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  • Iran Nuclear Revelations Expose Continued Iranian Lies

    The Obama Administration made a bombshell revelation on the eve of the G-20 summit about Iran’s continued lying about its nuclear program. Anonymous “American officials” disclosed to the New York Times that U.S. intelligence agencies had uncovered another secret Iranian nuclear facility that Iran had failed to divulge to the International Atomic Energy Agency as required under its nuclear safeguard commitments. The secret facility reportedly is a uranium enrichment plant capable of housing 3,000 centrifuges that is built inside a mountain about 100 miles south of Tehran near the city of Qum.

    The American officials noted that they had been tracking the construction of the facility for years but decided to reveal it only after the Iranian government had discovered that its secret had been compromised. Tehran tried to cover its tracks by notifying the IAEA of the existence of the facility in a cursory letter on Monday, but it was required to do so before construction began.

    President Obama publicly announced the revelations this morning ahead of the G-20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh, saying: “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow — endangering the global non-proliferation regime, denying its own people access to the opportunity they deserve, and threatening the stability and security of the region and the world.” The President called on Tehran to take meaningful steps at the upcoming talks between Iran and five members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany on October 1:

    At that meeting, Iran must be prepared to cooperate fully and comprehensively with the IAEA to take concrete steps to create confidence and transparency in its nuclear program and to demonstrate that it is committed to establishing its peaceful intentions through meaningful dialogue and concrete actions.

    But there is little reason to expect Iran’s radical regime to suddenly come clean about its nuclear weapons program after more than two decades of lying about it. Nevertheless, the Obama Administration remains committed to “engaging” with the Iranian regime despite its continued duplicity, repression of its own people, and systematic support for terrorism.

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    11 Responses to Iran Nuclear Revelations Expose Continued Iranian Lies

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    3. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I am very much afraid that Iran will get a bomb, and if Israel fails to strike on time, Iran will Explode a bomb. This is very bad. Might cause the end. And we end in fire.

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    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      Iran loves the president! Who knows how far back that love goes? …and under what conditions?

    6. Anon says:

      Obama Kills Missile Shield In Poland And Czech Republic, Then Our Nukes!!!


      Mr. Obama´s national security policies and other policies, as well, for US is foremost driven by a deep rooted hatred for America, intertwined with an egalitarian worldview as a socialist, in conjunction with the political correctness doctrine, therefore he let Iran to become a nuclear state – this is the Obama doctrine, but it can be halted if the Israeli Air Force (IAF) acts NOW towards the Iranian nuclear weapons complex.

      PS: I recommend "Iran´s Nuclear Threat, The Day After," at http://www.heritage.org/research/nationalsecurity… for the Obama administration to study.

    7. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      This is a sad testament to the entire world.

      Iran and N. Korea could have been stopped long before now.

      The members of the UN have no courage and they have no moral clarity (this is not news).

      This should not be an "Israeli" or "American" problem. The Russians and Chinese have blocked any meaningful sanctions, which is why the UN is dysfunctional.

      If the Israelis unilaterally take out Iranian sites they will be soundly condemned, while many Arab and Non-Arab countries are breathing a sign of relief. America will also be blamed and our President will have to apologize – again.

      If the Israelis and America do nothing, the world now has a psychopathic regime holding a nuc. They can either launch at Israel and destroy her or they can play the extortion game – continuously.

      Neither option is acceptable. This tyrannical monsterous regime are fanatics. They believe paradise await them – talk about twisted distorted views of the Koran?

      The world has no courage. Meanwhile, the Russians and Chinese are playing a deadly game by allowing this madness to continue for economic and political purposes.

      Would a sane person give a loaded shotgun to an unstable child? What times we live in.

    8. Jeff Radovich, NY says:

      I disagree with the last posters statement that Obama has a deep rooted hatred for America. Though I am not a fan, it is important to understand that the liberals have a much different view of the world than those who are more conservatively inclined. Applying the same logic, one could see that the late Sen. Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Co. also hate this Country. That simply is not true – we are just on ideological polar opposites. With that said – so long as China remains on the UN Security Council – we can threaten Iran all day until Tuesday with sanctions. Although the Russians appear to have some concern now – the Chinese will certainly block any useful/meaningful sanctions that might shake the elite Iranian Clerics to reason. Allow the IAF to do what must be done as the Israeli's will be first on the pecking order. The Chinese now that sanctions against Iran will hurt them and their beloved neighbors the North Koreans. The last thing China wants is an influx of N. Korean refugees pouring across their borders. The clock is ticking – Pakistan, Afghanistan, Economy, Immigration reform (what happened to that one)

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