of a single payer universal health care system. Not because that is, in reality, the best solution for this nation (it is actually a BAD solution) but because that is the vision the liberals want to see implemented. We also hear that if they succeed, it will most likely not be stoppable or reversed.

      What I want to know is, how do we stop this and if passed what do we need to do to reverse it? What are the possibilities and options Heritage that we, the people, can act upon?

    33. nceeno says:

      Cool. I am going to drop my private coverage, which I really like, for the free crap and just never get sick. I live pretty close to Mexico and can always get my healthcare there.

      Liberalism is failing around the world and you have that fat pig Moore speaking out his arse with people thinking he's cool? WTF world is this? I think we all need death panels.

    34. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      I will say this much for Michael Moore: if he needs evidence that you can't regulate evil all he need do is look in the mirror. He is evil and nobody even tries to regulate him–yet. Once he succeeds with his leftist, totalitarian friends in etablishing a socialist regime we'll see how long he goes unregulated, Stalin style, by the government-god he now worships.

      Funny that Moore continues his substantial money making career out of Follywood, the definitive capitalist center of profiteering. Shoot, Moore makes money the old fashioned way–he lies! No, that is perhaps a bit too uncharitable. Moore is such an archetype of the nihilistic utopianism towards which he swoons to lie–he would have to be aware of reality to lie and since, from the time of the Tower of Babel to today, Moore's type have dreamed, to quote Oakeshott, of "reaching heaven on the cheap," he clearly occupies that dreamland which, since Descartes's epistemological disaster, has kept the left totally unaware that there is a real world outside their heads.

    35. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      It is already happening for those receiving Medicare and Medical with Suppliments. Bone Marrow Transplant is no longer covered.


    36. Harold Pierson, Tucs says:

      Unfortunately, I disagree with Mr. Queens, from NY, 2010 is not our last chance as I see it, Next Thursday is. I may be wrong, but once the Senate votes this thing will be at light-speed through the rest of the process. Once signed, the new agencies and bureaucrats have already been pre-staged and it will make everyone's head spin how fast this thing is in place and takes over our lives.

      The liberal / socialists / Marxists have wanted this control for longer than anyone most likely realizes and they are DAYS away from getting it. As I see it is a very dangerous time here in America.

      We, the people, need to rise up and defeat this or I truly believe "the American Experiment" will be over.

      I pray to God we succeed.

    37. Virginia, Las Vegas, says:

      If this "Public Option" goes thru the Democrats can kiss there jobs=GOOD BYE! We Americans are going to have to revolt-that's all there is to that. Moore finally gets it. He told Hannity "you were right" Why can't all you kool-aid drinkers get it! You never should have voted for this fool in the first place -this fool is getting on the job training and ruining our country. Going off to with Ms. Oprah to twist some arms to have the olympics in Chicigo instead of looking out for our troups in Afghanistan-we lost one of our own today. His priorities are all on his agenda and is not the American President that you kool-aide drinker voted for. My "GOD" after him, I pray someone can clean this mess up??????

    38. Stephen, Texas says:

      "this guys going to start the middle east war & the american revolution all at once. He is by far the worst president any country has seen & should be impeached."

      John — what high crimes and misdemeanors has President Obama committed that would justify impeachment? The "worst President"? "Start a middle east war" (I think the previous Pres completed this task already) Wow. So this is what right-wing paranoia looks like!

    39. Alex, California says:

      "because the profit-making insurance companies won’t be able to compete with a government run plan and make the profits they want to make."

      I don't get it, why is it my duty to ensure health insurance company profits if they can't compete? What is the detriment to me to know, when I am at my most ill, it won't be in anybody's direct financial interest to deny me care?

    40. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      You are right Richard Camcemi,i enjoyed your input on obama and his evil parteners.

    41. Adolf fillips says:

      I hope these "thugs", who are trying to take our freedom under the guise on health care reform

      have gainful inploy after the next election —

    42. nukewashington says:

      the way obamas been ramming everything through, we probably won't even have elections in 2010.

    43. jonathan pembro says:

      With the consatution no longer being taught and the bill of rights all but ignored is it any wonder that the people who with there hand on the bible !!!! lie about defending the and upholding the consatution of the united states !!!


    44. Alban in Canada says:

      As an American living now for 6 years in Canada, trust me folks, you do not want a single payer health care system. IT SUCKS!

    45. Alban in Canada says:

      As an American living now for 6 years in Canada, trust me folks, you do not want a single payer health care system.

    46. Loredan. KY says:

      We need to remind Washington that we are theyr empoyers and we can easily fire them. i am sick and tired to have the Government running my life. I do have a brain and I know what I want. Let get rid of them on the next election. let get our country back!

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    50. Candie Loomis says:

      The only way to stop them is to stop paying taxes. We need to push "fair-tax" down their throats. We need to find a way to get rid of some of these people, lawsuit of treason or something, don't think we can wait till the election, they are going to completely bury our constitution. Last week was constitution week, I flew my flag at half staff because Congress has killed our constitution. I'm so afraid, cried today listening to Susan on Limbaugh's show today. I see our country being torn apart and I feel helpless to stop it, DC isn't listening to us. I have spent hours faxing my letters to Congress along with 6 pages of signatures. A town of 10,000 I've got 360 to sign in 7 weeks. I get people to sign the Congress letter when they come into my coffee shop to sign the petition about Somali refugee program and billions$ in grants to churches to bring refugees to US and Cargill getting a tax credit of 9000.00 for each refugee and most /dept of state most are not legal. I figure shut off the money and the flow of refugees will stop. Our high school has a room for the Muslims to pray in, including a way for them to wash their feet. It's unbelievable what is going on in America, I feel helpless, any suggestions what we can do to stop this? I feel like I'm trying and helping others to have their say too but nobody in DC cares about us.

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    54. Reta Richardson, Sou says:

      Citizens of the US who have not yet been insured by a government-run insurance agency — VA, Medicare, Medicaid, state employees' insurance plans–or who have not had personal experience with loved ones' health care in Canada fear what is called "socialized" medicine. Change always means threat to people who don't understand what the change means.

    55. Steve, Cincinnati says:

      Many thanks to the Heritage Foundation for informing us of this hijacking, but when it is all said and done we need to know how to stop it. I love Glenn Beck and listen to him everyday, but other than an armed revolt against our government, what other alternatives do we have to stopping this. Glenn doesn't provide much insight into this other than prayer and I'm all for prayer, but more for action. The elections in 2010 will come too late for any action against this sharp move towards Fascism/Socialism. Thanks again for the info, but please tell us how to stop it. It doesn't appear that they senators/reps care what the people are saying, so give us an alternative to calling and emailing them to cease and desist?

    56. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Congress is working for its own agenda, not the will of the people. They have thrown out the Constitution and what it means. The liberals must be removed in the 2010 elections, if we are to save this country and all that it stands for. Lots of people wanted "hope and change" is this what they wanted? I do not think so, the people that voted for abama and the dems have bee lied to and then still keep sucking up the BS.

    57. Jeremy, Texas says:

      I am behind you Mr. Moore. Defeat those Dems in the General and help us get more conservatives! You sir, are an idiot! You make money off of this capitalistic country, but you slam us every chance you get and call us the evil ones. You disgust me. Move to Cuba if you hate us so much! The majority of people do NOT want this plan!

    58. Tim Iowa says:

      I am with you fellow soldiers, this is the fight we must fight, not just for us but our kids. Everything is at stake here, I am and will be with you on the battlefield against this health care and our enemies.

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    60. Jill Gershen, Maryla says:

      So Nitwit Michael Moore thinks capitalism is "evil", huh? Well then, I guess he doesn't plan to make any money from this movie of his, right? And I guess he plans to return all the money he's made over the years from all those other movies, huh? What he's really saying is that capitalism is "evil" only if other people are making money, not him. What a hypocrite! Hey, Michael, you idiot! Don't like capitalism?! Then, MOVE out!! And don't let the doors to our borders hit your corpulent hiney on the way out!! But leave the rest of us who love this country and its capitalistic economy ALONE!!

    61. Sandra, Bandon Orego says:

      Michael Moore is a raving lunatic. He is the prime example of where these liberal progressives are leading us to. My question to him, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen and the rest of the anti-American communist spewing radicals is, why the hell don't you move to Venezuela, Cuba, Communist China or where you agree with their dicatorship behavior? Why don't you grab Obama and the progressives on the way out of town and take them with you and leave this country to be what is has always been, THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

    62. phyllis, texas says:

      Since when did the american public decide that M Moore was directing the political aspects of these Untied States of America?

      I'm usually not a violent woman, but I have the secret desire to want to beat that fat hiney that he has, straight to hell!

      What has become of the brains of the general public? Is everbody's brains becoming like oatmeal?

      A POX on you , to everyone who has paid a dollar to M Moore, to support his movies!

    63. P.J., Ohio says:

      I think everyone should have a strike day where they stay home from work.

      No taxes will be collected and with everything shut down, maybe that

      would get some attention. Of course business owners would

      have to go along, but Washington would get a

      better idea of the number of people protesting

      their behavior, plus that would be ONE day that

      they wouldn't get their mitts on anyone's money!

    64. Nancy, Missouri says:

      Michael Moore – You self serving elitist snot! Who do you think you are, you will never win over the people of this great nation…..read my lips sir….I will stand and fight you personally!

      This has got to stop 2010 all incumbents out, no exceptions, start fresh, even if they do not vote for it, you cannot trust these do nothings, out they must go!

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    66. Mike, Utah says:

      After reading a number of the responses on this issue. I am really concerned where you get your news. In 1994, cost of health insurance for a family of four was $3000 annually. Universal Health Care was defeated with a promise by the Health Care Industry to contain cost with quality affordable health care. Since that time, Health Care costs have risen 10% annually, doubling in cost every 7 years, today there are 900,000 families of the 100 million annually that declare bankruptcy due to medical costs and half of the families have health insurance that is filled with Exclusions that they will not pay for. They lose their homes, their savings, their IRA's and 401K's. The average cost of Health Insurance for a family of four in 2009 in $17,000 a year, estimated to be $24,000 in 2016. It has to stop. Health Care is a monopoly and like it or not, the only entity that can fix it is our government. They enacted laws 30 years ago that transformed Health Care from a Service industry to a For Profit industry. Our government is the only entity that can bring it back to a service entity. About 48% of our country have a single payer, government run plan, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, SSDI, Veterans, and Government retirees and employees. They seem to like it. I wonder how many of you complaining about the government in this blog are covered under one of those plans? I bet a good many of you. The party is over for the Health Cartels, support the Single payer Government Option.

    67. Pingback: hcr action alert ALARM…TIME TO RAMP UP OUR EFFORTS «

    68. halo,texas says:

      all you people need to quit with the comments and start looking for the real solution,and that is the roman catholic faith and the messages of fatima. In portugal 1917, God in his mercy sent one like us, to warn us, and gave dire predictions which have all come to pass but the last one. read on this most important event with over 70,000 witnesses. some went to the location to laugh but saw something they never forgot. this is the most important information to turn the tide of communist rule you will ever read.

    69. Annette, Cornwall, N says:

      Its time to Hope we get Change really quick!!!! This administration is tearing down everything our Founding Fathers set in place to make this the greatest country in the world! Wake up America! WE DON'T NEED AND DON'T WANT GOVERNMENT RUN ANYTHING!!!!! We want freedom to keep choosing and we want our children to stop being brainwashed!!! Michael Moore a big nobody! America needs to stop caring what Hollywierd thinks! Lets fight fight for our country!!!! God Bless America!

    70. Jim G. Dallas, Tx says:

      Our ARISTROCRATIC Congress ought to be made to live by every law they pass and not be exempt from them. The Military may soon be required to DEFEND the Constitution before we can no longer count on its protection. I think that we should have on the ballott a catagory called NONE OF THE ABOVE and when the voting is a simple majority for NOTA all candidates must be disqualified from that office and a second ballott be taken made if that also fails after two reruns for the same reason. then eliminate that position. There also should be NO political appointments. Just elections so that no one is exempt from recall due to malfeasance in office as determined by public vote. REINSTATE LIABLE LAWS for the obvious liars in congress.

    71. Jessica Cedar Rapids says:

      I agree that government run health care is a big mistake, just like all the American's vote for Obama. A big freakin mistake. Didn't anyone give a darn that he doesn't care about America or God.Did no one care that he refused to wear the U.S. Flag on his lappell. I don't think anyone cared about the small things during the electon. This was a chance to make history with a black president. That is it plain and simple. Now for the next 3 1/2 years we have to deal with big brother and our freedoms taken away. Thanks a lot all you Obama supporters for screwing up basic human rights set forth by our founding fathers of this nation. Thanks a lot! I hope Obama gets impeached for being the worst President in the history of the United States, go ahead and put him up there with communists. He might as well be right with them.

    72. paul collins.the vil says:


    73. mroberts, texas says:

      Is anyone else concerned that our president is not speaking up about ACORN, the organization that got him elected? Who do you think is behind investigating the 2 reporters who filmed proof of prostitution ring activity? Do you think traveling to Denmark to promote Chicago hosting Olympics was a higher priority than dealing with the general's request for additional U. S. troops? What is the president's REAL position on Iran's nuclear activity?

    74. Kristie, Virginia says:

      Please, please, please tell me where all of you were when Bush was taking this country to hell in a handbasket?? Where were you?? Now that we're almost to Hell, you want to blame Obama for everything and accuse him of all sorts of ultra conservative foolishness! Where were you the last 8 years of Bush running our country into the ground???

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    77. Marcus says:

      Nice story you got here. I'd like to read more about that topic.

    78. Jesse, Florida says:

      Most of these post are from people who probably have never been out of the country or there there back yard. A government option would help bring down the outrageous prices health insurance companies charge and then when it comes time to use them they deny your claim because it will cost to much. I've been to a few countries where there is single payer government healthcare and it's amazing. Stop believing all the right wing scare tactics about this!!! The amount of money bush spent on the Afgan war in one year would supply this entire country with great healthcare.

    79. Nathan J. Isbell says:


      This is the solution to our health care crisis. We all ultimately turn to God during times of crisis. This will create a propagating, everlasting, taxable income stream that will create jobs, pay for socialized health care and rebuild social security. I had to write a book to be heard.

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