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  • Seven Things to Note on Iran

    What a shock: Iran has another undeclared nuclear facility that is likely supporting a nuclear weapons program.

    Yes, that’s right; press reports indicate that earlier this week Iran finally got around to notifying the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency of a previously undisclosed nuclear-enrichment facility on a military base near the city of Qom.

    Here are seven things to  note about this disturbing development, based on what we know this morning:

    1. An additional enrichment facility allows Iran to make more enriched uranium faster.

    2. If this facility is up and running,  it means previous estimates on when Iran could achieve a nuclear weapons breakout are now inaccurate.

    3. Basically: A nuclear Iran is closer than we thought it was yesterday.

    4. This is another violation of Iran’s obligation under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which requires all members to declare all nuclear facilities and allow inspection. (Of course, Iran violated the NPT for some 20 years by not disclosing its nuclear program until it was exposed in 2003.)

    5. It’s also very troubling that a supposedly civilian facility is located on a military base. It will be hard for Iran’s leaders to explain this one, but they will try.

    6. The Iran problem is getting worse — not better.

    7. It’s high-time for the Obama administration to do something concrete about Iran’s nuclear ambitions  beyond pinning their hopes on upcoming talks, which will likely result in no changes to the Iranian nuclear program.

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    23 Responses to Seven Things to Note on Iran

    1. Dean, Lititz says:

      I count the DAYS down until we wake up and read that Israel has attacked Iran. Israel is fenced in and this current adminastration is causing panic. This news just moves the date up. I miss the leadership that new the difference between good & evil. May God bless us as we let our brother Israel down!?

    2. John, California says:

      Do we ever discuss Israel's nuclear stockpile or do they get a free pass? Are the Persians that much different than the European Jews who control Israel? The doctrine of MAD, mutual assured destruction, worked pretty well for us and the Soviets. Where is the evidence the same logic wouldn't work in the Mid-East? And, just open your mind for an instant, if you were an Iranian wouldn't you want a counter to the Israeli threat? The U.S. can't even get the Israeli's to stop building in the occupied territories, what makes anyone think we could control the deployment of Israeli nukes? Look at it from an Iranian perspective and maybe it isn't all about US but about the region.

    3. Keith somewhere in t says:

      The emperor has no guts.

    4. Tim Az says:

      I hope Isreal can muster enough intestinal fortitude to turn Iran into a glass monument to antiterrorism. I don't see any other choice since America will not have a president for the next three years and two months. How's that hope and change working out for you?

    5. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      John. Look at it from the Israeli perspective for a moment. And then realize that the guy leading Iran is a crazy tyrannical dictator who has promised to wipe Israel off of the map.

      I believe the Mutually Assured Destruction argument only holds water if you have reasonably sane leaders.

    6. Terry B says:

      John in California,We cannot use the arguement comparing Israels nuclear stockpile as somehow on an equal footing as Iran. First of all, Israel is a Democratic elected government,and not a regiem ran by blood thgirsty dictators,even though the left would have you think as much. Second of all Israel in conjuntion with the US has aquired nuclear weapons through all legal chanels and above ground! Furthermore had the US not aided Israel in obtaining these weapons,Iran and Syria would have already caused a major conflict in the middle east,as they wouldn't be able to contain themselves knowing how easy such a small country could be brought down. The civilized world cannot allow dictators to have access to these weapons,as we know these are madmen who will stop at nothing!As far as the MAD theory,these people are so locked in to their ideology that they think their death is simply an award for doing the bloody deeds for "The Cause".No matter what the liberal "Nutty Proffesors" say, Israel has given,and given throughout the years only to be continually attacked by Hamas (Iran's proxy) when unprovoked. It's pretty hard to try to use a moral eqivalance to Iran who has a leader we all know was 'placed in power" rather than elected by the people,and a leader that proclaims that Israel must be taken off the map,and one that doesn't believe in the holocaust.

    7. Jeff, Rehoboth says:

      I could almost believe what you say John, if it weren't for Iran's own rhetoric on the topic.

      They are not shy about articulating what they are going to do with a nuke once they get it.

      They openly proselytize that destruction of Israel is one of their national goals.

      Do you really trust them not to proliferate this technology?

      The same as you, I'm hoping never to see that mushroom cloud. I just believe that nuclear weapons and religious hatred are a recipe for making that terrible vision more, rather than less likely.

    8. Ham Lake MN says:

      Isreal'a weapons are defensive, they don't send terrorists to Iran's borders to lob missles at schools, hospital's and little old ladies. By their fruit you will know them. When Iran gets a bomb they will use it. Isreal has not, ever.

    9. Anita says:

      in re John from Californis…………

      Just the response one would expect from someone living in the land of fruit and nuts!

    10. Normca says:

      And they say the left coast is wacky. It must be true, based on what I read. Gee I do not see Israel has ever perpetrated an offensive attack on any other country. But I do see Iran has been sending fighters to Iraq and supporting Hamas, the elected government in the Palestinian territory, who are terrorists. They caused a little dust up in Lebanon, which involved sending rubber band missiles to Israel. Apparently some left coasters do think Israel is an aggressor. Every time Israel was attacked they have won. [[Threat??] And if my country were boxed in by enemies, I too would give up a buffer zone known as Gaza; which they did and were attacked from it. Was it the president of Iran that said Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth ? – that is Iran's view. One short day, from now, we will wake up in the USA and CNN will be talking about that mean country; Israel that just destroyed Iran's nuclear facilities. And the sooner, the better. "The One" told everyone America will not be there for you, unless you take independent action. Just do it, Israel. The lefties, from CA love Obama, who leaves troops on the ground in war zone, while denying them support [to please his base of support] and goes to play basketball. Wake up – peace and love is not near.

    11. Jim, Evensville Tenn says:

      One big difference with the Iranian thinking is there was no holocaust and "We will wipe the Israel off the face of the earth. Should the threat be ignored?

    12. Marshall,Michigan says:

      Big Government without any method to Deal with

      actual Threats to America!

    13. Jim, Texas says:

      Iran openly espouses the extermination of Israel, not vice versa. MAD requires both parties to pursue rational self interest/self preservation. Suicide invalidates MAD.

    14. Jack Sember Lewis, V says:

      Why is it that none of the pundits, on TV or in print, have dealt with the single most important question about the Iranians, i.e., Do the leadership cadres (Ahmedinejad, Khameini, and sundry mullahs)REALLY believe the Hidden Imam/12th Imam-Restoration of the Caliphate "prophecies"? If they DO, they WILL attack Israel with any nukes they have, since the destruction of Israel is the prerequisite for the emergence of the Imam, and for the restoration of the Grand Caliphate! If they DON'T, maybe everything IS indeed "negotiable". What is more important than this question of whether they are True Believers or not?

    15. James Jones - Richmo says:

      John in California, WAKE UP!!

      Your point regarding Israel's capabilities and MAD seems very near to the term; ridiculous. Israel uses weapons to defend, retaliate and also for pre-emptive strikes. However, Iran's leader has clearly stated that it plans to destroy Israel and create war with the west… you know the whole 12th Imam thing.

      You cannot believe these two nations have any similarity in standing regarding the legal, moral or human rights aspects, can you?

    16. Bob Bartlett, Phoeni says:

      If they are willing to let us "INSPECT" this facility, WHERE IS THIRD LOCATION???

      In the past the IAEA has not been allowed to do a COMPLETE INSPECTION OF ANY FACILITY.

    17. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I concur with Dean, Lititz. I'm fearful that Israel won't wait long before they take action to eliminate this risk to their nation.

    18. John, CA says:

      Do you really think the Persians in Iran really care about the Arabs in Palestine? Care enough to provoke an Israeli response that will turn their country into glass? The Iranian president is just a nut playing to a domestic audience of nuts. The real power lies with the Supreme Leader who understands the reality of the world. The Soviets were godless AND evil AND a dictatorship and we manage not to wipe each other off the map. This is truly an Israeli problem caused by the imbalance of power in the region. Would Iran give a nuke to a terror cell? No. Survival trumps all. Nations are not individuals. Iran would hoard their nukes in case the Israeli's did attack. An appropriate response by Israeli before Iran gets a nuke could be to attack. The question is, what is in our National Interest?

    19. Buzn-Cuzn, Kansas says:

      then just omit the message.

    20. Conservative United says:

      John, California writes:

      Do we ever discuss Israel’s nuclear stockpile or do they get a free pass? Are the Persians that much different than the European Jews who control Israel? The doctrine of MAD, mutual assured destruction, worked pretty well for us and the Soviets. Where is the evidence the same logic wouldn’t work in the Mid-East? And, just open your mind for an instant, if you were an Iranian wouldn’t you want a counter to the Israeli threat? The U.S. can’t even get the Israeli’s to stop building in the occupied territories, what makes anyone think we could control the deployment of Israeli nukes? Look at it from an Iranian perspective and maybe it isn’t all about US but about the region.

      First off Israel is not threating to to blow anyone off the face of the earth as Iran is doing. Second, what does building in any territory got to do with blasting anyone off the face of the earth as Iran is threatening to do. Third, does Israel not have a right to defend itself from the very real threats that they face from hostle regimes near their borders???? Fourth, if you think that Iran or some of these countries are so great, our constitution, gives you the RIGHT TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!!

    21. Ed Frost, Virginia says:

      John, your comment regarding "imbalance of power" is priceless! I obviously don't know how old you are but perhaps you should read a little history regarding the establishment of Israel as a country – talk about your imbalance of power! Literally millions of Arabs aligned against 650,000 Jews (according to the historical section of the BBC). This imbalance remains today although Israel does (apparently) have nuclear weapons. As Mr. Lewis states so well, if the leadership of Iran believes in the 12th Imam, they are not likely to understand or care about the "reality of the world" and they are (in my opinion) likely to "give a nuke to a terror cell" – it would advance the return of the 12th Imam. As to what is in our national interest, let me ask you a question – would you trust ANY Muslim-led government in today's reality? I would more readily trust the Russian government (which is not to say that I actually DO trust them) than a Muslim-led country – including our "friends" Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

    22. John, Colorado says:

      From the book, A Guide To The Elements, by Albert Stwertka: "Plutonium can be produced in huge quantities in tens of thousands of kilograms per year in nuclear reactors. Special "breeder" reactors have the sole function of producing plutonium, but it is also produced in ordinary nuclear reactors. The plutonium generated in the latter way is fairly easy to remove from the uranium by chemical separation."

      If our military does not have some secret way of detecting fissionable materials from a distance, we are going to have Iranian bombs, en masse, hidden within this nation, beginning very soon.

      Our cities, as well as our troops at bases around the Middle East will face suicide nuclear bombers. Iran, and Venezuela, will be preparing ways to EMP attack the US from ships, aircraft, and ballistic and cruise missiles.

      If the Iranians skip a stage in the development of nuclear weapons, they can go straight to making hydrogen bombs, a lot earlier than it took us to figure it out.

      Iran is like Nazi Germany in the late 1930's. Their government is run by highly intelligent mad-men, with no shortage of fanatical, Islamic, suicide bombers.

    23. zog scotland says:

      Any relevance underground site is near Qom: "According to Shi’a Muslims, Mehdi, their twelfth imam who went into hiding in a well in the city of Samarra, in Iraq, when he was eight year-old some 1.400 years ago, would reemerge when the world is saturated with sin, corruption and injustice. This is why Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad, in true believer in the powers and mission of imam Mehdi, has, with all members of his cabinet, pledged to him in writing to prepare his reappearance, due to take place from a well in Jamkaran, near the holy city of Qom, 150 kilometres south of the Capital and the cradle of militant Shi’ism."

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