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  • Hollywood's Selective Values: Where is the Liberal Outrage?

    Yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg decided America needs two definitions of rape. First there is the rape of women that is tolerated by the left because it is committed by someone creative. And then there is everything else. When asked about Roman Polanski’s arrest and potential extradition to the United States following his 31 years spent as a fugitive in Europe, Whoopi said on her program The View: “I know it wasn’t rape-rape,” and went on to say, “We’re a different kind of society. We see things differently. The world sees 13 year olds and 14 year olds in the rest of Europe… not everybody agrees with the way we see things…” and finally, “Would I want my 14-year-old having sex with somebody? Not necessarily, no.” Not necessarily? Where can we nominate Whoopi for mother of the year?

    The details of Roman Polanski’s rape of 13 year old Samantha Gailey are available for public consumption and repeating them is hard to stomach. The basics are that young Samantha was fed champagne, and slipped Quaaludes and sedatives by a 44 year old man and then forced against her will into a repeated assortment of sexual acts. In 2003, Samantha said: “I said, ‘No, no. I don’t want to go in there. No, I don’t want to do this. No!’” So why is it so hard for liberals to feel genuine outrage, or at least feign the moral outrage that they are famous for faking in other instances? Why must they defend a child rapist just because he has the talent to sit in a chair and yell ‘cut’?

    Woody Allen, John Landis, Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme and other wealthy Hollywood elites have signed a petition asking for Polanski’s release.  Woody Allen himself is no stranger to unethical relationships with children.  His ex-wife Mia Farrow alleged that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with minors and Allen eventually married Soon-Yi Previn, whom he once cared for paternally.  Woody Allen’s biological son Ronnan Farrow has said: “I cannot have a relationship with my father and be morally consistent…. I lived with all these adopted children, so they are my family. To say Soon-Yi was not my sister is an insult to all adopted children.”

    Going even further Harvey Weinstein, a very close friend and supporter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, wrote an editorial for the British newspaper, the Independent, demanding that Polanski not be made a “scapegoat.”  He calls the rape a “so-called crime” and says Polanski “served his time” despite the facts to the contrary.  He did not serve his time for raping a drugged child, and he has certainly not served any time for cowardly fleeing the American justice system.  In fact, most pictures of Roman Polanski these days are taken on the sunny, rich beaches of the French Riviera where he enjoys Hollywood and French adoration not befitting a pedophile.

    Weinstein says: “This is the government of the United States not giving its word and recanting on a deal, and it is the government acting irresponsibly and criminally.” Weinstein is insinuating that the prosecutor’s offer to ask a judge for leniency was a final government decision, which is not the case. It was the judge’s final decision to sentence Roman Polanski and it is the judge’s authority which he fled. Regardless, if Weinstein believes it is criminal for any government to arrest and sentence fugitives convicted of sexual assault, parents should beware. Weinstein promised to call his high-powered friends in elected office, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

    Today, Montel Williams was worried about getting in trouble for expressing his rightful outrage at Hollywood’s reaction, saying from L.A., ”maybe this is the wrong town to be talking about this…”  On his show on the liberal radio network ‘Air America’, Montel played a clip of actress Debra Winger at the awards ceremony Polanski was due to attend before he was nabbed by Swiss police, saying: “We came to honor Roman Polanski as a great artist, but under these sudden and arcane circumstances, we can only think of him today as a human being uncertain of the year ahead. His life has always informed his art, and it always will…the entire art world suffers.” Montel courageously responded: “The entire art world suffers? It’s called rape. This man drugged a 13 year old girl. Drugged her.  Fed her alcohol. Then raped her. R-A-P-E-D. Raped her, okay? Let’s get this very clear.” 

    Excuses for Polanski range from the irrelevant like noting the victim “forgives him” to the absurd, like facing the “stigma” of not being able to “receive his recent Oscar.” This was the Oscar that pal and supporter Harrison Ford flew to France to personally hand to Polanski after he wasn’t there to accept his extended standing ovation in the Kodak Theater ceremonies. What a stigma!

    Montel Williams went on to say in response to the discussion on The View: “Somebody’s going to be trying to pull together a Free Roman Polanski concert in the middle of Central Park.  And you know what? As you do that and as you continue to trumpet whether or not a rape-rape is more severe than a statutory rape, or an incestual rape. As you women debate that, I hope that somebody with a smarter mind, whether it be male or female, steps up to the plate and says ‘can we remember all of the other victims out here right now, 12 and 13 year old children, who are being raped right now as I speak, who will say to themselves, don’t bother saying anything, because the people I look up to, those women I admire will turn their back on me.”  Williams is spot on.

    Hollywood has long been known to have a warped sense of values.  Brutal Dictators with no love of the free arts like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have counted on the misguided support of actors such as Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone and Harry Belafonte. Ditto for Hollywood’s adoration of Fidel Castro. But, even more than Hollywood’s unsurprising response to the arrest of a convicted sexual offender is the deafening silence from women’s rights groups. The National Organization for Women and its President Kim Gandy have not stood up for the rights of the victim, nor stood up to the Hollywood elite’s defense of this criminal. Not one single sentence related to Polanski has been spoken, whether in defense of protecting victims of rape, or prosecuting their attackers.

    America is a nation rooted in values and laws. As President Obama would say–and should say to his Hollywood supporters–these issues are not red or blue, but American. Hollywood does America a great disservice when they demand we trade our economy in for global warming bills from their G5 jet; when they demand we push millions of Americans onto an inferior health care plan; when they attack capitalism from their exclusive country clubs; when they demand that we hug dictators like Chavez or excuse rape because a debatably good movie or two was directed by the aggressor. The hypocrisy must end.

    Update: Today, the President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), Terry O’Neill told the Washington Times: “He’s a criminal. He is a convicted criminal pedophile. How dare Roman Polanski think he could get away with this. I believe he has banked on men — powerful decision-makers — who are more intent on protecting rapists than children. This is the world Polanski is exploiting. It’s outrageous.” Albeit belated, this is the appropriate level of outrage from an organization supposedly dedicated to protecting women’s rights. However, it is not only powerful men who are rushing to Mr. Polanski’s defense. Regardless, Bravo.

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    50 Responses to Hollywood's Selective Values: Where is the Liberal Outrage?

    1. Ann, FL says:

      Really wonderful article. I agree that the hypocrisy is sickening. I'm a woman in my twenties who's just begun to work with children and young girls who've been victims of rape. What makes their rapists any different than Polanski? Oh yeah, he's an artist. There is no moral justification for rape.

      Yes, here are 13-14 year old girls who are sexually active around the world. My grandmother was married when she was 14-15 years old. But guess what? It wasn't rape. In her culture, they all married young. But she wasn't forced into anything. It's nice that Whoopi can selectively disregard the fact that the girl refused Polanski's advances and he didn't stop. The man is talented. But the law is the law. If he had been any other man who'd run for justice for years, he would be condemned.

    2. Brenda (Portland, OR says:

      What is the difference between rape-rape and just plane RAPE?

      And when did he ever serve time? Why should he be excused for his crime?

      What if it were his daughter???

      Even if the victim say's she'd like it to all go away? Doesn't this set a standard….that anyone in Hollywood can get away with a crime? Oh. wait. They do already.

      Aparently he is above the law.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      How ironic. This is the exact case, way back then, I learned what the word meant.

      It was horrifying to learn that an adult would choose to violate the innocence of a vulnerable child.

      It is disgraceful that potential role models of Hollywood devalue human life and take favor to the rapist… devaluing civil law, also.

      I was a fan of most all mentioned. I'm still a fan of Whoopi's. I think she was just quick to answer. I'll always be a fan of Montel's. Both are honest and trustworthy.

    4. Dave, Brooklyn, NY says:

      I wonder how many of these advocates for Polanski's release would ask him to babysit their kids. All I can say is if I ever commit a crime and get caught I hope the Judicial System takes my artistic value into consideration.

    5. marcia says:

      go Montel… they are predictable…holding onto their culture of destruction

    6. Charles, The Republi says:

      It is beyond comprehension to think any sane individual would defend this predator. The perversion that is Hollywood is on par with that of Sodom & Gomorrah. Compounding insult to injury is the fact these same Hollywood types that are defending a child molester, don't hesitate to be part of some public child advocacy campaign. Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

    7. Patsy, NJ says:

      I completely cosign to your blog. I am amazed at Hollyweird's reaction to this. Not Woody Allen of course, because he was able to "slip" out of any criminal charges by marrying his former step-daughter. But Whoopi!?!? Come on.

      What the hell is "rape-rape".

      In this day and age when men are arrested for trying to make arrangements over the internet to meet a woman and her 14-month old infant for the purpose of having sex, just after the very brave MacKenzie Phillips revelation of incest (which MUST have begun prior to age 18)… I cannot believe that anyone (much less the women of the View), have the audacity to SUPPORT A RAPIST!

      THey are victimizing this woman all over again.

    8. Carmelita says:

      Bravo, Montel!!! So sorry you are on 'Air America', but thank you for being the only celebrity who stands on principle. Polanski should serve his sentence, no matter that his victim has forgiven him.

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    10. Joe (Slidell, LA) says:

      Where do you even begin to combat this perverted culture, oozing from the Hollywood left? I think they are pretty much ok with just about any crime as long as they can maintain their hollow lives of luxury and protect their friends. What really gets me is how they love to get on tv and spout their distorted views as if they are the views shared by main street America. These are far from the views shared on my main street!

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    12. joseph, jacksonville says:

      They only have outrage against moral courage to fight against evil and outrage against God himself. No outrage against rape, drug abuse (murder), alchol abuse (cause of way more deaths than war).

    13. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      I personally can't even stomach the fact that this is a question?

      I'd actually like a list of all the Hollywood elites who are condoning these actions so I can make certain I never support a single one of their projects.

    14. RG St Simons Is says:

      Never been a Montel Williams fan. BUT he got that one right!!

    15. Judy, MS says:

      Thank you for this article. Watching a good movie is my favorite thing to do, but it is not real, it is an escape from reality….rape is real. How many of these Hollywood "elite" remember what life was like before they made millions? It is our, the public's, fault however, because we have set them on a pedestal. They have become convinced that they are above the rest of us, that they are to be idolized. Sorry, they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us that are fortunate enough to have two legs.

    16. Sandy in CT says:

      The way we stop them, the way our voices are heard, is to boycott all the shows on every network that allows this horrid stuff to be broadcast. I think the morals of these people are mostly non-existent, and it makes my skin crawl to think that their words are even given credence. What makes a sane person think that this type of behavior is all right? Oh that's right, they are not sane.

    17. Ken from Tempe,Az. says:

      Whoopie, What if Polanski druged and raped your daughter? What a disgrace!

    18. jim smith says:

      Whoopi is what is wrong with our country, it's that simple.

    19. Ron Thompson says:

      Because of the "popularity" and "wealth" this people are above the law. they are allowed to by pass the laws of the land because of their star status. This travisty is due to judge's being afraid to care out even justice with the stars, because they won't be popular. If that changed you would see a change. If this guy weren't guilty why did he run!

    20. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      And let us not forget the fact that the left believes corporate executives managing multi billion dollar corporations employing thousands of Americans are grossly over paid, but when play-acting movie stars garner comparable income….it's AOK. Where's the outrage?

    21. Missy,CT says:

      HOllywood people disgust me!! They know NOTHING when it comes to values and morals or the American people. I refuse to support anything their involed in,and let me tell you, I save alot of money!!

    22. Beth, MS says:

      This is not the only area where Hollywood stands out among the hypocrites. What about a "cap" on their earnings? Why is competition alive and well there, but for the rest of America we should live among the socialist? There is something seriously wrong with the Polanski picture as well as a million other things.

    23. Claire, Baltimore says:

      Don't support these buffoons. Don't watch their shows,pay to see their movies, buy their books. We don't. They come on the tube we turn the channel. What outright idiots to rally behind a rapist.

    24. Alex Ryking says:

      Polanski certainly committed rape as we understand the term legally and morally today, but in 1977 he was not charged with rape but with "unlawful sex with a minor." A legally-different crime than the crime of rape, as the laws were written back then.

      Whoopi Goldberg was not excusing Polanski's actions or downplaying them, but attempting to keep herself and her show from being sued by Polanski's lawyers for saying he was charged with rape when he was not.

      Save your vitriol for Debra Winger and Woody Allen, who ARE excusing and downplaying Polanski's rape of a 13 year-old girl.

    25. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I'm sure the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah felt they got a raw deal too.

      Where is the National Organization of Women? Don't they have an opinion here?

      It is understandable that the victim in this case does not want to relive the horror of the experience and let sleeping dogs lie. For that reason alone, I believe that her wishes should be respected.

      That said, those people who want to celebrate this pervert's life work have rocks in their head.

      Don't these people have a shred of decency?

      Where the heck were this women's parents when she was 13? Did they know that she was out with this guy? Did they think this was cool?

      Debra Winger speaks of the call for justice after 30 years for a mature male who drugged and raped a child "arcane". Does she think the remainder of the Manson family, including Charlie, should be set free because their crime was also arcane.

      It seems that these celebrity elites can rationalize any kind of behavior, no matter how bizzare, if they or their friends decide to engage in it. Child rape, spousal abuse, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, merry-go-round marriages and supporting the rights of terrorists, no problem. "Everything is relative" and "who are we to judge?", seem to be their mantra. They don't believe anyone should judge anything when it comes to them or their friends.

      On the other hand, these same people don't mind judging people who show up at Tea Parties to complain about their taxes, or who show up at rallies protesting national health care, now do they?

    26. Bill MN says:

      I guess no does'nt mean no in hollywood, we need a list of people supporting this perv.Why have I not heard of outrage by womens groups? The same very noticable silance that followed the attacks on Gov Palin and her daughters. Someone please tell me why a bunch of people who play "pretend" for a damn job are allowed to speak like we care what they say! We need to know who these people are so we can put the same pressure on their employers that "Rev Al the racist: put on Don Imus

    27. Mike Pannone, Anchor says:

      I have a long memory. It seems to me that it was this same group of screamers who wanted to crucify young men who had sexual relations with girlfriends under age as monsters, some of whom, I'll bet, are currently in jail or identified as sexual predators. It seems that they feel they can change the game whenever it is in their favor.

      This must stop. This country was founded on principle, and we must find our way back to that philosophy.

    28. Cindy Fallbrook says:

      Celebrities are like politicians, we own them and we can destroy them. I urge every American to refuse to watch or buy anything from celebrities who make thier politics known. We do not pay them for thier intelligence or political views, we pay them for entertainment. My list is getting very long, at my house we block ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNBC for thier bias. Oprah, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Charlie Sheen, Barbara Streisand are all on block. Please we must all do this to keep these capitalist pigs who claim to love socialism and liberalism in their proper place, which is entertainment.

    29. Alice - Wa. says:

      Down with those apologetics in Hollywood & the so-called

      celebrities! Perhaps they comment if only to keep their fading'careers'& themselves in the news. To boycott their movies/shows etc.,is the only way we can speak up! Huge thanks to Montell Williams for being mirror to the truth – that Polanski is undoubtedly a rapist, despite Whoopie's comment. If it were her child who was the victim? . . . .

    30. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      Yesterday I heard a caller on a radio talk show trying to compare Thomas Jefferson's relationship with a 14 year old to Palanski's raping of a 14 year old by drugging her and providing her with alchohol.

      Not that there is any comparison to be made, but to go back 175+ years, to a time where marriage at age 12 or 14 was not uncommon, is beyond a stretch.

      Palanski, the SOB that did this, should be locked away for the rest of his life. The good news is that he probably won't live that long anyway given his age. It won't end up costing taxpayers an arm and a leg.

      When it comes to appeal, let's hope the wheels of justice turn slowly. It is obvious he should be locked up during any appeal because we KNOW he is a flight risk.

    31. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      The reason there is no outrage from the liberals is the same reason there is no outrage with recently exposed ACORN employees trying to assist in the illegal entry of underage Central American kids for prostitution rings. THEY CANNOT STAND CONDEMNING ONE OF THEIR OWN, NOT EVEN FOR THE SAKE OF THIS COUNTRY.

      They are hypocrites and they know it – but they do not care.

    32. Jill, TN says:

      I applaud Mr. Williams for speaking up on this issue. Shame on Whoopi Goldberg, Debra Winger, or anyone who would make excuses for a 44 year old adult who drugs a child in order to have sexual contact. The fact that the victim has forgiven her offender has nothing to do with the legal system pursuing that same offender who fled his sentence.

    33. FeeVert, California says:

      Well said, Mr. Cooper! Sadly, America has a long history of putting celebrities above the law (OJ, MJ, anyone?) and it would be great if this incident were the catalyst for the reversal of that trend.

    34. nora kentucky says:

      Hollywood has truly lost their souls. they have lost their true sense of creativity for years now. Too many remakes which turn out to be not as good as the original just more sex and profanity! Hollywood takes sex and then builds a story around it.My disgust for Hollywood has increased over the years with the garbage that comes from it and the constant support of all liberal policies that come from the democratic party. But the thing that angers me the most is the anti-Christian attitude and the abuse of God's holy name in many many movies and TV now. It is not necessary, I mean they have all kinds of prime choices of profanity to choose from. Leave Gods' name alone. It used to be even when people didn't agree on things we respected each others faith and ideas, those days are long gone. Besides why on earth is there this adoration for all things of hollywood from so many people, I mean look at the lives of the people in hollywood, drugs, adultery openly accepted, abortion,promiscuity, divorce, greed, absolute arrogance, anti-Christian, just nastiness! Yet so many Americans are captivated by these people. Victoria Gotti when interviewed said she never understood why people loved mob movies because the mob was ugly and evil but hollywood glamorized it and people in this country love movies like Godfather, Sopranos, Goodfellas. But she said growing up, living in the mob family was not glamorous. But as long as the American finance all things hollywood for the garbage they put out things will never change. We have to take a certain amount responsibility for keeping them in business.

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    36. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I stopped watching "The View" a long time ago, I spent too much time hollering at their liberal statements, that is all but Elizabeth, then they gang up on her. In Hollywood it seems everything goes, when I was growing up it was reffered to as "Sin City", they have morals of alley cats on the most part.

    37. Mike Pannone, Anchor says:

      On reflection, this thought occurs: It really doesn't matter as to whether he committed rape or some other crime. It has already been established that he is guilty. The fact is that he is a convicted felon, and a fugitive. Nothing else is relevant.

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    39. Cinda (Louisiana) says:

      I have said for over 40 years, that Hollywood is raising our children and the media runs our country. When are we going to get our country back?

    40. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is a crying shame. They all want to give sympathy, untill it happens to one of their familt members, then we will see that rape is indeed rape.

    41. Deborah, Houston TX says:

      Whoopie's rise to fame included the starring role in the movie version of Alice Walker's "The Color Purple", which dealt with, among other issues, the repeated rape of a young girl by her stepfather. Whoopie… you should know better. Rape-rape is rape. Rendering the victim more compliant and easier to control with drugs and alcohol does not make rape any less criminal.

      Kudo's to Montel! He has always been a straight shooter… I am glad to see he still is.

      Writer… please check your facts. Kim Gandy left office as NOW president in June of this year after 22 years of service to NOW (8 as president) and the current NOW president is Terry O'Neill. If you go to the NOW website, displayed prominently on the front page under the red title line "Feminist Perspectives" there is an article by NOW communications director Lisa Bennett, speaking out against this outrageous support of Polanski. Regarding comments "where was the victim's mother" and "wasnt the mother a "pushy stage mother"… this is taking the "blame the victim" syndrome to a whole new level of outrageous… having a pushy stage mother or a fame-struck mother should be punishable by rape? Where were Polanski's parents when Polanski was getting the idea that non consensual sex with any human being, especially a child, is alright?

    42. Tobye P Atlanta GA says:

      I never had much use for Whoopi G, but I simply deplored the fact that she was a comedian that I found to be vulgar and unfunny. Since her comments on The View stating that it wasn't, you know (nudge nudge wink wink) rape-rape I think she's a deplorable excuse for a human being, and her numbers evidently are legion-most of Hollywood seems to share her "View".

      There are feminist groups deploring the Hollywood excusers, for instance The New Agenda has a "Jail Polanski" petition on their website that could use all your signatures-there is a complete list of the Hollywood Horrors that signed the "Free Polanski" petition available there as well.


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    44. Joanne Austin says:

      Sign the JAIL POLANSKI petition at The New Agenda:


    45. robin, chattanooga says:

      It is time that the good and decent people put some steel in our backbone and supported only those whose values were like ours. People in Hollywood are doing these outrageous things because we are literally paying them to act this way. I decided a few years ago to learn something about the actors, producers, directors and others in a movie or a concert and not go to those who thought it was cool to disrepect others and do do drugs and other illegal things. Especially the ones who were trying to mock God and take Him out of everything. The crazies are doing what they do only because we have allowed it. It's time to bring decency back in the world.

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    47. Jean from Atlanta says:

      Not all liberals support Polanski. I consider myself a moderate-to-liberal politically, but this isn't a political issue, it's a moral/legal issue. Polanski is a scumbag, and he's admitted his guilt. Case closed!

    48. Kirsten from Califor says:

      Anyone who comes out in defense of Roman Polanski should be treated with the same level of respect any rapist deserves. My family and I will boycott any movie, etc. featuring any actor or actress who has come out in defense of this scum.

    49. Chaim Paddaman says:


      What a great article. Please view my video, Chaim Paddaman: If Pigs could Fly, Hollywood would be an Airport. It is available on (You Tube) Peyronnes Disease holds dire consequences for an industry where "payment in kind" is made in doodle. Horny David Letterman is in a position to validate this Big Bang Theory. The shit hits the fan. Disaster strikes on the casting couch. It is comedy of outrageous proportions. Give it a go. It is part of the Chaim Paddaman supports the Big Bang Theory on CBS. It is Jewish tongue in cheek humour

      Chaim Paddaman

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