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  • Bad Dreams, the French Sting and the World's Nuclear Realities

    You know something is amiss when the French take a harder line on national security than the United States. At the United Nations last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy chided President Obama for his “dream” of ridding the world of nuclear weapons, reminding him that “we live in a real world, not a virtual world.”

    Ouch. The French like to sting American presidents, but this is different. It’s not the normal Gallic jab at America for being a “hyper power,” but a French leader reminding an American president of his responsibilities as a world leader. The sting hurts because it rings so true—and because it comes from France, of all places.

    Sarkozy is right. We may want a nuclear free world, but we will no more eliminate all nuclear weapons in the world with arms control than we will all tanks, artillery or any other major weapon of war. We can control the spread of nuclear weapons, but it is downright foolish to pretend that we can free the world of all of them by signing agreements.

    My guess is that the President knows this, but that he is using the ideal of universal nuclear disarmament to mask what he really wants to do: 1) Appease the Russians who love it when the Americans put arms control at the top of the U.S.-Russian agenda (because it elevates their importance and gives them a shot at cutting the US arsenal); and 2) provide an ideological excuse to restrain the modernization of America’s nuclear weapons.

    Why do I say this? Because Obama’s rhetorical fancy about disarmament comes on the heels of three very real and unfortunate decisions. One was to abandon the “third site” of missile defenses in Europe, which no matter what the excuse, was done to appease the Russians. Another was to reject the first draft of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review—a statement of U.S. nuclear strategy and policy issued by his own Secretary of Defense—because it didn’t go far enough in reducing American nuclear weapons. The third was to seek ratification of the Senate rejected and discredited Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
    What will be the likely outcome of these policies and decisions?
    • The Russians (and Chinese) will continue to modernize their nuclear weapons while we stop or slow down. We will unilaterally disarm while they continue to build.
    • North Korea and Iran will pay all this disarmament rhetoric no heed at all and will continue to work on their missile and nuclear weapons programs. Obama’s dream of a world free of nuclear weapons will end up with two rouge and terrorist nuclear powers.
    • Russia will continue to press the United States to give up defensive strategic programs (like the missile defense sites in Europe) in the name of arms control, while we leave ourselves more defenseless against their missiles and those of Iran and North Korea.
    • Our European allies will grow ever more nervous that all this disarmament talk implies a diminished U.S. security role in the world, which raises doubts about our security commitments to them, and weakens our position in the world.
    • At end of day, if we have the test ban and can’t or won’t modernize our arsenal, we won’t have an effective military force or deterrent.
    For a French leader to have to remind an American leader of his responsibilities in dealing with the world is an astonishing thing. Obama can take the sting out of such criticism if he gets the message and starts acting like the leader Americans and the world expect of him.

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    13 Responses to Bad Dreams, the French Sting and the World's Nuclear Realities

    1. AndyB.,Davie, FL says:

      Why is anyone surprised? Obama's game plan is that of Soros' "One World Order" that will succeed in the redistribution of wealth from the rich(USA) to everyone else. First, destroy the economy (wow, isn't that going splendidly?); second, emasculate intelligence, missile defenses, and all defensive capabilities (right on target!!!).

    2. mary triola new jers says:

      This president has no clue. He has no expeirence at all in even running a candy store. obama is putting all of us at risk. What I really want to know is who is running this country? It is obviuos he is not he's just too busy flying everywhere selling himself. This entire administration is corrupt, and then you have congress also too stupid they can't lead all they want is control. Someone has got to start shouting from the rooftops. This country is going to hell in a hand basket. I for one am very afraid of where we are going, when will all of these idiots in DC get it and start to turn things around. Welcome to obamaworld it's a disgrace. We have to take a stand for America and get to the bottom of what this man is doing and who is pulling the strings.

    3. Mike, Banning, CA says:

      Let's face it, our Commander-In-Chief is a coward, otherwise he would not be asking for talks but demanding talks and concessions of the Iranians. He would have backed the people of Iran during the riots after the quote "election".

    4. Ray, Florida says:

      Sarkozy for US President!!!

    5. James T, Grants Pass says:

      Obama's ego will not allow him to accept any criticism as accurate. With his ongoing international "apology tour" he appears to want the US to suffer the humiliation and ridicule he feels we so richly deserve. Perhaps he feels we should bear our breast to the knives of our enemies.Or perhaps he thinks the world will suddenly become the peaceful, loving place where Golden roads lead to Crystal Castles…

    6. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      Please don't try to make excuses for the President. He is not clueless. He is very intelligent and very well schooled in Marxism. He embraces Marxism as evidenced by his public policy decisions. That includes making the US totally defenseless against any form of terroritst attacks either internally or externally. My economics professor, a self-avowed Marxist, stated what policies needed to be embraced by our government. The President is following the policies taught by my professor.

      I believe that Andy B. from Florida was correct about Mr. Soros. He is a most dangerous man and is always behind the scenes.

    7. Bill MN says:

      Pass the pitchforks its time to go to Washington! The one positive is the left is overreaching, the 2nd amendment is next, when he tries that, this countrys gonna explode! Thats change we can believe!!!

    8. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The French know a little something about the need for maintaining a defense. Since their country has been invaded and militarily occupied by an aggressive enemy twice in the past 100 years. It is understandable that they would want the country who saved their bacon and liberated them twice to maintain a missle defense program. Who knows when they may need it again?

      Mr. Obama doesn't understand any of this and can't relate to it. He believes that all people are nice, and if we just treat them that way, everything will work out just fine. In this regard, he is a child.

      I was hoping that his pull out of defensive missles in Europe was part of a bargain he struck with Russia, in exchange for their agreement to persuade Iran to curtail their nuclear weapons development. From the sounds Iran is making this week, about pursuing their weapons program, it seems those hopes of mine were not well founded.

      I wonder what all the liberals are going to say when Isreal makes its pre-emptive strike.

    9. Alan, San Deigo says:

      It's an interesting insight into our beloved supreme leader that he intentionally chose to delay the announcement of Iran's secret nuclear enrichment site. Rather than bring it up at the U.N., when both he and Iran were giving speeches, he purposely waited until the next day at an economic summit, over the objections of France and England. Absolutely the wrong forum. Why was he afraid to confront Iran directly?

    10. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Wow. When the French are deriding your country for being cowardly, we have fallen to new lows.

      Add on E-bay :

      French Rifle for sale. Never fired. Dropped once.

    11. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      This is "unfair". America is in the process of being "re-invented" and that takes time.

      Since we are acting so stupidly and insulting Sarkozy's intelligence, let's just give France 100 billion or so as a self-imposed penalty and a nice gesture by saying –

      "We're sorry."

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Nuclear Arms exist and are here, and they will remain. My though on Iran, coldly, clearly, and without hesitation, Nuke them until they glow.

      Hiroshima survived into a beautiful, fatastically beautiful city, though it took sixty years. It did save the extinction of the Japanese peoples, and millions of lives.

      There is no doubt in my mind, nor I believe in the minds of most everyone else, that Iran will as soon as it can, remove Israel.

      China has made it plin to us that if we retaliate at that time, they will retaliate against all our armed forces off American Soil.

      So let us just beat them to the puch and remove Iran. Iran and Korea have already armed Argentina. How surround do we have to get before we start to feel like "Custer" at the "Little Big Horn?"

      Custer was an idiot and a fool, seems like the one we have now as President. I do not wish to suffer the same fate, and do not see the need. Sometimes when surrounded by Bullies, it is just as well to get in the first punch, it throws them off balance and gives you the upper hand!

    13. Ross writes in Brade says:

      Give me a cowboy type like John Wayne or a President Ronald Reagan type to lead this country, not the "girly men" that now infest today's politics. One always knew where they stood on national security, personal liberties, and American's best interest in a babaric world. They were plain spoken and not likely to be misunderstood. That's the way I like it.

      When the French have to remind our "President" that he is the leader of the free world, there is a big disconnect with the rest of the free world.

      America has a serious leadership problem…and we have!!

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