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  • In the Wake of Cap and Trade, We Can Learn Something from Wyoming

    President Obama’s speech to the UN on climate change last Tuesday points to an interesting and fairly recent shift in the left’s environmentalist philosophy: the definition of “pollution” has changed. Even ten years ago, concerns for pollution centered around problems of smog, litter, and toxins in the air and water. However, such concerns for largely visible pollution have been trumped recently by a concern for invisible pollution which Obama claims is the most dangerous of all: “greenhouse gas pollution” and “carbon pollution.”

    While most visitors to the state of Wyoming marvel at miles of sparsely populated natural beauty, rolling mountains, open spaces, and clean air and water, environmentalists do not praise Wyoming but censure the state for its heavy coal development. In fact, Jeremy Nichols of WildEarth Guardians disapprovingly called the state “ground zero for greenhouse emissions.”

    Ironically, one of the cleanest and most beautiful states in the union is labeled by environmentalists as the most persistent offender of the environment.

    Wyoming produces the most coal in the United States, even though many other states have much greater coal reserves: Montana, for instance, has a lot more coal reserves but Wyoming produces ten times more coal. Wyoming also produces three times more coal than West Virginia – the second highest coal producing state.

    Wyoming happens to have one of the healthiest economies in the union, and much of this economic success is due the energy development industry. Although the economy fluctuates with energy markets, Wyoming’s unemployment rates are consistently low; in August it was 5.7% compared to the 9.5% of the country. Wyoming also enjoyed a budget surplus in 2003 and 2005 and it continues to do well, achieving a balanced budget in 2009.

    Wyoming may be “ground zero for greenhouse emissions” yet it is a state that has managed to wed clean air and water with a healthy economy. In the wake of onerous cap and trade philosophies, which will severely tax oil and coal production, dramatically raise energy prices, serve a huge blow to the economy, and only cool the earth’s temperature by a fraction of a degree, Wyoming provides us with food for thought on how we can be environmentally clean and economically prosperous.

    Katie Brown contributed to this post.

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    12 Responses to In the Wake of Cap and Trade, We Can Learn Something from Wyoming

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    2. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Of course, it is ground zero. If what Wyoming does is working, it helps defeat the hot greenhouse gas emmissions argument. That is not politically feasible. There is too much money to be made, ask Al.

      If we want a test site for all kinds of different pollution, let's start with large older cities – like, well, Chicago?

      Yes, there is alot of hot air these days. And, it is surely man-made, but where is it really coming from?

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Mr. President TARE DOWN THAT BAN!!!



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    5. Bill Lee says:

      The Public needs to be educated to this fact. CO2 is not a pollutant

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Wyoming also has a study source of trade winds along a flat plain. Many other States do not. Those that do have to contend with sand, and extreme heat.

      I've seen Wyomings Wind Mills and I've seen our own in Oregon. Theirs are alwas turning, ours seldom turn at the same time.

      Wind Power for all is no more an answer than Solar power for all. Lots of States do not have that much sunlight years around.

      Besides, the Global warming issue is a joke, so let us utilize our coal, turned into coke, drill our own oil, which is NOT a fossil fuel, and build some more damn refineries.

      Everytime two refineries go down here in America, the price of gas at the pump goes up a nickle!

    7. Tim Az says:

      Very interesting maybe this explains why people are moving to Wyoming,Texas, and Alaska, Leaving the liberal mecca's to rot.

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    9. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Cap & Trade will do nothing to prevent "greenhouse" gas/carbon pollution. It is just another way for Mr. Obama to get his hands on more of taxpayer's money.

      If Mr. Obama were sincere about developing clean energy and reducing dependence on foreign oil he would encourage the development of more nuclear pwwer plants around the U.S. Nuclear power is safe, efficient and dependable, but he has surrendered to the environmentalist wackos in his party, so nuclear power plants are out.

      These same environmentalists in his party have convinced him to do nothing and watch as the San Joaquin Valley farms in California turn into a vast Oklahoma dust bowl. And why? To prevent the extinction of the Delta Smelt, a two-inch fish. Water that could revitalize the farms of the Sam Joaquin Valley are being channeled into the Pacific Ocean while family farms of four generations are being lost, just like the jobs of 40,000 people. Farmers that once fed one-third of the country are now standing in food lines, waiting for handouts to feed their own families. Something is terribly wrong with our President's sense of priorities.

    10. FeeVert, California says:

      Go, Wyoming! This article is yet another great example of how delusional the liberals are ~ like a good ostrich, they willfully ignore the obvious in favor of fear-mongering phantoms.

    11. Susan Zarowny, Detro says:

      CO2 is not a pollutant. The Dems are out to destroy the human race. Anything that benefits mankind they want to kill.

    12. Lee Thomas says:

      I live in Wyoming. Outside our cites are 100's of wind mills churning out electricity for California. Yep you got it. California came all the way to Wyoming to make their clean energy.

      So in the meantime California is buying up huge amounts of land and dotting the landscape with windmills.

      This state is very conservative yet we have a democratic governor whom we all like. Politics in this state are relatively modest and respectful and in my opinion the entire nation could learn a thing or two by coming to Wyoming walking the streets and visiting with the folks.

      My wife is going to college at University of Wyoming. In her culture class she has several of the football players. One night she overheard them talking to each other. One black player from the Queens said I cant wait to get back to New York.

      The other player also black said Ive been here 3 years and I love this state. You wont find a more generous, honest, helpful and friendly bunch of people anywhere in this country.

      Not only can we balance our budget. Even New Yorkers and Californians love us. What a place.

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