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  • Congress Gives Itself A Raise

    Politico reports:

    Congress is on the verge of giving itself a bump in its annual budget — even as local governments, families and businesses across the country are tightening their belts in the worst recession in decades.

    Under a House-Senate conference measure, approved by the House last week and poised for passage in the Senate on Wednesday, spending for the legislative branch will increase 5.8 percent this year, boosting Capitol Hill’s annual budget to $4.7 billion.

    As terrible as it is that Congress wants to increase their own budgets while the nation’s unemployment rate is about to pass 10% and our deficit will pass $1 trillion for the first time in our nation’s history, worse is that fact that Congress has so far failed to pass any other appropriations bills. In 1996, President Bill Clinton actually vetoed a Legislative Branch appropriations bill because that Congress had so far failed to pass any others. Here is what he said at the time:

    I believe, however, that it would be inappropriate to provide full-year regular funding for Congress and its offices while funding for most other activities of Government remains incomplete, unresolved, and uncertain. As I said 2 months ago, I don’t think Congress should take care of its own business before it takes care of the people’s business.

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    80 Responses to Congress Gives Itself A Raise

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Let's see – there's no COLA increase for seniors but we need to increase the budget for our officials to run their offices and maintain their expenses?

      They could easily become a patriot and take a drastic pay cut on behalf of the American Taxpayer. Most of them are doing just fine – thank you.

    2. Howard Houchen, Hugo says:

      This is simply ridiculous. How dare they force us to relinquish and then spend more of OUR hard earned property to be even more incompetent than they have already proven themselves to be. I would ask the question: "Have you no decency?", but, the answer has been crystal clear for quite some time. The arrogance of this "Ruling Regime" can no longer be tolerated, OUT with the lot!

    3. Andrew Kim, Los Ange says:

      American born, American raised, and Damned proud.

      This era of Progressive thinking has been destroying what our forefathers long fought to protect and preserve. The Progressive mind-set of a "living" Constitution and the claim that the Declaration of Independence is no longer valid creates a frightening, dark future.

      They rally around a conventional equality, hoping to "correct" the natural inequality when I can not, should not be done. Even considering that conventional and natural equality are the same, one has to wonder; does the increase in pay for already well-off Senators equate equality when the nation spins further into financial crises?

      The resounding answer is "NO!" Stop creating more tax bills disguised as other things like the Cap-and-Trade bill. These companies will simply pass on the costs to the people.

      Action must be taken to, but with the conditions as they are now, I am taken back the the enormity of the task. You and I can not act alone. Our "white knight" must show himself, so that we may rally behind him.

    4. Mike, Tucson says:

      Disgraceful! Their first act should be to take a cut in pay. Lead by example… or go home!

    5. Susan, Missouri says:

      I want a detaild accounting of every single penny they're spending, on what, on who, and when. I think the Congressional budget increases should have to be decided by popular vote.

    6. MJ Eller, Ann Arbor, says:

      NO NO NO NO.

      The Democrats in Congress are out of control.

      How about "FIRE THEM ALL."

    7. Rob Sperring, Housto says:

      Despicable human trash. The Statist does not have the word "responsibility" in their Websters.

    8. Deborah SE USA says:

      Vote them out of office next re-election office.

    9. Tom, Houston says:

      Nothing in DC will change until we change who we send there. You may like "your guy" and I may like "my guy", but in the aggregate, congress is failing in its job. We need to replace the whole bunch before anything will change. Until we are ready to do that, don't complain about more of the same.

    10. Jennifer Foxx-Smith, says:

      This sickens me! How dare Congress increase their own incomes, while SO many are suffering from loss of jobs, loss of raises, loss of pensions, etc.

      My father, long time government employee and Vietnam veteran, had his retirement majorly docked this past year. My sister and husband (also Gov. employee) were not given their normal raises – so this act by Congress is a very personal slap in our faces!!

      I wish our forefathers could see how today's government is running this great country into the ground, and stepping on the heads of every hard working decent citizen to get it there! CONGRESS – YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!

      I too, as Andrew that wrote before me so beautifully stated, am American born and raised and damn proud of that. But I have little respect for our governing body – Congress – that clearly has NO respect for the HARD WORKING citizens that pay them!!

    11. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      They vote for a raise for themselves, and then say to seniors that you COLA will not come this year but the Medicare premium will increase, this means Our SS checks will be less in 2010 and yet we pay more for food, utilities and gas. Does this make sense, and if they have their way we will get less coverage from Medicare so our supplement policies will also increase in premiums. Seems those in Congress forget that seniors worked and put money into these funds, Social Sec. and Medicare for many years. They get their salaries for life, I wish we could get ours.

    12. MARY says:


    13. jlw, indiana says:

      To Andrew Kim: When and where did the (liberal; socialist; communist or dictatorial) elites ever really consider the peons as equals? Even the good guys have a problem with this. It's all about power and control.

    14. Paula says:

      This tells us loud and clear who and what Congress is most concerned about – themselves. Please everyone – remember this on election day and clean house.

    15. William Butler, Unio says:

      This is truly despicable! It just goes to show how greedy these elected officials are. Most of the congressmen/women are millionaires to begin with. I think it would be safe to say that most of them are lawyers. We need to clean house! Starting this coming year!

    16. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      The very idea just makes me sick. They are collecting enough already and don't have to pay for anything. We pay their salaries, their plane fares their health care and their rent. They need to go and the sooner the better.

      Our investments are just about gone, our social security is broke, our homes are not worth what they were a year ago, our costs on everything has gone up and they get a raise. What is wrong with us that we don't do something about these thieves.


    17. mike scotts vallet c says:

      lets all DRIP on them ( DON'T REELECT INCUMBANT POLITICIANS)now is the time to rise up and toss the aragant a– out.Before its to late

    18. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This Congress should not surprise anyone. Can't we all understand these crooks and degenerates will do anything they want. They know they can't be stopped. Just look at the past summer and the town halls. They don't listen nor care about us. It's only about how much they can grab then hope we will forget when the next election rolls around. I know many are saying the Republican are just as bad as the Dems. But just remember at election time, these atrocities against all of us

      are being committed by Obama and the DEMOCRATS.

    19. Scruffy, Arkansas says:

      More in-your-face screw-U attitude from our "representatives". They represent themselves and their own greed and power hunger.

      They should receive exactly the COLA that is granted to our military, civil servants, and retirees. While they are at it they should be forced by law to fall under any health care reform that they pass!

      In my plans is to vote against all current office holders for the next three national elections! Exceptions granted only by a voting record that represents what honest citizens actually want. A one strike rule will be in play: Cap and Trade, or any of the current health care bills… a vote for either or any new hair brained bills will be a vote against them in the next election.

    20. philip says:

      the only rules they have in gongress is thir greedy self centered programs that tax the american people to death and and fill their pockets with tax payers funds and not representing the will of the people or respect our fredoms and the constitution the congress just keep onn with pork barrel spending lineing thrir pockets with tax payers money now they have the gull to ask tax payer for a raise gongress is without shame lets vote them out

    21. JOHN T. SEWELL, BUR says:

      To my American brothers and sisters: Wake up America, enough is enough. To give themselves a pay increase while the rest of America is doing all she can to get by. As my grandfather would say, :That has just broke the camel's back". I have never backed down from any fight, even though some cost me dearly. This is our Country we are talking about here people, it is time that we unite like we never have before and demand that impeachment procedings to be started against Obama (he has not upheld the Constitution of the United States) and the criminal investigations and resignations of certain members of Congress. I know in my heart that the biggest part of the American people are hard working, good, and honest people that just want to recieve a fair days wage for a fair days work–AND they LOVE this Country. We will come togther as one and we will take back this Country that we LOVE, that our Fathers, Sons, Mothers, and Daughters, have died for and are dying today. My Grandfather served on WW1, My Dad in Korea and Vietnam, My Brothers in Desert Storm and MY SON in Iraq. Don't you in Washington DC think you are just going to walk on us or the memories of our fallen HEROES, YOU HAD BETTER GET ANOTHER THOUGHT. I wonder sometimes where is the back bone of our Republican leaders, do they not have any or what. I am a Republican and love my party but I know there has got to be more they can do IF they are not afraid of their position or power they might loose if they stand like MEN. Maybe we the people of these United States of America need to relook at both parties and have an AMERICAN party, for the people and by the people for once. I am ready to stand up and be counted, as an American that has had enough, if I have to run for President in 2012. America, I could say alot more, if any of you want to talk about these problems, we are going through together, you can contact me at: sewelljohnt@gmail.com. May God Bless you and May God Bless the USA. Respectfully, John T. Sewell

    22. ActinUp, Richardson, says:

      "The way to handle people is to treat them like chickens. Take away everything they have by plucking all their feathers and then throw them a few bread crumbs. They will then follow you forever."

      Josef Stalin

      We here in Richardson just got yet another notice letting us know our recreational little league and soccer kids will have to pony up an additional $25.00 for any city park we use to practice on each practice and an increase to our game day fees.

      It's times like these I wish I had some farmland to convert into a field I could donate!

      It's all about the greed and power.

    23. JBM- Jacksonville, F says:

      This is despicable. We are all giving up a lot in this horrible economy, they need to do so as well. Please look at voting records before you vote them out, there are a few good ones. Please get involved, call, email, write, fax and let them know what you think and how you feel. It will take all of us doing this. Don't count on your neighbor doing it for you.

    24. Dean, Dallas says:


      Blatant total disregard for our current financial situation. I have never before been felt as though we are being thrown under the bus as now. If congress were run as a legitimate business, with output of good legislation that serves a majority of the people as the product, they should be bankrupt several times over.

    25. Dave, Florida says:

      So most Reps & Senators salaries increase to roughly $183,918 plus their expense account.

      From Wikipedia®:

      As of January 2009, the annual salary of each Representative is $174,000.[7] The Speaker of the House and the Majority and Minority Leaders earn more, $223,500 for the Speaker and $193,400 for their party leaders (the same as Senate leaders). A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it. Congress sets members' salaries; however, the Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits a change in salary (but not COLA[8]) from taking effect until after the next general election. Representatives are eligible for lifetime benefits after serving for five years, including a pension, health benefits, and social security benefits.[9]

    26. Jill, California says:

      Is this the same Congress that is crucifying others for giving out bonuses?

      Why aren't we … their "employers" … voting on how much to pay members of Congress? If they were paid based on merit, they'd not get a single dime.

    27. P. Hensley-Geogia says:

      With many American's losing their jobs and taking pay cuts, how can Congress even think of a pay increase for themselves. You've got to be kidding.

    28. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      So Congress is giving itself a pay raise? How much of a raise is it getting? Will they earn more or less than $250,000 – the figure at which the liar in chief BHO said that no one earning less would see any tax increase. If we are to have good and honest government, why can't there be a law requiring voters' approval of any congressional pay increases? With the democraps presently in charge, this congress deserves a pay cut!! If we can deny them a raise, and they don't like it….too bad!! Let these democraps go out on strike!! As I've said before, it would be far better if these democraps did nothing at all than what they've been doing for the past 8 months!!

    29. John Winston Salem says:

      They are suppose to be our representatives, so until they can do what they are suppose to do NO MONEY. This is stupid. Are they the only ones who has to spend more to stay up with spending going up?

    30. Patricia Spencer/Nau says:

      It is PAST time for a reality check..personally, I have had to rely on family & friends after losing my husband 4 years ago…no work now for 8-9 mo…trying to avoid bankruptcy…I am one of many feeling THE SQUEEZE…NO RAISES FOR INCOMPETENT representation..What are they thinking???? Think AMERICA! ACT!PLEASE!

    31. Sandra, California says:

      All I have to say is your days are counted all you Democrates! America will prevail!!

    32. Ross writes from Bra says:

      I would suggest that the Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats shout at the top of their lungs; NO! to a payraise. Vote NO! to the payraise. Then if passed, refuse to accept it or give it to charity as a protest of this outrageous bill. My Rep's will be hearing from me on this one. For once standup for decency. Standup to stupidity and tell your "peers"; "shame on you", shame on you as our economy tanks because of your greed and grab for power.

    33. Sandy Logsdon Dallas says:

      John Sewell – I am with you. I, along with all my other country men and women, need to pull together and find a way to fix this problem. I think, unfortunately, that each of us feel the problem is TOO big to fix and that we just have to wait and see – that "I" cannot make a difference if it is just me. That mentallity needs to change and I, for one, am willing to do that. Therefore, if enough of us can come together, we can be a force and can accomplish anything. I will be emailing you on a personal level and urge all of the above to do the same and, hopefully, we can find a way to fight this together.

    34. Jo,Mich says:

      This is truly the meaning of chutzpah. What gall these people have!!!!!

    35. Bobbie Jay says:

      Poor, Poor hypocrites. Calling the private sector "greedy," while thieving our money to fill their undeserving pockets as they continue to be proud of their non-productive ideas.

      Progressivism must be to reward failures "by deliberate deception," with the robbing of the innocent!

      President Clinton is commendable for what he stated regarding government increase. As they work for us, it should be up to us, THE TAX PAYER and nobody else.

    36. Ken from Tempe,Az. says:

      Call Sheriff Bart, and kick the bums out of Rockridge,(Congress)NOW!

      One(1)term only for the crooks…

    37. Kathy, Canandaigua,N says:

      I am sitting here listening to "RUSH" and getting more angry and frustrated. I heartily agree with all of the prior comments. The audacity of our elected representatives is beyond imagination!!! We need to get rid of everyone and start over and continue to do this until we find leaders that are up to the job! Help us all!

    38. John Roane Sarasota says:

      They work so hard every day for us, how can you oppose them getting a raise? It's only some 500+ people out of 300,000,000+ million Americans that can't be to expensive? It's not like they are there filling their own pockets, making millions on the backs of the little people, they fight our wars and defend us from our own stupidity. They deserve a raise after all they are the ones sacrificing thier freedom for the good of the country.

      Same on us, we should work as hard, working 2 – 3 days a week, with only several months of a year.

    39. dave, dayton says:

      As they are about to do with the Health Care Reform, they will attach the bills they want to sneak through to a necessary piece of legislation that everyone knows has to get passed. As far as the raise goes, what else do you expect, they will get what they can while they can. They are politicians, what do we expect? Until we learn to vote in people who are not professional politicians,(who the hell are we going to get to run that isn't a politician)people that are DR's, small business owners, farmers, teachers. You know, like the ones who wrote the Constitution ? Real people, not professional politicians.

    40. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I have said it countless times before, too many of those in the House and Senate think of themselves as royalty, special people who are above the rabble and who, by their status, are beyond question or criticism.

      Look at the way they react to any constituents who dare criticize or question them. Consider their reactions to the people who attended 'Tea Party' tax protest assemblies and to those who attended Townhall meetings, hosted by those in the House and Senate. These Senators and Congressmen were shocked at the reaction of the crowds. An intelligent Congressman might have opened a Townhall meeting by saying, "Hello, my name is __________, and I represent the ___ district of our State in the House of Representatives. I'm here today to listen to what you folks have to say about House Bill #3200, the Health Care Reform Bill. After everyone who wants to speak has done so, I will do my best to answer any questions you may have", then sat down with a note pad to record the comments of his constituents. That's what an intelligent Congressman might have done.

      Some took a different tack, and decided to set their constituents straight, telling them that they didn't know what they were talking about. Many tried to defend their position of not reading the legislation they were proposing. Still others took offense at the complaints of the audiences and in other venues took the position of attacking the audiences as, ignorant, un-American, angry mobs, nazis, brown shirts, evil-mongers and in the pay of wealthy right-wing organizations. That went over well.

      One of my favorite responses to the challange of why Congressmen didn't read House Bill 3200 (the Health Care Reform bill) before pushing for its passage came from Congressman Conyers of Michigan. "That bill was a thousand pages long. It would take days to read it and two lawyers to understand it." What a great answer! At least it was close to the truth. It would take days to read it and probably more than just two lawyers to understand it.

      Another great response to the same question came from Arlen Spector who replied, "These are lengthy bills. We routinely parcel these bills out to staff for review and comment. You have to understand that we have to move quickly on these bills." To which his audience, almost to a man, shouted WHY? Senator Spector looked stunned. He couldn't answer the question shouted out by the crowd. WHY INDEED does a trillion dollar piece of legislation directly affecting the security of every American have to be acted on (approved)quickly, before it has been read, understood and thoroughly debated. I'll tell you why. For the same reason the Stimulous bill was rammed through without being read, understood or debated – because if the American people had known what was involved, they would have reacted the same way they did to Health Care Reform.

    41. ed new jersey says:

      its got to be obvious to most, that these people are trying ruin our united states, our way of life, our traditions, our values,and everything that makes this country the greatest country on earth. but hey more importantly lets make sure the olympics come to chicago that takes top billing over sending more needed troops to afganistan. give me a break , does the word impeach mean anything.

    42. Ned V. Petrak says:

      Why does congress think they merit a pay raise when they don't give a raise to senior citizens, or retired military veterans. All did more for this great nation than anyone in congress!

    43. Phil, Albuquerque N. says:

      Thomas Jefferson aptly described the behavior and attitude of our Congress we see today back in 1787:

      "Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves." –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, 1787

      We need more Sheepdogs today!

    44. Rita from New Jersey says:




    45. Mike T, Carrollton, says:

      Let me insure my understanding of this system. Congress is voting on a healthcare program for everyone but THEMSELVES. Congress has allowed no increases in Social Security but THEIR salary increases are automatic. I'm certain these two insights are but faint understandings of just how unfair those bastards have become. What a disgrace they have become.

      If I see one, I promise (even if it means jail) to spit on them.

    46. OPAS says:

      BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA !!!!,

      THAT is as intelligent as you "TELLING" Congress to do something. WAKE UP! VOTE THEM OUT

      Put YOUR COUNTRY ahead of your POLITICAL PARTY and petty projects.

      YOU UNDECIDES have been led by the nose to throw your vote away!

      The solution is a no brainer —–

      IF YOU want a Socialist/Communist government, then vote Democrat or vote INDEPENDENT or Protest Vote for a loser, so a Socialist Democrat will win.

      IF you value the OLD AMERICA of your parents and Grandparents then you better VOTE REPUBLICANS back in.

      THEN – GET AFTER THE NEW ONES YOU VOTE IN, INSIST that they DO NOT vote for Special Interest groups.

      IF you want to get rid of Pelosi and her ilk, BE AN AMERICAN FIRST and clean out your houses, CONGRESS AND SENATE.

      The SILENT MAJORITY can roar at the ballot box.

    47. Roxanne, Colorado says:

      The congress has a lot of nerve. I don't see how they can sleep at night. They have forgotten they are supposed to work and represent US. I also resent all the money going to ex-presidents and their families for security for life.

    48. James Frazee, Arkans says:

      Looking through all of these comments makes me think of only one thing. There are no term limits for Congress. But remember if you really care and really mean what you stated here, the voter can impose their own form of term limits. Get active and vote them out of office, every term if necessary until Congress to gets the word!

    49. Mike T, Carrollton, says:


      Without a doubt, shall vote them out. Come on voters,,,stand up !!!!!

    50. Mary A. Colton Flori says:

      I agree-vote them out!! It's all about ME, THE CONGRESS, not WE THE PEOPLE!!

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    52. George Barrows, Nor says:

      You can see who is not getting my votes next year and I still suggest that the pays be reduced to where they were 10 years ago. We have too many "Professional" money grabbers in Congress and the House.

    53. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      They are not in the real world. The world that the economy is so bad, people who have made it for the last 25 years in business, are dieing! Why do they care, they get a paycheck every week, they don't have to worry about their house payment, gas cards, bills! Being so stressed out they can't even enjoy their life anymore! It is crazy when we American's are standing up, telling them we don't approve on how they are running our country and they continue, and now give themselves a raise. I thought you got a raise when you did a good job!Congress and the President get a F, in my book!

    54. Elaine, Georgia says:

      There is so much going on in America today that is so wrong.

      Let's all remember God gives us the answer in the Bible verse II Chronicles 7:14: If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.

      And we should remember to vote against evil politicians and for the few good ones that we can find.

    55. Mike T, Carrollton, says:

      Amen, Elaine……

    56. marilyn c denver col says:

      I am so unhappy about this pay raise, and I found out that they have their own medical clinic run by the Navy, no cost, free, the best doctors and surgeons. Plus, when we send them money so they can get elected they get to take that money home for their personal use when they leave office. Also, they are giving thousands of dollars in bonuses to their staff and saying oh well. They take money from the drug companies, wall street, weapon companies, private security companies. Yet they say the public should be able to pay 20 percent of thier income for healthcare. When I find out who voted for a pay raise and congressional budget increase I will not vote for them. I am done with it all and all the corruption. I wish I would have voted for McCain now./

    57. BLANCOBILL , Sebring says:

      SO SORRY PEOPLE, I AM SO ASHAMED TO SAY I'VE BEEN A DEMOCRAT ALL MY LIVE (67years). I promise that in the next election I will carry folks to the poll to vote for "new" Republicans for our Senate and Congress. "WE ARE READY TO MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE PEOPLE."

      We can't even get a raise on our $1311.00 month Social Security. OUR CONGRESSMEN SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO TAKE A RAISE.


    58. $250vs$4000 , De Wit says:

      I am fed up. I am not going to repeat what everybody else has already said but it is not WE THE PEOPLE anymore. It is we the people under the GOVERNMENT of THE UNITED STATES. Maybe a Congressional Teaparty is in order???

    59. David Coulter says:

      DOD spending equal to 18-20 other leading nations

      compared to the U.S. spending gets little attention. Neither does 60 billion in Iraq–around half of which went into "Contractors pockets" It seems that the serious spending is involved with bebefiting any U.S, citizen.

      No ceiling on callowness or hypocracy?

    60. Thetotas California says:

      Where is the Media Coverage?

    61. SharonS., San Antoni says:

      I just found this site after asking a question on Google — I was looking for the last time Congress gave itself a raise as I recalled it was right after the "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009" or Stimulus, which is where I was told they voted to disallow a COLA to Social Security recipients for the next 3 years!! I recall reading somewhere that after Congress gave themselves a raise around that time, they agreed not to take a raise themselves for the same amount of time. Lord, I cannot imagine Congress lying to us!? Am I having another senior moment? Can anyone else recall that? I didn't even know about the current raise!! Did that just happen this past September? What a load of c—!!

    62. Toni dupont-Mora, Sa says:

      I am disappointed in! frustrated with! and ashamed! of our Congressmen. Basically our Law Makers all of them!I feel that with all the cuts that the people of the United States have been forced to take, and continue to be forced to take is an atrocity! Our Law Makers should be the very first to take cuts in Pay and benefits. Lead by example. But NO! That's not what they have done! They have awarded themselves with a nice FAT, Juicy raise! When people are still losing their jobs, taking pay cuts, working less days, Losing their homes! Here are our Congressmen with their "GOD" complex fattening their own wallets as usual! at the expense of the average citizen. Shame on you! None 0f you will receive my vote in the next election! and I will do my best to see that you lose the votes of others, to ensure that our existing Congress is voted out. We need a fresh Congress, one that is not corrupted by money, and Special interest groups.

    63. Angie, Ohio says:

      The reason congress might get an increase in pay? It`s in the constitution my dears. They have turned down automatic increases in the past and more than likely will do this time around also. Just remember, both democratic and republican congressmen have gotten these raises.

    64. Glenda, San Antonio says:

      I'm on disability and a single mother. Let's talk about fixed income. Government officials are supposed to be by the people and for the people? RING ANY BELLS???!!! I don't think you need a bonus or raise. Try just having to make financial arrangements with the smallest of debts. COLA, are you pigs really oblivious that the economy isn't raising above what a normal person can pay??!

      Well I bet if Pennsylvania Ave. wasn't strutting around in their new designer rags everyday or your wives weren't out to buy a new gown for each and every event….Maybe you see that there is a Cost Of Living Adjustment need for the people of this county that can barely put food on their tables!

      I bet if any of you fat bellies read any of these comments, you'll jiggle like like a bowl full of jelly, touch the tip of your nose and say "I ain't got nothing for these poor ol' people!! Why are you so evil?

    65. Bill CA. says:


    66. Bobby A Derrick, Ind says:

      I join my fellow American taxpayers expressing your frustration and anger with our "representatives". They ONLY represent themselves. They REFUSE to listen to the American public. They label anyone who disagrees with them as extremists. They are the extremists failing to uphold their sworn oath. They are the most self-centered, arrogant, croos that I have ever seen. Our nation cannot be sustained at the current level of spending. ALL of them have to be voted out of office. As a senior citizen, I have already been told that I will not get a cost-of-living increase, but when I look at what they have done for themselves, I get sick. Obama and Congress are destroying this country, and I am not saying that because of not receiving a COLA, but because of their actions. Do not listen to what they say, but what they do. They are going to spend us into bankruptcy.

    67. Sher says:

      I think they should all be fired and ALLOWED to live on unemployment and or social security. Let them live for 3 months in a home that's about to be foreclosed. They have grown into hungry lions. We are their meal.

      We are their paycheck. I want to run my household the same way the govt does. Wonder how the Credit Card Co will like the I.O.U. I want to sent them. ( Wait till I get the money doe payment in full).

    68. Saundra Walker Harbo says:

      Hereing about our employee's giving themselves a raise didn't surprise me. I have been telling my kids for years if they don't fight for this country they will loose it. The generations to come will be the ones that suffer. I am afraid that it could become a Third World country. Not only are they paying themselves they are giving our money away to people who come into this country illegally. These people are getting free medical, housing, schooling and we feed them. We as AMERICAN'S don't get anything given to us. I am 62 years old and I won't be getting the raise. But I do plan on callimg the White House with my complaints, faxing and e-mailing. Our men and women in the Service who are fighting in other countries for us and people who hate us could be losing their own country without a fight.

      We can do it if we as one stick together.

    69. truthseeker says:

      The truth is that Congress voted to freeze its pay for 2010, so they are not getting a pay raise this year. Also, the Social Security cost of living increase is based on the Consumer Price Index, which went down. That's the truth.

    70. G. Jerome Flowers, 2 says:

      I can not find a list of House and Senate members who supported a pay raise. Is there such a list?

    71. G. Jerome Flowers, 2 says:

      I just received an answer to my question about the House and Senate receiving a raise. It seems that there will be a freeze. Strange that we've heard so much about the raise and so little about the freeze?! When did our government stop blowing its own horn?

    72. michael del vecchio, says:

      As a veteran & senior i'm so disappointed in this wonderful country i love & live in. Government just doesn't care about the citizens especially the seniors. Congress & Senate gives themselves raises, have the best health care in the world (I would love to have the same) and i deserve that. Seniors get nothing, we have to live day by day, after serving our country, and working all our lives. This country only helps the rich and very poor & those who do not work or pay taxes, the low middle class pays for everything wondering how to pay very high health cost, food & taxes. I want changes for all low middle and middle class people. Then and only then this country will be great again. If our government doesn't take care of the people who are carrying the working load, how are all of you people going to continue to lead the life that we are paying for? These elected people,that we trusted, slap us in the face when they do things behind our back and benefit themselves at our expense.

    73. oscar c. williams 3r says:

      i am on social security. i don't mind doing my part but am vexed when i find out that congress wrote their selves a check. i would like to know how we the people can get a bill brought before us the people stating that each dist. votes as to when and if our politicians can get pay raises?

    74. Villa Hills KY. says:

      The National Commons Party

      There have been many before, but none so dedicated to the people as; The National Commons party; it is born from “Need of Change”. This party has an innate knowledge of what must be done to reestablish a righteous government. The Heart of the Commons Party” will come from the United States citizens, people from the everyday hard working class, middle class, the affluent, and the wealthy. In addition to the many small and large business along with individual citizens that have suffered under yesterday and present day political rhetoric.

      These Americans knew there was a better way, and were poised ready to build such a party at the time of need. That time is now!

      The déjà vu’ of present day politics will Fire the Forge” of change; producing leadership for the National Commons Party. These leaders will have knowledge and understanding of the political system as it presently operates, because they were the ones who tolerated and worked in a system that had become bogged down with individual greed of politicians (every year our the Congress and Senate vote themselves a raise, regardless of the economic hardships of the citizens) leaders in and the system of “Good Ole Boy” politics.

      The National Commons party forthcoming leaders have worked and struggled daily, within every system of the government and private life; hoping and searching in their individual way, to discover and embrace a movement worthy of their support. The Commons Party will establish its’ self as an equally strong, powerful National Party. “Progress through Change” will polarize the energies of the citizens and enhance the Pathway to Progress. Leaders of the National Commons party will embrace fellow members’ considerations of insight, ideas, and concepts of “Change for Progress” to benefit the people. The National Commons party members will feel a resurgence of innate prudent thinking, leading the way to resolution. A desperate feeling for the need of righteous conduct will flood through the party.

      The present political machines and “State of Affairs” of the United State; reflects an upcoming debacle. It is to be an avalanche of devastated economics, brought on by politicians who support party objective that are not always in the best interest of the American People. Elected with questionable and sometime illegal funds; these politicians are embedded in office, much like the roots of a dead tree, cultivated by “Wall Street Money Changer” and nourished by World power Corporations”.

      We are faced with a formidable challenge; it is Time” to rebuild our country. Urban decay infested many cities. When it was decided to stop this decay, it was deemed necessary to raze the decayed and falling down structures before building new. This is a direct and applicable process.

      The raze process of ridding decayed and falling down structure is not applicable to politics and/or malfunctioning government. Progress through Change” must come amid the standing and deep rooted decaying politics and dysfunctional government. The present decaying political machines will place many obstacles in the pathway of any who dare endeavor to up root and dislodge their hold on our great country or put asunder the mighty walls of Washington DC politics.

      This great country developed in spite of; war, treachery, slavery, prejudice, suppression, and strangle holds of powerful special interest groups. ”We the People” threw off these bonds and unjust burdens once, “We the People” the National Commons Party can do it again.

      YOU are the fuel to The National Commons Party and “Progress through Change”.

      The path to a “Better Way” will not be smooth, level, clear, easy, short, quick or without heart ache and personal hardship and loss. We must thirst for change, yearn for progress and hunger for righteous leaders. Progress through will come from renderings of labor of the members of The National Commons Party.

      The National Commons party is united as a team. Standing amidst the chaotic failures of our political system and government; we are harnessed to the plows of change; we will toil in the dirty deeds of politics and turn up for the people to see a “Better Way” stronger more durable; that enhances the prosperity and posterity of the people.

      Some of our members will have great leadership qualities of sound thinking, common sense, logic and great minds for resolving. All will not want to lead, but all will hunger to be a part of enhancing the total efforts of the National Commons party. Leaders will surface, perhaps not without conflict, but with a common goal of benefit for the People”.

      This document was constructed by Jack Vance, February 22, 2010

    75. Pat Bearden, Connect says:

      They may not have given themselves a raise in their paychecks, but by increasing their budget, they have increased what they can spend in their "expenses". It is wrong. I do believe we have to vote these people out, both Democrats and Republicans. We have to take back our country. We must make the "government" smaller….it is definately "too big for it's britches", as my mom use to say. God Bless everyone who has taken the time to write comments. It shows we are finally waking up. Let's all become proactive in supporting good, decent and honest men and women to replace the scum we currently have in Washington. I am retired, and I understand we cannot afford to increase our spending by increasing Social Security, etc., but that should be for all. Progressives are destroying our country.

    76. Dave Bearden, Connec says:

      I have read many of the comments that have been written and sense your disgust in the way our government is being run and the total disregard in what the people want from our elected legislators in both the Congress and the Senate.

      Voting the scum out of office does not change the way Washington operates. Both political parties and their hierarchy will just replace the scum with more of the same.

      So what do we do?

      In my opinion, we should consider the following:

      1. Each state in the union must create a national third party with a platform geared toward the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      2. We must get politically involved by running for seats on a third-party ticket locally, statewide and nationally.

      3. Demand from those elected that they introduce legislation for term limits, change campaign finance laws,cut government bureaucracy to the bare bones, outlaw lobbyists in Washington or anywhere else, demand and vote for a balanced federal budget every year, and enact into law the elimination of entitlements and earmarks in the government budget.

      4. Any senator or congressman elected, failing to enact legislation or vote to change any of the above items will face a recall vote from his constituents, be charged with violating his oath of office by not representing the will or welfare of the people, and be prosecuted and forfeit all benefits he or she would receive as elected official.

      5. Most importantly, be sure that all individuals running for office are not progressive thinkers.

    77. David Foster Indiana says:

      How could our so called leaders turn down those of us on Social Security a raise that was badly needed. Then turn around and ask for, take one in the amount of what some people on Social Security get per year. It is a stab in the back by those who promised to assist us in our later years. It does not take much of a person to whip those who up in the years, crippled and disabled.

      Congrats, once again you have screwed those with less than your selves!

    78. susan abrahamson says:

      You should do your homework. CONGRESS DOES NOT VOTE ON ITS OWN PAY INCREASES. Their pay raises are automatic and are based on the COLA.  In 2009, Congress voted specifically to NOT take a pay raise in 2010, and in 2010, it again voted to NOT take a pay raise in 2011.

      Congressional pay raises take place automatically under existing law, unless Congress votes to freeze its pay. 

      see:  http://factcheck.org/2010/01/retribution-fabricat

    79. kathy says:

      Come on guys!!! their not here to help us! they are there to help themselves!!!!!!!!

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